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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Why Do Gurus Have Beards? | Sadhguru

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Sadhguru: A beard does not grow on just Gurus, it grows on all men, really.


Believe me, it is so (Laughs).

But they are all doing all kinds of funny things with it

you must ask them why are they doing it.

No body part has come without a purpose, isnt it?

For everything, including the spleen, there is a purpose.

So nature did not give you anything without a purpose.

Ifif you ask them why are they removing it,

they dont know,


When the English came to India,

every Indian man had a beard or at least a moustache.

Today you go out on the Mumbai Street,

everybodys a muchmunda.

Because they are trying to imitate the people who came and ruled them

because those who rule you are a symbol of power.

Now, if you are in a certain level of sensitivity

then you would know what is the effect and the aspect of,

you know, everything in your body.

You think this is fashion

but you must understand the only reason

why you are cutting your hair into various shapes and forms is

because there is no pain in it.

So if there was no pain in your nose

in the name of fashion you would have cut it into many shapes by now.

Even though there is pain, people are poking it in ten different places today (Laughs).

Suppose there was no pain in your whole body,

you would have taken your intestines out and go like this (Gestures) on the streets,


Yes or no?

Right now,

most human beings are not conscious enough,

their intelligence is not conscious enough

even to preserve themselves if there was no pain.

Its only pain which is keeping them in one piece;

otherwise they would cut themselves into two pieces

and carry one hand here and one hand there.

They would do all kinds of crazy things.

Only pain is saving them, not their intelligence.

If your intelligence begins to function,

if your sensitivity begins to function

then your concern will be about

how you are within yourself

and what you experience

and how you can perceive more.

Your concern will be not about how you look.

So the advantage about the looks is

For ten years if I dont have a mirror, I still look the same (Laughter).

People who are removing all this,

one day without a mirror theyll look different, isnt it?

And whatever your fashion of the day

Have you seen pictures of people fifty years ago,

hundred years ago?

Somebody cut their moustache like this (Gestures),

somebody did this,

today you look at it, it looks funny, okay?

They look like caricatures.

And todays fashions also will look like that after a period of time.

But a full bearded man looks the same always

thousand years later he still looks the same,

because thats the way nature intended.

Nature did not intend anything without a purpose.

If you believe in geometry and design,

so the design is like this.

I dont want to change the design of the Creator,

I want to use it to the fullest benefit.

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