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Hello everyone this is Mumbo and welcome back to another episode on the Hermitcraft server.

It is episode 13 and today we are staring things off-

Above the four biomes that we built in the previous episode of Hermitcraft

So for anyone who missed it, we've gone with the four biomes idea

So we've got we've got two grassy biomes one desert and then this one over here is going to be ocean

and we're going be doing work on all of these in today's Hermitcraft episode and hopefully

Just getting them to look a little bit more interesting than what we have going on here because


I mean yeah, this is not a good look so I think

Each one of these grass ones are going to be different. So we're gonna have we're gonna have a jungle biome

So with the palm trees and everything like that a bit

Like what we did with Hermitcraft season five we'll do that over there

And then I guess with this one it can be kind of Scar-esque

I'm gonna take a leaf out of Scar's book with this one and we're gonna have lots of cobblestone and lots of dirt and it's

going to have lots of pathways wrapping around and it's almost going to look like the Shire from The Hobbit

Lord of the Rings and things I think that's kind of what we're gonna go for here

So, first things first

we have got to get our hands on a whole bunch of cobblestone and a whole bunch of stone and I imagine

I'm pretty much out of cobblestone. Yeah, I'm totally out of cobblestone

We have like the tiniest bit left because that entire area up there is completely cobblestone

So we're gonna need to gather some of that and also a little bit of stone

Oh, once again, the stone mining is paying off

Sort ofI mean, yes! Yeah, it is paying off. Yeah much more.

Hang on wha- what's going on here?

No kind of round a corner that was a bit strange.

Alright, alright, we've made a start things are things are going in apparently

I'm placing in some fireworks. Oh, this is-

this is- this is what we do is this is this what one does to terraform nice

Terraform nice and good. Bone- bonemeal a little bit more for long grass. Yeah. Oh, yeah


[Laughter] I don't know what im doing

I'm so lost. But this is the most lost I have felt in a long time playing Minecraft

[Laughing again] Seriously seriously it's hilarious

I'm just literally placing stuff (captain obvious) Willy-nilly.

Okay. So I've added in a bunch of nether brick (not)

this is where we're going to be building our custom trees because we're going to be doing custom trees of the season and

I mean, I'm I'm I'm- (broken Bumbo Terraformoni)

Getting there. I'm I'm-

learning quickly

What I can and can't do I think path blocks on the edge of blocks looks good

And then maybe like the occasional cobblestone dropping down like that some bonemeal

whenever we've got grass next to blocks, and that is when

We'll extend up to two to maybe a double up on on that side. Yeah, I mean, yeah, you know I'm getting there

Okay, here's my current situation

It looks really cool when you're walking through it, but when you're flying above it

It really doesn't look like I mean, it looks alright, it looks pretty cool

And I mean once we get the trees in actually, yeah that will that will begin to take shape

But I feel like we need to create some structure. Maybe we will build a path system going through all of it

And then we can yeah, then we can start putting in all the cobblestone. Yeah, that is much better. Ok

So now we actually have some structure to what we have going on. Now we can actually build around it

Okay, we get we get in there we get there terraforming is very new to me is water a good idea

I feel like having a pond isn't a bad idea

So we'll have that and then some sugar cane and then maybe a little pathway that well this pathway runs right up next to it. So

That's like a nice little focal point and I was wondering maybe we could add in some builds

Maybe like one or two small little houses on some of the peaks just to add some milestones

So it is not just random blocks everywhere

I also thought it would be a good idea to add in something like a wheat farm or something something that just looks pretty so

So what i'm going to do is wrap around like fence posts going around here and it will kind of be like a small farm and then the

Rest of this area is just going to be all the blocks and things right? There we go

I think this entire area it's now fully covered in now

This has taken me quite a long time because I'm as I say, this is all completely new to me

So I've been kind of struggling on through trying to get everything completed

But I would say it looks alright

Like it's not it's not breaking any records

and as I say

We are gonna hopefully bring Scar along and he's gonna help us out and do some finishing touches and just add like a final bit

Of finesse to why I've been doing because he does cool stuff with liek Sole sand. Yes Sole sand involved

He gets Nether warts involved he gets he gets

Things that you would never expect to be involved involved and I- I can't I just I don't have the creative skills to do that


It's a good start. It's a good place to start from I feel like we need another wheat farm

I feel like this this would actually be a really good spot for a wheat farm

So maybe we'll build another one of those there

But now I thought we'd take a break from terraforming and I thought we would work on some of these custom trees

So I'm gonna go out. I'm going to grab myself some spruce wood. I'm also going to grab myself some

Form of leaves? I don't know what type of leaves

I Haven't really thought that far ahead actually

So we'll grab some form of leaves and then we'll try and create some some cool-looking trees over here

I still can't believe this by the way

I can't believe that that- see? Iskal just left to get he knows I've just come by into this place and he's so ashamed

He's so shamed. I can see that he's using Bird poop. I feel like he sold out. I feel like he sold out

Anyway, I came here to repair my shovel and it turns out that well obviously, yeah

I don't have I don't have mending on my shovel (You Spoon). So that was totally pointless.

Now all that I'm looking, spruce wood-

Yeah, not so fast by that. The new leaf texture with this just regular wood

Gorgeous, but this is seriously seriously

So I'm going to demolish a whole ton of trees, and then we're all ready to go to create some custom

Probably really ugly tree. I'm gonna warn you they're gonna be ugly. This is a very experimental episode of Hermitcraft

This is- I might even title this episode the big experiment

I am so totally lost. I can remember I went south. I can't remember which direction I went in to get to this place

I have no idea where I am at this point in time. This is hilarious


You ready?

[Laughing at this monstrosity of a tree]

What is that?

but again, that is

No, this is a bad start. So I thought I would quickly pop over to where scar is just to take some inspiration

I guess and...

Most of his trees are actually palm trees at this point in time

So that's gonna be handy for my palm tree area, but for my actual my regular area

That's not so great. I wonder if there's I'm sure can find some good trees on the Internet

There's got to be a handful. This place is looking amazing though. I really like I really like

This whole situation. I love the new gold block texture and also just the item framed on the floor

I don't know if that's custom for Hermitcraft season six or if that's in the new update, but whatever it is

I like it a lot

Very very cool, right? Let's take a look at why I've done here. So I've taken some inspiration from the Internet

There is a few things I need to do for the actual like the bottom area the trunk

but...... [sound of disappointment]

Yeah, so obviously yeah, yeah, I mean yeah trunk needs work

It's not terrible though. Oh, that's what we need on the floor

Anyway, we need leaves a can't believe if I forgot leaves that's like number one. Yeah now that all the other blocks are in place

That's a nice looking I like that little tree.

I think that's a cool looking true. I feel like we could we could build a few of those similar to that

I don't know how we add ever any variations to it at all. But I'll give her go

Oh, this one's even pretty like the little compact little tree there. That's a nicer is that these are nice


liking this

this is gonna be cool and then we could even do

Kind of like a little tree if we just do I see I don't wanna go overboard

If we just put in like can we do like a one tear kind of tiny tree?

if we were to do something like this and then like that and then maybe have

Kind of like I always want to create like bonsai trees everywhere. It is Bonsai tree, isn't it? Yes. Yeah, that's cool

This is cool, what does it look like from above

I know we need to check out because the thing is I fly into my base all the time

So things have to look good from above

Yeah, they look okay we obviously need more detail on the floor but know that that's nice yes

I am liking this place a we totally run out of woods

So we're gonna have to gather up some more but this is this is cool. This is really cool

We need more fence posts, though

the reason that I think this tree looks really good is because the fence post will add some more of those in and

Fill in that gap there I guess

With something that maybe maybe even a log

Hmm. Yeah, I don't know that's that's a working progress fencepost would look good there. But yeah, no, this is great

Oh now we're getting some foliage into the mix

with the bushes on the floor

Now it's coming together. I'm sorry, I'm learning. Okay, some good progress has been made

I've been working on this for a decent length of time now, and we've got a whole bunch of trees in place

I've also I've placed a few leaves in but we're gonna have to do like a full a full attack on the entire area

But let's take a look. I mean if you were to see this place

would you think that it was cool I

Need some more fence post for that tree. That's the tree that I've just done and I really like that tree

that's probably one of my personal favorites, but you know, I would say I

Would say this price, yeah, I would say this place does look pretty cool

You know

See, here's the thing


sometimes in Minecraft I kind of I try things that I'm not really that comfortable with and

terraforming and building custom trees and things like that is definitely something that I'm not comfortable with and

It's really fun because it's time-consuming. It takes me hours upon hours to do this sort of thing, but

Once I get out, I feel really really good and I'm feeling great right now. I'm feeling super positive

So I'm just gonna keep going and we're gonna get this entire space finished. I've completely run out of resources once again and

I just thought I'd fly up the top just to see how we're doing. We are only like halfway done

We are only about halfway done in this area. But look at the size of the improvement

That's a big deal that we've done here

Now one thing that we definitely need to get set up at some point on the Hermitcraft server is some form of massive tree

Farm, I think I'm gonna do another TNT power tree farm at some point because that was amazing

Seriously, one of the most useful things I built in hermit crab season five

But I'd like to do that with large spruce trees as well

somehow work out how to make a TNT powered large spruce tree farm

[Manly voice] massive project big build but

It would be so much fun to use. I think this just about wraps everything up in terms of my tree planting

Yeah, I'd say that area is now all fully filled in with trees

I think I've only got there and this place is done and I have a newfound respect for scar because I mean

I'm sure when you get better at this you become more efficient, but I have been painstakingly slow


Slowly it's like I've got dial-up internet. I'm just gradually scanning back and forth

I suppose a lot of you are probably too young to remember dial-up internet

But it's not fast as that's what I'm trying to say here. I- I think I'm done

I mean, there's probably a few finishing touches that I'm gonna make so I'll quickly shoot through and do them

But now I'm really really happy with this now

We actually have to start working out what we're going to do in the next one because I am planning on doing that in today's

Episode. now we should mention if you're wondering why these areas are clear spots at this point in time

It's because that's where my storage system is going to go

So the chest is going to go here hoppers are going to be going around about here

And then the actual redstone is going to be somewhere over the top like this

So we probably are going to have to remove some of these trees, but I needed to leave at least all of these blocks

So that's why there's kind of like a hard edge where all of this stops

Anyway, now that all of that is done all of the details have been put in and I have to say yeah

Really really happy with how far we've managed to come with it in today's episode

I think the next one I want to work on is the desert one now

That one is gonna be tough with a capital T because I have no clue how to make a desert look good

but I think just the easiest way to start is to actually

Okay. Yeah, we'll put all of this in this chest here and then I'm going to grab myself my pickaxe and

We're going to get a ton of sandstone and basically smooth out all of the transitions in the biome so that we use up slabs

then maybe use

Water I guess use water and sugarcane and

Bumbo Cactoni maybe, maybe

And dude, I had forgotten how satisfying it is to get large quantities of sandstone until things like that happen

you know, I

Just had a thought it has been so long since I've had to get large quantities of sandstone

It's been Hermitcraft-

It's been a full season of Hermitcraft, season four was the last time I had to get large quantities of stuff of

Sandstone and as you can see I've forgotten how to do it. How do you do it?

I swear there used to be more sandstone underneath sand than there is these days?

Like seriously that there used to be much more sandstone. There we go

I finally found it, but it is absolutely pitch black down here. So you probably can't see anything that I'm doing right now

Okay, so the water I've forgotten to get cactus that was silly of me


The the water is going to be helpful because we can get some color in there

by getting the sugar cane and then I also thought

Surrounding the water we could use path blocks because path blocks are kind of like a yellowy color

So we'll get lots of yellowy textures in here. What else is yellowy? I

Mean, I guess if we get some if we get some dead bushes

that's not a bad idea and

Then maybe some wheat

Wheat might not be a bad idea either right? Let's see how this looks to get things started

Let's just see what the structure of this place is looking like with all of the water in. Um,

Okay, definitely need some more water on this side does it look good I

Feel like there's a little bit too much water

I feel like this actually needs to be filled in up here because it makes no sense that you'd have water on different levels

So we'll fill all that in

Yeah, this is a tough one


being able to add in the texture of the slabs the stairs and then also do all of the grass books as well is gonna

Help us out massively with this build because otherwise it will be totally flat. So if I just run in

We place in some grass maybe wrapping around like that


Yeah, we can't kinda end up with this. Yep, deserty look and that's exactly what we're going for

So, let's see how these two actually look next to one another because that's kind of like the main thing. Oh,

It's starting to come together now


so with the two of them next to one another

We're starting to get a feel for how this place is gonna end up looking when we have all the biomes in

It's gonna look sweet. It's kind of look so cool

Yes, oh my oh that's got me excited that has got me excited I mean that definitely needs work tons of work

It needs loads because that's really busy at this point in time. So it needs a lot of work

I think I'm actually gonna get rid of some of those slabs there cuz they're pretty ugly

But this is cool. Now. I wonder have I managed to improve things at all. Have I managed to improve anything?

Yes, and no

Hmm I think things will be better once I achieve I mean, let me actually plant some wheat

In fact, I need to harvest the wheat that we have going over here. But that's that looks good

Like the wheat there would look good there

I think that will get rid of some of this kind of harsh contrast that we have going on

I'll be honest. Haven't done that yet

I actually replanted all of the wheat so that we have a full area of wheat over there

And then eventually I'll move some of the wheat from over here into this section

But all of the area has now been done

so we've done like the first parts we've put in all of the slabs we've put in all of

We've put in everything, okay?

So we've we've put everything in place now. It's time to go through and add in all of the detail

So I'm actually going to fly back. Oh, well first off

I'm gonna have to repair my Elektra and then I'm going to fly back over

To the dead that we're going to grab ourselves some dead bushes. I'm assuming I can pick those up

I'm assuming I don't need shears for that. And also I'm going to grab myself some cacti. No, I spotted these the other day

I think someone has made like a swimming course or maybe an underwater flight course

I'm not 100% certain but it looks like there is some form of thing going on underneath the water there

Which is really quite interesting, right? Let's give this a whirl then oh

[Disbelief as the dead bush ceases to exist]

Okay that and then work do I need sheers?

Okay, I've got sticks, oh that's not my juice


Stick I think i need sheers right? Here we go again

That's a little bit more like okay. So for anyone who is totally new to Minecraft just like me. That's how you get dead bushes

So embarrassing, right the dead bushes are coming in and this is gonna sound like a ridiculous thing to say

But it's really starting to make the place feel alive

by placing your dead bushes

It's feeling more alive and more like an actual place now

I still think I prefer this one over here, but this is still pretty cool. This is a fun one to mess with so now

Cacti and I guess we only have to plant them and I'm being an idiot. I can't believe I just ran into that cactus

I mean once you how long have I been playing this game?

I don't playing this game long enough to know not to run into a cactus and now with the cactuses

Yeah, this place has been

completely changed I'd say let's take a look at it from up here Oh, I mean I'm I've gone overboard but

I'm I uh gone overboard slightly with the cacti. We might need to take that back a notch


And it's kind of very

It's almost like there's a grid to it. So I'll go and mess with that. Yeah, cuz that that needs some work

Right, that's a little bit better. We've kind of turned down. There's still there's still a few

I kind of want to see what it looks like when they grow cuz it might look a little bit more natural when they grow

But I'd say we've nailed it today

Look, I have I have this these many hours that I have spent doing this which it has been many hours

these many hours of me doing this have shown the process of me going from zero to

Having created something. This has been like a total new learning curve for me

and It's been really interesting and hopefully I've been able to create a somewhat interesting video with it

I'm sure a lot of this video has been me being very unsure

But that's that's all part of the process. And you know, that's what the HemritCraft series is

all about is about me trying to find my way and and trying to solve problems and

the one thing that I really wanted to do with this base area is I wanted to try and take on a

project that I'd never really done before and a large-scale terraforming project in lots of different styles is

Definitely something that I've not really done before so it's been really cool

now sadly

we're not going to be able to work on the other two sections in today's episode in wishful thinking I thought I was going to

Be able to get those done

But I kind of hadn't anticipated how long I was going to spend on the details of the other sections

So I'll have to work on that in an up-and-coming episode

So let me know your thoughts and feedback on why I've done so far any constructive criticism would be absolutely amazing

In fact one thing that I can think of is maybe putting some of this stuff in the water

I think that's probably a good idea because we can make use of this that will all look really really good (It would)

But yeah, unfortunately, I've actually run out of time today

I'm actually gonna go afk over the next couple days because tomorrow I'm going to be shooting a video for petrol issue so I don't

Know if I'm allowed to tell you that's what I don't tell anyone. But yeah, one of my favorite YouTube channels

I'm filming a film for them and I can't wait with a really cool car. It's my favorite YouTube channel

I can't believe I can't believe I'm actually doing this. It's a total. There's a total dream of mine (congrats Mumbo)

So yeah, we're going to be starting filming tomorrow, and I'm also going to be filming for two days later on in the week

It's gonna be wicked. It's gonna be so so cool, but I'm gonna go in AFK

I hope you enjoyed if you did please lots to that like button and if you really loved it

Then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys. This is has been mumbo, and I'm out. I'll see you later

Oh and new film on the filming channel link will be on the end screen just released today. It's pretty cool, Check it out

[outro Music: ProleteR - April Showers]

Get well soon Scar! Stay Strong! We miss you !

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