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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: /æ/ and /ʌ/ | Learn English Pronunciation | Minimal Pairs

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hello students this is funny welcome to

this English pronunciation video in this

video I'm going to focus on two English

vowel sounds ah

and they sound similar but they are

different so you need to pronounce them

differently let's start with two example

words my first example word is run can

you hear the Earth sound run my second

word is run a run run run can you hear

the difference well if you can't I


by the end of this video you will

improve your hearing and pronunciation

of these two vowel sounds so keep

watching get ready guys I am gonna help

you make these sounds are and in English

I want you to hear the difference very

clearly and to be able to pronounce them

correctly also you should know the IPA

spelling watch how I move my mouth and

please try to always repeat after me I

know you can do it

so let's get started first let's try to

make the sound ah so your tongue is very

low in your mouth ah can you repeat

after me ah ah let's now use the word

ran repeat after me ran ran ran and now

it's produced the sound your tongue is

in the middle part of your mouth please

repeat after me

let's now practice with the word run

repeat after me

run run run good guys

let's now use minimal pairs worse that

are very similar but duvall sounds

change very good way to practice the

vowel sounds first just the sounds

repeat after me

and watch how my mouth moves ah ah ah ah

let's now use the words run and run

please repeat after me

ran ran ran run run run run run run run

run run great guys

okay guys

let's see all the minimal pairs together

repeat after me

and pay attention to my mouth how it


let's get started uncle uncle back buck

bad bud

badge but bag bug man bun

bunk bunk bat but begun begun brush

brush can come can come cap Cup cats cut

champ chump crumb crumb crush crush

double double

dab dub dad dud damn dumb dump dump dunk

dunk drunk

drunk fun fun fund fund funny funny

flank flunk flash flush flax flux - gosh

glam glum grub grub hag hug hum hum hum

hum hash hush hat hut hatch

hutch jag jug lag lug mad mad

must must Matt mutt much much pack

hook paddle paddle

pan pun

pat pat Ravel ruble rag rev run run run


rush rush sack suck Sally

Sully sang Sun sank sunk supper supper

sax sax scam scum shacks shucks slack

slug slam slum slang slum

/ slush Stan stub stack stuck stand

stunned stank stunk swung swung town tub

tack tuck tag tug tong tong thrash

thresh track truck tramps Trump's

excellent job gain let's carry on okay

guys let's practice further I'm going to

show you some words I want you to read

them but with the proper vowel sound or

let's get started let's start with word

number one which one is it hang or hyung

hyung very good next word dad ordered

dud next word which one is it

rag or rug rag next word funny or funny


next word which one is it

stab or stub

it's stab next word hang or hung it's

hang next word dad or dud

it's dad

next word rag or rug rug next word stab

or stub

it's stub and finally funny or funny

it's funny very good guys awesome guys

let's move on okay guys let's move on to

sentences now I have sentences for you

and they all contain a and a sound so

pay attention and repeat after me

the first sentence is my funny uncle

must come the second sentence the bad

Krabbe stunk and finally Fanny must

teach funny

slang excellent guys let's move on

great job guys I know it's hard but you

now have a better understanding of the

difference between the English vowel

sounds are and keep practicing it takes

time and practice of listening and

speaking to master the English vowel

sounds but you can do it and also make

sure to watch my other pronunciation

videos they're very important if you

want to improve your English skills see

you next time thank you so much guys for

watching my video if you've liked it

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The Description of /æ/ and /ʌ/ | Learn English Pronunciation | Minimal Pairs