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- Hey, guys, it's Justine

and today I'm gonna go through my top five

favorite features in iOS 14.

This is a beta version and, obviously,

if you do have a developer's account,

you'll have access to the beta versions of software.

It is recommended that you do not

install this on your main devices.

It is beta, there's still bugs, it is still new software

that they're working to release later on this year.

So since I do have a developer's account,

I do have it running on one of my other phones

and I'm so excited to show this to you guys.

My number one favorite new features is Messages.

They have a bunch of new updates to the Messages app.

My favorite, though, is the fact

that you can now pin messages.

Now, this is a group chat with Faruk and Jenna.

I named them Fun Friends.

So you can go into this, you can change the photo,

you can change the name.

I'm shooting a video.

So now let's go down here

and I'm gonna change this to a shrimp.

I'm making a video about our group here on iOS 14.

Now I'm gonna at Faruk

so I'll be alerting Faruk

that I'm tagging him in this message.

Jenna doesn't currently have iOS 14 yet

so she's not even gonna be able to see this.

Did you see this cool mention feature?

And there it is; it'll highlight his name.

And you can also go in and add inlines

so you can reply in the texts to direct messages.

So if you have a ton of chats happening,

you can do this.

Look at me reply inline.

Jenna can't 'cause she's lame.

I can reply to Jenna, though.

So you'll see this line connects this chat together

and if I just wanna see that conversation

I can click on the reply

and that will bring up just that inline chat.

So this is gonna help so much

when you're having group conversations with people.

I'm really excited about that.

So, when I go back to Messages, you'll see that

Jenna just posted a new message in that thread.

She says, "I am living in the past."

You can see Jenna's little icon!

It's so cool!

Next up, we have new Memojis.

I am so excited.

I absolutely love Memojis.

I'm such a huge fan so I'm gonna make my new Memoji here.

I'm gonna put some nice blush on my cheeks

because I'm always overdoing it.

Beauty spots.

So, I have one right here.

I still need to move the beauty spot over.

I feel like you should be able to adjust that.


There are so many different hairstyles.

Let's do-

I just don't know.

What does my hair even look like?

Like that?

That could do; I kind of have some highlights.

Oh my gosh, they do have a gradient.

This is incredible.

So, they have new aging options here

so you can make yourself older or younger.

I mean, let's be real.


So, I don't wear glasses unless I'm recording a podcast.

So, if I did, I usually have blue ones so like that.

Like, there I am.

And now for the face covering.

There we go.

I'm usually wearing a black mask.

I think that's it.

Oh my gosh, how cool.

I'm gonna send a message to Jenna.

Hey, Jenna, just wanted to remind you

to wear your face mask!

Okay, cool, bye!

What happens if I stick my tongue out?



Okay, see you!

My next favorite thing is the new addition to Widgets.

So, you can add different widgets in the widget gallery.

So, you can search for all sorts of things.

You can make a really cool smart stack here.

So, you can add a bunch of different things into this

and they can be flipped through easily.

So we're gonna add this Widget.

So here's our stack.

Now, we can change this

and we can put this on the front page.

I also have my calendar right here

so if I want to move that around...

I mean, imagine this.

Like, if I put my battery on my front home screen.


We don't want that!

I am always looking at the weather

so I'm gonna go in and I'm gonna edit this Widget.

I can pick my location.

And then as soon as that's chosen, I can just take this

and I can also put this on my home screen as well.

There's also the new App Library

which kind of goes hand in hand with this.

This will give you a nice, organized

look at all of your apps.

So, it automatically will organize

everything into categories.

So, we have our utilities, productivity, social,

and all of these things are automatically

filtered into folders.

Like, I did this before on my phone-

on my actual phone that I use daily-

and it was the most absurd thing ever

because it took me so long to do that

and then I kind of gave up and all my apps just ended up


wherever they wanted to be.

I know I said Messages was my number one favorite feature,

but I also am very excited about Picture in Picture.

Here's the trailer for one of the new Apple TV shows

so you can just click right here.

This gives you the picture-in-picture options

so I can move this around wherever I want.

I can go into my notes.

So I can still be working on my Notepad.

Hello, I am-

move you-

I am writing and watching a trailer.

Oh, this is gonna be so awesome.

And then if I fling it down to the bottom,

it stays off to the side

so I can still here the audio

but the video I won't be able to see.

So, I just kind of pull that video

back out from the arrow button

and I can put it wherever I want.

This is so great!

Picture in Picture!

It's here.

This will also work on your iPad too, so cannot wait.

I'm actually kind of excited

to see this Apple TV show as well.

Let me know in the comments below

what you're most looking forward to with iOS 14.

These were some of my favorites

and I cannot wait until these are finally rolled out

into the wild during iPhone season,

which will be here before we know it.

Thank you, guys, so much for watching.

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And we have a special WWDC episode up right now

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and I will see you guys in the next video!


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