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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Who Would You Rather Be? (Letter Print & Mail)

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Have you ever mailed a letter? Of course you have!

People have been mailing letters for hundreds of years.

Even with all of the advanced technology we have nowadays

letters are still a very effective form of communication

But what's the best way to print and mail those letters?

Let's find out...shall we?

Meet Megan.

Megan is a property manager who does all of her printing and mailing herself.

On paper, this seems like the most cost effective option,

Doesn't it, Megan?

And if you want to get something done

Do it yourself...right?

Ok Megan,

don't forget about all of the equipment and supplies you need!

Make sure you have all of those printers,

the boxes of paper,

envelopes, and stamps.

And remember to call that maintenance man

whenever the printer stops working.

Oh, and make sure to set aside a few hours every week

to put those mailings together.

Or better yet,

pay another employee to do it for you! Sound good?

Now let's meet Alice.

Hey there Alice!

Just like Megan, Alice is a property manager.

The only difference is that Alice uses

Bank-A-Count for all her printing and mailing needs

Not only does she spend 15% less money

using Bank-A-Count compared to doing it in-house,

she also doesn't have to worry about all of that equipment and supplies,

giving her more office space, and more time to focus on bigger and better things...

like her clients!

So how does Bank-A-Count's letter printing & mailing work?

It's easy!

Simply upload a pre-merged PDF file,

or you can upload the document files you want to include in your mailing,

along with an address list,

and from there you can instantly review your proof for final approval!

Alice sends all kinds of mailings with Bank-A-Count.

Newsletters, Flyers, Fee Disclosures,

personalized letters, general correspondence, and more!

And with a variety of paper and ink color options,

the possibilities are endless!

So who would you rather be?

Be like Alice!

Save time, money, and enjoy peace of mind with On-Demand Printing and Mailing

from Bank-A-Count!

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