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Today's car

dear viewers

is a first!

this is the first AMG

with Hybrid powertrain

you might think

why is that?

and is it any fun?

and is it exciting?

and AMG worthy?

we're going to find out today!

that new hybrid technology

has the AMG 53 badge

so this is the AMG E53

which replaces the AMG E43

with the 3.0 V6 with 367 HP

that 43 powertrain

is a lot of fun in a C-class

because it's light

so it feels punchy

and good and strong

but in the E-class not so much

it didn't feel all that AMG worthy

as it did in the C-class

so this E53 is a big step up

to 435 HP and 520 Nm

with an EQ-Boost

so the electric boost

of 22 HP and 250 NM

which is a lot

and it may seem like

it's just a 43 with EQ-Boost

but it's a completely new engine

3.0 inline six

in stead of the V6 in the E43

with that power

this E-coupe does 4.4 to 100 km/h

top speed 250 km/h

270 km/h is optional

that EQ-Boost

that's how Mercedes calls

the entire hybrid system

with 48V system

it's actually a starter/alternator

placed between engine and gearbox

and delivers some extra electric power

which reduces turbo lag

so when I floor it

it responds immediately

also after a gearshift

by the 9-speed speedshift automatic

you feel that its response is quick

everything is linked to the 4Matic+ system

which we know from other models

it doesn't have the drift mode

like the E63S has


but it is a completely variable system

that can send the power to all 4 corners

which makes this thing quick

in any circumstance

window down

sound wise..

it's like the E43

but it's louder

and has some pops and bangs

on the overrun

and with downshifts

they've clearly tried hard

to make sure it didn't end up

being a dull hybrid thing

but its intention is to improve performance

the 48V system

with that starter/alternator

also means that systems

normally powered by a belt

are now powered electrically

which means it's also a base

for development of more hybrid drivetrains

and boosts

and more fun like that

it also means

because it's an electric starter

I'll put it in comfort mode

I'm approaching a traffic light

ah red light, too bad

the engine switches off


I'll release the brake

you don't hear anything

that thing is so quiet

and the engine starts up so quickly

and if you switch to ECO mode

it also engages 'sailing' mode

if I release the throttle

normally, it disconnects the engine

but this one just switches off the engine

and if I touch the throttle

the engine starts up immediately

it's quite comfortable actually

the exterior has also been done by AMG

they've really tried

to make this an AMG adjacent model

it looks very sporty

with that front end with black details

it has the twin-blade grill

in stead of the diamond grill

with one blade

that twin-blade used to be for V8's only

but it's on this one too

it has wider side skirts

a new rear bumper

with 4 chrome exhaust tailpipes

I think it looks cool

sort of a classic sports car look

it's clearly not as aggressive

as an AMG E63

but you can certainly tell the difference

between this and an E-class

with AMG line package

the E53 clearly moves closer towards the E63

which was kind of necessary

that E43 felt a bit sluggish and heavy

it didn't really work as AMG

with that engine

I think AMG realised that

and went for a big boost for the E53

to punctuate that

and give it more of a reason to exist

which it really does now

because this thing is quick

sounds good

looks sporty

this spec might not be my taste

but everything on the outside

shouts AMG

it looks really cool

so it's a nice step

in the direction of the AMG E63

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