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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn English live and direct as we say goodbye to 2018 - Join in with the chat with steve & Duncan

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so it's all over for another year yes it's time to put away the Christmas tree

pack away the Christmas lights and wave goodbye to Santa Claus because Christmas

is over for another year however there is still one more celebration that we

have to observe and that is the new year yes 2019 is just around the corner how

will you celebrate the new year what are your plans for next year do you have

anything special planned for the new year maybe today you can share it with

us and of course we will be doing the same thing by we I mean me mr. Duncan

and mr. Steve as well also today we'll be taking a look at some of the

highlights of 2018 we are all here together on the live chat after all it's

a Sunday afternoon it's just after two o'clock here in the UK it's New Year's

Eve Eve and this is live English live from Much Wenlock in England on a Sunday

afternoon this is live English

yes another year is coming to an end but don't fear because a new one is just

around the corner

yes the day after tomorrow everything will be fine as we say hello to 2001

92019 is just around the corner and we are getting very excited here in much

Wenlock because we like to welcome in the new year with lots and lots of

fireworks hi everybody this is mr. duncan in england how are you today are

you ok I hope so are you happy are you excited for the new year

I really hope so here we go kaboom bang whizz fizzle it's New Years

Eve Eve it is the day before the day before the new year I hope you are well

and happy today how was your Christmas did you have a good Christmas was it

nice did you see our live broadcast on Boxing Day we were here live on Boxing

Day right in the town centre of the place in which we live

much Wenlock and we were there on Boxing Day we did our special livestream lots

of fun and excitement there were many people walking around on when was it

Wednesday so Wednesday was Boxing Day and there are lots of people walking

around at that time and they were asking lots of questions they asked mr. Steve

to take a photograph of them there were there was a family there and they wanted

mr. Steve to take a picture and there were some other people they came up to

ask what are you doing is it for the television so they thought we were from

the BBC well almost almost the BBC so here we go

oh my goodness 2019 is just around the corner are you

excited for the new year now at this time of year lots of people make

hands for the new year they make new year's resolutions yes they do

so another year has come to an end and once again a new one has begun for many

people this time represents an opportunity to make changes these

alterations can be small or big you might want to make a change in your

behavior there may be a habit you wish to break such as smoking or drinking

alcohol perhaps you want to pursue a change of career maybe there is someone

you wish to get back in touch with such as a long-lost friend or maybe a close

relative with whom you have had a rau and fallen

out with for many of us the coming of a new year brings a fresh start the plans

we make for the new year are called resolutions they are the things you have

resolved to change the changes you plan to make the habits you wish to stop or

break they are your new year resolutions of

course making resolutions is easy the hardest part is sticking to them many of

us find it hard to realize these plans we have the intention but not the

willpower to fully carry them out the word willpower refers to your inner

strength your determination to carry out your plans to make the big changes in

your life you really do need lots of willpower resolutions are not only made

at the beginning of a new year we may also set goals for ourselves as we

celebrate our birthday becoming another year older reminds us that life is short

and with the passing of each year the time left to carry out our plans becomes

less and less rather like watching the sand slip through an hourglass each

birthday gives us a much needed jolt to stop talking and start doing of course

the older you get then the more intense this feeling becomes

do you ever make new year resolutions what were they were you able to achieve

any of them did you fail to carry any of them out why do you think that happened

was it your fault whatever your plans are for the future I hope they all

become reality for you I wish that all your brightest plans will come to

fruition may your resolutions be they big or small come true for you that is

all from me for today thank you for watching me teaching you this is mr.

Duncan in England saying enjoy the year and of course Tatar for now

don't worry I'm not leaving you just yet we've only just begun as the carpenters

once and so it's Sunday it's a fun day it's time to improve your listening

skills yes we are here on New Year's Eve Eve what about you have you made any

plans yet for 2019 is there anything you would like to achieve or to improve on

during the next year which is just a few hours away oh my goodness are you

excited I don't know why I always feel a little bit apprehensive a little bit

worried a little bit afraid at this time of year as the New Year approaches I

don't know why I always have a strange feeling in my stomach that that may be

some big change will occur during the following year anyway a year from now

this time next year we will all find out what happened during 2019 we were

talking about Christmas on Wednesday we did a special live

stream from Much Wenlock and as promised I said that I was going to show some of

my Christmas presents and also Steve will be doing the same thing as well

first of all let's have a look outside now I know that behind me in the studio

it looks like it's snowing but outside it is definitely not snowing it's

already starting to get dark can you see so here in England it gets

dark at around about 3:30 4 o'clock because we are now into mid winter we

have a few more weeks of winter although having said that it's very warm

here today it's so warm it's about 13 degrees today it feels quite nice

outside in fact yesterday I went outside in just my shirt I didn't have a coat on

at all and it was really early mild so we are having some very

unseasonable weather at the moment some very unseasonal weather so it's very

mild no snow no rain just lots of cloud and of course a lot of joy because this

time of the year is very exciting mr. Steve received a very big present on

Christmas Day Santa Claus was very generous to mr. Steve would you like to

have a look at one of mr. Steve's presents that he received here it is now

look at that now that is a big box that's a very large box but I wonder

what's inside and which generous person bought it for him hmm I wonder who it

could be I wonder who who is so generous and kind

that they would buy such a large present for mr. Steve so we will find out all

about that a little bit later on what is inside mr. Steve's box hmm

I'm very intrigued of course we have to mention the live chat because the live

chat is what it's all about you are here to improve your listening skills and you

can join in as well on this livestream don't forget we are here every Sunday

live English every Sunday at 2 p.m. UK time and of course if you want to make a

donation on the live chat or via PayPal there it is there is the address now

going across the screen thank you very much we've just had an

actual donation come through on the live chat and I will mention that in a moment

because we are talking all about the live chat yes that is the reason why we

are here well done to Martha Martha Poland who

says hello mr. Duncan you are first on today's live chat so congratulations to


very nice also we have Connell and Belarusian and also Tomic Pedro is here

don't forget Pedro and Belarusian are today's moderators on the live chat sue

Jean is here as well hi sue Jean nice to see you palmyra also

satury know hallo satury no nice to see you here again also beat trees hew han

fee also Alamgir and also Jean hello Jean where are you watching at the

moment beat trees Martha Lucas Gabrielle and Aeschylus sue goose anis koloski oh

I like your name by the way I hope I pronounced it right Rosso Pao b TS is

here hello TS and can i say a special hello to everyone watching in indonesia

i know that there have been a few problems major problems in indonesia

caused by one particular natural event and i have been thinking about you who

rocco is here as well hello from malaysia my daughter who works in london

is on board coming to kuala lumper oh I see so Hiroko your daughter is actually

heading back to Malaysia right now how is she getting back is she going back by

plane I think so also Paulette hello Duncan I'm Paulette from Brazil I wish

you and Steve a Happy New Year yes I hope so I hope we have a Happy New Year

who knows what will happen during the next 12 months anything could happen

also Fuad is here Azerbaijan oh hello Fuad

also we have Pierre hello Pierre Bonjour I believe you are in France if I'm not

mistaken recce dare is here as well Silvana Eng also Abdul faz nice to say

hello to you as well also we have Francisco

getsu wow so many people today on the live chat thanks for joining me now I

know that many people at the moment are still having their holiday they are

still off work and they are not at school so I do appreciate the fact that

you are joining me today during your holiday time thank you very much for

giving up your precious time just for me also we have Angie hello Angie nice to

see you here is it your first time don't forget if it is your first time let me

know and I will give you a special hello Julia hello Julia I wish you a lovely

new year mr. Duncan and mr. Steve thank you very much for your donation on the

super chat that is very kind of you thank you very much Julia also we have

power be Christian and also we have Muhammed Monica Wow ught is here hello

ute nice to see you here as well Najib Happy New Year mr. Duncan you are

the best English teacher worldwide oh that's very kind of you thank you thank

you very much burlap has sent a donation on the super chat Thank You burlap happy

new year continue your incredible work I will I will be here next Sunday and of

course next Sunday will be the start of 2019 so today we are having the final

live stream of 2018 and then we will be back next week with the first live

stream of 2019 oh my goodness are you excited I hope so

so thank you very much to bill up for your lovely donation thanks

a lot PA we are from France

yes mr. Duncan you are right oh thank you very much III made a very wild guess

wild guess if you make a wild guess it means you

just guess guess you don't have any other information you just make a wild

guess you make an estimate you make a wild

guess Elgar is here hello mr. Duncan thanks for joining me

today Thomas is here as well today is my first day chatting with you is it really

Thomas nice to see you here and because it's your first time I will give you a

special round of applause I might even give you some fireworks I might put some

fireworks on later because the new year is just around the corner Truong is here

Edgar hello Edgar watching in Peru how are you today

Ana Rita have you any new teaching project for 2019 well first of all can I

say that I will be here during 2019 I'm not going anywhere and don't forget next

year is my 13th year so next October I will have been teaching here on YouTube

for 13 years so at the moment it's 12 years next year 13 can you believe it

hello mr. Duncan hello from Indonesia we have been battered by several natural

catastrophes at the end of the year yes I've read all about it I've seen the

terrible pictures on the news here in England so yes my thoughts are with you

at this time Gabrielle is here as well Kareem happy to see mr. Duncan greetings

from Algiers oh it's suddenly gone it's disappeared

ala Rove a lavrov I Love You mr. Duncan I'm from Iraq hello to Iraq and a big

hello to everyone watching there so many people on the live chat thanks a lot for

joining me also Anna and Alper hello mr. Duncan I

am studying at prep school I've learnt a lot of things from you

thank you John M says it is my first time chatting but not my first time

watching your videos well because it's your first time John

I will now give you a round of applause and also some fireworks as well mmm look

at that you get fireworks and applause so thank you John for joining me today

X n let's make an educated guess happy new year

yes an educated guess is a wild guess you are making an educated guess

TR says Oh number 13 is lucky for some people well here in the UK here in

England we believe that 13 is unlucky and of course we have amped all I can

see am tall and priyanka priyanka watching in india and i know for a fact

that i have lots of people watching in india we will go back to the live chat a

little bit later on we are also going to have a review of this year some nice

moments i will be sharing with you during today's livestream things that we

did during the year do you remember when we went to a special place a place we

loved going back to every single year and during 2018 we went to this place

yet again and this is what happened

mr. Steve has been working out our finances for the year and apparently

because of all the money that I've earned from YouTube this year from the

generous people at YouTube and of course Google we can actually invest our money

into something quite amazing Oh mr. Duncan I've been looking at luxury

yachts luxury luxury yachts just for you and me mr. Duncan imagine the fantastic

lessons that we can produce onboard our hundred foot luxury yacht wow it sounds

amazing we go to Monaco we can sail all around the world on our luxury yachts

all the profits that you've made from your YouTube channel this year mr.

Duncan anyway there's a nice boat yard here I've been to speak to the owners

they've got a fantastic yacht for say oh ho okay

would you like to see it yes I would I'm getting very excited it's right behind

you mr. Duncan are let me show you what do you think it just needs a bit of

paint that is not a luxury yacht

we can afford mr. Duncan I've just realized well we can afford I'm sorry

I've just suddenly realized we are not making as much money from this YouTube

channel as I thought because Google and YouTube don't pay as much money and how

fortunately there's an answer to that there is or take a nice walk up that

hill and make another lesson straight away and then we'll be millionaires

that's a nice idea a very interesting idea so now we are going for a walk up

that hill over there and I have a feeling it's going to be very tiring so

we will see you later

come on mr. Duncan it takes so long this is a lovely spot hurry up Oh Helen the

things I have to put up with look how slowly mr. Duncan is coming up

there told you it needs to get fit we're trying to get him to lose weight as well

as you know don't say anything Shh he's a bit sensitive about his weight

you're here how wonderful this is a lovely spot you know miss exhaustion

coming up that steep hill this is so tiring Steve there's that there is a

bench over there can we go and sit down yes let's go and sit down on that lovely

inviting bench showing that fantastic view of the lake please oh hello there

we are on a lovely walk today we're taking a nice walk but we are having a

little rest at the moment mr. Steve has just finished eating his peanut bar

there we go energy bit of energy because we always

like to take care of some food with us and have a nice rest don't we mr. Duncan

look what I've got here this is the instruction it's a booklet on all the

walking trails at Lake Verne we that's the place that we are at and that's the

the most amazing thing about this area there are so many places to actually

walk around it's huge look at all those walking trails today we there are 1 2

there are 5 walking trails that all color-coded and today we are taking the

what do trail oh yeah that's great I can't wait to see the subtitles for that

that's Welsh by the way and it's the red route we're taking the red route the Red

Road danger if you are going to go in any direction always follow the red

route but it says here this is a steady climb and it gives

hi views looking down on the lake at access to the hills Moreland forests and

fields it says there's a moderately steep hill moderately we've just come up

so we've walked for around about three miles and I'm guessing we haven't got

much further to go let's have a look there's just another six miles to go six

miles I'm not going six miles when you're

trying to lose weight mr. Duncan look this is what we've come on this walk for

to help you get fit and lose weight I am losing weight see I haven't given

him a peanut Barb's get them all over to myself during this walk I have lost

weight and also the will to live well the only right you're losing is you keep

losing bits of equipment look what it says here you see walking it gives you

some very inch some smart pieces of advice before you set up on your wall

these are the things that you must bear in mind you must think about you must

think about these things before you go on a walk for example number one we're

strong shoes or walking boots check check take that one off take warm and a

waterproof clothing oh I've got my warm clothing Steve's got some warm clothing

I haven't look I've got a rain poncho a rain poncho what's up what's a poncho

it's a look there we go there's a picture of a lovely lady yes thought you

described it it's a plastic waterproof film covering that if we get caught in a

shower we put this poncho on which is just sort of just covers you it's

basically a plastic bag plastic bag there goes your head it goes over you

but normally a poncho is something you wear loose over your body so you put it

over your head and then it just covers your body if you if you remember in Star

Wars Luke Skywalker wore a poncho but but apparently apparently most of the

scenes deleted with him wearing the poncho but

there are a couple of scenes in Star Wars where Luke Skywalker is wearing his

poncho always have to get something in about Star Wars it's so boring mister

don't course anyway that's that touch waterproof clothes watch out watch out

for service vehicles on forest track yes don't get run over don't get run over

it's very important I can't see any service vehicles on that track so I

think we're all right for now so unless they're electric we'll be able to hear

them keep on the roads and footpaths yes well we've got directions there we are

on the road and footpath there is the road behind us can you see the road

there it is yeah keep dogs under control that's it Oh or in this case I have to

keep Steve under control yes saying I'm a dog mister do you want you are a bit

of a dumb animal sometimes thank you very much lock your vehicle and leave

don't leave valuables on the display well the cars at the hotel so we're safe

there so we're ok there we don't drop litter unless of course unless of course

at the hotel there is a special cough of conference for people that break into

cars in which case we might have a problem don't drop litter have fires or

barbecues don't drop litter don't drop litter let's see what happens if we do

so there we go I've had this peanut bar so all that was

delicious mmm what a lovely beautiful spot this is

hmm so Steve has just dropped some litter he is breaking the countryside

code you should never drop litter in the countryside nothing's happened I haven't

been arrested I think we've got away with it

okay then I'll I'll pick it up I won't be naughty mr. Duncan because we're

setting a bad example your viewers yes so I'll put it back in the bag don't

forget we are influences we influence the world must recycle don't swim or

paddle in the lake while there's no chance of that because mr. Duncan

doesn't like water I can't swim and it's too cold anyway we don't

water camping is not permitted camping so no no camping oh no camping mr.

Duncan oh so you're not allowed to over to mints around out here in the

wilderness oh no camping no okay I'm going hang on

it me know it's it's it's camping under canvas it doesn't mean that kind of

camping it's the other type of camping where you overnight in the stars okay

the lake is a drinking water reservoir I don't know we know that and a White's

told us that by being water efficient you can ensure water supplies are secure

there's a picture of a man with a dog does that dog look like it's being kept

under control it doesn't it hasn't got a lead on it could just run off at any

moment and attack anyone so they're breaking

their own rules by showing a picture of a dog that hasn't even got a lead on so

there we go you found a sign it says danger overhead powerlines

Wow I can't see any overhead power line I think this has come from somewhere

else maybe we'll find the power what if we find them we'll show you

there we go that's that's about all I've got to say really unless it people want

to know any facts about Lake Vernon well later on we will be talking all

about Lake Vern we and don't forget I also made a video here an actual lesson

filmed here in Lake Vernon WA but now we are going to carry on with our walk

shall we shall we carry on let's carry on we'll continue with our wall get your

bag right let's go off we go see you it's in my pocket okay

then Oh all right let's go mister don't good great off we go bye bye

can you see where we are standing now we are on the big Dam yes the big Dam and

there are two uses and two spellings of the word dam aren't the mr. Duncan that

is true first the thing we are standing on right now is called dam dam something

used for containing water normally made from stone and there you can see this

dam is holding all this water in this is the reservoir the dam contains the water

and there is another use and spelling of the word dam and it's a form of

exclamation a swear word and expletive normally used when you get very very

angry about something damn I missed my bus damn I'm late for work

damn you mr. Duncan I'm hungry and I want to go to the hotel and have

something to eat and you've kept me out here filming for far too long oh okay

then do you want to go back to the hotel I'm only joking I think Steve I would

never swear mr. Duncan I'm hungry as well though to be honest so shall we go

back to the hotel now yes we're going back right now

doo-doo-doo-doo it's a Sunday it's a fun day it's time to improve your listening

skills yes we are live for those who are wondering we are we are actually taking

a look at some of our high points some of the highlights of our time here on

YouTube during 2018 and of course lots more fun to come during 2019 it's just

around the corner talking of people lurking and hiding around the corner

here's someone now here he is it's the guy who always likes to hide around the

corner and sometimes in the bushes it's mr. Steve Oh mr. Duncan hello

everybody I don't know what you're trying to suggest or insinuate hanging

around the bushes that doesn't sound very palatable mr. Duncan

we were both hanging around in the bushes yesterday because we went for a

lovely walk so there are lots of trees and bushes near to where we lived so we

we had we had a lovely walk yesterday into town him back because the weather

was quite nice it's so warm at the moment it doesn't feel like December it

feels like early summer it was about 13 or 14 degrees yesterday which is very

unusual because it was probably about minus 3 this time last year yeah I know

one thing mr. Duncan we've used a lot less fuel to heat the house this year

that's it we predominantly use oil to power the central heating system because

we can't get gas where we are I can't get gas apparently guest doesn't

go uphill we haven't got the pipes I haven't got the infrastructure they

haven't put pipes into into where we live mr. domes

so we don't have gas pipes here so we have to use a big oil tank instead but

this year because it's been so mild and warm we haven't used much oil and and we

did have the Bogg fire as well and we haven't used

many logs either no so because it's been so mild we don't actually have to have

the heating on in the house I would say we've used at least 1/3 less oil to heat

the house than last year and probably half the amount of logs because mr.

Duncan it was probably mentioned this before when we have that bad winter last

year we had the the the log fire burning for what was the record how many days I

think it was about I want to say 19 days it's something like 19 days in a row so

for 19 days we had the the log fire in the living room it was lit and burning

for 19 days during Christmas last year because it was so cold we had a lot of

snow last year this year it's the opposite and don't be fooled by the

background see that isn't real behind me but at the moment outside let's just

have a look out the window right now I've been out there mr. Duncan I will

try to make that a little lighter but because because now of course it's going

dark it's gloomy out there mr. Duncan gloomy so when we say gloomy we mean

that there isn't much light there's a lot less light than there should be mr.

Duncan's adjusted his camera a bit there but it's still when you go outside

there's no Sun the thick cloud it's a little miserable today can you see can

you see in the distance Steve can you see on the top left

sorry top right of the screen you can see some houses oh yes do you know where

that is is it little Wenlock it's little Wenlock

ah it's the sister of Much Wenlock so at the top of the hill in the distance you

can see some houses and that place is called little Winlock so yes so if

you're in much Wenlock you can point a camera and see little Wenlock yes it's

amazing we've been there haven't we mr. Duncan yes it's very small there are no

shops there it's very similar to the place we live but it's very high up very

high up someone told us that it was the highest village in

England but him apparently it isn't Oh apparently it no I don't think it is

perhaps is the highest village in Shropshire our phone's going mr. Duncan

someone's after us let's hope there aren't any emergencies that we need to

attend to that's a strange moment of time there

strain because as I've been watching your show until I've come on and and

this is what you do isn't it the towards the end of a year you I wish you'd give

me some warning mr. Duncan until the end of the year you tend to look back at

what you've done over the last 12 months you take stock of what you where you've

been what you've done what you've achieved and that's what mr. Duncan's

been doing and he's got a lot of other videos to show about what we did last

year now I've got lots of I'm going to talk about New Year's resolutions what

we both are we want to know what your new year resolutions are if you have any

going to look a bit of the history of that how successful people are with it

and then we're also going to look at probably common new year resolutions and

also how to achieve these what methods or what what little tricks you can use

to make sure you actually do achieve these resolutions because statistics

show only about well less than 20% of new year resolutions ever actually come

true people just give them give up or they're too difficult or they forget

about it so we're going to talk about that am I still on camera to mr. Duncan

you sure are I don't like it over here it's a bit lonely so New Year's

resolutions now I have a list here we're going now back onto the main camera turn

around now Steve yes look at that to give me a warning about that it can't

look very professional it's like I'm producing this show as well as

presenting it it's very hard work trust me it's not easy doing this so we have

New Year's resolutions New Year's resolution

Jones everybody now I'm going to share some of my new year resolutions and

you're going to talk all about making plans for the new year

words and phrases connected with that as well that's correct I believe so

2019 2019 is just around the corner we have some New Year's resolutions here is

one of them now this is something that I'm going to continue doing because I

have lost a little bit of weight but I have a feeling maybe perhaps Steve yes

maybe during the Christmas period I might have put a little bit of weight

back on because we've been eating a lot of food dish this week so many

vegetables I can't believe how much vegetables how many vegetables we have

eaten this week so many I think we've we've contributed towards the rise in

greenhouse gases quite significantly over the last week or so due to off the

amount of of high fiber vegetables we've been eating I think what Steve is sorry

to explain yes I think what Steve is saying is that there have been a lot of

farts in the house and also a lot of a lot of pooping as well I don't think

I've I don't think I've pooped so much this week because of ever in my life

we've eaten so much so much vegetation carrots potatoes parsnips parsnips

Brussels sprout of Brussels sprouts now some people don't like Brussels sprouts

but I lift them and Steve loves them as well so we we have eaten so many

Brussels sprout justing I wonder if in other countries watching us whether they

have Brussels sprouts as a vegetable yes because I've got one in the in the

Aeneid in the oven in the fridge we could we could bring one and show people

what a Brussels sprout looks like I think many people know what a Brussels

sprout looks like if you don't let us know and I can

show you but of course in other countries it might have a different name

they're related to cabbages they're like small cat very very small cabbages very

small it's not easy eating a cabbage but I'm a very small skank-ass and they are

one of the things that can they can make your your digestive system overworked

thus causing lots of there are specific veg specific vitamins in in Brussels

sprouts as as there are in cabbages so they're very very good for you so this

is one of my new year's resolutions is to lose more weight I've been losing a

little bit of weight but now I want to lose even more so hopefully I can get

rid of maybe I want to lose at least one stone another stone in weight so I can

be a little bit more slim and beautiful well we've been watching those videos of

us mr. Duncan several years ago and we realized that you know sadly like

everyone we are starting to age yes so we've got to do something about that

because we need to remain looking young for our viewers otherwise they'd all go

and watch new people coming up you know there are lots of sexy people now on

YouTube teaching English and and and maybe to some people maybe we just look

too old that's it I see it slice does it's like it's like they just they just

eat the chips and then they throw the paper away and guess what Steve we are

the paper that they throw away ah yes but you see youth only has so much

appeal there's it's nice to look at lot on the outside it's something that's

beautiful but is there any substance underneath you see we've got years a

lifelong experience that we can share with that with our pupils mr. Duncan

don't look so sad that's true whereas young people they've got the looks but

they haven't got the experience the maturity the knowledge

the integrity and the wrinkles true but now it's fine we're okay we're looking

forward to 2019 we will be here every Sunday during 2019 for those who are new

because we've had quite a few new people today so every Sunday you can catch us

live on YouTube and also some people are asking for my email address as well so I

suppose I shouldn't ignore that so this is my email address for those who are

wondering you can catch us at that address if you want to send a note

message something nice maybe a photograph or video of where you live in

the area you live you can do so at that address mr. Steve has vanished he's gone

he's wounded off he's gone away I don't know where Steve is gone he's just

vanished suddenly I have a strange feeling that he's going into the kitchen

to get a Brussels sprout that's what I think come on Steve show us show us the

Brussels sprout would you like your own camera go on okay that he will have I've

noticed have asked to see a Brussels sprout there's one there is one so

that's the stalk end comes off there's lots of them in a row on the plant and

you pull them off and it's sort of yes it's like a cabbage leaf and they've got

a distinctive smell they grow during the summer and they're picked over the

winter periods and they're just like miniature cabbages oh that's and it's

from the same family of plants and you just boil them and just eat them and we

like them and they're full of fiber but they do make you produce a lot of wind

hmm they're renowned for that but there we go Brussels sprouts if you've got

these in your country are they known by a different name we would like to know

can I come back to the other camera would you like to come on the other

camera here's Steve he's been busy pulling

pulling off sprouts somebody asked about I think it was remember who it was now

about stones they weren't sure what stones were that you wanted to lose a

stone in weight yes do you know I do okay then a stone is it's an old

imperial measurement so that's something that we used to use in in in the UK so

probably in other Commonwealth countries before we went metric in the 1970s it's

a measurement of weights the measurement of weight and one stone

is 14 pounds which is which is about about 30 kilograms I am no more sure of

what stones are so yes asterisk don't because nowadays we tend to use

kilograms well that's it that's what that person said or pound so yes 14

pounds in a stone and it's about two pounds to a kilogram so it's about 28 30

kilograms is a stone so you want to lose thirty kilograms okay that is what you

want so I want to you I want to lose about stone because I want to lose some

weight also another thing I suppose this is connected as well one more resolution

I'm going to show some more French frogs that I can I can juggle but it's easy to

juggle with two can I just say that that that is not juggling I can't juggle

another New Year's resolution for mr. Duncan daily walks well so I'm going to

have a walk every day now I do walk during the week maybe two or three times

a week but now my plan is to have a walk every day so I'm going to have a daily

walk so maybe in the morning when I get up or maybe in the afternoon when I have

some time spare I will have a walk maybe down the road

uphill but that is something I'm planning to do that is one of my new

year's resolutions a New Year's resolution of course is a tradition you

would call it a tradition which is very popular in Western countries and do you

know mr. Duncan where it originates I have no idea well well you won't like

this mr. Duncan because I've been talking about this particular subject

many times although it's not meditation no oh okay it's not cars no it's not I'm

trying to think of I've been talking about a lot recently mr. Duncan have

been pontificating and I've been its religion oh I see yes religion because I

was starting to think that Steve had had got something from above but apparently

he's got something from below instead yes apparently new year's resolutions

stent they've been around quite a long time but they they they sort of stem

from religious beliefs that at the end of the year you should particularly from

the Christian religion that you should but it goes all the way back to sort of

Babylonian times that's a long time ago two thousand years before well yes it's

four thousand years ago practically it's before last week so they used to do it

then and and then the Romans used to do it but so you sort of at the end of the

year you're sort of taking stock of what you've done over the year and then

you're making promises to your God of the gods whatever your promise to do

something new in the new year and they used to be they used to be very much

centered around improving you're improving yourself self-improvement you

might want to be a better person or something like that so that's where it

all comes from mr. Duncan yeah comes from comes from sort of religious

beliefs so you might also describe them Valve's says something you you vow to do

so I vow to lose weight I vow to do more exercise next year so it is a kind of

promise isn't it it's a promise and instead of just making it to yourself

you would make it to you know a deity you would make it to some something that

you believed in God or something like that I think we've got a leak and a leak

we had leaks last night in the soup ha ha leaks leaks is a type of Sonico

vegetable that grows in the ground and well we made good use of the chicken

didn't we that we had for Christmas the chicken wasn't very big we had we didn't

have turkey this year we had chicken instead and it wasn't a very big chicken

but Steve managed to get three meals was it for me or for meals what was a

medium-size chicken it wasn't a very big one it was only a small chicken but you

you managed to get so much and you didn't waste any of it

I loved that I'd ever I can't stand wasting food so I so with that chicken

we had two meals where we we carved the meat off and we had it with vegetables

and gravy and then we made a curry out of out of what was on the wings and the

leg that says that was on Friday it wasn't that was on the Friday and then

yesterday I put the carcass what was left into a saucepan boiled it with

water for a couple of hours and said all the the goodness comes out of the bones

and all the rest of the meat falls off and then you can just remove all the

bones or so and then you've got all the goodness of the rest of the chicken

carcass whether the carcass is there sort of what's left after you've taken

all the meat off so it's the bones but also on the bones you will find there is

there are little little tiny pieces of meat so if you boil it you boil the

carcass with an onion and then all of the meat will come up and then you can

take the bones out take the bones out and then you're left with all

all the bits of meat in this lovely soup soup it's called there and then what I

then do is add a chicken stock cube and then I added some potatoes some leeks

and some carrots turned it into this lovely thick soup and we had it with

bread and that's what we had last night for for meals we've got out of that

little chicken yes who would have thought it so so we've decided now every

year what we're not going to have a turkey at Christmas we're going to have

a sort of medium-sized chicken instead because it's much easier to cook it's

smaller it fits in it fits in the in the fridge it fits in the oven and you don't

waste very much because trouble with the turkey is when there's only two of you

you go to the supermarket to buy a turkey and you have to because they have

them people are always after these turkeys so you just arrived at the

supermarket and you have to pick whatever is there on the day and

sometimes you haven't got much choice and you have to and you end up quite

often by one far too big than you actually need for a family of six or

something like that so you buy this yeah cost you about a lot of money and then

you end up wasting a lot of it that's it I think I think that's one of the things

also I don't think now I'm sure people will disagree with me but I don't think

turkey tastes as good as chicken I prefer chicken so that's it go doing

that next year from now on it's chicken every Christmas people are talking a lot

about Brussels sprouts they have one of the food it's like they're like mmm it's

like Marmite you either love it you either love them or hate them yes it's

quite sort of if you don't like cabbage you probably won't like Brussels sprouts

a lot of people don't a lot of people don't like to eat sprouts the live chat

is very busy would you like to have a look Steve I would let's go back a

little bit and see what people are talking about the other thing about

Brussels sprouts is sorry they're like what you call a seasonal vegetables so

it when it's cold and in in winter here in the UK you don't you can't grow many

vegetables but you can grow things like Brussels sprouts because

they grow during the winter okay period so that's why we have them at this time

of the year so there are lots of sprouts sprout around on the live chat daily

walks is the reason of of my losing 12 kilograms in 3 months

well done Connell so it sounds like Connell has been doing lots of exercise

to lose weight 12 kilograms in 3 months that's not too bad is it that's that's

yet 12 kilograms yes that's about 24 pounds because of the mistake many

people make they try to lose too much weight in one go I mean I've done that

in the past where I try to lose too much weight but of course there are two bad

things about that one is it might have an effect on your health and two you can

become a little obsessed with it so your your obsession with losing weight can

take over your whole life and this happens sometimes now many people think

that this only happens to women or girls but men can also get this anorexia

really so yes you always have assumed that it's it's a female problem but

actually it's also male as well so some men can also become anorexic they they

worry so much about their weight so when they look in the mirror they always

think they are overweight but then they then they stop eating and go very very

thin that's it but but in the mirror they still think they are fat yes that's

it all I believe bulimia is the other one yeah it's not very pleasant yes well

done : so you've lost I've just worked that out about 2 pounds a week which is

what they say is the ideal amount to lose you don't want to lose any more

than 2 pounds a week or statistically it's been shown that you won't tend to

keep that weight you will tend to add that weight back on again hmm so yes

jeff says that we could a drink vodka in the new year yes and then go driving in

my new Ford Mustang well Jeff mentions New Year's

Eve yes and quite a few people today have asked what we are doing on New

Year's Eve so normally we don't do much we normally stay in the house but

because we live in an area that has such a good view we can actually stand

outside the house and watch all the firework displays as the New Year

arrives so we can watch everyone letting off setting off launching their

fireworks do you know mr. Duncan what is the success rate the average success

rate for people wanting to set themselves New Year's resolutions did

you wait until oh I thought you mentioned it already have i okay

wasn't it 21% it's less than 20% less than 20% stick or continue with their

New Year's resolution so not many people succeed if you look at this statistics

of that most New Year's resolutions failed so what else have we got here

bitch Beatrice says I need to gain weight please tell me what to do know

that you've got an easy job they're putting on weight should be easy it's

the opposite of losing weight eat more and take less exercise I think it's safe

to say that losing weight is much harder than than gaining weight usually used to

have a problem with not having enough weight when I was young I was I was so

thin I wasn't I was like a matchstick and I couldn't put weight on however

much food I ate I used to eat food all the time

and my mum used to take me to the doctors and he we the doctor would say

it's just a very high metabolism so when Duncan eats his body burns the calories

straightaway so the energy is not stored so when I was a child I was so skinny I

was very thin but the problem was I was also very tall as well so I looked very

strange when I young Mario Perez is new and wants some

applause oh hello Mario Perez is it your first time okay

then raela Mario you can have some applause and also some fireworks as well

because the new year is just around the corner well done Mario anest oh the

Nesta says come to the south of Italy and you can taste the best issues ever

for example panzerotto ooh well yes Italian food of course we would love

that yes so we would love to come to the

south of Italy the same rule applies to everybody who said will you visit our

country yeah we will if you pay us yes give us the money to go! this is the

agreement this is the agreement a joke so we will go anywhere anywhere in the

world but you have to pay for the airfare the hotel and don't forget it

has to be a five-star hotel not none of that none of that backpacking I can't do

that at my age because I've got I've got you know sciatica I've got I've got an

aching arm and then and I've got a very sort of painful neck so I have to have a

very nice comfortable bed something very comfortable to lie on at night so

definitely definitely no backpacking all hostels it has to be five-star hotel and

maybe maybe business class yes on the play definitely oh yes yes I think

business millions I thought I've never flown business class on a plane ever and

I've always wanted to just to see see what it's like so I've heard it's very

nice but I've never been business class on a plane ever

saturnino says that I think somebody was trying to I was asking is about putting

weight on hmm satoru know says eat a lot of Nutella Oh

Nutella Nutella yes I don't like Nutella it's horrible that's full of fat yes so

fatty foods can't the most energy per rate

well isn't Nutella it's just full of nuts exactly nuts and chocolate isn't it

yes nuts and chocolate to things that contain a lot of fat and tons and tons

of energy I can't think what nuts in there now it's not almonds hazelnuts I

think is I think it is hazelnuts I love Hazen yes I don't like Nutella so

so I won't be touching that anyway lots of new people we've got our salon from

Kurdistan hello there we've got David vilela single mom from in Thailand

Barbara lots of names who don't recognise me raagh lots of new people

yes Burrell ops says if you want to lose

weight eat vegetables only yes that's a very good suggestion but we don't eat

much meat anyway but what I mean what I'm intending to do next year is to

exercise a little bit more eat less and hopefully lose some more weight so

that's something I'm planning that is one of my new year's resolutions that's

what we're talking about do you have any more information Steve about New Year's

resolutions not really yeah I've got some information about common New Year's

resolutions that people tend to choose okay then there are a lot of common one

news go you can go on your personal camera common resolutions that some of

the common ones are all revolved around losing weight getting healthier and

avoiding stress lose weight get fitter save money start a hobby be less

stressed get more exercise get more sleep these are the common New Year's

resolutions that if you there was a study now all around the world about

what the communist New Year's resolutions I think the communist was to

lose weight but what I want to talk about when mr. Duncan's ready advice I

can start now do you want me to start now mr. Duncan

it's about how to actually make your New Year's resolutions

happen because it's alright to say I want to do this or this is where but

with good intention we will and if in the days leading up to the end of the

year up to New Year we will say I want to do this because you've got you're on

holiday you've got time to think got time to take stock of what's been

happening over the last year and then you decide oh I'm going to do new things

in 2019 I'm going to lose weight I'm going to eat healthier take more

exercise etc etc but what happens is of course you get back into your normal

routine you go back to work and your normal routine that was there before the

holiday period between Christmas and New Year and then you just get back into the

old habits so you go get up at whatever time 7:30 you go to work you come back

you get your tea ready and then you maybe make some phone calls and then you

sit in front of the television then you go to bed and you go to work again and

you just carry on with the same routine you might be looking after children and

it's finding the time and putting some time aside in order for you to actually

do it now the common mistake people make apparently in making New Year's

resolutions is that they don't make them specific enough so they make them a bit

vague and the human mind doesn't like vagueness it likes something it likes to

be told what to do and it needs some very precise instructions so what

apparently what they suggest in order to that so you've got a resolution I want

to lose weight in 2019 but what they say is you to turn these into goals and look

at them as if you were at work and you were setting goals and objectives and

and approach it from that direction and then you have a much higher chance of

success and I'm in sales so we're always doing

this at work we get sales targets and that's a goal that you need to achieve

by the end of the year and and so what you have to do is you have to break it

down and decide what's the best way for you to achieve this so the first thing

to do is I think this is a good idea and I'm going to suggest it to you now and

and and have a go at it and see if it's if it will be successful so for example

let's take the common list one resolution I want to lose weight and

then turn it into what I call what not what I call what is called a smart

objective or a smart goal there we go see you've got your resolution I want to

lose weight but turn that into something that is going to help you to achieve it

so what does Smart what is smart well we know what Smart is that someone who's

clever but in I'm using this as an acronym so the every letter is it comes

from a word so the S means specific and it's also in mnemonic so it's something

that helps you remember something so it's an acronym and it's also in

mnemonic at the same time so what does that stand for the S stands for specific

so set a specific goal and M stands for measurable so it's something that you

can look at now and then measure it after a period of time and you can see

if you've achieved it is it achievable that's the a is it relevant or realistic

and time-bound so for example if you wanted to lose weight you would not say

I just want to lose weight you would say I want to lose 30 kilograms in the next

three months and there that is specific so you've narrowed it down and said you

how much you want to lose it's measurable because you know what your

weight is now and you can measure again in three

time is it achievable could you lose 30 30 kilograms in three months you might

think that's too much or too little if you said I want to lose 300 kilograms in

three months that wouldn't probably be achievable or realistic so you might

want to just make it a bit less and it's time-bound so you've said I'm gonna do

that in three months so that's a specific goal and then the ideal thing

to do then is to write it down because if you write something down a goal or an

objective this cements it in your mind and then write it down a piece of a bit

and read it every morning to yourself you probably think of something I'm not

a guru on this but that's apparently what works in setting in setting goals

or in this case setting New Year's resolutions make them specific read them

out to yourself and you stand a much higher chance of succeeding if you stick

to those rules if you google smart objectives you'll be able to read all

about it and I think that's how you ought to treat your new year's

resolutions whereas mr. Duncan gone he's vanished

so goals that's the word I use they're a goal it's an aim and objective an

endpoint it's something that you want to achieve where you some kind of effort or

work is required in order to achieve it and of course a goal in football that is

the endpoint you've you've scored a point so that's another use of the word

goal or you can as I've already said you can turn your new year's resolutions and

call those goals and then set your smart objectives and see if you achieve them

so that's what mr. Duncan you see that's what mr. Duncan needs to do he needs to

say I want to lose well he has done it I want to lose a stone which is about 30

kilograms and but what what period of time mr. Duncan do you want to lose that

over well I'm hoping to lose this weight over

the spring thanks so so by the time summer arrives I'm hoping that I will be

look lovely so I can wear my lovely bikini on the beach in the summer so I

want to go to a nice sunny place by the sea and then I can rest on the beach in

my lovely one-piece bikini or maybe two-piece bikini and then people will

come up and say hey hi do you want to come for a swim with me and then I'll

say I'm sorry I can't swim so maybe that should be one of my resolutions maybe I

should learn to swim well oh you see that's interesting

so you brought up a something you you said to yourself right I want to learn

to swim but do you really want to this if you're setting yourself these

resolutions or goals there's no good setting yourself one

where you don't really want to do it because you will have failed right from

the start I mean you might some people might think oh I should lose weight or I

should stop smoking or I should take more exercise but do they want to hmm if

you don't want to then don't set it because what's the point you're not

going to achieve it if you don't really want to do it so what you're really

saying is your goals have to be realistic well they have to be something

that you want to do yes because the motivation has to be there motivation

has to be there in the first place you have to want to do it to do it if you

don't want to lose weight then there's no point in saying I want to lose weight

yes because you won't do it right so if you're not bothered whether you're

overweight or underweight or whatever then carry on as you are a little bit

later on by the way we are going to take a look at some of our Christmas presents

because Steve received a big box you want to see Steve's big box oh here it

is so that's the big box now now who who

bought this for you who gave you this amazing present it must be a very

generous person he was you mr. Duncan he was me so he's very surprised this is

the gift that I I got from mr. Steve now we are also

taking a look at other things today do you remember Steve when we went to the

beach because we just mentioned beach because that's what I'm doing next year

I'm going to lose weight and look very sexy on the beach but do you remember

when we went to the beach I do we went to the beach during summer 2018 so we

are now in the car we are about to leave Lake Verne we and we are going somewhere

else somewhere quite exciting somewhere we haven't been for a long time

are you excited Steve yes very excited

that's excited so off we go but the big question is where are we going

so here we are mr. Duncan and mr. Steve but where are we we are now on the beach

on the beach at a typical British beach scene it's freezing cold

we're wrapped up in in woollen winter clothes that sun's out it looks lovely

but it's actually very cold so I've got the beach towel and what have you got

mr. Duncan I have my Spade so I can dig in the sand because we are on a sandy

beach and I have my bucket as well my little bucket so I can put the sand into

the bucket and I can build a little sandcastle whoo I've got the same

matching I've got the blue ones you've got the red ones so are we going to

start building sandcastles mr. Duncan I'm all excited I think mr. Steve is

very eager even though the wind is blowing it is quite windy on the beach

we are very close to the sea we are on the Welsh coast in a place called a

bedevi it's very nice normally but unfortunately it's a little cool and

quite windy what else have you got there Steve I read a beach towel yeah which

I'm now using to keep warm with do you hike do you like Steve's beach towel I'm

using it as a scarf to keep warm so let's start building some sandcastles

oh I do like to be beside the seaside oh I do like to be beside the sea all over

the UK during the summer months people come and they visit the seaside they go

to the beach I don't know what it is about being near the sea the sights the

sounds the weather and also the fresh air to be honest with you there is a lot

of fresh air around today because it's so windy and look at the

sea isn't it beautiful in fact I think mr.

Steve is going to go into the water for a paddle you paddle in the water you

splash around in the sea

all that splashing around in the sea has made mr. Steve feel very hungry so he

decides to go to the local chip shop there's nothing like a bag of fish and

chips piping hot from the fryer with extra

salt and vinegar mr. Steve appears to be enjoying his chips hmm delicious do you

know what this bird is it's a seagull a very common bird that can often be found

near the seaside or on the coast we decided to see what would happen if we

threw some of the chips on the ground

needless to say the result was chaos you will often see seagulls at the seaside

so our day trip to the seaside is almost at an end as we walk off together into

the sunset

ah another lovely memory of 2018

do do lots of things still to come we are going to take a look at some of our

Christmas presents we received this year and the big question is what was in mr.

Steeves big box also hopefully some more flashbacks to this year we had a lot of

wonderful moments this year so we will share some more before the end of

today's livestream meanwhile yes we are live on YouTube on a Sunday it is New

Year's Eve Eve so it's the day before the day before the New Year so 2019 is

just around the corner all that talk of food by the way has made me feel very

hungry so I'm I'm now eating some nibbles mr. Duncan how is this going to

help you lose weight 29 grams of fat 400 grams

mr. Duncan and the calorific content is 512 calories per hundred grams or 128

per handful mr. Duncan I am going to confiscate these I don't think you

really want to lose weight I suppose you could say I was expecting you to say but

it's not it's not the New Year yet so I don't have to start so is that what

you're going to do you're going to stuff your face an expression that we use

stuff your face eat a lot of food very quickly is that what you're going to do

between now and the end of the year you're going to eat up every high

calorie snack that we have in the house actually you smell very nice

hmm mr. Duncan visa please a very tasty Duncan where have you been hiding these

I'm going to lock them away mr. Duncan I will eat them because I can afford to

put on a little bit you know slim bod as I am I can afford there we

go that's what you should be eating Brussels sprouts you should be eating

just vegetables mr. Duncan well you shouldn't do that because if you were to

just eat vegetables you would not be getting the required nutrients that your

body requires you would not be getting protein or carbohydrate get some

carbohydrates but you wouldn't get any fats so you need to have a balanced diet

mr. Duncan vegetables little bit of protein a little bit of carbohydrate

what you need to do actually they say that people but the people that put on

weight they're only eating probably two or three hundred extra calories a day

which is only like a couple of chocolate biscuits or a glass of wine or something

like that a beer couple of beers so you ain't eating you don't need to do a lot

to tip the balance back you only need to make small changes you don't have to

make drastic changes to lose weight people always think if you're going to

lose weight you've got to make these drastic changes you don't if you want to

lose a lot of weight suddenly you can go on these vegetable soup diets and you

can lose a stone in a month or something but they're not very good for you and

then you do it you go you're not establishing good habits then which will

last for a long time you're only doing something very quickly to lose a lot of

weight suddenly and that's not very that's no good for the long term because

then you just revert back to your old habits so you just got to make a few

Changez so say for example we eat a lot of chocolate so what we should say is we

will only chocolate at the weekend or we will only buy chocolate on Friday night

instead of having chocolate three or four times a week or sometimes every

night we will only have it say on a Friday and a Saturday so you still got

that treat but then you're not having it you still have you gone done mr. Duncan

yeah anything for a long I'm not listening to a word you're saying all

I'm thinking about is those lovely cheddar nibbles what nibbles give me

more nibbles we've had some good other ideas some very good ideas on the live

chat so we want ideas from other people yes yes eat all of the junk food before

the New Year arrives so that's what I'm doing that's what I was doing I was I

was eating all of the junk food so when the New Year arrives there'll be no junk

food in the house you see that's what I was doing I was preparing for my new

year's resolution well the thing is though you you will be adding weight on

you'll just make it more difficult to to lose weight you'll have more to lose in

the New Year but there you go that's it there's always that you can't just eat

vegetables there's plenty of time so sue Kats a vegetarian of course yes I know

yes and vegetarians that they if you look at the statistics they tend to lead

healthier lives but you've got to be careful you've got to know what to do

because otherwise you can you can be lacking in in certain proteins if you

don't know what you're doing so I don't think that's necessarily the answer Eric

says that mr. Steve has a teenagers body wow thank you so much this is true he is

buried in the back garden Oh mr. Duncan are you suggesting I've murdered some

teenager and put him in the garden well no I haven't that was a joke mr. Duncan

of course it was yes I know thank you though thank you for the compliment

surely in Germany says I love your videos made with nature thank you for

all your wonderful lessons we will be out and about during 2019 we will be

going out at the moment unfortunately because it's winter the days are short

we don't have much time but hopefully we will be doing a lot more outside during

2019 so let's get up-to-date with the live chat something I wanted to say

about because there was some we saw an interesting program you weren't very

interested in it I wasn't interested it was about sort of theories about how the

human brain works it wasn't a program it was an advertisement on YouTube yes but

it was somebody had written a book based on research so there was some truth to

it that if you want to that most of your programs most of them most of the things

that we do every day I just we don't really think about them they just habits

things that we do routine things and we don't even really think about it because

we're we've got these programs hardwired into our brains and we just carry on

doing the same thing day after day day after day because most of the things

that we learn to do we learn before the age of seven apparently and according to

this person it was trying to sell a book yes but it was based on research and

then if you want to change something the only way to do it is to either be

hypnotized or to keep on you've got to keep doing something for a long time

repetition if you want to get a new program something new into your brain a

new behavior you've got its repetition you've got to keep doing the same thing

over and over again until you Britain until your brain thinks that this is

something new that it's got to carry on doing all the time so you're talking

about learned habits yes that's right so if you for example are in the habit of

always having a chocolate bar after you know at lunchtime

that's a habit that you built up over many years so you've got the only way to

break it is to stop having it and then after about three months or you write

something down I do not like chocolate I don't want to eat chocolate bars anymore

or something like that you've got to start a new habit going that's all I

wanted to say oh okay well that says used at four minutes of the live stream

I look sue Kat says her brother is 60 he has a body like mr. Steeves

surely nobody else in the world has a body like mine I'm sure I've been

practicing yoga for 16 years and eats everything he isn't a vegetarian either

hmm interesting well III don't dispute the fact that

sometimes your mind is is is the thing that can make you either healthy or

unhealthy we all know that we hear about it all the time in the news things like

depression so yes your your mind can can have a negative effect or a positive

effect so I'm not saying that it's it's all rubbish

my brother is 60 yes sue can your brother is 60 now don't tell us your age

we don't want to know because a lady should never say her age Palmeiras says

one of the unpleasant things every day and you will be good maybe that means

get rid of one unpleasant thing every day and you will be okay

strangely enough Eleanor Roosevelt yeah Palmyra I've got I'm going to give some

sort of inspirational quotes at the end from from from authors okay and she

actually came up with a lot of a lot of quite interesting phrases who's that

no I haven't got that one I thought I got it I haven't okay but yes

she also said apparently that yeah I can't remember oh that's it well Don

yeah she was well-known for her quotes another minute well spell she said no

she said the future is the future is for those that believe in their dreams or

something like that okay so she was always coming out with these

inspirational quotes so thank you for that pal Mira don't put off till

tomorrow the thing that you can do today procrastination oh I don't do that very

often I used to do it a lot when I was a teenager Oh

procrastination oh I thought yeah I thought you said something else I know

you did I'm going to swear less next year now you might not realize it but

sometimes I do swear no not not online so not on the internet not during the

live streams but sometimes when I'm talking to you or if I get a little

annoyed about something I will swear so the here's another thing I'm going to do

less of I'm going to try and swear less you swear girls I swear don't you ever

hear me swear when I get a little annoying me that can hear it yes but

it's still still a bad habit so I'm going to swear less less rude words so I

will I will have a lovely clean mouth no rude words will leave my lips eric says

that he lost weight this year but people were saying asking whether he was sick

okay because of course if you lose weight people think that some that you

could be ill well quite often if you are seriously ill you will you of course

will lose weight if you have it if you have a serious illness like cancer you

you quite often will lose weight and there are lots of other diseases that

will cause you to lose a lot of body weight so yes so that that's true I

think if you suddenly lose weight also if you lose too much weight suddenly you

might find that you look very unwell very

Gaunt boy i love that word gaunt it means that the bones in your face stand

out and and your face looks very hollow you look very gaunt this is the trouble

of course when it would keep talking about losing weight all the time but it

seemed to be spending a lot of time talking about that but often when you

lose weight particularly as you get on water your features you get you can you

can start to look old because your skin starts to sort of drag in and if you

want to look younger as you get older sometimes it's you don't want to lose

too much weight because all your skin starts to hang yes I think I'm getting a

bit of that now I think I'm very aware that the skin on my face is becoming a

little a little looser so because it's all starting to go sort of downwards and

that's what happens but they get older gravity this is this isn't very happy

anyway this is yes but as we're talking about happy things now I have a lovely

memory of this year because this year of course for those who like sport this

year was a very big year because there was the World Cup this year and Steve do

you remember when we went into the garden to play football I do yes well

for those who didn't see it here it is right now

live from Much Wenlock in England on a Sunday afternoon this is live English it

sure is Sunday Funday time to improve your

English listening with mr. Duncan and also mr. Steve as well yes we are going

to show you some of our Christmas presents but I believe you have a couple

of words to show oh yes people are getting impatient they

want to see weather okay I'm going to show you one of my Christmas presents go

on then okay here here is one of the things that

Steve bought for my lovely Christmas box and here it comes right now now this is

something that Steve has been worrying about for a very long time he's been

very worried about me getting cold here in the studio when I'm working at the

computer because my feet become very cold so Steve has very kindly given me

some slippers Oh mr. Duncan some lovely warmed slippers don't they look lovely

people always receive slippers for Christmas it is a bit of a cliche but to

be honest I love I love these slippers they are so cozy and warm so now I wear

those when I'm sitting at the computer doing my editing so that's because the

floor around your computer is like a hard floor there's no carpet there so

your feet get very cold and I thought I want to get you something to get your

feet warm mr. Duncan and there it is there is it there they are a pair of

slippers to keep my feet warm on those cold days when I'm busy in here working

on my English videos which of course I will be during 2019 there will be lots

of new stuff to come your way next year so I hope you enjoyed that but

the big question is of course Steve what was in your Bop

mr. Steeves big box there it is now you had no idea what it was did you no idea

at all I've never received such a large present it's a very big one I've never

received such a large present and I couldn't believe that you how you

managed to hide it from me for all those many weeks leading up to Christmas yes

somehow you did yes III bought this a long time ago and

I had to keep hiding it from Steve because it's pretty big so because it's

so large III didn't know where to put it but on Christmas morning Steve open the

present and it was something rather special wasn't it it was joy to have a

look go on okay here it is now imagine Steve surprised when he opened when he

opened the present and saw this no not the jacket that Steve's work jacket this

what is it Steve it's a set of drawers that I can have in my office to store

things in yes that one I currently have has broken and I like this like the

colors in that mr. Duncan he's a big surprise I would never have guessed and

it's not very often you surprised me like that mr. don't know but you did

this year so I got a set of drawers for mr. Steve so he can put all of his work

his papers his receipts all of his little bits of office stationery so

everything can go in this set of drawers so I always like to buy presents that

are useful in fact Steve I think you're very similar so you always like to buy

something that's useful and it's realized they would make a smaller

version of that would make a very good bedside cabinet oh yes there you could

put those by the bed in fact they do smaller ones so they do smaller ones so

yes you could use those also as a bedside cabinet yes I think we've just

solved another problem it's Dennis what problems that come on beside people

normally have don't they buy their bed you know I'm really not going to share

this information with people let's not share it don't share that information

rather embarrassing if if Steve tells you what I think he's going to tell you

I will never be able to show my face on the internet ever again so we will keep

that a secret that was close so that's the the present

that I got for Steve it was a very big one it was um but the thing is mr.

Duncan I've got to tidy up my entire office now because I want to have a nice

and I think this is something else that lots of people do as New Year's sort of

just before New Year's to tidy everything up clean so that you start

the new year with everything nice and clean and in in a nice order organized

and my office has got Messier and Messier as that as the year has gone on

but it's going to be a big task to clear it all out I've started mr. Duncan

because often starting something is harder than keeping it going yes but yes

well I'm doing the same thing here in the studio so as soon as we finish today

I'm going to take some of the studio to pieces I'm going to completely move

everything I'm going to vacuum I'm going to clean I'm going to sweep I'm going to

dust so everything everything in the studio

will be nice and clean for next year good idea anything else any other

presents that you receive mr. donor I received I Wasi you know somebody

special I receive something very nice here from an admirer some aftershave

some aftershave to put on my face so when I have a shave I can put some of

this on and it smells gorgeous better than normal that's powerful stuff Mr Tan

very powerful stuff it has a very very strong smell so so that's one of the

things Steve bought for me in fact you bought lots of things for

one present for me - for you so far ok what else did I buy you

mr. Duncan Steve bought me some new Underpants you ought to see the state of

the via of his old ones that's not jackal of holes I have lovely

Underpants but that I just don't have many of them so sometimes I have to wear

them for about two weeks and they can they can actually stand up on their own

they're like cardboard so there's some some lovely underwear to where you need

to model them for your for your pupils mr. Duncan I could put them on now if

you want please don't might be a bit embarrassing I can try

try me underpants on would you like to see me try my underpants no that's so

far one present for me three for you and three for you anything else that you

might have received mr. dink probably somebody special in your life so we have

aftershave I have slippers I have new underwear Oh something else mr. Steve

bought for me this is something that's very useful indeed oh yes thank you mr.

Steve for buying this as a Christmas present for me now this is something

that's going to be very useful when we go outside with the mobile phone this is

a little power bank so this will charge or keep my mobile phone charged so we

don't lose the battery power so that is one of the presents that Steve gave to

me I was overwhelmed and in fact we used this didn't Lee on Boxing Day we did so

we actually used this gift on Boxing Day during my livestream and that allowed

the mobile phone to stay fully charged during the whole livestream in fact I

worked out that we could probably use that for about three hours non-stop Wow

on the mobile phone if not longer maybe longer so I hope you enjoyed that some

of the gifts some of the presents that Steve bought for me and I bought Steve

one present but one big presence you see something very useful and of course the

other gift is me you have me for another year how

delightful mr. Duncan ah I'm so overwhelmed with joy that is a priceless

gift you can't put a price on that I could I could put a price on it well

I'd rather you didn't we were asked any joke if we could show the word gaunt

gaunt if you lose too much weight you might become very thin and your face

will look gaunt so there it is drawn drawn in for those asking the word is

gaunt and I've got a few words here and I've got some inspirational quotes are

you going on the Steve cam I think so Steve cam tell me ray and mr. Duncan I

want this look seamless so get ready to turn around with your dramatic

professional intensity now is that good very good take stock there we go

so take stock say you had a shop and you did a stock take you would you would go

around your storeroom and you would see what you've got in stock and you would

note everything down and then you'd know exactly what you got in stock what

things you had in your shop to sell now if you take stock of your life it means

that you you look at everything that you've got everything that you've

achieved and you see where you are at this particular point in time and people

do that at this time of the year take stock of your life you know where are

you what what job are you doing all that sort of thing everything in your life

you look at it you take stock and then you decide from that point what you want

to do where you want to move forward from there so taking stock of your life

just adding up everything that you've got in your life where you are now not

necessarily materialistically adding up but maybe just the things that you've

achieved so far taking stock now if you want to change

an aspect of your life and perhaps you're not you've been a bad person or

you haven't been behaving very well you might want to turn or take turn over a

new leaf turn over a new leaf so that means to stop doing something bad or

harmful and start behaving or doing something in a better way for example

I've been mean to everyone at work so from now on I'm going to turn over a new

leaf and treat people better so it just means that you've suddenly realized that

you haven't been doing something right or you've been bad or not behaving well

and you decide to turn over a new leaf and start being a better person you

might decide in 2019 that you want to kick a habit kick a habit that means you

want to stop doing something bad or stop doing yes stop doing something bad for

smoking for example eating too much chocolate anything that you do which you

don't like that's a habit a bad habit like smoking drinking eating too much

you might want to kick that habit which means you might want to stop doing it

so there we go so it's like you've got that that bad thing that habits those

packets of cigarettes and you kick them with your foot or you put your foot down

on it and you stop doing it so to kick a habit means to stop doing something bad

oh yes but I can hear you saying is that easier said than done so that's a phrase

which means you say that phrase easier said - done easier said than done when

you've got something to do but in practice you eat sounds good when you

say it oh I'm gonna stop smoking but sometimes just saying that is quite easy

to do but the practice of actually doing it is much harder so it is difficult

stop smoking as many people know who have tried it's also difficult to lose

weight a lot of people find it difficult to lose weight and sometimes that's

easier said than done you could say I in 2019 I want to go to the moon and

somebody might say to you well that's easier said than done so you have to

make plans sometimes if you want something to happen so it's just a

phrase oh it's that's easier said than done if somebody says to you why don't

you lose two stone in weight and you might say oh that's easier said than

done somebody might say to you what why don't your not happy with your life why

don't you change your jobs and go work for a different company and you might

say to them that's easier said than done in other words you're saying it's

alright for you to say it but it's actually harder to do in real life

sometimes you set yourself a goal or set yourself a task but that task is

actually probably could be beyond your capability or is you suddenly realize

when you start it that all that's a lot more work or a lot more effort or it's a

lot more difficult than I thought it would be and then that you could use the

expression bite off more than you can chew so if you do something that's too

difficult for you so you might be very enthusiastic about

something you might say oh I'm going to I'm going to buy a house in the new year

in 2019 I'm gonna buy an old house and I'm going to do it up and then sell it

for a profit but that you you if you actually then buy a house and then try

to maybe it needs a new kitchen a new roof and you want to do all this

yourself that's going to take a lot of effort and somebody might say to you

you've bitten off more than you can chew so you've taken a big chunk of something

and you can't bite you can't chew at all because they're too much of it so you've

taken on board a task which is to to got for you to do you may be able to do

it next year or you may be out you may need help from other people to help you

achieve it so try not to do too much I think it's the it's the it's the motto

from that have you ever bitten off more than you

can chew mr. Duncan sometimes sometimes I think about 30 years ago I bit off

more than I could chew I think I know what he's referring to

ah I think you both know uh when you start something you cut sometimes use

the phrase get the ball rolling and that just means to to start something and

that actually is derived from physics probably because it takes more effort to

start something going than to keep it going

and sometimes say you want to decorate a decorator room or do end of the

decorating room for example oh you don't want to do it and you might say come on

let's get the ball rolling so you just tear some paper off so just start just

do something I think mr. Steve's head sometimes looks

like a football see that's what I'm doing there hello my name is mr. Steve

and I like talking on YouTube and similar phrase bite the bullet Oh

bite the bullet I've done that quite a few times so if you were to try and bite

into a bullet that obviously would be quite difficult to do you'd probably

break your teeth so if you bite the bullet it means to do something

difficult let's bite the bullet and start decorating the living room so

let's just start doing it let's bite the bullet let's just something

uncomfortable you don't want to do it but let's just start doing it anyway and

bullet reminds me of the Ford Mustang Jeff why because there is a special

version of the Ford Mustang called the Mustang bullet Oh

mmm but spelt with an IT on the end not an ET from the famous film ah the famous

film bullet didn't it dare do bullet I'd say don't buy a special version of the

Ford Mustang call the Mustang bullets I'm trying to do the theme the theme

tune to bullet don't do doo doo de doo dee doo dee doo dee dee are green and

has all sorts of special features hark back to the original 1960s film and I

was hoping mr. Duncan would buy me one for Christmas but he didn't know he

bought me a box instead which I'm very pleased with I bought you a box of

drawers to put all of your papers and all of your secret files in yes all of

the secret files secret papers maybe mr. Steve has lots of secret things he wants

to put in those drawers hide them away from me but there's no locks on those

drawers mr. Duncan no you just go in there at any time I would never do that

anyway if you want to organize yourself to get something going then you often

say get your act together yeah get your act together so if you are disorganized

and you've been talking about doing something and you don't do it somebody

might say to you come on get your act together

in other words organize yourself and start doing what you said you were going

to do hmm so for example you're never going to get

that job that new job unless you get your act together so what they mean is

write your CV start applying for interviews things like that start

looking in the papers your boss at work might say to you get your act together

or you'll soon be out of a job ooh so you haven't been performing well at work

you've been disorganized and you haven't been achieving your objectives and he

might say get your act together in other words you used to be doing it before

you're not anymore so stop start doing what you used to be doing yes start to

do what you should be doing another one another my favorite Steve is is pull

your finger out pull your finger out yes pull your finger out can I come back to

the other camera you want to come to the other camera well it's time to go well

I've got some I've got some inspirational quotes well I've got I've

got a very inspirational war I've got a inspirational quote there is a clock

right in front of you Steve I know but how is actually doing things I can't

believe that you were surprised by what time it was when there's a giant clock

just in front of Steve's face talking of time yes this is the final the last the

last live stream of 2018 however there will be a new video posted on my channel

tomorrow as well to talk about the end of the year which is the thing I do

every single year so this is something I've been doing for the past five years

so I'm going to do it again tomorrow so there will be a new video but there

won't be any more live streams in 2018 this is the last one so the next time

you see us we will be talking to you in 2019 when you think about a new year

it's it's a bit silly ready because every day is a new year isn't it if you

go back twelve months ever every year is a new year really yes I suppose you love

date but I oh can these twelve monthly cycles I always say that it's

insignificant when you think about it it's very good to have years as a guide

to make sure your life goes on the right track but as I always say the universe

doesn't care that it's 2019 the universe couldn't care less it doesn't know it

just carries on with its silent process as everything moves around the cosmos so

the universe doesn't even know only we are aware of time and the fact that it's

2018 and soon it'll be 2019 but as far as the universe is concerned

there is no time thirteen billion years old is it the universe something like

that mr. Duncan what into my mind is blown by that a long time by the way I'm