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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 5 Things You Need To Know About PANCAKE DAY In The UK ??

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Hi guys it's Joel & Lia and we're here at Borough Market for the pancake

day race of the year it's Pancake Day today which is a celebration we have in

the UK every single year so we're gonna tell you five things about pancake day

that you didn't know ... hopefully. So what is pancake day? Pancake day is traditionally known

as Shrove Tuesday which is the day before Ash Wednesday and that marks the

start of Lent. The reason people make pancakes is because way back in the day

people used to get rid of all of their fatty things so their milk their eggs

their butter and then what better thing to make with all those ingredients than

pancakes?! Perfect! So when is pancake day? well pancake day varies every year but it's

usually between February and March and it always depends upon the date of

Easter so why are pancakes flat? it's because we don't actually put baking

soda in our pancakes so I think they're also known as crepes or crepes depending

on how you pronounce them but I know they are very different

American fluffy pancakes and that's why we don't put baking soda in.

So our pancakes are completely flat and they can be rolled or folded and I love

having lemon and sugar inside my pancakes yeah but you can have savoury pancakes

as well you can put some cheese or ham in there you can have it with anything but

pancake day is certainly not something we do every day, no, it's just today

it's such a treat but today is fairly unique do people around the UK do

pancake day races? I don't know I've never actually heard of it before I've

not heard of anyone like running up and down doing a relay race with a

pancake in a pan it reminds me a sports day at school with the egg and spoon

oh my gosh I used to love the relay race but I love that it's not entirely on you

it's like a team to get it right but no this is certainly not a

strictly British tradition I think it's just a fun little thing that people tend

to do here in Borough Market. So thanks Borough Market for hosting this, this has been a

lot of fun yeah it has we're gonna get ourselves a pancake now if you enjoyed

the video don't forget to give it a like and subscribe for new videos every

single week. Thanks guys, bye!

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