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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Space Dogs

Difficulty: 0

(Bird squawking)


(Clock chiming)


(Clock continues chiming)

(Cars honking)

(Engines whirring)

(Drumming fingers)

(Sound of airplane motor)

(Tires screeching)

(Engine cutting out)

(Police siren)

(Sound of footsteps)


So, have we arrived yet?

GIRL: Oh, Daddy, this puppy is so cute!

Look, look!

Isn't he adorable?

PRESIDENT: He's, uh, very cute.

Why don't you get him something to eat?

GIRL: Wait here!

I think we have some leftover pizza!

PRESIDENT: Hello? Yes, Mr. Khrushchev.

We just received your gift.

My daughter's delighted.

Thank you on behalf of my family and the American people.


No, not my Ming vase!

Oh, no!

Bad, bad dog! Jackie's gonna kill me.

Go on! Go in the other room.




Who are you, puppy?

I am Pushok!

What are you doing here, Pushcart?

It's Pushok, and I think I was a gift.


Since when does our president

get some hound like you as a gift, Pup-tent?

It's Pushok,

and my mother's the most famous dog in the whole wide world.

Oh, pushy.

The story began a very long time ago,

on the quiet streets of my home city of Moscow...

Life was good until he arrived, in his clanky wagon.

A terrible man, with nets and leashes.

Every time he appeared, another dog would disappear.

Ha, ha!

Nowhere to run! Hey, furball?

(Dog yelping)

(Sound of truck)


Hold it right there, fleabag!

Hey, come back here!

I said stop, you mangy cur!

Ugh, ugh!


I'll get you, you four-legged--

(Car screeching)

(Cars honking, tires screeching)

Come back here!

WOMAN: Watch where you're going, you jerk!

MAN: Are you crazy?

(Bird squawking)


Ugh, this is not cheese!

I need some real che-- huh?


(Bird squawking)


Ah, hello there, Ms. Bird!

Allow me to introduce myself! I'm Lenny.

I'm a talent scout for star-makers.

Honey, you were born to be a diva!

You have a dancer's body.

Look at those legs, what grace!

And the feet of a pro-basketball player.

You must sing for me. Something like this!

Macaroni, macaroni, how I love my macaroni

The only thing missing is the cheese

Hey, what's that thing in your mouth?

I'd be happy to hold it for you while you audition, okay?

You'll never escape!

Oh, no!


Audition's over!




I'll catch you later, doll-feather.

Talk about bad timing. Oh, well, there goes lunch.

(Dog-catcher snarling)

It's always about her!

She doesn't care if I have a nutritious meal or not.

I think there was a pistachio at the bottom of that can.

Oh, the 7:14 to downtown!

Whoa! Whoa!

(Jungle cry)


(Tires screeching)


(Lenny, indistinct)


Hold still, you little--

Ha, got you now!

Da-da-da! Here I come!





Oh, a rat! A dirty rat!


Who you calling a rat? You're a rat!

I'm a cultured rodent.

Filthy vermin, I'll show you!

Whoa, ah!

LENNY: No, no! I can take this guy!

You filthy beast!

This isn't over!

I'll get you both!

Your mother was a dumpster mongrel from the street?

Of course not!

She was an athlete, a beauty.

A true artist!

She was a star.

She even had her very own make-up room.

FISH: Make-up room?

Now, this is more like it!

Full house, completely sold out!

Get your costumes on!

Why hasn't the elephant been painted yet?

Get ready to pop a wheelie, Mr. Bear!

Hey, bacon-cheeks.

Don't rock the rocket!

Rockets don't grow on trees, you know!

I'm just a little stuck.


PUSHOK: Sure, all animals are equal, even circus stars,

but some are more equal than others.



Do you think these pants make me look fat?

Or handsome, like my poster?




I can't find a proper diet.

Maybe I shouldn't eat all of those pastries at night?

20 eclairs, 20 bear claws...

Are you sure these pants don't make me look fat?

I'm tired!

Baltimore, those pants really make you look fat!

Listen, Belka, my beauty,

look at the watch, darling!

It's time for you to go on, kid!

Don't want to be late now.


I can't believe he just called me fat!

There is absolutely nothing fat about me!


(Light breaking)

Did you happen to see where my button went?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

Welcome to the best circus in the world!


(Band playing)





(Clapping, feet tapping)

Belka, ready?


(Audience laughing)

Belka, what was that?

Come on, jump through the ring of fire!



(Audience laughing)

Oh, that's how it is?

Belka, you are a bad doggy!

Come back here!

These people want to see you jump through a hoop of fire!

Come on!

No treats for you!

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Oh, something smells like chicken!



WOMAN: Bravo!

The audience loved that act!

It was a big hit, but no one ever knew

that my mom was really afraid of fire.

LENNY: Hey, over here! Come on!

STRELKA: What do you want?

I have just come up with the greatest scheme ever.

I'm such a genius, sometimes I even surprise myself.

Okay, here's the plan. Now listen and learn.

You dial the number and ask in a sultry voice,

"Hello, is this a bank of cheese?"

Lenny, I don't know anything about phones.

If you haven't noticed, I'm a dog.


One enchilada short of a combo platter.

Hello? Is this thing on? Is anyone home?

Who's really going to know when they answer the phone

if it's a dog calling or a dwarf buffalo?

Just let your fingers do the walking,

'cause it's a telephone!


Now, just lock it up and listen to Uncle Lenny.

And we don't have to stop at cheese!

We can have anything we ask for!

I-- oh! Ooh!

Whew, that was a close one.



Where'd you go?

No respect!


I can't believe I save her, and this is how she treats me.

Ugh! Just need a coin!

WOMAN: Peter! Dinner's ready!

MAN 1: Gin again? Ugh!

MAN 2: Ow, that hurt!

I think I can!


And he said I was fat!

(Pants ripping)


Oh, why me?

Who keeps shrinking my pants?!

What? Not again.

Mm, mm, mm.

Okay, people! Baltimore has been grounded!

I'm going to need one of you to fly the rocket today, okay?

So, who will volunteer to fly it?

I can't!

I just remembered I have a very important meeting

with Darwin about the missing link.

Gotta run!

I'd really love to,

but my union doesn't allow me to do dangerous stunts.

Got to go, bye!

Excuse me!


Huh, what do you want?

I'll fly the rocket.

I would love to fly. It would be fantastic!



That will not be fantastic!

No, you're too big!

Kolusha, what happened to the pig?

He, um...

He's got pig pox!


I just had a brilliant idea!

Here, put this on!



Wait! Wait a minute!

No, wait, what are you doing? Where are you taking me?

Come on now, the show must go on!

I'm not a flying pig! I'm an artiste!

Let go of my hand!

Hey, it's a piece of cake! A pig could do it!

This is out of the question. I want to call my agent!

Hold on, boss!


Don't you think this is too much?

It'll be fine. Throw it in.

(Drum roll)

Just remember, brakes to the right,

gas to the left and you can't go wrong!

The show must go on!


Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls!

We proudly present Belka, the world's first rocket dog!

Go ahead.

Light it up.

Heh, heh...





Gas on right, brakes on left.

I see now, simple!

(Audience gasping)

Hmm? What?



(Shouts, murmurs)

This can't be good.

(Belka screaming)

(Bird squawking)



(Belka screaming)


This phone!

Geez-- cheese!

Oh! Grr!

Ugh, ah!


Got to get some money.


Almost there!

(Belka screaming)

(Crash, bang)


Oh! Ah! Oh!



Oh! Ugh!

(Squealing) I hit the jackpot!

Now, my master plan can be put into action!

I can make 100 calls with this.

Anything! Cheese, candy, it's all mine!

(Laughing nervously)

Gimme that!


Close your mouth.

Sorry about that.

Do you think you could show me the way back to the circus?


Huh, you're from the circus!

So, you're trained, huh?

So, how much is 2 times 2?

Go ahead, bark it out!

Oh, you're not a very nice dog, are you?

What's that?


In the circus,

the animals are certainly a lot more friendly and respectful.

Excuse me, your highness, but you're not in the circus.

You're in my sandbox now, clown!

Actually, I'm not a clown.

I'm... Belka.

Heh, Belka?

Ha, ha! No way!

You've got to be pulling my leg, right?

(Laughing) If my parents named me that,

I'd never speak to them again!

Listen, would you like to come and see the show sometime?


No, what-- what are you doing?


Stay over there!

What is wrong with you?

Keep away from me! You've got fleas!

Hmm? What are you talking about?

Hey, she noticed us!


So, I've got some fleas. So what?

No, don't!

Please don't come any closer!

What's the matter? You afraid of a little flea?

Don't come any closer! You've got fleas!

Yes, I've got fleas!

And you've got... (Sniffing)

You've got a rip in your silly costume.


Where is it?

See, it's right here, circus dog.


How dare you?

(Both arguing)

Almost seven bucks!

We don't have time for fighting!

We're rich now,

and rich people do not act like this.

(Shouting continues)


What's all the ruckus about here?

Disturbing the peace and quiet with all your noise.


I don't like strangers fighting on our turf.

Unless, of course, I'm the one who starts it.

Uh, well, you see, I was just flying by and I--


I just dropped in by mistake.

Quiet, you!

Hey, now, you runts!

You just can't come into our hood uninvited, ya dig?

You're gonna have to pay for this, right?

But we ain't got nothing!


And what if I find something, huh?

I promise you won't, kind sir!

Do I look like an idiot?

Now, fellas,

I didn't want to have to break it to you this way, but--

(Dogs growling)



Ha, ha, how about some flying rat tail?

I'm a lethal weapon!

You want some of me?

Have you had enough yet?

It's been fun, but I've got to run!

Ha, ha, so long, suckers!


Get 'em!

Huh? Uh...

Whoa, clear a path!

WOMAN: Oh, my!

Rat with money, coming through!


Hey! Hey!

(Dogs growling)

Ah, the metro! This is perfect!

We'll take the underground railroad to make our escape!

This way! Come with me!


Where are they?

Here they are!



Oh, mamma mia!

This is one spicy train station.

Just look at that chandelier!

That must have cost a whole lot of cheese.

Ah, look, tickets!

I got this. Wait a minute.

Hang on, we can't get in this way.

Follow me.

Didn't they teach you anything at that circus?

There they are!



Hang on, girls! I'm almost there!

Hi-oh, coming through!


(Guard gasping)

(Blowing whistle) Cheese it!

Ha, ha!

I'm going for the gold!

Oh! Ugh!

Oh! Ah! Ugh!

Maybe the bronze?

What now, boss? What should we do?

Shut up and keep running!

I'm going to get that rat!

Okay, boss!

(Blowing whistle)


(Blowing whistle)


Stop this crazy thing! Ah!


Come on, girls. Follow me!



Wow, you stink!


I'll take that.





Rrr-- whoa, stop this!

Get me off of here!

(All shouting, moaning)

Hey, girls, come over here!

Follow me.

You ever taken the subway before?

Stop! (Blowing whistle)

LENNY: Get this thing started!

We're trapped.


Whoo-hoo! Yeah!

Stop that train!



Oh, well, easy come, easy go.

What do you need money for?

What do I need it for?

Money is power!

With it, I'm somebody!

With enough money, I could even run for office.

Can you imagine? A rat in politics!

Well, actually, that's kind of redundant, isn't it?

ANNOUNCER: Next stop, the Expo.

What is this place? Where are we?

This is home sweet home!

We're now inside the famous monument

"Worker and Female Peasant", by sculptor Vera Mukhina.

It was first built for the World Expo in Paris in 1937.

And we're walking...

Ah, the sculpture was restored in 1939,

and erected at the northern entrance of the Expo.

(Belka gasping)

Ah, please keep your arms inside the bus

at all times during the tour.

The Big Soviet Encyclopaedia calls the sculpture

"the gold standard for socialist realism."

And thus ends the tour.

Feel free to tip your tour guide.

That's me!

And no one can find you here.

It's like a fortress!

This is home sweet home.

Now, good night, you two.



Oh, oh!


LENNY: Nice save!



And oddly entertaining.





Here, Strelka.

Now, you'll never get lost!

Mom, what's this thingy for?

It's the way it is.

How come?

How come?

It's because you're a very special dog.

How come?

Well, because...

you have a very special father.

How come?

Because he lives way up there, see?

He's even got the same medallion.


Whenever you see a falling star,

it's a space dog saying hello to us.

(Sighing contentedly)

(Sighing sadly)



So, where did you really fall down from?

You wouldn't be a...

a star dog, would you?

Actually, I am.

In fact, I am a star.


Uh, you wouldn't happen to know my father, would you?

Was he in the circus?

The circus!

I don't know if I'll ever get home.

They've forgotten me by now.

What was your father like?

He's bright!


(Belka giggling)

Oh, you're serious?

You think your father lives in outer space?

You mean, all the way up there in the sky?


You're so silly!

You think you're so smart, huh?


You don't know anything!

(Growling, barking)

Ugh! Ah!

Ay, here they go again!

I'm getting seasick!

Whoa, that was close.

I almost lost my tooth.

Strelka, leave her alone!

She banged her head hard on the phone today.

Probably scrambled her brains.

All right, you two! Playtime is over.

Go to bed now!

I said it's beddy-bye time! Now!


Who elected you king?

Yeah, you're not the boss of us.

Yes, but I am the man of the house!


Oh, hmph!


LENNY: I don't know about you two,

but all that running really tired me out.

Good night.

Hey, Belka! I got an idea.

Say, you're actress,

good with working the crowd, right?

I have this genius plan I'd like to share with you,

and you would be perfect for the role!

So, here's the plan.

I'm starving.

What time will they be serving breakfast?

Is there any place around here we can grab a bite?

That dumpster, let's check it out.

Huh? What?

Go through a dumpster? That's your brilliant idea?

Maybe I should just chew dirt, or suck on a rock.

Is that your idea of a sumptuous meal?

I laugh at you, ha, ha!

If dumpsters are our future-- Hey, you there!

Oh, I should just kill myself.

(Ringing bicycle bell)

Am I dead yet?

Oh! Bagels!

Ah, that's a yummy breakfast!

Places, everyone.

Hey, blondie, this is your cue.

It's show time!

Look at that, will you?

What grace!

How does she do what she does? Do you know?

I have no idea either, but it's pretty impressive, isn't it?

She's a genius with trash.


She's amazing!

Well, that's it! Show's over.

We're also available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.


Want some more?

I'm okay, thank you.

Hey, hey, Belka!

(Whistling) Come on!

What's she doing?


Lookee here!

Ah, calm down!

Let me go!

Hey, don't drool on my watch! It's not waterproof.

(Strelka shouting, indistinct)


BELKA: Let them go! You big bullies!


I'll call my circus friends, then you'll be sorry!

Heh, heh-- huh?

The lion, the bear, the elephant and a fat pig!

Oh, yeah, the pig can't make it.

He ripped his pants.

But the rest of them are ready to-- huh?


DOG CATCHER: Ha! I told you I'd get ya!

Who's laughing now, eh?

(Laughing evilly)


(Slow, laboured panting)

(Voices, indistinct)



DOG CATCHER: These stupid animals think they can get away from me!

Heh, heh, stupid animals!

LENNY: I can't believe this!

I can't believe this! A one-dog rescue team!

I'm not imagining you, am I?

Get out of here before he catches you too!


What are you saying?

She's come all this way to help us.


Belka, see that pin thingy?

All you've got to do is pull it,

and take the peg thingy out of the hook thingy.


Oh, okay, you're not listening to me.

Hey, hey, what are you doing?

I said pin thingy, peg thingy.

That's it! That's all you need.

Watch out!

Just a sec-- oh!

DOG CATCHER: Well, you love 'em so much,

why don't you join them?

(All shouting)

Now, you'll all be together!

Why, I oughta--

DOG CATCHER: Isn't that sweet?

Ugh, let us out of here!

(Train honking)


Will you stop? Stop with the pacing!

You're making me dizzy!

Would you go sit down somewhere

before I lose my lunch?

Sit down, shut up and it'll all be over soon.

Oh, that's great!

Let's all just sit around and wait

until they bring us to...

wherever they're bringing us to.

If that's what you want, then, fine!

I'll sit here and not bother you,

and... I am not used to giving up!

Who asked you to butt in?

You know the rules of the street, don't ya?

All against all,

and everyone for themselves!

I think all for one, and one for all

sounds a lot more noble.

Oh, noble, is it?

You really are one clueless mongrel.


So, you think I don't have a clue?

I happen to know where they're taking us.

Oh, really? So, where are they taking us?

They're taking us to the country to become farm dogs.

Oh, you wish, Polly Poodle!

They're sending us to Siberia to make us pull their carts.

But I am a circus star!

Well, circus star, I hope you like it cold.

Quiet, quiet!

Pipe down, ladies.

Well, maybe you two will be pulling carts in the snow,

but they're going to need someone clever

to guide those carts.

Someone exactly like me.

Would you kindly shut your trap?

We're having an argument here!


That wasn't very nice.

Look out, in the end, you won't have any friends.

Except maybe your imaginary space dogs

that you think live up in the stars.

They are not imaginary!

My father really does live in the stars!

And I'll find him.

You don't believe me? Just look!

He has the same one.

It says so right on here. Do you see it?

Well, what does it say exactly?

If you're so smart, you read it, if you can!

I don't want to.

You can't!

Don't you dare talk to me like that!

Little Miss Star can't read, can she?

You mongrel!

What did you just call me?

You heard me!

How dare you call me that?

(Shouting muffled by train)

LENNY: Girls, not again!

This is not helping our situation.

Pay no attention to these two.

They're best friends, like peas in a pod!


Where are they taking us, really?

I wish I knew.

KOLUSHA: The neck is regal and proud,

gracefully curved.

Head, elegant and posed,

balanced and expressive.

And her eyes, never seen anything like them.

Her eyes are such a nice shade of aquamarine.

They're fantastic!

And that voice of hers!

It's just like an angel singing!

And she has a lovely coat.

And she's also a good friend. That's important, too.

Legs strong and angulated!


The back straight and level,

the body tapers gracefully from ribs to flank.

That's it!



What is this?

Some kind of a joke?

What do you want from me?

I have to draw with my feet!

Well, I think he did a good job.

New recruits.

Yeah, let's hope they're better than the last batch.

KAZBEK: Come on, you mutts! Look alive!

Stay in line! Come on!

Move it!


What a ghastly place!

Oh, boy, girls.

I got a bad feeling about this.

KAZBEK: Move it, ladies!

Something tells me this is most definitely not a resort.

This looks like some sort of prison camp!

KAZBEK: Come on!

Listen, I can't be here!

I've got an origami class tomorrow that I just can't miss.

KAZBEK: Stop your lolly-gagging!

Just follow me!


I don't know where we are,

but I'm smelling food and I'm hungry!

KAZBEK: Come on, mutts! Straight ahead!

Excuse me, uh, who's the top dog here, huh?

Why you asking?

It's just that I think there's been a big mistake.

We don't belong here.

We don't even know where here is.

I think if I could talk to your boss,

I could straighten this whole thing out.

Come on, Strelka! Back me up, will ya?

You're making me look bad here!

KAZBEK: Keep moving, through those doors!

All right, rookies, keep it moving!

Stand over there!

Time to clean up your act!

(Dogs chuckling)

Well, those fellas weren't very helpful.

(Muttering, grumbling)

Looks like we're being evicted!

That's just great!

Now, they'll probably try to soak us

for the cleaning deposit!


(Camera shutter clicking)

Is this a uniform?

I'm not wearing this.

I only wear designer clothes.

I have a reputation to uphold!

(Door slamming)

Okay, then, maybe tomorrow.

Thanks a lot for the nice suit.

(Water dripping)

I have an idea!

Maybe we could, um... um...

Well, ah!

Uh... no.

Hope seems lost

You're so scared

Not sure which way to go

Nothing makes sense

It's unfamiliar and you're feeling all alone

I'm closer than you think

I'm there when you're asleep

When you've fallen down

Every second you're awake

Every moment, every day

Call out to me now

Don't have to say a word

Whichever way you turn

Nothing to worry about

I'm watching over you

I'm never far away

Don't have to be afraid

Look up, I'll always be watching over you

Wake up!

Get in your uniforms, on the double!

Time for you to earn your keep here!

Forget who you are, and where you come from!

Forget who you used to be.

We are not concerned with your past.

Forget what you like, and what you don't like!

Excuse me, I have a question.


From now on, I am your father,

your mother and your commanding officer!

My name is Kazbek,

but you will call me Captain Kazbek!

I will be your instructor!

Any questions?

No questions, right!

Left face!

(Blowing whistle)

That's it, it's the end of the world.

On the double! March!

(Blowing whistle)

(Lenny panting)

(Blowing whistle)

KAZBEK: Come on, look alive out there!

Gangway, coming through!


Step, step, step!

You're running like a bunch of girls out there!

That's because we are girls!

There's no talking back!

What are are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?

Let's go, rodents! Move, move, move!

Move those paws! Faster!

You will improve! You will get stronger!

Faster, better!

If you want to stay here, you'll have to work harder.

Got it?

(Big dogs chuckling)

Death is better.

(Blowing whistle)

What is this slop?

Oh, I really dislike lumps.

It's awful! I won't!

Just eat it!

You may not get fed again.

They're fattening us up, I think.

(Mice slurping)

Why would they do that?

Don't know about you, but I'm going on a diet.

Really, I'm wasting away here.

I'm not kidding!

KAZBEK: Hey, quit your belly-aching.

Breakfast is over!

But it's really not healthy to eat so fast.


Well, it's not healthy to talk back to your instructor.

But eating quickly leads to gastritis!

Oh, a smart alec!

I'm keeping my eyes on you!

Now, fall in!


STRELKA: Bye-bye!


We're never gonna find her!

Never, ever, ever!

I won't have that kind of talk!

We'll never give up! She's got to be somewhere!

We'll find her-- achoo!

It's all my fault!

I should have been the one who was flying the rocket.


My sweet Belka!

(Bell ringing)

(Whistle blowing)

(Blowing whistle)


What are you doing? Stop that!


Let's see how good you are.

Oh! Whoa!

I'm going to fall off!

Please don't do that!

Please stop it!

I'm a star!

I'm a-- I'm a star!!!


What doesn't hurt you makes you stronger.

Or maybe you've had enough, Miss Smart Alec.

(Dogs snickering)

What's the matter?

You got no comeback this time?


No, sir, Captain Kazbek.

You don't know me very well.

I'm ready for my next lesson.

So, tell me.

Do you believe in life after death?

I'm not sure.

I heard that when you die,

it's like being inside a tunnel,

and that there's a light at the very end of it.

A light?

That's right! A light!

Just keep rowing!

Then, we'll still have a chance!


(Barking, screaming)



I'm warning you.

Get your act together, or you will be dropped!

Half-hour break.



Oh, boy!


(Sighing, panting)

KAZBEK: These puppies are pathetic.

And they want to go to space.

Did you say... go to space?

Like in a rocket?

Strelka! Strelka!

Did you hear that?

Hey, can you believe that?

They don't even know why they were brought here.

Our hard work will be for nothing,

just to nursemaid a bunch of... girls.

We're all going to be famous!

My circus friends will see me on television!

And we'll all be reunited--

Whoa, whoa, wait a second! I can't go to space!

My daddy!

I'm going up there to see him!

Is anybody listening to me here?

What am I, invisible?

My friends will find me!

I'm certain they will!

Cool your jets, princess.

You can forget about going into outer space,

especially you!

So, don't go packing your bags,

because right now, you're not going anywhere!

Now, get up! Lazy mutts!

Back to work!

Listen, please don't be hanging around with me.

You're not so popular with the captain,

and that just might rub off on me, you know?

I've got to go space to see my father!


(Lenny muttering)


Heh, heh, heh!


(Audience applauding)

Heh, heh!


You're not going to go anywhere!

(Laughter echoing)


Geez, what a hole!

I've seen better city dumps than this!

Wow, talk about a pit!

Marvin, you're getting on my--

Nerves. Yeah, yeah, I know.

The launch is going to be set for August 19th.

We have only one month left to train.

Do not disgrace your country.

This will be the final and most difficult phase--

Strelka, look!

--of your training.

The two best men of my choosing will allowed to fly the craft.

You mean, women.

You know what I mean, princess.

The countdown begins.

Hey, uh, is this place for girls?

Uh... huh?

Hey, boss, listen up!

I ain't no girl, know what I mean?

I should be with boys!


If you are here,

that's where you should be.

We don't make any mistakes, you got it?

Got it!

Uh, why didn't you just say so?

Check it out!

It's those twerps from the sandbox.

Heh, heh, heh!

Hey, look, it's our old pals!

What're ya in for?

For being extraordinary performers.

They only send the best into space.

Did you say space?

Are you kidding me?

Bully, did you hear that?

What's so great up there?

That makes me carsick.

We would be heroes! We'd be famous!

Medals, parades, the works!

We'll eat like kings, mmm!


Strelka! Come on, wake up!

Well, what's the matter, princess?

Can't you two handle the pressure?

We can handle the pressure just fine, Captain.

What doesn't hurt you makes you stronger.



Belka, why are you helping me, anyway?

Because the only way we're going to beat them

is as a team.

You two go ahead and beat them.

I think I'll just escape.

The idea is to win this thing, right?


Everybody else has gotta go!

Get rid of the competition!

There they are!

The glorious angels of freedom!


(Happily chattering)

Yep-- ahh!




Boy, that was close.




Who's there?

Show yourself right away!

Who's there?

Where are you?

Paws in the air!

Uh, hello!

Ah, easy, champ!

No, really!

No need to resort to violence here.

It's not my fault! I'm a lunatic!

There's no logic to it, see?

A psycho, schizo!

(Babbling) See?

Hmm, maybe you need a shrink.

We got one!

A shrink?

A very smart cat.

A-- a cat?

Well, Doc, it all started when I was a wee little ratling.


What do you see here?

BELKA: A male dog.

Go on.

In an officer's uniform.

Tall, and he's very dark,

and... he's so handsome.

Hmm, really?

With a scar.


Steak bone!

Steak bone.


I say so what if I'm short?

I do have beautiful eyes, though.

Written in them is the whole story of my difficult childhood.

Hey, Doc, can I ask you one thing?

Do I look like a girl to you, huh?

LENNY: Well, I'm not a rat.

I'm really a bull terrier.

Well, the miniature version.


Whoa, Doc, wait, wait!

You're not supposed to eat your patients!

This is terribly unprofessional.

(Cat meowing)

You took a Hippocratic oath

to love, cherish and obey, remember?

You're a doctor! Ha, ha, nice kitty!


You were right, Captain.

You can take me back to the training room.

I want to be a space cadet.

(Blowing whistle)


I don't want to miss a thing

I got your back and I know you've got me

We're gonna make

We're gonna make our way

It may seem impossible

It may seem like we'll never get there

But I think something's about to change

I no longer have to worry

Every mountain doesn't seem so high

When you're by my side

You push me on, never let me fall

Every challenge doesn't seem too tough

Now I'm strong enough to make it through

♪ 'Cause I got, I got you

Oh oh

La la la la

Oh oh oh

Feeling a little bit scared

That used to be me but not anymore

Anymore, no way

♪ 'Cause when you are next to me

I feel like I can do most anything


♪ 'Cause when you're with me, I don't worry

Every mountain doesn't seem so high


Hey, help us! Somebody help us, please!

We're stuck up here!

Oh, I can't do this anymore!

I can't win like this.

It's over! I'm done!

This rifle is useless!

(Rifle shooting)

Someone, give me a rifle that works!

I'm tired! I'm so tired!

They are all so rude!

Like dogs.

I can't hear!

Who's squawking, huh?

Ah, you two still here?

Some of us real space dogs are trying to watch the movie.

You there!

Shh, I love this part!

Come with me.

I'll be leaving soon.

(Mumbling softly)


(Band playing)

Ah, ah...


Ah! Huh!


We're all washed up.


In case you don't know,

our testing will begin and end with an obstacle course.

It's here where we'll determine who will be in Sputnik 5!

Any questions?

Captain instructor, we'd like to know what happens

to the ones that aren't chosen.

The less you know, the better you sleep.

Let's start.

(Gears grinding)

We're going to have to do our very best.

Get ready, set, go!

Hey, look at me! I'm in first place!

Uh, that's it. Now, I'm tired.

Out of my way!


Let us through!

No way!



That's a long way down.

She's getting away!

Hey, after us!

Going somewhere?

Out of the way!


Ah, she fell down. What a shame!



Let's get her!


You're not going to defeat me!



(Birds tweeting)


Where do you think you're going, Strelka?

You're not going to win this thing!

You didn't think you were going to outsmart us, did you?


Too bad!

Yes, I will fly into space!

I will see my father! I will!



(Belka groaning)

Always drops in at the wrong time.

Go on without me!

Come on, let's go.

Okay, let's run.

LENNY: Hey, hey!

(Whistling) Hustle up, ladies!

Look, I did it! I whistled!

Come on, I have a shortcut.


Come on, come on, hurry!

You snooze, fellas, you lose.

Stop them!


Heh, heh!

Last one down buys the cheese!

Oh, ready?

Let's do it!


Touchdown! The rat has landed.


That's a new record, Captain.





Wow, Belka, I think we won the race.


I told you we needed parachutes,

but you didn't want to wait!

And I can't move! You're on my leg!

You're on my legs!


Hey, Doc, I, uh, need a favour.

I need you to somehow disqualify those two girls.

Belka and Strelka.



There's nothing interesting.

Just do it, would ya?

Allow me, if you please.

A very curious case.

Symptoms of stress are evident.

The lack of appetite, sleeplessness.



You're very tense.

Doc, I'm not the patient.



Doc, would you just knock it off?

The patient often repeats himself.

He's withdrawn, remains silent.

Is that not a sign of some secret desire?

The patient's callous heart boils with tender passions

he's barely able to contain.

Listen here!

Do what I say, you cat-quack!

You understand?

Belka and Strelka, out of the running.

I'm just trying to do the right thing here.

I'm afraid I can't do that, Captain.

Auf wiedersehen.

Come on, you're taking all day!

Be patient.

An artist needs time to create.

I can't see it!


Someone's coming!

Let's get out of here!

Oh! Grr!


We should really tell the chef

to make something special tomorrow

for the winning cadets.

Tomorrow's going to be a big day.

Hey, why aren't you going to sleep?

GUARD DOG: These tracks go dead here.

There's no way he could have gotten out with that fence.

Oh, sure, Kazbek could.

You know he's a highly decorated field soldier.

Kazbek has gone away?

He didn't even congratulate us on our victory.

He's gone somewhere. That's strange.


What's strange about it?

He's jealous.

He wasn't the one training for space.

Wrong breed, maybe.

(Buzzer sounding)

Attention, the crew of Sputnik 5.

Report to the launch pad.

Hey, what is all of this?

I think that these are the animals

that didn't make it back from their mission.

Okay, that's it.

I'm going home now.

My best regards to you both.

La, da, da, di-- oh!

Let me remind you to act dignified.

The whole country is watching!

The whole country? Really? Where?

There are cameras everywhere.

Oh, look at that! Can I say hi?

Mama, it's me! Your son, Lenny.

Mama, hey! Get me out of here!

The camera's flashing. It must be out of tape.

Get going!


Look at this!

I think I'm going to be sick.

Well, goodbye, world!

One small step for us, one giant step for animalkind!

We shall return!

Uh, I hope.

Oh, wow!

Oh, wow!

A real rocket!

I can't believe this.

This is better than the circus!

Hey, hey-- oh!


Well, fancy ship, but not rat-accessible.

ANNOUNCER: Prepare for launch.

Are all systems ready?

All systems go.

(Helmets rattling)

Starting launch countdown.

10, 9...

Oh! Okay.

8, 7...

Guys, if anything happens, I...

Oh, have a great flight.


Now, let's blast off!

...2, 1, ignition.

We have lift-off.

All systems in spacecraft operational.

60 seconds,

pressure in combustion chambers optimal level.

(Vibrating): I don't know about you,

but personally, I'd rather take the subway!

Operational capacity, normal.

Go, space dogs, yeah!

110 seconds, stage one withdraws jettison.


The stage two rocket has separated.


All systems working.

(Mice whimpering)

Flight trajectory on target.

Your vessel is now in orbit.

Congratulations, space dogs.



This is so much cooler than the metro.

Look at me, I'm flying!


This is great!

I'm floating and I'm flying.

(Mice giggling)

I'm on top of the world, Ma!

Heh, heh!

Attention, crew of Sputnik 5.

This is Mission Control.

Prepare for space walk.

Wow, we're going out into space!




BELKA: Mission accomplished!

Well done, girls.

Come on in.

Yeah, I'm starving!

What's for lunch?

What's all that racket back there?

Belka and Strelka's orbital flight is coming to an end.

Any minute now,

the spacecraft will jettison the third stage,

and then the capsule with the courageous astronaut animals

will parachute to the Earth's surface.


Eh, probably a good thing that they didn't send us after all.

Now, I can see my father!

Look, oh, look! That could be him!

You and your fairy tales again.

It's only a star.

Prepare for re-entry.

I have to do this, Belka. I just have to!

Strelka, what are you doing?

Hey, whoa, stop!

Stop that! You'll break it!

Strelka, it's on auto-pilot.

Someone's back there!


How can somebody be back there?

There's no one here but us!

What could have gotten on board?

Oh, this is creepy!

(Lenny screaming)

It's the aliens! Ahh!

Mr. Alien, please don't hurt us!

We mean you no harm whatsoever.

We come from the planet Earth.

Maybe you heard of it?

Big, round, green planet.

We didn't even sign up for this!

They made us do it! Ahh!



It's not an alien! It's worse!

KAZBEK: Turn this ship around!

You're in violation of your orders!


Did you hear what I said?

Turn this ship ar-o-o-ound!



I was really hoping this was going to be

a pleasant experience,

but you can't always get what you want!

Oh! Ow.

What are you doing on our rocket?

Who, me?

Yeah, who else?

Attention, Sputnik 5 has gone off-course.

All personnel proceed to Mission Control.

Give me their new trajectory coordinates immediately!

Yes, sir.

Wow, what is that?

Okay, now what is that thing out there?

Those are all space dogs!

I really think we're on the right track now!

I just know it!

Actually, I'd really rather not go there.

Those are not dogs.

Those are hot burning rocks.

No, no, no. That's just ridiculous.

If they were hot rocks,

then they'd hit the ship, wouldn't they?

Oh! Ah!

They're hitting the ship!


(All shouting)

Hang on!

(All shouting)

(Sparks flying)

You've got to turn this around,

and get us out of here!




Mother always said everyone should stick to their own thing.

Birds fly, fish swim, and dogs walk on the ground.

Dogs have no business in space!


Oh, right in my eyes!

(Mice chittering)

STRELKA: Oh, no! What have I done?

Perfect! Oh, great!

Now, it's burning.

What doesn't hurt you makes you stronger.

What doesn't hurt you makes you stronger!

You want to know if you're a real space dog?

Now's the time to find out. I can do this!

I told you, don't put me in outer space.

But now I'm stuck here--

Knock it off, you guys!

What doesn't hurt you makes you stronger!


All right, let's put this fire out.

Ugh! Come on! Come on!

(Groaning) Come on!


Yes, let's see now.

Here are the brake pedals on the left,

gas on the right.

KAZBEK: We're out of water.

We'll have to use the liquid food.

All right, let 'er rip!

And don't stop until it's out.

Okay, hang on!

Get ready, you guys!

Going for the turn.

Okay, here we go!

Oh, whoa!

Ah, the hose has gone crazy!

Is there a brake on this?


Don't stop, keep going!




No, get out of there!



Hey, he's got him!

Way to go, Kazbek!

(Lenny groaning)

Have you any cheese, sweet Belka?

Oh, hey, how you doing there, Captain?


Don't stop till this fire's completely out.

Hang onto your seat.


Here we go!


Our instruments are showing that their food containers

are being rapidly depleted.

Can you repeat that?

I repeat, their food containers are being rapidly depleted.

Good food here is good food in space, ain't that right?

Hey, where's the fire, pal?

MICE: Whoa!

Friends, you have just witnessed an expert in action.

Precision flying by our own Belka!

Done with absolute perfect timing, like clockwork!

Of course, I knew all along she could do it.

I knew it from the first time I laid eyes on her,

when she fell from the sky.

Oh, if my circus friends could see me now!

Sputnik 5 has cleared the meteor zone.


(Mice sighing)

No one has ever come back from the orbit alive.

I didn't want you to go 'cause it's very dangerous.


And because I care about you.

That's very sweet,

but didn't you risk your life by coming after us, Kazbek?

I don't matter.

I'm a warrior.

I'm ready to give my life for my country.

And for you...

my princess.

That's... the sweetest thing I've ever heard!


I wanted to tell you that...

LENNY: Coming through!

I appreciate everything you did.

(Contented sigh)

No peeking!

Look at the stars!

So beautiful.

See that one?

That's Capricorn.

And that one's me, Sagittarius.

And what's your sign?


Ah, look, there you are.


Well, my sign is Virgo. Virgos are sceptical.

We don't believe in astrology.


Where are the twins, huh?

(Mice chittering)

LENNY: Nicely done, boys!


Go ahead, talk to him while we're here.

I'm sure he can hear you.

Go on and try it.


So, are you really out there?




Finally alone with my cheese!


(Crashing, bird squawking)

Oh! Ugh!



(Cheers, laughing)

Whoa, I'm a hero! Whoo-hoo!

Cheese, cheese!

Kazbek, how did you get in there?

Welcome back, boy.


(Camera shutter clicking)

Hey, hey!

Hey, I've been to space too! Yeah!

(Camera shutter clicking)

I feel 10 feet tall!

Sorry, boy, we can't let anyone know that you were a stowaway.

The whole world knows that only two dogs went into space.

And that's the story.

So, both of my parents were astronauts.

You expect us to believe this malarkey?

Dogs flying rockets?

I may believe your hot-rock story, but a cat doctor?

Training mice for the flight?

And didn't eat a single one?

That's a tall tale!

(Cat laughing)

What? You don't believe me?

Where's the evidence, Pup Quiz?

That's fine, you can believe what you want.

But my parents really did go to outer space.

So, tell me, what happened next?

NEWSCASTER: The whole country is honouring the famous dogs

who have just completed a successful flight

orbiting our planet.

Belka, go on, say a few words.

(Belka barking)



PUSHOK: Next, Strelka reunited with her mother.

(Mother barking)

NEWSCASTER: Strelka! Zoom in tight, boys. Get a look at that face.

That's a good girl.

PUSHOK: Lenny became famous.

He lectures to anyone who will listen to him.

There were many times

that I didn't really think we would ever return.

I remember one time when the entire cabin burst into flames!

And we had to put the fire out, or explode into outer space!

We had to keep our heads.

We could have been flaming furballs, but no!

We said, "No! We're not going to let that happen!"

We were going to come back, and come back in one piece!

Because we didn't know the meaning of the word "failure."

We didn't know the meaning of a lot of words,

but that didn't stop us from putting out the fire.

Thank you, you've been a wonderful audience.

(Dogs cheering)

Next week, I'll be lecturing at Hank's Hardware Store downtown.

Thank you, my friends, and remember,

keep your eyes on the stars!

You may see me there!

KOLUSHA: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

The circus proudly presents Belka, the astronaut!


PUSHOK: And my mother returned to the circus!

(Playing piano softly)


(Playing piano)

And they all lived happily ever after.

Didn't I tell you?

Hold on to the dog and don't let go.

Did you listen?

Now we're homeless!

Don't worry,

we can find a mouse to climb onto!

We had a dog,

and now you want to downgrade to a mouse?

You're such a grinch!

Who can please you?

You're high-maintenance!

I listen to you!

Why? Why, I ask you?

Why? Ugh!

I don't want to miss a thing

I got your back and I know you've got me

We're gonna make

We're gonna make our way

It may seem impossible

It may seem like we'll never get there

But I think something's about to change

I no longer have to worry

Every mountain doesn't seem so high

When you're by my side

You push me on, never let me fall

Every challenge doesn't seem too tough

Now I'm strong enough to make it through

♪ 'Cause I got, I got you

Oh oh

La la la la

Oh oh oh

Feeling a little bit scared

That used to be me but not anymore

Anymore, no way

♪ 'Cause when you are next to me

I feel like I can do most anything


♪ 'Cause when you're with me, I don't worry

Every mountain doesn't seem so high

When you're by my side

You push me on, never let me fall

Every challenge doesn't seem too tough

Now I'm strong enough to make it through

♪ 'Cause I got, I got you

Now I can, I can fly higher

I can run farther

Than ever before

As long as we are together

I know that anything is possible

Every mountain doesn't seem so high

When you're by my side

You push me on, never let me fall

Every challenge doesn't seem too tough

Now I'm strong enough to make it through

♪ 'Cause I got, I got you

Yeah yeah yeah

You push me on

Never let me fall

Every challenge doesn't seem too tough

Now I'm strong enough to make it through

♪ 'Cause I got, I got you

Oh oh

La la la la

Oh oh oh

La la la

Oh oh

La la la la

Oh oh oh

The Description of Space Dogs