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Bravo America - Glimpses of a Cosmopolitan World

Excerpt from From Bondage to Freedom #22

Gurdjieffs last words to his disciples were

Bravo, America.”

I have heard you appreciated his insight about America,

but right now

the way American bureaucracy and politicians are behaving,

it seems the words of Gurdjieff are no longer relevant.

No, they are still relevant.

A man like George Gurdjieff

never becomes irrelevant.

People of that category are eternally relevant.


may be behaving

in an ugly way

the only way they know

but America is not just the American politicians

Gurdjieffs last words

before he died wereBravo, America.”

His disciples were

at a loss to figure it out.

Their whole life they had been

in trouble with this man,

and now

at the last

Nobody could have expected

that his dying

words would be, “Bravo, America.”

And he was dying in France!

And now he is dead so you cannot even ask, “What do you mean?”


what he said was more



than ordinary

intellect can understand.

America is the youngest

country in the whole world

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