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I am thinking about whats going on for the two of them.

Xifeng said that they both have a feeling for each other. I think it will go well for them after tonights date and chat.

Its without a doubt that Guo Ran will fall in love with my daughter, but the point is whether Taozi feel the same about him.

I should stop thinking about this, and let the God decide.

If God has the mercy, they will be.

(Lyrics: as long as I look at you, my passion, my love, I wont feel tired for my whole life.

If I get the chance to treat you with all my sincerity, I will never let you go.

I will spend my life with you; I will not be afraid of difficulties anymore.

You are the most beautiful scenery on my journey to love.

You deserve my tears and braveness.

The day I gave flowers to you, I also opened my heart to you.

I will spend my life with you; I will not be afraid of difficulties anymore.

You are the most beautiful scenery on my journey to love.)

The lyrics just spoke my heart.

It said that flowers will wither without love.

I find I grew old really fast these years, thats because I am single!

You were also touched by the song?

Have you also get dumped by your ex?

I am dumped by my ex!

We were getting married!

I bought the ring!

She said she would go home to get everything ready, and I waited for her like a fool!

You should hear my story!

She went abroad, but I didnt know, and I kept waiting for her!

My ex disappeared without telling me.

I opened the door only to find the bare walls.

This is the damn song I used to sing with her when we were dating!

The song mentioned roses in its lyrics.

My ex often sent me roses.

He used to greet me with roses at the door.

And on that day, I went home to see nobody!

Dont cry, Taozi!

Cupid is working!



I know I have difficulties to get married.

You have no idea how lonely my mom is.

My father passed away early and all my mother wants to see is me finding a husband.

My mom, when encountered with our neighbor, is shamed because of me.

Taozi, your brother has told me about your situation.

To be honest, I feel so sorry for you.

You have been through so much, and you definitely need care and love.

Yeah, you dont know how much I want a marriage.

I desire desperately a right guy to be with me.

I know. I know you desire a marriage. Its good.

However, you must envisage the fact that you are already 32 years old.

And in a couple of years, you will be 40.

An unmarried woman in forty is the most pathetic creature in the world.

No matter how much make up you put on, people can still tell your age. As soon as I stepped into the room, you started giving me the eye.

Why on earth would you that?

You are in a stage which can lead you to a catastrophic end, which is becoming a nympho! And then countless men will take advantage of you.


What are you saying?

A nympho is easily to be used by the men full of unkind thoughts.

What are you saying?

Im telling you that you cant let yourself behave that anymore.

You know nothing!

I cant help telling you the truth. I know you fancy me, but I dont.

Borther, let him say!

Dont stop him!

You keep going like this,

Let me say!

You will be a nympho.

I am not a nympho.

My brother said that

If you are not, why keep giving me the eye?

I didnt! Brother, whats his meaning?

Taozi, I know you desperately want a man.

Pooh! I dont!

Brother, how can he say me like that!

You entreated me to dinner with you. Is that necessary?

Dont be shy to admit it!

Do you desperately want to take me home? Sorry I have no feelings for you.

How can you!

I know you want me very much in your heart.

How can I fancy you!

He is drunk!

What did you say? You are detestable!

So you want to take off my clothes? You cant be that shameless!

I am a decent girl!

You get such a big room only to woo me. The whole night, you kept winking at me.

Shut up!

Why are you hugging me?

You sister is already behaving like that, so I should advise her.

Brother, let me say!

I am not a nympho!

It was my brother said that you are, you are

What did you say, brother?

I am the nympho, all right?

How can he say me as a nympho?

You cant seduce men!

Im not exposing my legs. The dress is picked by Jiao Yang.

Qi Xing, get up!

Let go my leg.

Xifeng, get up!

I cant get up.

My leg!

Man, finally, you woke up.

You gave us a hard time last night.

Why are you two at my place?

You went pissed last night, so we carried you back.

You threw up all over the place.

You kitchen, your bathroom, we cleaned these places until 4 am.

Thank you, my dearest friends.

I need to hurry up!

Half an hour for work!

Wait a minute!

Come back!

Sit down!


You know who I am?

To the point!

Who am I?

Duan Xifeng, who else you think you are?

So you know!

Do you still remember what did you say and do last night?

Think it over!

Last night, last night, I was drinking and eating hot pot with you, right?

Then you came to ask to comfort your sister.

Then we three went to the KTV.

We drunk and sung songs, and you sister ended up crying.

She cried, right?

Why did she cry?

She was moved by my concern.


You made her cry!

I made her cry?


What did I say?

You tell him what he said last night.

You said as soon as you stepped in the room, she started giving you the eye to seduce you.

You said Yang Tao winked at you, and then you continued to say she is a nympho, and after that, you said she wants to take you home to get you.

Laugh? You still got the face to laugh?

Stop laughing, shame on you!

Xifeng. If I really said those words, then I am a jerk and I am a bastard.

Im sorry. I was drunk. Im so sorry.

25 minutes left for my work. I need to get prepared now. OK?

Dont go! Come back! Sit down!

I have to go!

I havent finished yet!

Listen to me first.

You must kindly say sorry and ask for her forgiveness.

Guo Ran, I am telling you that you must go find Taozi and apologize to her.

I know you have a two-hour noon break and you must go. If not, I will break with you right now! Make your choice!

You should! Ive never seen her cried like that!

Its your fault to make her cry.

Xifeng, I know I was wrong. What I said last night is too harsh and impolite.

Very impolite!

But, is it not very appropriate for me to say sorry to her, isnt it?

I was drunk and all I said are drunken talks and silly words.

Will anyone believe the drunken talks?

You sister may also got drunk last night, and she may not remember my words when she wakes up today. Let bygones be bygones, ok?

I really have to go!

Are those only the drunken words?

What do you mean by let bygones be bygones?

Those are not only drunken words!

You can talk bullshit after you get drunk?

She is a girl!

You can talk crap after you are drunk?

Who made her cry? Isnt it you?

Do you admit you hurt her?

You need to go say sorry!

No more words! You must go say sorry to her today!

If not, you are not my friend now! You decide!

Hey! Dont you threaten me!

Dude, you should do, just show some mercy. Go.

I go, I will go!

I am a bastard and I am a jerk.

I will die without a grave, ok?

I will go.

Excuse me? Can I help you?

What floor is the Health Lecture on?

Please turn left to go upstairs and its in the No.1 Conference Room.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Miss Yang, this gentleman wants to see you.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Hello, Yang Tao.

I was so drunk last night that I have no idea about what Ive said until your brother told me today. He spent the night in my home.

Here I am to make explanations to you.

Save it!

I dont need your explanations.

My time is valuable and I cant waste them on you.

Ive got only one thing to say.

Which is?

I am not a nympho.

I dont like you, at all.

Very good. I hope you really mean it.


First Id like to offer youre my sincerest apology.

What Ive said last night is too harsh and impolite, especially after youve show great interest in me. Ive hurt you too much.

Actually I went there only because your brother asked me to go and comfort you.

I am elder than you, and also a classmate of your brother, which means, I can be counted as a brother of you.

You are over 30 and you should be mature about relationship, love and also men.

Well, I think your lecture wont be finished in a minute.

The lobby is not a place for private talk. Lets go outside.

I am finished.

Say it here.

Well, Yang Tao, I want to say it again that I was drunk and what Ive said was all silly words and drunken talks.

But these words had hurt you, and please dont take these words seriously.

Im sorry. I sincerely wish you can accept my apology.

It will be better for us to keep a distance.

Just stand there, ok?


The lobby was noisy, so I didnt get clearly what you said.

You mentioned I should be mature and you are giving me advices, could you say those again?

Well, Yang Tao, let me put it in a more understandable way.


I think you are a little bit desperate about men.

Actually there are a lot of eligible men in the world, and I shouldnt be your only passion. I sincerely hope in the future when you are dating, you could always keep the feminine sober-mind.

Stay sober


Are you sober now?

Id like to say it again that I am not a nympho.

I also have no interest in you at all.

Hello. Hello.

Hello. Hello.




Is Xifeng at home?

He is working overtime. He is not at home.

Why there is no news about that whats-his-name guy Xifeng introduced?

I called Taozi for the whole day and she doesnt answer it.

It seems that Xifeng is also hiding from me.

What on earth is going on?

Well, Xifeng told me something about this before he went to the company.

Taozi and Guo Ran went to KTV last night.

And after the chat, Taozi still has no feeling for Guo Ran.

No feeling?

But Xifeng said Guo Ran is excellent.

Taozi is too picky. Pissing me off.

Its not Taozis fault.

Xifeng told me that Guo Ran has changed and he is no longer the one Xifeng knows.

Why he changed so quickly?

Xifeng are always boasting about him.

Well, we dont know either.

Anyway, since Taozi has no feeling for Guo Ran, we should move on.

We will find other men for her.

With her face and job, we shouldnt be worry about her, right?

Of course!

But the guy is an acquaintance. How hard it is to find someone we already know?

Fine, we should forget him and find someone better for her.

Ok, dont sleep too late.

All right, you too.


This is it!

Nothing will happen between Guo Ran and Taozi.

You know how hard I tried, with every means, to put them together, however it still couldnt work out. They are born to be enemies.

Finally the thing is over, I survived it! Really!

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