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Ever since lockdown, wrestling news has gone into overdrive.

Just in todays episode alone, weve got: WWE relaunching a 90s faction on Raw.

Fired former WWE star Curt Hawkins showing up on last nights episode of IMPACT!

Huge SummerSlam plans being delayed in an attempt to turnaround abysmal TV ratings.

And WWE refusing Rey Mysterio a rise in money.

But even with all that, one breaking story trumps them all.

The Undertaker now has a TikTok.

In what will go down in wrestling history books as the day kayfabe died, the account

@TheUndertaker complete with verified blue tick emerged yesterday, which has already

amassed almost 50,000 followers.

The Deadman has yet to post a video, so what TikTok dance do you want to see The Undertaker

do first?

TheHoly Moly Donut Shop’?

The Renegade?

The Git Up?

Or, my personal favourite, the Hacking of Western National Security Infrastructure.

All other news stories are now humdrum by comparison, but weve got 9 more minutes

to fill so we can have multiple YouTube adbreaks in a YouTube video, so we persist.

Rey Mysterio doesnt just not have a TikTok account, he doesnt just have one eye currently

dangling out of its socket.

According to a new update report, he still doesnt have a WWE contract, nor the extra

money hes trying to negotiate either.

It was revealed last month that Mysterios 18 month contract had expired, and Rey was

working for WWE without a deal - an unprecedented situation since the launch of AEW, where WWE

has aggressively tied up talent months before their contract expiration dates with significantly

higher money offersto then release them a month into pandemics.

But, weirdly, while WWE were willing to spend three quarters of a million dollars each on

Gallows and Anderson last Summer, its being reported they are holding out on giving Rey

any more money.

PWInsider Elite has revealed Mysterio met with WWE officials yesterday, in talks led

by Vince McMahon, not Triple H, at the company headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut - to

go over the main sticking point in negotiations: Rey wants more money for what will likely

be one of the last multi-year deals of his career.

WWE, though, are sticking to their line of not offering raises during the pandemic - despite

the company set to make more money than ever this year due to their big money TV deals

with the USA Network and Fox Sports, along with the 10 year relationship with Saudi Arabia.

WWE apparently wants a 5 year deal, while Rey wont go longer than an 18 month contract

Its not yet known whether the two sides were able to agree on terms, but the reported

reason why Mysterio lost at Extreme Rules was so WWE will have written him off TV already

if he chooses not to.

Its speculated that Rey would be able to get the same money he is now, if not more,

from AEW.

But the most likely possibility remains Mysterio staying with WWE, along with his son Dominic.

And if they do, then its time to reform the Lucha World Order, because ethnicity-based

factions are coming back!

This weeks episode of Raw rather confusingly had Ron Simmons just hanging around and chatting

to people backstage.

He didnt even say DAMN.

And the reason why has been revealed: its just one of the many SummerSlam-building plans

WWE had either dropped or delayed following Extreme Rules.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Mondays Raw was set to relaunch the Attitude Era faction

the Nation of Domination, a heel group based on the Nation of Islam and Black Panther Party,

led by Simmons under his Farooq name in the 90s, which was responsible for launching the

singles career of The Rock, following the poorly received one dimensional Rocky Mavia

babyface gimmick he debuted with.

This was why Simmons was booked on this weeks episode.

With MVP and Bobby Lashley adding a new Executive to their Hurt Business faction in 24/7 champion

Shelton Benjamin, a relaunched Nation of Domination would presumably be the stable that feuds

with them, likely then consisting of their opponents from Monday night: Ricochet, Cedric

Alexander and the freshly-drafted to Raw Mustafa Ali.

How would you book a Nation of Domination relaunch, and who would you put in it?

Let me know in the comments down below because Ill be replying to people FROM OUTTA NOWHERE.

The new faction plans could still happen, as it seems Vince McMahons new strategy

of hotshot booking TV with title matches to bump ratings is just delaying the SummerSlam

build for a few weeks rather than scrapping angles entirely.

Because this weeks episode was also supposed to feature:

-the start of the Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre, which was delayed so Drew could have a WWE

Championship rematch against Dolph Ziggler next week to pop a TV rating.

-And Natalya was supposed to injure Kairi Sane to write her off TV, but that was changed

to Shayna Baszler, likely for next weeks episode, with Nattie currently off tapings.

But that beatdown angle was also delayed to stretch out the Sasha vs Asuka storyline,

again in an attempt to bump ratings with a title match next week.

But as we saw with Championship Monday, simply putting on title matches with minimal build

will very quickly have depreciating returns.

And that was seen in the absolutely disastrous rating for this weeks episode at just 1.63

million viewers.

Which, while isnt the worst ever rating for the show in its history - that was the

week before - it is still one of the lowest viewership figures ever for Raw.

And Dave Meltzer has explained just how poorly the main event performed:

Orton vs Show did a 0.42 18-49 in Q3.

That is staggeringly bad when put into perspective.

Worst quarter performance in 27+ year history of the show for a bout promoted for weeks.”

With TV ratings in freefall, WWE might refocus their efforts on satisfying the people that

are sticking around to watch their product - with some long rumoured developments coming

to the Network.

As WrestleVotes have tweeted: “Source states both Evolve & wXw will be

coming to the WWE Network before the end of 2020.”

As reliable as WrestleVotes are, though, take this with a pinch of salt, as non-WWE promotions

being put on the Network has been reported on for literally years, with WWE themselves

even announcing it on an investors call last Summer.

If rumours at the time were to be believed, WWE couldve once bought TNAs entire

library to put on the Network back in 2016.

If true, they might be regretting passing now, because possibly capping off what a weird

year 2020 has been, IMPACT Wrestling is relevant again

Saturday saw Impacts big Slammiversary pay-per-view refocusing on the original strength

of TNA - the debuts and returns of recently released WWE stars showing up in the IMPACT


As the first major wrestling event following their 90 day non-compete clauses expiring,

the show saw Gallows & Anderson, Heath without the Slater, EC3 and Eric Young all turning

up after being released by WWE in mid-April.

Slammiversary also saw the return of the Motor City Machine Guns, making it seven new roster

additions in total - which didnt just get an excited reaction from fans, it also generated

cold, hard numbers.

#Slammiversary was consistently trending at Number 1 in the United States on Twitter during

its broadcast, and the total number of impressions beat their previous best, Slammiversary 2018,

by a massive 97%.

The reveal of the Good Brothers quickly became Impacts most liked tweet of all time, with

the videos of the Motor City Machine Guns return, and Deonna Purrazos Knockouts Title

win being their fifth and sixth most liked respectively.

And on YouTube, in the month leading up to Slammiversary, Impacts total views increased

by over a quarter, watch time by a third, as the channel added over 100,000 new subscribers.

Which is all just a long way of me reminding you to subscribe to WrestleTalk for daily

wrestling videos on your homepage too!

But Impacts aim wasnt just to do a big pay-per-view number.

Much of Slammiversary was designed to create new weekly fans, with many of the angles pushing

to last nights TV - which, on top of all the other debuts and returns over the weekend,

saw a new vignette revealing Brian Myers, formerly Curt Hawkins in WWE, coming soon

to Impact - which had audio of the criticism Hawkins received for his former employer.

Myers called out his old boss on Twitter: “Well, @VinceMcMahon.

Im sorry, I love you.



Go.” - a reference to the Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair match from WrestleMania 24,

where Michaels retired Flair using the same words.

And then kicked him in the face.

Along with Myers, last nights episode also featured several angles with the new signees

- where EC3 attacked the self-appointed TNA Heavyweight Champion Moose.

Gallows & Anderson proclaimed themselves as the best tag team in the world - which they

are, they won a trophy for it in Saudi Arabia - which started a brawl between them and Ace

Austin and Madman Fulton, and Reno Scum.

Eric Young answered Eddie Edwardsopen challenge for the Impact World Championship,

but Eddie didnt give him a shot - thats not how open challenges work, Eddie - seemingly

building a title program between them.

Heath without the Slater still couldnt get into the building as he wasan outsider

and his name wasnt on the list.

Even his former tag partner Rhino couldnt help him.

And in the biggest angle of the night, The North lost the Impact Tag Team Titles after

over a year as champions to the newly returned Motor City Machine Guns.

Make sure to watch WrestleTalk Interviews for Louisinterview with The North when

they were still champions and probably much happier.

Vince McMahon hated a finish at Extreme Rules!

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Ive been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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