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Are you finding your dream job, too?

But for some reason, after the interview

you don't get a call back.

Your CV was way better than your competitor

but still they get the position and you don't.

There can be many reason behind this.

When you enter a room,

then people judge on the basis if two factors.

#1 The type of clothes you've worn

#2 Your Body Language

So let's take you through 5 steps

that you can use to get you 1 step closer

to your dream job.

According to a study,

70% of people who wore black clothes to their interview

were selected for their job.

When selecting an outfit for the interview

ask yourself two questions.

#1 What colour of the outfit would be okay

#2 Which type of outfit is best appropriate for an interview

Wearing neutral colours for your interview is important

because it portrays professionalism.

For interviews, these colour choices are the safest:

these colours should be avoided

because they can create a bad impression.

Now we'll move on to,

What type of clothes you should wear for an interview?

If you want to wear Indian Formals

then you can wear any Pastel Coloured Kurti.

And if you want to wear Western Formals

then you can wear any Neutral Shirt

along with Trousers or a Formal Skirt.

Boys can wear an ironed Linen Shirt

or a Cotton Shirt and go for an interview.

So now for the bottoms,

make sure you choose a pair of dark coloured

Chinos or Trousers.

Make sure your clothes are ironed and stainless

because stains are not good for an interview.

Imagine if you have a bad hair day on your interview,

then everything will go haywire.

Because our hairstyle gives our outfit a neatness.

You might remember Ranbir Kapoor's hairstyle from the movie YJHD.

Now try remembering his hairstyle from the movie Rockstar.

Both the hairstyles changed his personality.

For boys, sleek side combed hair

that is pushed back is preferable.

Please don't go with spikes,

or any funky TikTok hairstyle

because of which the interviewer can be distracted.

Girls, if you want to leave your hair open,

then make sure you neatly tuck them behind your ears,

so that any strand doesn't come in front of your face

as this can be very distracting.

You can even tie a ponytail or a bun.

Make sure to remember

not to touch your hair or play with it too much

because this can be a big sign of nervousness or distraction.

I will tell you a classic rule about accessories.

You don't have to go there wearing gold chains like Bappi Da

or black sunglasses like Mika Singh.

Boys should accessorize themselves with a watch and a tie.

For girls, they shouldn't wear many accessories,

just a nice watch on their wrist and stud earrings.

This is the sign of a professional look.

Avoid too much jewelry

and for bags, you should take a simple black or a brown bag.

and avoid printed bags.

The final touch of your outfit will be deciding on your footwear.

Flats are the best option for an interview.

But if you are still opting for heels,

then make sure that you go for block heals

who's height is not much.

You don't want to fall during your interview.

For boys it is always recommended that they wear well fitted

formal shoes and attend the interview

and make sure you never go for the interview

wearing sneakers or sports shoes.

No matter how much you impress the interviewer,

basic hygiene is the most important thing.

If you go for an interview without bathing or brushing your teeth

then you can say bye-bye to your dream job.

So make sure to carry mint or gum for your bad breath,

and keep a deo or perfume in handy for body odor.

For girls, having the right balance of makeup is very important.

The makeup shouldn't be too heavy

or too light that your face isn't even presentable.

Basically, nude makeup is the best option for your interview.

Next is nail hygiene.

Remember that when you are moving your hands

or writing something,

your job managers can see your hands and notice them.

So make sure that before your interview to trim your nails,

because this shows that you take care of yourself

and that you groom yourself well.

Girls, you should avoid loud nail colors and loud nail arts.

Simplicity and minimalism is the key

when it comes to job interviews.

So these tips are your sure short way

to look great for your interview.

Just the way it is important for you to flaunt your talent,

it is just as important to look presentable.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak at all.

Your interview look is very important

and these tips will make you look perfect.

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