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What was your favorite character when you were little ?

Batman ?

Spidey ?

or maybe you were more of a Disney fan ?

Did you ever wonder what technologies are used to create your favorite characters ?

You did ?

Ask Di-O-Matic

They know whats behind your favorite franchises.

Located in the heart of Montréal,

in the neighborhood of Autodesk, Softimage and many more...

A company is shaking up the 3D capital of the world.

It's in this nerve center

where XSI, 3ds max and Motionbuilder have been developed

that Di-O-Matic has been established.

The company was founded in 2000,

by Laurent M. Abecassis,

winner of an Emmy Award

for his involvement as special effects supervisor in the renowned American series LOST

Seeing that animation platforms werent optimal,

this Autodesk Training Specialist decided to create software

in order to make things easier, funnier and more user-friendly.

Di-O-Matic software makes your favorite characters come to life

on TV,

in the movies,


amusement parks

and video games.

Di-O-Matic products are already used by Activision,

Blur Studio, Disney, Rockstar, SEGA and many more !

While supporting Hulk and

Mickey Mouse in their many adventures,

Di-O-Matic tools are also used for medical research,

in artistic video making,

and, of course, for cinema special effects.

In order to provide as many studios as possible with Di-O-Matics unique expertise,

the companys software are available on several platforms

such as 3ds Max, Maya, and XSI.

So, what are you waiting for ?

Put your characters in the hands of Di-O-Matic technologies !

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