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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ombre Glitter Tumbler Tutorial (Rainbows, Too!)

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- Hello everybody, my name is Jennifer Maker.

Today we are learning how to make ombre glitter tumblers

on the Great Maker Show and Tell.

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So I recently taught folks how to make glitter tumblers

from start to finish.

And if you haven't yet seen that tutorial,

definitely go check it out first.

I'll wait right here for you.

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Okay, so now that you know how to make glitter tumblers,

it's time to learn how to do some fun things

with the glitter.

So in that last tutorial,

I asked you if you would like me to show you

how to do a ombre glitter effect on your tumbler,

and the response was overwhelming.

So thank you for letting me know.

The good thing is that it's really a lot easier

than you might think to get a nice smooth transition

between your colors.

I'm actually gonna show you two different ways

that you can do it.

One way will work better than,

might work better than the other for you

depending on your experience and your manual dexterity.

So you have some choices.

And in addition to the two-tone ombre effect,

you can use this same technique with multiple colors

like this rainbow effect glitter tumbler.

Is that amazing?

I'm gonna show you how to do that, too.

The only special things that you need for this

besides all of the other things that you normally need

for a glitter tumbler are some extra mixing cups.

So let me show you how to do this,

and we're gonna make some amazing tumblers.

Now remember I have an entire tutorial

that shows you how to do everything

for these glitter tumblers from start to finish.

The first thing, of course,

that you're gonna wanna do is prepare your tumbler.

You need to get all your labels off, tape it up.

You'll wanna tape any places

that you don't want glitter to be.

In this case, I'm doing the tops

and bottoms of my glitter tumbler.

And I'm choosing not to paint my tumblers

because I found that as long

as I'm putting enough glitter on,

it's not really a big deal.

Now that said, if you're going to do a really light color,

you're probably gonna want to spray paint it white.

And again, my tutorial on how to make glitter tumblers

will show you how to do all of that.

So I've sprayed my tumbler with Loctite Spray Adhesive,

and I'm gonna use two different colors of glitter,

yellow and a pink.

I create my blended ombre glitter tumblers

in two different ways.

I'm gonna show you both, and you can pick the way

that works best for you.

Now both methods begin by positioning your tumbler

on your hand so it's parallel to your work surface.

And you'll wanna have a clean sheet of paper

underneath where you'll be glittering your tumbler.

Now pick up your glitter bottle, open it,

and sprinkle all along the bottom edge of your tumbler,

right at that tape line about one inch wide.

(light music)

To do the first ombre glitter method,

tilt your tumbler at about a 45 degree angle

with the bottom of the tumbler tipped up

just as I'm doing here.

Begin sprinkling the same color of glitter again

in the same spot you already glittered,

and you'll notice that the angle of the tumbler

allows the glitter to run down the sides.

Continue doing this all around the tumbler

until you have your glitter gradually tapering off

as it gets to the middle of the tumbler.

(light music)

Put all that extra glitter that's on your paper

into a cup and save it for later.

(light music)

Now reposition your tumbler

so it is again parallel to your surface.

Get your second color of glitter,

and create another ring of glitter

along the top edge of your tumbler,

also about one inch wide.

(light music)

And just like before, you're gonna tilt your tumbler

so it's at a 45 degree angle.

But this time you're gonna have the bottom

of the tumbler tipped down.

Now sprinkle your glitter

in the same spot you already glittered.

This time the glitter will run down the tumbler

toward your first color.

Do this all around your tumbler

until your glitter is tapering down

to about the halfway mark.

The middle section of your tumbler

should only have a little glitter on it

and be mostly bare at this point.

Now pick up the sheet of paper

and put the glitter into the same cup

you put your first color of glitter and mix them together.

Now with your tumbler parallel to your surface,

pour the cup of mixed glitter

around the middle of your tumbler,

filling in all the bare spots.

By doing this, we can create a nearly perfect blend

between the two colors of glitter on our tumbler.

Now you'll need to pick up your paper

and put your excess glitter back into your cup

probably several times to get enough glitter

to cover the middle section of your tumbler.

But if you keep doing this over and over,

you'll discover that it blends beautifully.

Now if for any reason you don't like the way

that it blended, it's not difficult to fix.

Just spray it with Loctite Adhesive again

and repeat the whole process.

And that second layer of glitter will blend

even better than the first, because it has a base layer.

But I only did this one just one time,

and it turned out great I think.

The second way that you can do an ombre glitter tumbler

starts just the same way that you did before,

but this time you're going to tap the glitter down.

So you're gonna go ahead and put it right at that tape line

just like you did before.

But this time you're gonna tap the bottom,

and you'll see, you can see how the glitter

just falls right down the side of your tumbler,

all right, so this can be a lot easier to do

if you are having issues holding it

at just the right angle

so that your glitter comes down consistently.

So you just do the bottom, you tap it down

and then do the top.

And you really wanna hold this parallel,

and then as you tap it, you tilt it

and then it falls down the side, right,

so it's just more of a tap and tilt method,

whereas the first method was really just tapping.

But then the blending in the middle is exactly the same.

You just make sure two colors are glittered together,

and you put it right in the center just as you did before.

And it does the same thing.

It blends the two colors together in a similar way.

So I think that these two methods work for different people

based on how comfortable they feel holding the tumbler

and the bottle of glitter and tilting it

and everything at the same time.

So I recommend that you experiment

with both to find out which one works best for you,

and use that one until you feel proficient at it.

And you can see it does a really

pretty good job of blending.

So let's compare the two methods side by side.

The one on the left is the first method,

the tilt only method.

And the one on the right is the second method,

the tilt and tap method.

And they're really, really similar

but if I had to pick one over the other,

I'd say the tilt only method gave me a better blend,

and that's because I was able to control

how far down that glitter went

because when we tap it,

it can kind of go down a little bit further,

whereas when you're tilting it only,

it has, it doesn't wanna slide down quite as much.

But really they're pretty close.

And you can use this same technique

that we did for those first two

to make a multiple color tumbler.

So you could have three colors or four colors,

and I am just gonna go for five colors

and do a rainbow (laughs)

so I can show you how this works.

So you start exactly the same way

with a strip of glitter at the very bottom.

And then, but then instead of going to the top,

you want to just go part way up your tumbler

and create a solid line of glitter

at the point that you want your next layer to be.

But you'll see I'm putting them in strips, right?

So I've collected all the glitter.

I'm gonna put that into my cup,

and then I am going to put it in between

to blend the two together.

So it's the same idea just as before,

so you're doing first one color

with a little bit of bleed on one edge,

and then the second color, and the bleed going

towards the first color.

And then you blend them

by mixing the two glitter colors together.

Now because we have less space to work with

with five colors, you're gonna see the bands

are gonna be much more distinct.

However, we're going to do two coats on this one,

and you'll see what a huge difference

that second coat of glitter makes.

All right, so now I'm working on the second,

third color, so that would be green.

And I'm doing the same thing.

I'm just putting that band of green up there,

and then I'm putting more blue

to start blending them together.

And I'm just tapping it down.

It can't go any further than the green,

because the green is sort of a stop there, right?

But it can go down further for the green,

and I'm mixing those two colors together

to create a sort of turquoise color.

And you'll note I added a little bit

because if you're not putting in the same amount,

it'll end up being a little bit too heavy

on one color or the other.

So there we go, so we're just blending it.

But you can see that the line between these two is really

quite a bit more distinct, right,

because then it's really

just because there's not enough space

for the glitter to blend as easy to the eye.

But again, it's gonna be okay.

So let's move to our fourth color which is yellow,

and again we're just gonna put a band of glitter

right around the edge.

Now I ran out of yellow, of the yellow that I prefer,

which is the same yellow that I used

for the first two tumblers.

Oh well, so I just switched to a more neon colored yellow.

So this container of glitter I'm using here is neon colors.

And I will put the links to all of these glitters

that I used in my video comments

and over on my blog at

But it's the same idea where blending the two colors

and then putting them on the tumbler in between, right,

so you can see how it blends.

And then we're gonna do that one more time

so we can get all the way around the edge.

And if it's not, if it doesn't feel perfect

in this first stage, don't worry about it

'cause you're going to see

how the second coat is gonna really make a difference,

and I'm gonna give you another tip

to really, really get those colors blended

so that you just don't notice the lines at all.

And then this is our last color, pink.

And we're gonna put that at the very top edge.

And again, I'm getting,

note I'm getting a clean piece of paper

in between each color so that I can then pick up the sheet

and blend the colors together.

So I put a band of pink around the top,

and then I'm gonna go back with my,

and then I'm gonna put that into my cup,

and then I'm gonna put some yellow into my cup,

and I'm trying to get a good blend there,

and then I'm just gonna blend the two.

Now you'll note that because the yellow

and the pink are further apart,

you can see that it does blend easier, right?

So it's really a matter of distance in this case.

And again, pick up your glitter

and fill in all of the spots,

that you get glitter everywhere.

All right, so get the excess glitter off,

and now you're going to want to take your Loctite Adhesive

and spray it down one more time.

All right, so I have my adhesive on,

and we are going to do the entire process again,

just like before.

But this time because there's already a base layer

of glitter, it's going to actually blend easier

and did you see what I just did there?

I picked up some glitter from the table,

and I put it exactly where I needed it to go.

So don't be afraid to do that.

If you're like well it's just not quite right here,

it's not blending, just pick up some glitter

between your thumb and a forefinger

and then put it exactly where you want.

I'm just sprinkling it like you would sprinkle salt on food,

and that allows me like really, really fine control

over the glitter to get a really nice blend

and to create the rainbow hues.

And then that's all you do.

You just repeat this whole process

with all the colors, on all the blends,

and whenever you see a spot

that doesn't seem like it's quite blended as well,

just pick up glitter in your thumb and forefinger,

and fill in the gaps.

The only thing I need to caution you about

is that you're gonna get glitter on your fingers

as you do this of course,

so be sure to wipe off your fingers in between colors.

Otherwise you'll start getting random colors

all over your tumbler, and you don't want that.

And really that's it, so let me fast forward this

so you can watch me finish

and see the finished product.

(light music)

All right, so there we go.

I could just keep touching this up forever,

but I think this looks pretty amazing.

And what's interesting is that once we put

that first coat of epoxy resin on,

you're going to see

that it actually does an even better job.

It like, it kind of blurs things just a little bit,

makes them just a little fuzzy,

and it creates an even nicer looking blend.

Now there's another way that you can do an ombre effect,

and that is to use a stencil.

So this is a new thing that we've been experimenting with.

This was Greg's idea.

And what we've done is we've put a stencil onto our mug

before we put the adhesive on,

and so that when, after we take it off,

we have bare metal right here.

And the idea is that we can then use a template,

and we can spray just that bare metal,

and we can put glitter inside of that.

So you can see here I've done this

on the other side as well.

I've got, because we're experimenting with this right now,

and this is just vinyl,

and it's just stuck onto our tumbler

so that the adhesive doesn't get onto it.

You can see it actually looks pretty amazing.

But we're going to go ahead and spray that big heart,

and I'm gonna show you

how you can create an ombre effect in there as well.

So right now there's spray adhesive only on the heart,

not on the rest of the tumbler.

It's got glitter on it, right?

So now you can put glitter inside that heart

and not have it get all over the place.

And I'm still being careful though,

because I mean it is still a porous surface

because of that glitter.

And if you get a little bit in there,

it'll still kinda wanna stick there.

What you can do, of course,

is like I'll put a sealer on it before you do this.

Now but I'm doing this same technique.

I've just got one color at the bottom,

one color at the top, and then we're gonna blend the two.

Only this time instead of blending them with,

you know by mixing them into a cup,

I'm gonna go ahead and use my fingers

so I have finer control because this is a smaller area,

and we don't need to just dump a whole bunch of glitter

all over the place.

But it works exactly the same way,

one color at the bottom, one color at the top,

and then you do a mix the two glitters

in the middle to create a perfectly blended ombre effect.

Now if you're interested in how to do this kind

of stenciled glitter tumbler from start to finish,

please let me know and I will go over the whole process

of creating a stencil, we used my Cricut to do this,

and applying it and then how to create the mask

so you get your adhesive only in the section

that you want it on the second pass and all of that.

And also, you know, how you can create

that really sharp line in between

your various colors of glitter.

So let me know, and I can do a separate tutorial on that

because it's, there's a little bit more to it.

I'm just trying to give you a glimpse

at how, or a peek at how you could do this

with other techniques.

All right, so once you've got your glitter on your tumbler,

it's time to finish the rest of the process.

Again, I have a whole tutorial that explains it.

But very briefly, you want to seal it

and allow it about 30 minutes to dry.

And then you want to mix up your epoxy resin.

Again, you'll wanna follow my tutorial on how to do that.

And then when you're ready,

you put your epoxy onto your tumbler.

Again refer to my full tutorial

for all of the details on exactly how

to put epoxy onto a tumbler and everything like that.

Now for this set of glitter tumblers

that we did for this video,

we've only put one layer on it

so that later on we can put a vinyl decal

that I cut on my Cricut.

And here are the ones that I've done recently.

So let me give you a look.

So this has one layer of epoxy on it.

It will get another layer, so it'll be even shinier

and smoother when we're done.

The edges will be a little sharper and all of that.

But doesn't that look really nice?

And here's the rainbow one.

And you can see how that epoxy even helped us

create a more blended look.

It really, it really looks amazing.

These look really good.

That second layer of glitter really helped

to blend these five different colors of glitter

and create a beautiful rainbow.

I think the biggest tip that I can give you

about making ombre glitter tumblers

is not to be afraid to use your fingers.

Feel free to sprinkle a little extra glitter

wherever you need it.

Even use your finger to blend better if you need to.

And if you don't like your ombre effect on your first try,

spray it again with adhesive

and sprinkle and blend.

The second layer of glitter

can have a big difference, a big impact,

especially on the more complex effects like this.

If you have any questions at all

about how to make the ombre glitter effect,

please leave me a comment below this video,

and I'll be happy to help you.

Now remember if you would like to make the waterslide decals

that I have on this glitter ombre clear thing

and learn how to make them

and apply them to your glitter tumblers,

check out my tutorial on them,

and I will link it for you as well.

And if you're interested

in learning how to make this glitter

and glitter tumbler using a stencil

that I made on my Cricut, let me know

and I will share a video of that as well.

Isn't that cool?

So that's it for today.

Remember if you can tell me what you want to make,

I can show you how to make it.

Until next time.

(light music)

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