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Starting off at number 10 we have The Gorbals Vampire

Alright next up weve got the gorbals vampire.

Back in September of 1954, the children from Gorbals in Glasgow went on a monster hunt

looking for the creature that killed their two friends and drank their blood.

For 3 nights, hundreds of children between 4 and 14 carried knives, stakes, clubs and

crucifixes stormed into the creepy necropolis graveyard known locally as the city of the


They were hunting a vampire that was said to be 7 feet tall with blood red eyes and

sharp iron teeth.

The children called him, the gorbals vampire.

This was actually a real event.

On september 23rd, constable Alex Deeprose was called to the City of the dead because

of a disturbance, and found hundreds of armed kids looking for a vampire.

Local news outlets picked up the story.

Headlines said things likeamazing scene as hundreds of children rush cemetary’.

But the report about the 2 missing children was false, the police heard of no missing

children reports at the time.

The gorbals vampire was dismissed as an urban legend, and some say that the kids were inspired

by american comic books like Tales From The Crypt and The Vault of Horror.`

9. we have The Devils in the Binns.[a] The house of the Binns is an old Scottish ancestral


General Tam Dalyell was the head of the Dalyell family in the 17th century.

While he lived there, Tam claimed that every night the Devil visited him every night for

a game of cards.

He said that the Devil usually won - in retrospect, this was actually a good thing.

One night, the Devil appeared as usual and as usual, the Devil and Tam sat down to play


This night was different though - this night, for the first time ever, Tam seemed to be

getting the upper hand.

As the game went on, the Devil got more and more angry - eventually, when the game looked

lost for him, he flew into a rage.

The Devil threw a marble at Tam, it missed and instead landed in the Sergeants pond outside

the house.

For many years, people laughed at Tam and dismissed his story as nonsense.

Then, over 200 years later, the pond outside was drained - and what should they find buried

in the mud at the bottom but a single, shiny marble

Moving right along now to Abandoned Annie.

The City Chambers is a famous building in Edinburg with ancient alleys that run beneath.

The streets below the city chambers are said to be haunted, and they attract psychics,

ghost hunters and mediums.

This is because back in the 16th and 17th centuries, this particular area of edinburgh

was hit extremely hard by the plague.

The streets used to be littered with bodies and sick people who were banished and left

for dead.

After the 18th century, the abandoned homes and alleys were sealed, but that doesnt stop

people from venturing there.

There have been many strange noises and sightings reported, but most notably, a psychic claims

to have come into contact with the ghost of a young girl named annie.

Abandoned Annie is a story that began in 1992, after a japanese psychic called Aiko Gibo

went to the close as a part of a documentary on paranormal activity.

When the group were touring the area, she came accross a room that she at first was

too afraid to enter.

She said the room had a terrible feeling of sickness, hunger and cold.

But then Aiko went inside the room, because she said she was invited in by the ghost of

a little girl named annie who had died of the plague.

Annie grabbed her hand and said that she had been abandoned by her family, and she said

had lost her doll.

Aiko later went back to the room with a barbie for annie to play with, and since then, visitors

to annies room are told to bring a gift for her.

There is now a pile of toys created by people who have visited the room.

To this day, people report feeling sick, uneasy and cold while visiting annies room, despite

the fact that there is no historical record of any girl called annie, and the story has

been dismissed as a popular urban myth.

An urban myth that actually has a happy purpose.

Along with toys, people leave money for annie, and at the end of every year, the money is

counted and given to The Sick Kids Hospital.

So far, annie has raised more than 45 thousand pounds for other sick children.

Next up at number 7 we have the A75[b].

This is the name of whats said to be the most haunted road in Scotland.

It runs through the county of Dumfriesshire and has been a hup for reports of supernatural

activity over the years.

Its attracted paranormal investigators from all over.

Kathleen Crone is the founder of Mostly Ghostly.

She said -There have been screaming hags, eyeless phantoms and a menagerie of unearthly

creatures witnessed on this famous road- … In 1962, one of the most famous sightings occurred

on the road.

Derek and Norman Ferguson were driving along the road when a large hen flew into the windscreen

of their car.

They then saw huge cats and other creatues pass by as well as a phantom furniture van

- all of which vanished into thin air.

In the years since then, the number of stories has grown to the point where some truck drivers

avoid the A75 altogether.

Alright its time for number 6, its The Boneless.

The true story of the boneless comes from The shetland Islands, a group of small islands

off the coast of scotland who were once terrorized by a ghostly blob.

Stories about a ghostly apparition called the boneless and sometimes a frittening have

been whispered on the Shetland Island for years now.

Its based on an account found in the book, shetland traditional lore by jessie saxby.

Although no one could describe the apparition properly, People called it the boneless because

witnesses say it looked like a giant glowing white blob.

Others said it looked like a jellyfish or a slimy white cloud.

The boneless would appear pressed up against windows, and it never made a sound.

It could move though, apparently it could move faster than a dog.

If you happened to find yourself face to face with the boneless, you would cower in fear,

and often die of fright.

Theres a story of one boy who was dragged by the boneless to the edge of a cliff.

He described it as smelling like rotting flesh.

As he heard the waves crashing below, he grabbed the rocks and hung on for life.

The boneless rolled off the cliff and disappeared, and the boy managed to drag himself back to

his home to tell his parents.

Next at number 5 weve got the haunting of castle stuart.

The story goes like this: The Earl of Moray inherited Castle Stuart from his father.

He wanted to rent it out, but couldnt because the castle had such a bad reputation.

So the earl tried to improve the castles reputation by offering a reward to any man who was brave

enough to spend the night in castle stuart.

News about the reward spread and eventually 4 men agreed.

A minister, an elder in the presbyterian church, a local shoemaker and the last was a large

man named rob angus.

The deal was, each of the men had to spend an entire night alone in a haunted room.

Once they were inside, the door would be locked, and wouldnt be unlocked until the next morning.

The minister fell asleep in the room and had a dream about a blood spattered man who sat

down next to him.

When he woke up, no one was there.

The elder had a similar experience.

While he was reading his bible, the door to the room sprang open, and in walked a man

covered in blood.

The man drew his dagger on the elder, who fainted.

He was found the next morning in complete shock.

When it was the shoemakers turn, he heard the door open, a tall man with hooves for

feet appeared in the doorway.

The being jumped at the shoemaker and he fainted in terror.

He was found unconcious on the floor the next morning.

And lastly, it was rob angusturn.

Rob angus was a big strong scotsman who said he wasnt afraid of anything.

As the servant closed the door to his room, he said, you will find me as i am, or dead.

When the servant returned in the morning, the furniture in the room was broken and all

over the place, but there was no sign of rob.

But then he looked out the window, and saw rob angus lying on the ground dead.

At some point, rob angus fell out the window or was pushed.

Various sightings and reports of paranormal activity over the years have Given Castle

Stuart the reputation of being one of the most haunted castles in the world.

Coming in at number 4 now we have Arthurs Seat Coffin[c].

This one comes from Edinborough.

Arthurs Seat is a rocky hill there.

One day, in 1836, 5 local boys discovered an entrance to a small cave on the rugged

north eastern face of the famous hill.

There, they found some intricately carved miniature figures set in coffins.

I know - creepy.

The 17 coffins had been left undisturbed for an unknown amount of times.

Each casket contained expertly carved human effigies creepily dressed in unique clothing.

They had painted black boots on and twisted facial expressions.

In the years since, these creepy coffins have defied all attempts to explain them.

This has opened the door to a number of creepy urban legends surrounding them - the most

popular is that they were created to commemorate the 17 victims of the notorious Edinburgh

murderers and grave robbers Burke and Hare.

Im no relation to that Burke though - OK maybe somewhere along the line.


Sawney Bean Getting close now, at number 3 weve got

Sawney Bean, scotland's most famous cannibal.

Not much is known about Sawney Bean but he was said to have been born in the late 15th


He married a woman who was said to be a witch and moved to Bennane Cave in Aryshire with

his new wife.

Sawney supported his wife by being a robber.

But rather than risk being caught, Sawney murdered his victims, and disposed of the

evidence by eating the remains.

The couple started having children, a lot of them, fourteen to be exact, and fed them

a high protien diet of human flesh.

Eventually the children grew up, and had their own children born of incest, and before long,

the cave was inhabited by an entire extended family of 48 cannibals, all with a taste for

human flesh.

The family remained undiscovered, and would ambush unfortunate victims, steal their money

and eat them.

Local authorities would find decaying body parts, sometimes pickled, washed up on the

surrounding beaches.

Eventually King James of scotland heard about the Sawneys and orchestrated a 400 men

manhunt of the cave.

They found it full of human remains and stolen valuables.

Sawney Bean was reportedly executed for the mass murder of over 1000 people, but most

historians believe that sawney never existed, and his story was nothing more than an urban


Moving on to number 2 we have Ghillie Dhu.

In Scottish legend, he's a solitary Scottish male fairy that lives alone in the forest.

He disguises himself in trees so as not to be seen by humans.

His light green skin and long branch arms make it almost impossible for people to spot


However, its important to note that the Ghillie Dhu is usually only this elusive to adults.

He's been known to appear and interact with friendly children.

Its important to remember though that this doesnt mean every interaction is a good one.

He has been known to prey on people lost in the woods, killing or enslaving them.

Perhaps the strangest thing I read about this creature is that he is said to collect the

teeth of children to perform protective magic on them.

This has led to some people believing that the Ghillie Dhu actually gave birth to the

legend of the tooth fairy, a much lighter story.

I don't think the tooth fairy has killed or enslaved anyone.

If you know otherwise, let me know.

And finally at number 1 we have The Mackenzie Poltergeist[d].

This is perhaps the most famous ghost story in all of Scotland.

The Black Mausoleum is the name of a tomb in Edinburghs Greyfriars Cemetery and has

become famous as the home of an evil paranormal entity.

Over the years, visitors have reported feeling extreme hot spots and cold spots.

They leave with cuts, bruises and burns on their bodies.

Photographic evidence for the legend includes pictures of these injuries as well as pictures

from inside the tomb that some claim show an unidentified shape.

Others have reported seeing a white figure in the dark, smelling strange odors and hearing

knocking noises under the ground and even from inside the tomb itself.

If that wasnt enough, locals have gone to the grave some days to find dead animals in

front of the Black Mausoleum.

Some people have even claimed to have been possessed which led to the grounds being exercised

twice, both unsuccessfully.

In the past few decades, it seems as though the Mackenzie poltergeist has become to spread.

Poltergeist activity has been reported in four different houses around the graveyard

and in 2002, a large fire broke out in the residences behind George Mackenzies tomb.

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