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the guy's topic is the stop the initial approach and today I'm going to talk

about the hustler stop because I have a very specific query of how I approach

girls and in particular how I stop them and how I initiate the conversation

today we're going to talk about exactly that and for me

stopping consists of three parts the first part is never talked about but is

extremely important so I want to touch on that first people always think of a

stop a sophistical activity as a physical exercise where you go and you

stop the girl and you start talking to her that's right that is the option that

is the actual physical activity of stopping the girl but before the stop

like in any other sports or activity there's a bunch of preparation that goes

into it before you stop what you need to focus on and what you need to get right

is your mindset because your mindset really determines how you come across

and actually at the end of the day determines your success in stopping your

probability of stopping her and the east was that you stop the girl that's what I

call passive frame control in the close straight line seduction system my book

the second part of the stop that you need to get ride is what most people

typically refer to when they're talking about the stop that is the technique of

stopping the girl and the first let's say 30 seconds of the interaction the

first 30 seconds a pretty standard and are almost all of the time the same what

happens afterward is a different question but for short the first 30

seconds are very very similar all of the time so that's good news

as firstly said he's not afraid of a man that knows a thousand punches and did

them once he's afraid of a man who knows one punch but did that punch a thousand

times since it's always the same you can practice it over and over again until

you get really good at it and then there's the third part a secret

ingredient although people know what it is it's underrated but it's actually

probably the most important of the three criteria that you want to pay attention

to that secret ingredient is persistence do you want to be really persistent and

assertive in the way you do it because just like in any other sales

technique you're not going to stop the girl or sell the thing at the first

attempt okay so let's go through this step-by-step let's start with mindsets

here I'm talking about passive friend control and in particular I'm talking

about the mindset part as described in the close straight-on seduction system

the overarching and most important mindset that you need to cultivate is

abundance it says well norm psychological phenomenon first published

by a robot Co Dania in his book influence but it's been known for many

many years abundance what does it mean the opposite

of abundance is scarcity the human mind is programmed such that when things are

scarce we want them more and when we want something more you're always in a

worse negotiation position and that counts for anything enlarged in general

we all know that girl in high school that everybody wants and nobody can get

she has extreme abundance and because you're in high school and you haven't

been late maybe you're still a virgin you have extreme scarcity as a matter of

fact you haven't even gotten one girl so you wanna reverse the situation you

want to basically become the girl that everybody wants and you need to be able

to not only communicate that in your stuff but most importantly you need to

believe that you do not depend on this particular girl how do we do that

there's various ways of doing it one of them is to just simply get a

bunch of girls into your phonebook a bunch of girls that are actually on so

you can actually go out text her and she will come out this abundance when you

approach will filter through you will stop communicate it with your body

language with your facial expressions you can see mine are very good how do

you create it that's right you get your ass out on the street and you start

approaching you start dating you start having a few girls you see every now and

then once you have that in your life for sure you know whatever happens I can

call Marie I can call Anna she's gonna come out we're gonna have a good time in

that case that new girl doesn't really mean anything to you other than that

she's hotter maybe than the girls that you're dating but that's you know you

were working your way up another way of cultivating abundance rather than

actually cultivating the abundance in your life is to flip it around and to

dethrone the girl because very often what you do in your head is you see a

very attractive girl walking past and I know exactly the feeling shock she's hot

I want to go and speak to her that Prime's you so scarcity because that

innately means that this is the kind of girl you want in your life but you don't

have yet you're putting her on a pedestal straight away why are you doing

that you're doing that because you're making assumptions about the girl based

on her looks all you know so far is she looks great but even those looks can be

deceiving because she might be wearing high heels she might be just you know

coming back for my creation she might just you know got a new haircut or she

might just be and using mood girls have good parts and bad

words - and she's just exuded this feminine positive energy that draws you

in that creates scarcity and the way to get around that is the following you go

into your head and I describe this in the clothes and you ask yourself why

does this girl deserve to make me feel this way and what you'll find is that

you're making assumptions without having any foundation you don't have any

evidence so ask yourself how old is she what has she done in her life is she

nice did she go to university and what have I done

does she have my kind of education does she make my kind of money does she have

my kind of life experience is she nice like me is she funny like me you don't

know that most likely if she's young and hot she has achieved absolutely nothing

other than looking great the particular day for that reason I immediately disown

her I imagine her doing something stupid

imagine her and everybody does that imagine her doing something stupid

maybe she trips maybe she's completely drunk and makes an ass out of herself

maybe she says embarrassing stuff maybe she doesn't know the difference between

America and Africa Tom you know pointed out on the fucking map or

anything like that for sure you will find that most of the girls that you're

writing up here if you thought about it for a minute you'd say well maybe she's

only here but definitely she's not here for me it's very difficult to write a

girl much above me because she'd have to do a PhD work in a hedge fund I just go

through this list of things that I have achieved in my life and I will her

against dolls and I'm saying okay other than great looks would receive us and

this particular exercise dethrones her and by dethroning her and

putting her a little bit lower your countering the scarcity that she creates

and you create a little bit more abundance of self-worth in yourself the

other thing that you always have to keep in mind when you're thinking about

abundance I mean you're looking at a girl and you got that feeling

you've got like guard got a heifer is that's just one that is just one girl

okay there's a million girls Moo beautiful nicer you know better educated

and that can cook and clean and that love the same quirky things like playing

computer games or going to football games or playing the PlayStation she has

proved nothing and one thing is for sure there is a million other girls that are

just as pretty but characteristically if shit a lot better to you and what you

know because you're gaming is that you can go out and you can approach as many

as you want until you find the one that has it all and this one definitely

doesn't have it all if she was the one it would be the one-in-a-million girl so

always keep that in your mind as well realizing that she is not any special

girl what you create is the power of walking away and the guy who is amazing

at that is Donald Trump Donald Trump has absolutely no problem telling the

leaders of this world if you're not gonna make a deal with me I'm out I'm

gonna walk away you don't want to sell it at this price go find somebody else

but not me he did it with Mexico he did it with the NAFTA agreement he does it

with the Chinese increasing the import taxes Donald Trump is not afraid of

conflict and he does use the power of walking away in order negotiate deals

that are going in his favor and by doing that he is communicating I don't need

you you need me he's creating abundance so for game is

the same new approach she gives you a hard time you interrupt the set and you

walk off and you retain the power of walking away what else we need to

consider is you are not interested in outcomes

it's called outcome independence and it's super crucial what a lot of guys do

is you say I'm gonna go out I'm gonna get this many numbers I'm gonna talk to

this many girls and I'm gonna get this girl out on this date and blah blah blah

all outcome come out come what real hustlers focus

on is not outcome but process because we don't really care whether this

particular approach works or not what we care about is that we make the process

better and better and better over time I see it as a machine ok he has

different thoughts just like a machine it has a piston it has a pump just like

that game is a machine it has different parts and then and when you work on the

different parts the machine as a whole gets more powerful and actually it

doesn't just add up but if you work on different parts the compound so if you

improve three parts it's not three times better about maybe nine times better so

when you approach you do not care about this particular girl what you care about

is adhering to the process of the approach and to executing as well as you

can and you will not be upset if you did everything right but the girls said no

that's stupid you did the best you can and you look at everything you did and

is there something that you can prove you improve it but you do not worry

about the girl walking away at the same time if you're talking to a girl and you

are not following the process and everything you're doing is weak and she

still gives you the number or she still comes on a date you should not be proud

of yourself because if you do 100 girls one or two or three or four for sure

will come on a day to give you their number but that doesn't matter what

matters is that you get the process right and this is the problem with

outcome dependence if you become outcome dependent you will not be able to

improve because the problem is you think that the girl when you process was

actually wrong but she came out you think that this was a good fat and you

will focus on these sets but you will not learn and as a matter of fact you

will make the same mistakes over and over again because you do not understand

that you just got lucky at the same time you might execute perfectly but the girl

walks away because it was just a no girl and you puttin

yourself down and you're trying to change something that actually doesn't

deserve to be changed because it's already working and never try to fix

something endearing that's not broken okay so this for me are the mindsets

that you need to prepare yourself with before you actually go out an approach

so I cannot really illustrate the abundance mindset or the mindsets that I

use because they're sort of ingrained and you can't really listen to what's

going on between my ears when I'm approaching when I kind of astray

however is the technique so I put together a couple videos that in

particular the guys that signed out to the gold and silver hustler club

memberships will be able to see where I in detailed breakdown how I do it and I

always do it like this you got to trust me because I know this process is

perfect and it works and then I will also give you shots that I specially

selected for this video it's a crazy Italian girl that was going down Regent

Street I think his Regent Street in a blue dress she's already going to a date

or some event she is dressed up that is really a set of fuel will power the

systems and you can see what I mean why persistence is the secret vital

ingredient to get the hustler stop right and to build that foundation on which

you will then build your game okay the brain is the general the body is the

soldier so carry so mindsets is about the brain it's about the channel the

body the soldiers the execution is what most people talk about and you're

talking about the stop and it's super clear I agree but get your mindset right

and then worry about the technique so let's talk a little bit about the

technique okay as you probably already seen from my

video death off the front stop the most important thing when you actually stop

the girl are three things its energy its loudness and it's your assertiveness I'm

not going to go back into that just hit that

watch it and you will see what I mean so those are sort of the basics don't know

the actual technique and the technique of what I call the hustler stop okay

it's different from the front stop and I'll explain to you in detail each step

and they're always the same as I said and you can repeat them and because you

can repeat them you will get better quickly the more you do it so let me

explain this to you okay I always approach in the same way I woke

up from behind I know it sounds creepy but it's not I woke up from behind and I

approach sort of from the periphery so right from this angle outwards girls

have like this 180-degree line between their ears

once you step over that line they can recognize that somebody is entering the

periphery subconsciously their brain goes oops there's somebody coming

once you step over that line that's when it's on so you come in from the side and

you walk over that line and then you deliver the attention snut okay so walk

over the line and deliver the attentions not attentions not what is it

attentions not is something that she will most likely hear but never remember

it is just to basically get there hey just so they turn and look at you okay

and it's always the same it's I just say hey I just saw you or hey can I just say

something really quickly or it simply just heard and as soon as they turn

around you have guess what attention the

attention snap in itself is done with energy loudness and with assertiveness

so just think police officer hey can I just say something really quickly okay

do it friendly she turns around and what does she see she sees the guy it's

looking her into the eyes it has a smirk you're not smiling like a clown you have

a smirk she should be able to tell would you're up to from the first second often

girls say to me me foiled my mouth sorry I know I know but sorry I have a

boyfriend if you do it that way you're doing it right together with the

smile the snark is a little bit of a hand

not like hair not like crazy man just a little bit you know just a little bit

behind not like Adolf Hitler just a little like this you know just so she

you know just so she stops and that's it that's a you got it you don't have to be

straight in front of her at this point you could be standing somewhere here

coming and like this okay sorry really quickly I just had to stop you for a


that asks you sort of walk around and you start facing her from the front

because eventually you want to be like terror maut to her in terms of shoulders

so your shoulders here her shoulders here and you both looking

into each other's eyes that that can happen as she deliver even this

statement so you come around how can I just say something really quickly and

then you say I just saw him walking over there and I thought you look really nice

okay I thought you look really nice it makes clear that we're not selling

shocking theater tickets or any other kind of merchandise

we're here because we saw her because you think he's hot and you had to come

over and say hello

sorry can I just say something really quickly just say something really

quickly my Cecilia thought you looked very nice

don't you follow this up directly with an actual observation about her I don't

have what it is that you use but it's gotta be something that is a verbal

escalation statement so it has to be something about the way she looks the

way she walks something about her femininity okay something about what

attracted you to her in the first place and you don't have to make this up all

the time I use the same ones all the time but those are trademarks of Tony

hostile that's why I call it The Hustler stuff because they are very direct and

they're going straight you know under this spear and straight up letting her

know that I am here to her sex with you that's the soft communication now we

delivered the whole thing and then we follow up what I noticed about you is

that you have this really good energy good energy okay what does it even mean

I didn't know what it means but girls know what it means when you say good

honour to you it means that you know just always me the girls they know what

sorry excuse me hi just really quickly

no no no don't blow on my face they don't even know you just joking I saw

you I thought this girl has a very good energy

those are statements that are ultra sexual that are not recommended by many

people but Tony Hustle only uses these any of my stops you will see our use D

statements because remember straight line seduction open/close we want to

move forward so if I can in the first few seconds lead for 10 steps by just

making that one pair of sexual statement guess what I fucking will and I always

do but once you're there you actually fucking done because this is the stop ok

after this you have all of the other stuff like assumptions vibing and you

know letting her invest and the hook point but those are not really stop

related those are actually already heart of the let's say same delay or the

actual date because the stop finishes when you delivered your first verbal

escalation element now the important bit is you know I think I don't hear it's

easy enough let me just do that and I'm gonna get laid like a rock star it's not

true because you're missing the third vital ingredient and that is persistence

anybody who knows anything about sail knows that persistence is the key to

selling and whether you like it or not you are selling yourself on the street

not like your mom not like your sister in a different way

I'm joking you're selling the whole package you looks your energy your

masculinity your verbal eloquence your escalation skills the girl doesn't quite

know what but she gets an overall feeling and that's why you see a lot of

my stats to girls a boob because I have really worked on all different you know

parts of the engine that I described and because they don't add up because they

multiply the girl just feels that and straightaway

she gets it and I get the attraction right of the bed now doctor persistence

totally underrated it's just sheer persistence there is no other word for

it it's not a trick it's not a mini bounce

it's not a Knology awkwardness it's just sheer persistence she walks off and you

say hey yeah I know you got a go just come back from one second just come back

for one second or even ye even walk with him I don't care and I walked with him I

walked two or three four or five steps I said listen we're walking let's just

just give me one second and you start again she walks off again you do it

again the only reason I stopped talking to a girl is if she says listen I really

have to go thank you for stopping me I'm gonna go no okay then I stop or she says

listen can you please go away okay I got

it abundance Maternity on to the next

victim as Donald Trump sir


so these mind threats and these techniques of stopping and together with

this persistence you're creating a system an engine that he can replicate

and you can perfect each little part of that engine and when you're putting all

of that together or all of the mindsets all of the abundance all of the stopping

techniques and you perfecting it and your delivery is amazing and you have

persistence like a motherfucker telling her hey come back for one second you put

them together you are stopping ratio ie the ratio of girls you approach to girls

that would actually stop and listen to your shit is gonna go through the

fucking roof and you need to work on it over and over and over again remember

the brain is the general the body is the soldiers remember Bruce Lee is not

afraid of the man who does a thousand times just once but afraid of the man

who does one punish a thousand times your punch is the hustler stop and if

you do it a thousand times you will get it right and you will get girls to stop

which is done the basis of actually running your game do not try to run game

on a week basis it's like building a skyscraper on a sand foundation it's

just gonna kick the fuck over you want a rock solid steel cement foundation and

that is your stop it's the hustler stop so thank you for listening I hope you

enjoy this let me know how it's going write me some you know emails give some

comments and see you next time ha ha

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