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Where does your poise come from to allow you to come into a situation like this tonight, and perform the way you did?

I would say my poise comes from my faith.

I just pray asking God, you know, let your will be done in me...

and the rest will follow.

Just kept me calm and, you know, we got the opportunity to go out and do what we were able to do...

and, you know, thank God for the outcome.

Pastor Sai: "Our word today is, 'Champions for Life'.

"Zechariah 4:6 says..."

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit"...saith the Lord.

Raising a child, you know, with godly ways as they grow,

It will never depart them.

And truly, you know, we kind of drill them with that.

Both Pastors: It's the mindset.

We train them that you can never fail, you can never be defeated...

because anyone that has stopped and, you know, given up...

that is a person that has given up.

But, the person that keeps learning, and keeps practicing,

and gets themselves better, that is a champion.

Throughout the recruiting process, as he was receiving offers, Pastor shared a vision.

He said, "I see Tua at Alabama."

And I'm like, "Pastor. Alabama?

Galu: "Are you kidding me?"

No one from Hawaii gets recruited by Alabama.

A couple months later we get the offer, you know?

Pastor Sai: The prophecy that we prophesied over him was that, "Kings shall come to thy rising"...

and that comes from the Book of Isaiah 60.

"You will be ushered into a platform, and it's a platform where you shall glorify God."

Diane: He said, "Go, and win a national championship at the next level."

"You're gonna do it."

And so, we're seeing all his visions come to fruition.

Tua: "I don't know how Coach Saban found me all the way in Hawaii from Alabama, you know..."

"So, I just thank God he found me and, you know, we're here right now."

Galu: I mean, it's just amazing how God works, and we're witnessing all these things.

Tua: "If you were to tell me that we were gonna come back in overtime and win that game"

"after taking a 15-yard sack, I would have never believed it."

"But, it's only by the will and by the grace of God that all of these things have happened."

"And, I think for, for"

"I think, God just needed to use somebody."

(Eli Gold radio call)

Saban: "Well, the issue was, we missed a signal..." (laughter)

"BUT, we learn from those things, right?"

Tua: "Yes, sir."

Galu: You know, Saban isn't gonna tolerate with anybody's, you know, BS...

You know, and, he's gonna speak his mind.

My dad was just a split image of that.

We didn't realize until after Daddy passed away, that it was like, truly, it is about the word.

Becuase, you know, God has, you know, orchestrated us and created us to be such, you know, great

Champions in, to be able to witness Saban...

I mean for Tua to be there...

and for my brother to be able to witness Saban...

It's almost as if, "My Papa is alive."

Galu: And, he has talked to me about that.


Pastor Tuli: As a pastor what I want to -- always want to do to the kids that my children bring home

I just want to bless him with, uh, with God's blessing.

Always, I want to speak life over them...

encourage them just to be patient, you know...

as long as they stick with it...

Sacrifice your 3-4 years, you know, for something greater that God has in store for you in the future.

(singing continues)

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