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who knew pong could be so wrong let's

talk about that



good mythical morning welcome to the

show Jake and Amir hey fellers thanks

for thanks for having us welcome you're

welcome for being had here sorry I just

woke up 30 seconds ago under this desk

no are you guys hungry

I had actually came having had so we're

good that might be a problem hmm why is

that we're gonna be you're gonna be we

are going to be us all of us us are

going to be eating things got it in a

game we like to call if the ball lands

and I cut up do I have to eat it yep all

right this is a much simplified version

of pong basically what it's gonna work

is on each turn one of the team members

will throw a very large ping pong ball

into one of those cups if it lands in

one of the cups then the other team you

guys have to eat whatever it is inside

your cups

if we miss then it just is your turn and

we just that's it we keep playing until

the cups are gone on one side so we

don't know what we're eating but let's

look down and at least see what it is we

may have two on it okay all right yeah

okay I see Zack just kool-aid probably

not for anything these two or month yeah

shake on it all right guests go first

so one toss one toss come on buddy here

it is the kool-aid okay this isn't just

kool-aid you knew that right but we have

a little video to show you what it is if

you want to take a peek down at the

monitor know someone please well it's

red oh oh it's mouthwash oh it's

somebody else gargling mouthwash oh are

you kidding me oh I'll take it no you do

not know her

hey you said you wanted no no no we have

to split it man said you wanted it best

friend splits everything yes is that the

lady was having a sneezing fit outside

what'd you say her name Lizzie Lizzie

she's just another human that's pure

Lizzie right there all right do a little

bit oh yeah is it saltier than kool-aid

it was a little saltier room-temperature

I think is the worst a little bit all

right man you already made one right off

the bat okay

do it to it just don't hit Mike good

trick but yeah this is uh it looks like

little Pelley's tapers but then they

sort of have legs yeah Oh legs tapers

with the legs

those are Weaver ants Weaver ants Wow

really glad you took that go okay are

they live or are they dead the hair dead

those are their dead ants and their

roasted dead absolutely I don't want to

eat this well let's change it for a joke

howa is that all no clearly not all

there's a lot more than this they just

give us to one more a little one yeah

I'm gonna imagine these that are salty

and crunchy oh that's good my brain will

be like these are pistachios I'm gonna

have pistachios yes right think about


got it did we say we had water Lizzie's

gargling oh right now it'll be over

shortly there it is comb my bird chew

chew chew chew chew

take a wiggle ha ha oh you carved it

into my god

is it crunchy yeah it's crunchy and

salty I didn't reanimate thanks tasting

one just for like the curiosity of it

it's really just the thought of it

having been ants yeah that grosses me

out it tastes like hey not bad yeah

alright okay right let me switch over

here okay and again no rules we're not

using that elbow rule you purists no

rules yeah that's right yeah at least it

was a Jake kupp I'm okay with the Jake

comes is that one way it - yeah this

one's pretty wet this one's it looks

like clams or oysters and I should say

that your producers asked me what I

wouldn't eat and I said oysters yeah I

can't even look at you eat it I would

have a hard time with those too it's not

about tastes like the ocean

alright so it's my turn again huh no my


Oh your turn I like to go high to low as

in hello welcome Olli right green yeah

just guac you guys get guacamole we get

ants we're calling clam jello hold out

your hand

oh it's so Joe so wobbly its crock oh

it's also in my hands yeah I was serving

it to you oh we're splitting all of it

man even it out now you have to eat out

of his hands it's grosser out of your

hand so is this just like green jello

with clams in it you got it yeah green

jello is good we're just gonna focus on

the job this is nice you're wobbling

you're becoming one with a jello you're

bad I'm sorry getting out of synch

dancing that's nice

heck I want the jello now which is what

this looks like what could this possibly


kaho Bismol and goat cheese

oh okay he's down ah whoa if you're

gonna hit one cup I recommend Jakes one

and not mine I do think you should call

for a rear AK I'd like to get I I would

like to line them up yeah okay straight

so you got it

Amir you're saying yours is in the back

I don't know I can't tell you that at

this point okay here we go

that is Jake's Cup funny because this

cup looks like if I just cracked it and

then filled it with an egg a single a

single soft-boiled egg is it called

soft-boiled when it's not boiled it's

called raw why is it a chicken egg is it

let me see it

uh-huh it's the same cuz I said it's a

chicken egg it's the sly meanness of the

oyster Ike I think it's the weight

texture that I don't like it's

definitely gonna be the flavour of this

that I don't like have you done this

before no never

you've seen rocky though yeah I've

always actually I'm kind of excited to

do this I've always I think I might have

been able to do it if I did

half-and-half that was a worthy effort

rocky but you failed

yeah what if I do I'll take it out of

the trash can now get it out of the

trash okay

oh that was so you can get rid of that

Cup and it's you if your turn Jake isn't

it we need one we need one um can I get

a rack let's do that corners in seven

ten rack let's do this is a weird

request eyes are very difficult I've

seen cups like this once oh it doesn't

for at yiquan somebody said what are you

doing if this frat house yeah what

you're 29 loser to fake you should aim

right uh you could wrap this thing up

man and judging by what we've got in

here I definitely want to you like the

guy behind the free-throw line No

like that okay man I like to go high to

low all right go

in here we have a ball oh just a ball

Oh a mouse crawl so that's three tongue

parts is it little mice unborn mice are

you kidding me that is on that bed but

look at it it has like the inside of the

mouth like oh my god really since these

things like meat gum treat it like meat


hey wait I'll offer you guys a blind

switch if you guys want ooh that's right

you don't know what's in cut this but if

you really don't want that and you're

you a switch you prefer to eat pig lips

than what's in that Cup I do and the

note wait a bargain okay I hope he's not

bluffing the way the blind switch would

work is for those two cups no that'd be

fun I think that likes it go down guys

remember loose pig lips sink ships my

turn again

yep okay Jake before you make your toss

we let you guys go first so technically

even even if you sunk this one we should

have an opportunity to sink that one but

we're not gonna do that we're gonna make

this sudden death straight-up sudden the

first person to sink a ball wins and the

losing team has to eat what's in both


he didn't need more pressure watch this


you like to go high to low it's like

yeah what you got in there it looks like

I said goat cheese and pepto-bismol

because it's sort of pink and clumpy go

cheesy yeah yeah dump that in your hand

and smell it do you want to keep on

thinking it's that or you want me to

actually tell you what it is I'm gonna

have a chunk of it and then I'll try to

guess what it is based on the show

that's smart it's nice to not know what

it is but yeah yeah promise

unfortunately it smells so bad you know

what bring the bring the trash can up

here do this do this in the light here

this looks like I took it a tooth out of

an infected whale's mouth it's gonna be

right oh your hands shaking uh-huh oh

gosh not knowing that's great what is it

it's pork brains oh great I'm convinced

myself it's liver like oh you don't mind

liver chopped liver

yeah all right guys here you go I wasn't

if it oh it's a preserved duck egg Oh

why do I only eat eggs while you gear up

to eat this we will say thank you for

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