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do you feel overqualified for the job that you're hired for won today's video

I'm going to teach you job interview mistakes to avoid with three simple

rules to prevent you from getting a job offer that is in the wrong level and

this will take you a step back from your career growth if this is the first time

meeting my name is Holly I'm a certified career coach I have

helped thousands of individuals at Amazon Google and startup consider

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85% of Americans took the career statistic that they are unhappy at the

current job so let me walk you through my three simple rules and also before we

start with that give you a bonus tip to avoid being part of that 85%

let's get you a hundred percent ready for that job interview that you've been

waiting on either you are a people manager or an individual contributor you

have to know what you want prior to going to the job interview this is like

the most common mistake that I've seen in my career

what do you need to get from point A to point B for example if I am a program

manager and I'm interested in a position to be a senior program manager and I

have been a PM for six years now it's time for me to move up right so what do

I need in the next employer for the next role so that I can get the career growth

that I want so you need to be able to ask yourself those questions let's talk

about my real number one your superpower your superpower are your key skills

preferably your unique skills that differentiate you from others as

yourself these questions what are your top three strings that differentiate you

how will your soup powers impact employer I also wanted to

recommend my video on sixty second elevator pitch in that video there will

be a step-by-step template to walk you through in how you can create a

compelling story to share for the interviewer rule number two research

prior to the interview you should absolutely do homework on the employer

know everything about their products and services specifically the team that you

will be joining you can find a lot of this information on Glassdoor

as well and if you defer back to my sixty second elevator pitch I actually

did a tutorial and walking you through on how to use Glassdoor for research ok

another thing is your position and the scope the scope can be very different

from the job description now professionals keep in mind that often

time job descriptions are vague for a reason because employer have to meet

compliance and most of the time the work that they're working on can be

confidential and they can't miss too much on their okay so you wanted to make

sure that as the recruiter is prepping you for the on-site interviewed and I'm

hoping that your recruiter does ask them to know as much information about the

team environment or the technologies that are in the technical environment as

much as possible one of my favorite questions of asking an employer is you

know what is your expectation for somebody in this role that is not listed

in the job description okay you wanted to make sure just by either the

recruiter or the hiring managers responds you could be able to tell are

you making a lateral move or is this something that you feel there's

potential for you to grow let me know what any of you questions you have the

most challenge answering let's move on with rule number three call to action

now remember professionals the hiring manager have already seen your resume

and most likely your LinkedIn profile as well so call to action is really the

finding on now that you are in front of the hiring managers you need to be able

to sell yourself to get the position that you want I have seen that

individuals would accept position because they are either out of a job for

a while and they really want to get their feet back into the market without

thinking that that can actually take a couple step backward so there's a way to

go around that I'm more than happy to answer your question settle for position

that you feel that you're overqualified for just because you haven't worked in a

year two years or three years it's really important to be able to tell a

story as to why and how strong was your credential prior to taking a little time

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