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yes here we go again it's Sunday it's a fun day hello how are you today

live from Much Wenlock in England on a Sunday afternoon this is live English

it sure is baby

now before anyone says mr. Duncan you're late why are you late yes I am slightly

late I apologise for that we had one or two technical problems here one or two

slight glitches glitch glitch it's a great word when something goes wrong

normally to do with things that are electronic technical things we can say

that we have a glitch so I do apologize once again for being slightly late today

however I'm here right now hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in

England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy

well are you happy I really hope so here we go again

the last live stream of January next week we have a new month I think next

week it's the third is it the third of February next week and don't forget also

next month it's mr. Steve's birthday and I have

absolutely no idea what to get Steve for his birthday I have no clue so I don't

know what to get mr. Steve what do you buy someone who has everything it's a

very difficult question one that is not easy to answer

so mr. Steve will be another year older next month and maybe we might do a live

stream a special live stream on mr. Steve's birthday who knows who knows

what will happen I don't actually know what's going to happen today

anything could happen because it's completely live yes as live as live can

be it is a windy day today let's have a look outside there it is a live view and

you can see it's very windy today the wind is very strong we have gales

some very strong gales occurring at the moment so it's very

windy out there in fact the wind is so strong you can actually hear it here in

the studio so now and again you might actually hear the wind blowing against

the studio so I do apologize if there are some strange noises today but it is

because of the weather it's very windy out there I tell you something I can't

wait I really can't wait until we can go outside again to do our live streams I

must admit I really do miss it I miss not being able to go outside and do the

live streams in the garden but at the moment because of course we are in

winter midwinter sadly we can't go outside live but I would really love to

do it maybe next week who knows talking of the

weather ah yes yes it happened last week last Wednesday we had snow and there you

can see the view last Wednesday yes we did have some snow we were expecting

some snow on Tuesday but we didn't get any in the end we didn't get any snow

whatsoever but on Wednesday we had some snow not much it only lasted a day and

then it all melted away so there you can see the views last Wednesday we had some

snow not much just a little bit it stayed for a day and then went away it

all melted so it didn't even stay for 24 hours it was gone

most of it was gone on the same day and one more view here we go so there is

another view so these particular video clips were taken last Wednesday when we

had a little bit of snow here in England not much but as you can probably imagine

I did get very excited when I when I realized

that we'd had some snow but unfortunately not much it went away very

quickly but of course you know how how excited I get when it snows I get very

excited I become very childish I giggle and I run around and I get very excited

talking of being childish today we are going to talk about being childish

in a certain way we are going to talk all about comics and comic books

superhero comics and superhero movies as well now I think that comics and I think

a lot of people think the same thing as me comics are actually aimed at young

people but of course there are many people who love reading comics and

collecting comic books who are much older dare I say my age so what do you

think about comic books do you ever read them do you ever read comics and at what

age should you stop reading comics so that's one of the questions we'll be

asking today is it childish to read comic books as an adult so if you are in

your 20s or 30s 40s 50s or older when is it too old to read comic books and do

you read them don't forget you can catch the live English stream every Sunday

from 2 p.m. UK time you can see the details now going across the screen and

of course if you would like to make a donation to my paypal you can do and

then I can carry on doing this every Sunday for free everything I do here on

YouTube is provided free of charge it costs you nothing however all donations

will be gladly received thank you very much mr. Steve will be

here later talking about lots of things today also we are going to talk all

about anger and there is one reason why I would like to do this today is because

did you see during the week on the internet a lot of people were worth

putting video clips of a certain event that took place this week a man got very

angry and he decided to take revenge anger can be a very destructive emotion

I think and here it is he was a very brief clip of what happened here in the

UK this week because of one person getting very angry and there you can see

it he is actually destroying a hotel that he and other builders had been

working on but the thing is he hadn't been paid so because he was so angry

about it he decided to go on a rampage with a small digger an excavator and as

you can see there he decided to crash into the building that they just

completed so they just finished making building that particular hotel and

because one person had not been paid he got very angry and decided to to take

revenge so sometimes anger can be a very

destructive very damaging emotion I think so anyway so that's something

we'll be talking about words expressions to do with anger do you ever get angry

do you ever lose your temper sometimes it is very hard to control your temper

especially if you are dealing with a situation that is very

and I think you know what I mean there are many situations in life where

you might find yourself feeling very frustrated very angry and maybe you

can't hold in that anger maybe you have to let the anger out so you lose your

temper so all of that coming later on also on Friday mr. Steve and myself we

celebrated a special anniversary can you guess what it is last Friday a special

anniversary can you guess what it is I will give you a clue it has something to

do with this location the place in which we are living right now it has something

to do with that of course we can't have the livestream without the live chat so

let's have a look shall we who is on the live chat well lots of people are

definitely talking at the moment it's so nice to see so many people here can I

just say a big hello to Belarusian who is not feeling very well at the moment

thank you very much for your message to let me know that you are not feeling too

well at the moment I'm very sorry to hear that

so Belarusian is not well so I'm sure myself and you as well we'll send your

best wishes to Belarusian I hope you feel better soon let's have a look at

the live chat then shall we let's have a look right now oh yes quite a few people

are on the live chat and here it is now but the big question is who was first oh

I see there is Tomic Tomic is first on the live chat congratulations and you

know what that means it means that you get a lovely big round of applause

well done Tomic you are first on the live chat today also Francisco is here

how's it hanging it's hanging quite nicely a little bit to the left if I was

honest with you matrix is here hello matrix also Olga hi

Olga also Martha Julia hello Julia nice to see you here today

also oh hi everyone thank you very much for joining today as you can see the

live chat is going slightly wrong as usual Oh get back down there thank you

also we have Khyber Hiroko Hiroko is watching in Malaysia hello to Malaysia

Jimmy is here Anna Eric also we have sue Kat

hello tsukete how are you today also Jeff Jeff is very observant jeff

has noticed that I was a bit late today sorry about that we had some technical

problems but don't worry everything is alright now

Frederika is here hello to you also Maria hello Maria nice to see you back

again in glaze is here watching in Brazil grace Irene Jordao wow so many

people oh that's very kind that's very nice khyber is sending

congratulations to Tomic for being first on the live stream today isn't that

lovely see there are lots of friendly people around in this world blue thunder

is here yes it's another Sunday another fun day it's time to improve your

listening skills every Sunday from 2:00 p.m. UK time unless of course I'm late

in which case not quite Alamgir is here also go see err also we have Connell

hello Connell nice to see you here again today leaner

here as well and Pedro hi Pedro now can I just say that Pedro you will be doing

the moderating on your own today because Belarus ear is not feeling too well

now I know that Belarusian is watching but I don't think she will be joining us

on the live chat so a big hello once again to Belarusian and I hope you get

well soon also we have Julia I am happy you are here now and you have managed to

fix the technical problems yes I did have some slight problems nothing too

serious don't worry nothing serious just one or two things I had to sort out you

know what technology is like sometimes it goes quite wrong you guys aren't

chatting with me because you don't know that when I have joined well I can see

you now Kaiba I can see you now on the live chat you are there right in front

of me pal Meera is here hello there everyone we are having a real winter

lots of snow and also big bills to pay for heating I think so matrix is here

yes next sunday is the third the 3rd of February and of course February is the

month when mr. Steve has his birthday but I have no idea what to buy him I

don't know what to get mr. Steve for his birthday do you have any idea do you

have any thoughts about what I should get mr. Steve for his birthday I have no

idea it's not very easy buying things for mr. Steve

hello mr. day what a beautiful hat oh thank you thank you Michelle thank you

very much for your compliment I thought today that I would make my hat match my

shirt normally I wear a white hat but today I'm wearing a red hat so it will

match my t-shirt also hello to Gloria who is watching in

Saudi Arabia and also Chris who says it is the dinner dinner yang festival in

the Philippines today so a happy day to you in the Philippines also don't forget

next week it is the Lunar New Year on the 5th of February and can you guess

which animal will be featured during the next year in the the lunar calendar I

will give you give you a little clue now

so there it is a little clue a little tiny clue as to what the next lunar year

will be represented by in the Chinese zodiac and also in the in Japan as well

they have the Lunar New Year celebrations Oh what beautiful snow

Thank You Blue Thunder Martha says I am fine thank you

in reply to matrix last Friday in Argentina we had an awful hot day 47

degrees Wow he was so lucky at the moment here in

the UK it's around about 5 maybe 6 degrees quite chilly and very windy it

is also windy in Bari in South Italy Thank You Michelle for that also we have

sue Kat saying oh we we enjoy your beautiful snow sites isn't that kind

thank you very much hello mister don't go and I watching with my daughter Anna

so can I say hello to jordão and also your daughter Anna

Cecilia hello to you as well and I hope you are having a good Sunday Maria says

even here in the south of Italy it's really cold well in many parts of Europe

they've had lots of snow in certain parts of Europe across the Alps and also

certain parts of France and towards the north of Europe although having said

that it's not that unusual at this time of year to have lots of snow in that

part of the world Tuesday in Paris it snowed a lot Thank You Louis for that

yes we did have a lot of snow and we are now going to come up to date with the

live chat and there we go hello Guadeloupe thank you for joining

me today also Amory Erik Lilia or Lily and also

Leonardo thank you very much everyone for joining me today it's lovely to see

you here in a few moments mr. Steve will be here but first of all we are going to

have a look at one of my full English lessons don't forget there are lots of

English lessons on my YouTube channel and here is an example of one of them

right now and then we have mr. Steve

do you ever find yourself stricken with shyness do you ever feel shy would you

describe yourself as a shy person it would be fair to say that we all feel a

little shy from time to time there are certain situations where shyness might

affect you perhaps you are meeting someone for the first time even worse

perhaps you are about to meet many people who you don't know they say that

loneliness is a crowded room and for a shy person this is very true we often

equate nervousness with being shy you might not know what to say in certain

situations which can lead to the appearance of being shy a lack of

confidence in certain situations can lead to an attack of shyness we often

position shy alongside awkward in a sentence a shy person might be described

as apprehensive bashful coy retiring and timid a shy person might find themselves

being accused of being antisocial or standoffish as their silence can

sometimes be misinterpreted as arrogance or conceitedness I know this because it

has happened to me I can sometimes be quite shy in certain situations which

can lead to some people asking what's the deal with your friend Duncan he

won't speak to anyone he seems a bit arrogant to me no I'm not being arrogant

or stuck-up or conceited I'm just a little bit shy that's all

have you ever taken part in a contest or competition and after the result or

winner has been announced you feel cheated you find yourself thinking that

perhaps the winner was chosen for a reason perhaps you felt that the

competition was rigged or fixed to rig something means to arrange a situation

in such a way that the result is assured to rig something is to cheat and fix a

game or contest to go one particular way for example in a talent show

the winner might turn out to be a relative of one of the judges this might

lead people to think that the contest was rigged or fixed in sport a boxing

match can be rigged so as to allow people to place heavy bets on the winner

one of the boxes taking part in the match is paid to take a fall so as to

ensure that the other one wins almost anything can be rigged or fixed so as to

give someone an advantage or a definite chance of winning

the world of English is indeed a fun and exciting place to be but it can also be

confusing for those learning the language some English words especially

can create confusion and lead to mistakes being made a good example of

this confusion is the similarity between the words momentum and memento they seem

to be related but in fact they are not in physics the word momentum relates to

the quantity of motion of an object based on its mass and speed that is to

say how heavy and how fast it can travel is related to the amount of energy it

can create this energy is classed as potential which relates to what the

object can do for example the weight and speed of a rolling rock will give you

its potential energy value the movement is its momentum the force and thrust

created is called impetus movement is impetus momentum can also relate to the

driving force or impetus of a course of events how one action or event can have

an effect on other things the size of the effect and how long it will last

relates to its momentum the discussion of a controversial topic will gain

momentum as more people become involved

the word memento refers to an object that has been kept as a reminder of a

past event a memento is a souvenir it is something that has been put aside as a

treasured possession a keepsake is a memento a photograph taken at a special

event can be a memento something bought during a trip to a

particular place is a momento so as you can see the words momentum and memento

are very different indeed and as I mentioned earlier all of my English

lessons are available on my youtube channel

here he is the guy who next month will have his birthday a lot of people are

asking how old will he be well I don't think he wanted to tell you I

I think he's keeping it a secret let's just say whenever he blows the candles

out on his birthday cake we always have to have the fire brigade on standby yes

it's mr. Steve everybody around the world and whoever is wanting to learn

English it's mr. Steve I'm one of them so you know hey there's something I've

noticed today Steve what's that I've noticed that I'm looking pretty good on

camera I've I've lost a bit more weight I think really I think I've lost mum

some more weight I noticed yesterday when we were walking I noticed my

trousers have become very loose so I think I have lost a little bit more

weight and also my my do-it-yourself plastic surgery has healed quite nicely

I'm looking I think I look I think I look pretty sexy today I wouldn't go

that far mr. Duncan does that sound big-headed yes I can anyway it's the

scales that will show the weighing scales that will show with you have

really lost weight or not I think I can fetch them no no we're not doing that

today well first of all the scales don't work because it needs a new battery

thank goodness so anyway mr. Steve is here what a week

have you had a good week I have it's very windy outside yes student can I can

see all the trees moving around so it is look that's now that's live now outside

it's very cold and it's very windy yes I haven't actually been outside today yet

because I've been helping preparing you for your your show yes I'm preparing

that the little bits that I do and today we're talking about a very big subject

anger anger now I know for a fact that that mr. Steve sometimes you get

angry about things we might talk about that later on the things that make us

angry I must admit as I've got older I've

become less angry about things but but as mr. steve has got older he seems to

have become more angry about things so you lose your temper more and I lose my

temper less but years ago I used to lose my temper all the time I was to get very

frustrated and angry about everything so it's very interesting how as we've both

got older we we've kind of changed and I think you're you're you get more angry

than I do I get more annoyed about things than I used to I don't know why I

just do I think it's getting old as you get older they say you become

more miserable and you've got this weight and burden of things on your on

your brain that I think sex you tend to become like a like a grumpy old man yes

I'm getting grumpy Knab do you want the bed again - what last week mr. Steve is

in the bed he's leaving on the table already I'm just relaxing I'm just

comfortable trying to put myself and everybody at ease I'll stop doing it

now that's annoyingly we're talking about anger I may lose my temper in a

minute mr. Duncan earth is that like the other week when you had a little silk

because I said you were wrong about something and then you were Moody

there's a phrase for that that I've got here oh I see I can't wait to see that

would you like to see would you like to see someone losing their temper mr.

Steve this is during the week this is a viral video that has now been seen by

everyone on the planet except mr. Steve I haven't seen it I can't believe you

haven't seen this well I don't go on the internet very much mister the internet

the webs webs in the Internet's I don't go on social media take a look at this

Steve now this is one angry man look at this now this is a guy this week who got

so angry because he hadn't been paid for his work Wow

so the building that he was helping to construct he went in and destroyed it

that all part of it anyway so look at that he's going in there now and he's

smashing smashing up the hotel he wouldn't want to stay there would you

with his excavator yes oh look at that there's another scene look at this so

this is as he goes inside take a look at this for who's filming that from the

inside a very brave person is somebody inside there those are lots people

inside and you can see them diving for cover where they're working on it on the

building at the time yes there it was almost completed they were putting the

finishing touches to the reception area and then this guy apparently hadn't been

paid for his work and he got so angry he decided we shouldn't we shouldn't be

laughing this is not funny he decided to go on a rampage with an excavator so so

all of the work that they've done he decided to destroy it so this place

hadn't even opened yet it's a brand new hotel he hadn't even

opened so he decided to to get his revenge he got very angry so he decided

to start smashing the building up with what happened I don't know but III would

imagine well actually later he ran off he

actually ran away can you believe it they get in I don't know I haven't heard

anything else about the story and that's the strange thing the story seems to

have gone away mysteriously the story has vanished so sometimes getting angry

you've never seen that before have you no it's unbelievable so sometimes

getting angry can be a very bad thing indeed because you regret it later on

you lose your temper and then you do things which sometimes can have a great

impact on other people around you so you never want to lose control of your

emotion no it's alright for me to say that because that's I often do

lose control of my emotions particularly on the road yes so there are two things

that get you annoyed and angry and you can go from zero to a hundred miles an

hour with with your temper so the level of temper with you can go from there to

there very quickly and just like that the two things on the road when you're

driving your car other motorists and also technology oh yes

technology gets you very angry the the amount of times that you've been in your

office upstairs and you've been banging the desk in throwing things around I've

broken company equipment before oh but they didn't know well it's in the past

they might know now in the past I've got so angry I smashed my fists on two

computers and broken them so you've actually broken company property yes

because it was it was it stupid useless basically so this is the problem with

getting angry sometimes you do things in the heat of the moment mr. Duncan you've

got a pair of scissors here um yes I you know you've got to be careful because if

I lose it yes you might stick these you might stick this pair of scissors in my

net this live stream may go viral buzz Wow he'll certainly go viral for the

wrong reasons so yes myself we sometimes lose our

temper we can get very angry about things now let's see if people are

getting angry at live chat let's see if people are getting angry on the live

chat shall we yes that the live chat so there it is

Steve so what you want to do now well dad just won't ever read your nose -

then let's have a read start from the top start from you know just after I

came in I'll try my best it's it's being very awkward today how

is it so let's just go back slightly ago that'll do Oh sue cat knows when your

birthday is hello sue cat because I meant chammak I

mentioned your birthday you see Ana Pedro we haven't got Belarus here today

have worried she is here watching but she's not

getting involved because she's not very well at the moment so get well soon

hello Belarus yeah get well soon but we do have Pedro taking care of the

live chat and also we have a new feature that YouTube has introduced where they

will show me any comments that might be rude or offensive so I can see them but

no one else can and then I can approve them so I think that's a great little

thing there so so maybe Pedro will be out of work he won't work he won't have

a job to do there won't be any moderator needed on

the live chat can you believe it Pedro what do you think to that yeah I might

have to make you redundant did you ever pay Pedro for being a moderator the the

just just the actual honor of being my moderator is payment enough a bit likely

the workers in America that have been haven't been paid for the last two

months yes because of the the government shutdown sue cat has outed me in terms

of my birthday yet the 16th of February is when mr. Steve is another year old

annoyed a lot of people asking how old is mr. Steve we can't say amazing that

we're having him sent to a laboratory in London to have him carbon-dated thanks a

lot that's how old he is so it's a bit like a tree if you cut a tree in half

you can count the Rings inside so I think they're going to do a similar

thing to Steve I think they're going to cut one of his arms off and count the

Rings to see how old he is Maria says that there's an interesting question

hello mr. Steve hello Maria hello Maria are you fond of pets well would you like

to receive a dog for your birthday now I know that recently you've got very

attached you've become very attached to one of our neighbors dogs because you've

you've been taking it for a walk yes because one of our neighbors is not very

well yeah and her dog is quite old it's think it's 12 or 13 years old which is

quite old for a dog and you can tell it's old but anyway I'm

taking it for walk but it's very slow I think I mentioned last week it's very

boring taking dogs for a walk because they want to do their own thing all the

time and but so we have often talked about having a having a pet dog and not

at the moment because while we're both working if and it wouldn't be fair and

mr. Duncan because I don't mr. Duncan works from home as you know on his

YouTube channel like now I work you know like in an office type of I haven't

about so it would be a bit unfair because mr. Duncan would have the full

burden of looking after the pet all the time yes let's put it to put it bluntly

dogs can be a real pain in the arse well any pet needs a certain amount of

looking after yes I know that from from looking after you I mean those scissors

mr. Duncan I'm getting angry well I mean I've had a lot of experience looking

after a dumb animal he means me he means me well you said it not me you said it

you see I come home after a hard day's work mr. Duncan often cooks a meal for

me yeah she's very nice yes and then often I'm off in the evening

doing things because I'm in the all these societies which I've mentioned

before every week so mr. Duncan's here all the time

inevitably he would have to spend most of his time looking after the pet it's

true it's like these tarantulas that we're looking after for a friend of

still we're still looking after those stupid spiders he's my friend but mr.

Duncan is looking after he's spider yes well to make things worse and I'm not

only looking after spiders I also have to look after the food that we give to

the spiders so we have these little crickets and so not only do I have to

feed the spiders but also I have to feed the crickets every day as well so I'm

looking after two two creatures or lots of creatures already I don't want to

look after a dog as well as looking after

mr. Steve as well it's too many things and I need a lot of looking after

believe me I think so hey we've got some messages about anger blue thunder says

sometimes I lose control because of anger with my brother yes brothers and

sisters often often fight did you ever fight with your sister all the time I

think so yes Pedro you can ask me a question you can ask me anything Pedro

anybody can ask me anything does it mean a line I know you can ask I know what

he's going to ask it's going to ask how old you are

oh well while we're not said we're not revealing that oh we want people to

guess and then whoever comes up with the the youngest age I'll give them a kiss

that sounds like punishment yes yes now brothers and sisters siblings brothers

and sisters your siblings sibling rivalry

you often causes a lot of anger and arguments amongst brothers and sisters

brothers whatever Oh Kaiba says I feel tense and angry after

hard work now that's a bit of you as well because sometimes in your job you

have lots of things to think about and do so sometimes you become overwhelmed

or maybe a little bit frustrated in your work yes and I think sometimes if you

just just go and let me just finish what I was saying about sibling yes okay

lowest but will it take 20 minutes it won't take but everyone who's got a

brother and sister will relate to this and quite often the older brother which

I was an older brother tends to maybe treat their younger brothers or sisters

maybe not as well as they should do yes my sister always reminds me that I used

to go into her room she had a she had a metal bin allowed to get if I was

annoyed with the rats and the guard go into there and I'd bash it with my foot

and put dents in it you know you were a very violent child that's what I used to

do she often reminds me we laugh about it now

you know I don't know if I used to annoy her but I'm sure she must have annoyed

me otherwise I wouldn't have gone into a room and kicked her Ben no and put dents

in it so I want to know what what did she do to make you angry I don't know I

can't even remember did she steal your did you steal your dollies no did she

did she take your action man and put lipstick on him I don't remember what it

was but apparently I used to be a bit mean to her at times and you were saying

what were you saying mr. Duncan before I went back to the subject of sibling

rivalry well I don't think I talked about work making you angry yes and

frustrated yes so if you have too much work if you have a very large workload

maybe you have only a short amount of time to get something done by lots of

tasks all coming at once so you need to do so frustration I think one of the

main causes of anger is actually frustration it is you are correct mr.

Duncan frustration you've got lot time pressure time

pressure that was a very intense look you gave me then well hey Joe just said

that I age isn't important I look great oh this is why I come on here every week

just for the adulation from Pedro and all anybody but yes no the Bob's are

saying yes so yes frustration you need I think sometimes I know that I need time

pressure to make me work efficiently if I don't have a certain pressure of time

then I start to become inefficient and I know sometimes I often leave things to

the last possible moment to get things done because that will that somehow

makes me more efficient and I'm able to do the tasks more better and more

efficiently if I've got a bit of time pressure I've got a project to do or

something I've got to finish something for work okay say it needs to be done

for a week for a week today for example but I know it's only going to take

me say an hour to do it rather than do it then I'll probably leave it later

because that'll because I haven't got the motivation to do it yes whereas if

you leave it too near at the time suddenly you get a bit of adrenaline and

then all your ideas start it's more sometimes you're more efficient that's

I've often said this well preparing yes will so extreme I tell you now from

creativity people who are creative it is the worst possible thing you can get

into it can I can I just if anyone is thinking of getting into the creative

field it will probably drive you completely insane

to be honest because I've been doing this for 12 years now and there are

moments in my past when I've I've almost lost my mind so being creative always

having to come up with new ideas and new things but sometimes it's very hard to

do that sometimes your brain just switches off you have you have nothing

up here there's nothing I find these days that that happens more and more so

if you are in the creative field there is a lot of pressure and you can become

very frustrated not with the job with yourself because you you can't think of

new things so you you get into this awful cycle where you become frustrated

with yourself and I think that's one of the worst things you can do but

sometimes you need a bit of pressure don't you yes in order to work

efficiently yes in order to get those creative juices going that's it so you

might have all week to prepare for the live lesson but it's not going to take

you a week to prepare for it No so sometimes yeah and and then sometimes

you say to me I'm frustrated I don't know what we're going to do for Sunday

but you always come up with something because then as the times it gets near

and near the time yes your mind starts that it knows you've got to come up with

something my brain and it don't something happens then you start getting

ideas from here what's one idea starts and the other one comes in and so to

become yes a bit of time pressure is sometimes a good thing it's a bit like

writing if you are an author sometimes you have nothing

in there and then one day you suddenly get all this inspiration at once back to

the live chat very quickly I don't want to ignore the live chat because now I

thought sometimes we we do tend to to forget about the live chat Chico is here

hello Chico nice to see you school makes me stressed

making me play games and also it makes me angry when I can't play therefore my

mum says that I'm quite annoying making me even more angry ah that's a good one

yes parents can often make children very angry and also the other way around

so if you are raising a family if you have kids of your own

quite often anger will will be an issue it will be there somewhere so I think so

chico says I never get frustrated when I'm creative instead I find it fun well

I I find it fun for most of the time but there are moments when you feel like you

just want to quit you want to end it all when I say end it all I mean the work

you don't want to do it anymore for those who are not sure what I meant

there Nadine I lose my mind when I study the lessons and then the exam is

cancelled oh yes see your you hate having your time wasted I do

ah that's a good one a very good one there so mr. Steve gets very angry when

he wastes time or if someone else wastes your time particularly at work when you

have a meeting about something and it's just ridiculous you didn't need to have

a meeting about it you could have just sorted it out by talking to somebody in

a couple of minutes mm-hmm a lot of time is wasted at work with

unnecessary meetings and I'm sure a lot of people can relate to that

I think people just like meeting sometimes because it just gives them

something to do but but yes I don't like having my time wasted No

Pedro wants to know who's the breadwinner here in the family in here

yes but both of his room between I I would say that mr. Steve is is probably

the main breadwinner because because I'm a youtuber so if you you will publish

here on youtube if you if you do YouTube then there's no way on earth there is no

way in a thousand years that you are ever going to be the breadwinner so so I

don't win much bread I have a few crumbs on my table and maybe a little bit of

mouldy crust yes but but mr. Steve is the breadwinner if I was honest I have

no shame they're saying that because I love doing my youtube channel I love

running it I love making my videos I love doing this

so I give a lot of my time and I get paid nothing nothing at all for it

people think I'm crazy don't they people in the real world think I'm completely

insane for various reasons good job I'm in full employment it is a good job

Steve that's very good I was thinking at one point in my life that I might have

to sell my body on the streets I might have to hang around outside the

spa shop that ship has sailed mr. dink I might have to hang around the spa shop

and we say that ship has sailed whether I'm trying to say something but

let me finish what I'm saying and then you can say something

that's how it normally works I was thinking of going into much when looking

hanging around outside the spar shop you know in sort of selling my body yes as I

said that ship has sailed okay then what does that mean that means

that the chance of that happening past a long time ago yes because you're too old

now the opportunity the the has faded away you you can't do that because I'm

too old yeah you couldn't sell your body now or no because you're too old no one

will pay for this actually their minds unless it's medical science they might

there might be a doctor who might want to open me up and have a look inside

he might be curious rare a two three two three-two-three has asked what is a

breadwinner yeah well the breadwinner is the person who earns the money in the

house so maybe if you have a husband and wife maybe the husband is the

breadwinner so he has a job or maybe both are breadwinners

so maybe the husband and wife both work which is quite usual nowadays so the

breadwinner the breadwinner is the person who earns the money in the

household so in other words it refer it's referring to buying bread which is

food yes a basic type of food you know if you've got bread it's an idiom the

house yes it's an idiom a very interesting idiom puts money in the home

yes that's correct Pedro there was some controversy this week Steve did you hear

about is that one of our favorite TV shows is a show presented by a man

called Bill Maher and he hosts the TV show real time it's one of our favorite

TV shows we do we do like to watch American chat shows American programs

because they just seem so much better than than our shows but this week Bill

Maher upset a lot of people he made some comments during the week in reference to

people who read comics Bill Maher made headlines around this part of the

entertainment world shortly after the death of Stanley last November as he

penned a controversial open e d piece on his blog on how comic books were meant

solely for kids when we say solely we mean only only a

few months later the comedian Double Down he actually increased what he

thought as he went on a massive rant at the end of his weekly real time will be

with Bill Maher program on HBO spending upwards of six minutes trying to explain

his previous blog post ma ended up lashing out against comic

fans once more dropping a few comments that are sure to be controversial

amongst the comic crowd so that's what Bill Maher did he he said basically what

he said Steve was that comic books are only for children so if you read comics

they are only for kids so adults should not be reading comics at all they

shouldn't be so the big question today is is it childish to read comic books as

an adult wasn't he also commenting about the plethora of films related to comic

book heroes well it's the big thing though that people a lot of people are

watching them yeah it's the big thing now a lot of movies that come out during

the year are often a featuring some sort of superhero from the comic books but I

think his main his main concern was people over a certain age adults reading

comic books and this reminded me of our past now first of all when you think of

a person who reads comics you normally think of this sort of character now this

is the guy from South Park do you remember I do he's the guy that

was playing World of Warcraft but we always think of people who read comment

comics in their adult life as looking like that a little bit desperate a

little bit needy maybe living with their mother still and having no social life

so so that might be the cliche of a person who reads comics but we used to

read them didn't we I think every child reads comic communist so let's have a

look at some of the comics we used to read now this is one that I used to read

as a kid spider-man the amazement the amazing spider-man now apparently I

didn't realize this there are lots of different versions different versions

spider-man really did you know that so there's there's the spider-man

there's the amazing spider-man there's the really amazing spider-man

there's the incredible spider-man there's lots of versions of spider-man

you seem to know a lot about this mister don't yet I used to really I used to

think actually spider-man was a bit sexy really yeah that explains a lot doesn't

it I don't know why I don't know why but I used to don't forget I was only a

child at the time well men wearing sort of tight lycra costume

yes has got a certain it's all a little bit homoerotic yes there is a certain

element of that going on it's the same with Batman isn't it yes lots of lots of

tight lycra and tights men running around in tights it's also a

man that was another one yes so I mean really well you you men shouldn't really

be wandering around dressed in tight lycra outfits and they can if they want

I want a problem with it yes but they're going to Achaia

they're going to attract ridicule aren't they from other men yeah well I don't

think so because most most of the people that follow superheroes are made the

majority are men who read comic books and watch the movies they must be

fantasizing that they are in fact these characters themselves yes and in fact I

know I've got a friend oh wait there don't bring a friend if I'm going to

bring the photo I don't want to listen to the friend story today I'm not in the

mood I'm just okay there let me talk generally I think people based on

personal knowledge of somebody that I know I think quite often that when

people are watching sort of fantasy films it's the same right James Bond

okay anything like that cartoon characters superheroes I think you put

yourself you you you associate with that person

you wish you were that character don't yes that's what people are doing yeah

but I think what often happens is that this crosses over too much into the real

world and sometimes people forget that they're not actually these characters at

all yeah and time to just to get on with life yes but

it's an escape it's a fantasy it's an escape from the real world that's it

so is it childish to read comic books as an adult well here's another good

example he now bearing in mind that we're talking a lot these days not me

and Steve but people generally are talking about feminism so take a look at

this this is the cover of a copy of The Avengers and this is from the late 60s

the late 1960s can you believe it and there you can see there are some

superhero women and they are defeating all the men and she is saying from now

on it's the the Valliere and her lady so that they're actually showing the men

that the women are stronger than the men can you see that so that was way back in

the 1960s he's saying that finishes off those male chauvinist pigs yes can you

believe it so she's referring to men who treat women quite badly and think that

women should be put in their place and not and not try to be powerful and

successful yes but the interesting thing is this is

for in the late 1960s so even back then there was a lot of feminism there was a

lot of feminism in in popular culture so I think that so that's a pretty good

example of that well I think superheroes well going back to superhero men being

dressed in tight lycra the same also applies to do to women when they're when

they're sort of Wonder Woman for example a Wonder Woman

she she always wore very little that's what I mean they always dress

superheroes up in sexy outfits yes or to look sexy yes so I mean up

Wonder Woman oh yes she used to get my heart beating mr. Duncan when I was

younger I was watched Wonder Woman okay you know this or I cross over to the

dark side is that but is that because you wanted to be Wonder Woman

think so no it wasn't it never there was something very attractive about Wonder

Woman Lynda Carter who incidentally popped up

in in in in a law-and-order program that we watched the other night I don't know

how old that program was but it was nice to see her in that but I said Lynda

Carter I thought she was a lovely actress by the way Steve's talking about

the actress who used to play super Wonder Woman in during the nineteen the

the late 70s and early 80s many years ago but yes we have the Avengers also oh

do you remember this character from the comics mr. Steve no I don't Lord snooty

no I don't know anything about that mr. Duncan now Lord snooty appeared in a

certain comic called the Beano so he was actually in the Beano did you ever read

the Beano cry I don't really remember reading the Beano really no was it might

have done was it a little too lowbrow I don't know but I used to I used to read

a comic called Whizzer and chips okay then we might have a look at that

in a moment but but if you if you look at the front page of this comic look

there is bullying taking place so there is a character called Dennis the Menace

and he is beating up a character called Walter Walter the softie is his name and

everybody deserves it oh okay I'm only joking but every week

Dennis the Menace would beat he would attack and beat and bully Walter the

softie which of course was very bad very bad influence I would I would say on on

children at school yes it's very strange because bullying

is is a dreadful thing yes no no one likes being bullied but there you can

see if you see if a child's watching this a bully is watching this yeah

sorry reading this comic that's justifying his behavior at school yes oh

it must be all right because I read it in the B No

comic yes so I very much doubt that can you still buy comics I don't even know

mum it sounds like a ludicrous question it is a ludicrous question but yes you

can you can still get comics but not not in paper form not in paper form most of

them now are actually just available over the Internet how boring so you can

only view them on the Internet so I think there are many comics many comics

now that can only be looked at or read through the internet so they

disappointing they're not published anymore

talking of talking of Lord snooty no Lord snooty was a character that

appeared in the Beano and can I just say that he reminds me of someone and I'm

not sure who he reminds me of oh wait wait a minute

of course it's mr. Steve you often call me Lord snooty so now I know why yes

Lord snooty or should I say Lord Steve so there so I think they they actually

based the character of Lord snooty on mr. Steve I think that's really what you

were like when you were a kid I don't know what you mean mr. Duncan so you

have no idea there's the evidence I rest my case they used to call me posh at

school they said I was posh yes we all know we all know about your days of

being posh here's another Lord snooty and can you see they're all bullying

Lord snooty they're saying and we won't bash you if you give us some chips slurp

so all the kids are threatening to beat up Lord snooty if you disagree if he

doesn't hand over the chips worrying again more bullying so this is this is

the sort of stuff I grew up with a lot of people saying on the live chat about

their experiences with comics I don't know

shall we have a look shall we okay there we go

they were diss Steve yes Chico says men read more comics and women I think

that's correct Oh sue cat says Lynda Carter

had beautiful blue eyes she did and a tiny waist and there were things about

other weren't tiny she had some certain assets that definitely were not tiny I

was always amazed might go and buy her shorts those shorts were so tight and

and and they went up so high in the middle and I used to wonder how how this

was aimed at children now are I have a feeling that lots of adults lots of men

we're also watching Wonder Woman but not because they enjoyed superheroes but

they liked looking at Wonder Woman's cameltoe mr. Duncan it was disgusting

my father used to sit there and watch it I mean the program was rubbish but let's

face it it was rubbish it was the only attraction was Wonder Woman in her

skimpy outfits yes that's the only reason anybody watched it tsukete says

my husband loved Wonder Woman I think yes I think you know why there was one

particular outfit that she used to wear yes which was virtually pornographic

yeah that's what I just said but you didn't haven't finished the

sentence yet okay she used to wear she had what she had an outfit for lots of

different scenarios didn't she does she um what yes used to change her outfits

sumter and she had one for riding a motorbike I've heard a particular outfit

for riding a motorbike and that was well I can't even describe it was I mean it

was soft porn it was all you could describe that

outfit as because okay let's say she had very large breasts didn't she she was

very well-endowed and in this motorcycle outfit I'm sure sue Kats husband will

remember this it's it's emblazoned on my memory I can still see it now yes she

was often shown in slow motion on this motorbike and well let's just say

everything was heaving around all over the place

yes well when she was running she would often slow it down

and I'm sure they it was just for the benefit of the men watching not not for

the children so yes I think it's it's true to say that that that might be the

case yes I think so there we go chico says it's not childish

to read comics as an adult okay then and i think i wouldn't say it was childish i

think i think if you were to talk about it a lot and become too serious about it

I think it's it's like superhero films they're nice to watch a bit of fun I

hate them I don't like them either Victor oh you just said they're good to

what you know just just it's a bit of entertainment but you don't want to be

talking about it I am so bored with superhero films there's so many there's

too many there are this year there there are even more superhero films and please

can we do something else we get it yes we understand there are superheroes and

they are super and they are heroes but Louis say that you can develop your

knowledge with comics and that's probably what yes that's probably

children do get some knowledge from comics do they but not the best one no

yes an escape from the real world yeah that's what that's what it's all about

yes an escape from the real world and so on sometimes you need somewhere to

escape to if life is because life is not always good to you is it bad things

happen things make you unhappy no Anna says I've got a skeleton in my cupboard

oh okay I don't know what she what she's referring to there maybe you have a

secret steve has a skeleton in his wardrobe yes a secret a Skeletor a

skeleton in your cupboard it means you've got a secret these hidden away

hmm I wonder what Anna thinks that I have hidden away in my wardrobe it's not

Wonder Woman it's not a Wonder Woman outfit let's see I'm starting to wonder

now these are things that I'm thinking now that maybe Steve used to dress up

his Wonder Woman when he was a child I think so

I think this this explains a lot a lot leader is going now

bye-bye mr. Duncan a mr. Steve see ya bye Lena Lena's going now it must be

very late I think we're leaner is so yes I think

it's very fair to say that if the superhero is a woman I think it's fair

to say that lots of men will definitely be watching somebody just asks what are

synonyms of snooty snooty posh arrogant a person who thinks that they are above

everyone else or maybe they think that their their life is better than other

people they look down on people who might not have as much elitist as them

yes they are elitist elitist snobby snooty snobby

posh pompous thinking that they're better than everybody else

yes so there are many synonyms of snooty a snooty person they are stuck up now

Jimmy says that Captain Marvel and the Avengers are coming soon this year oh

good something to look forward to isn't isn't Captain Marvel a woman have

I got that wrong I think I think there are a lot of female superheroes around

at the moment so yes I think I think Captain Marvel might be a woman so I'm

sure someone will correct me but there's one movie I would like to see and that's

the new spider-man into the spider-verse that looks quite a good movie an

animated movie and it brings all of the different spider-man's

together but aren't they all the same anyway don't know wear the same outfit

so they basically wear the same things but there are many different types of

Superman in different universes Superman and sorry so I bind a Spider Man yes

spider-man spider-man does whatever a spider can spin spins a web any size

catches thieves just like flies look out here comes the spider-man

strangely you remember that word-for-word he sure you're not still

watching it well I I secretly watch it there's an adult version now it was

really what happened away you can find that mr. Duncan what if what was I going

to say yes and I said that Wonder Woman is my skeleton in the cupboard

how I say yes I'm telling you now mr. Duncan I used to be in love with Wonder

Woman she'll always be my first love and maybe your last no hmm interesting

Cagney asks mr. Duncan what does solidarity mean well salt solidarity if

I can say it solidarity means that you join force with something so you you

stay as one so if a group of people stay together as one group they have

solidarity so solidarity means to remain as a group so maybe if you have a

movement a certain movement of people thinking one thing they all join

together in solidarity yes they've all got similar aims yes and goals that they

want to achieve that there was a there was there now lick vow answer okay was a

famous union leader wasn't he back in the 80s

yes nineteen eighties he's still alive by the way he is still alive and I can't

remember was it wasn't Russia was it where was it or was it Russia can you

remember any way that his movement was called solidarity and I was yes that's

right he was so it was the Workers Union it was it was Poland I think it was

probably was yes I think so because a few days ago he was attending a funeral

and I was surprised to see lick for well severe so yes amazing led this movie

became sort of prime minister president eventually I can't remember which

country it was somebody tell us please lick vous answer

which country does he come from it's always something when everyone's saying

Poland and I think it was it was I thought it was yes okay good because he

led the workers didn't he out of their plight yes just the same as what's

happening at the moment in in Venezuela as well lots of protests at the moment

Venezuela has two presidents yes it's a very unusual situation where you have

two presidents one who is being deposed and the other one that wants to step in

and you have two presidents very unusual situation Garcia says yes for well sir

for well sir Val Elsa is it's not an easy word to pronounce by the way sure

we'll get answer I think it was Pinet of complaints about that he was that he was

like a hero figure who's always on the news here yeah a real superhero from the

1980s yes exactly fighting for workers rights

at the time in Poland let's have a look at the comics of course that there were

comics for girls is well Steve and do you remember this did you ever read

Bunty my sister did I think yes this was this was a very popular comic for girls

and we used to buy it used to be able to buy that in the UK it doesn't exist

anymore so you can see that that is a UK version it's 16 pence

Wow 1984 the comic cost 16 pence can you believe that

so that was four I always thought Bunty might might actually be playing for the

other team really I always thought so yes I was thought you know ah

yes I was thought she she might be batting for the opposite team I don't

know why I think it was those red Ben giri's yes yes yes she wasn't very

feminine not very feminine bit of a tomboy and also the who remembers misty

my sister used to get misty misty Magazine misty comic yes it was for

girls stories not to be read at night yes it was a horror comic really for

girls called misty horror comic for girl yes have assange

very bizarre very strange yes I think so and of course we can't have talk of

comics we can't talk about comics without mentioning Star Wars I'll be

that that was the reverse wasn't it Star Wars is like the reverse of what

normally happens normally you have a comic and then you make a film out of it

but in this case the film was made and then they made a comic out of the film

that's it well the comic was used as a promotion tool as well so they published

the comic to actually help promote the film and I actually have this copy but

mine is all destroyed unfortunately but if you have a perfect copy of this

actual issue the first-ever issue it's now worth hundreds and hundreds of

pounds maybe even thousands if it's in good condition it's worth thousands of

pounds well I had a bone to pick with my mother oh okay yes oh yes I was I got

very angry at my mother when I was in my late teens yes because I used to

I had a comic called Whizzer and chips yes here it is on the screen right now

do I have a look at it still and then remind me so this is the comic that

Steve used to read Whizzer and chips wizard and it was actually two comics in

one so it wasn't just one comic you had - yes it's very exciting yes I always

liked the snake on the front cover because the snake was always getting up

to lots of different things snake is that's got a whole new meaning now as an

adult hasn't it has it yes what how well sort of a slang word for penis is snake

isn't it is it yeah so maybe in your world it's a trouser snake mister don't

okay that's very good information thanks it's snake okay to have a whole new

meaning now yes so any children watching at the moment there you go you've

learned something new today trouser snake Whizzer in chips was the comic

that Steve used to read so what happened why did your mum make you angry well she

made me angry because I had the very first edition of this I collected every

every copy and I used to have them in nice little piles and my bed is wrapped

up with string many of them and then when I went away to college when I was

18 I came back only to discover that my mother had a clear-out in my old bedroom

and she'd thrown all my comics away she threw them away so even the first issue

because as you know actually threw the first issue the first ever issue is the

most valuable and did you know that this comic that you're talking about was

launched in 1969 Wow so that's it yes that's it that would

make sense that's it so how how valuable that would be now I had the very first

one because I remember it coming out it was quite exciting at the time it was

advertised on television and new comic for boys but your mother threw it away

but she sneakily you see III they were she didn't throw them all away she just

used to throw like a few away every now and then okay

hoped that I wouldn't notice that the piles were getting smaller and then one

day I decided to look through them all I discovered that she thrown away the

first issue she'd thrown about half of them away and one of them as the first

issue you could have you could have very angry about that at the time you still

had that copy that first of a copy you would now be probably rolling in money

you'd be a millionaire I could rather be yeah thanks mom thanks so thank you very

much thank you to Steve's mum for throwing away the first of a copy of

Whizzer and chip it's sneaky the way she did that yes a bit sneaky I've forgiven

her now yes I'm not sure if I have I've got lots of

notes here mr. Duncan it's needy it's just gone up as we've been talking about

worried about the time because we started late today you probably didn't

realize though I want to go at four we started late today at three to fifteen

did you I didn't know that I had a few problems with the sound oh I couldn't

get the sound to work okay then so I was about 15 minutes late look at the live

chat missus so we only have we actually have can you believe it 45 minutes but

I'm going it for so still the live chat is still very busy there

it is there you go Steve are you happy now oh

look Valentin said many years ago I used to write comic books some battles on the

far long away planets oh how exciting hmm see I would like a sci-fi comic

because I do like sci-fi science fiction science fiction and there are of course

there must be conveying with conventions that go on for people who like comic

books there are just as our conventions for people who like sci-fi but lots of

lots of middle aged men who live in there that the cellar or the basement of

their parents house they live in the dark and all they do is play computer

games read comics I think a lot of people they've probably got you know

very well established jobs sure but they've just got an interest in in

comics this guy this is what I always think of when I think of people that

read comics as an atom or what a prejudiced view mr. Duncan's not

prejudiced or strange nothing against people that do that it's just the image

that I have in my mind but that's because of South Park it's it's South

Park's fault for putting that in my brain so you wanted the live chat Steve

there it is all right yes let's talk about another subject mr. Duncan says

Pedro oh okay I don't think Pedro is into comics okay then we'll mate maybe

Pedro can get his own YouTube channel and have his own live chat I didn't know

Pedro was producing the show honest I didn't realize is there a sort of

propaganda in comics I think so says Sergio yes you might have a point there

because sometimes Comics comic books can reflect a certain scenario that applies

to the time in which we live so you might find now with superhero movies

they are now featuring women more and more so I think that's that's that's a

very interesting subject was riot two three two three two

three says they his snake once out your snake wants to escape escape from where

no answer to that has no answer for that definitely fine what you do in your own

time is it dial it up to you how long as you don't take pictures and showers on

the live chat what I don't understand oh dear it's suddenly getting very adult

on the live chat mr. Dale you're making it adil not me it's your fault I'm just

reading what oh I don't think we need a block I can't understand what you're

saying when you do that no I can understand when you go it's all right

Pedro but I don't think you needed to have blocked that comment parabens I

that's Roy you read it out it was too late already dad I said it's there

forever this is an adult show but say that we have got children watching well

so it isn't an adult show it's it's quite the opposite I didn't I didn't

realize that we were now presenting an adult show Sergio Sergio has got a very

doing I'm just looking I can't the Sergio said

this is what I look like when I'm on the livestream so Sergio's picture looks a

bit like a superhero from here that looks like that looks like Bane from

Batman is it Bane I think it is I think it's Bane do you get my photos you know

who Bane is no oh okay we didn't put the photo on Serge's there the Dark Knight

Rises I think it's from he has this thing over

his mouth and he can't understand what he's saying so it sounds like it sounds

like he's wearing a gas mask so he says hello my name is Ben but no one can

understand what I'm say I'm a bad guy see like that so yes

that's what Sergio is wearing now he's wearing his Bane costume well how are we

going to talk about anger oh wait I don't know maybe we can but there's

something we have to talk about Steve what there's something we've got to

mention we can't get get through January without talking about Oh non her exit or

exit apparently today in the Sunday Times Britain is preparing to declare a

state of emergency and introduce martial law in the event of disorder after an

Odile brexit according to officials who say the Cobra Emergency Committee that

is a government group who meet whenever there is some emergency taking place in

the country they will be able to deploy the army to quell rioting so now they

think if if BRICS it doesn't go ahead they think that maybe there will be

fighting in the street can you believe that Steve I think there are they're not

referring to the fact that they could if there's a No Deal or brexit yes there

could be a lot of disruption to supplies coming into the country well they're all

about writing it yes we're just going crazy because of the result because of

what could happen if there was a No Deal yes that's it but it's nothing to do

with supplies it's just to do with people becoming angry about it because

that's what we're talking about today anger you see it's pretty good to see

how I made that fit so yes apparently they think that if we have no deal in

brexit because it's supposed to be happening in a few weeks

March to something and we still have no deal we could crash out yes as they as

they are describing it would be it would be a huge monumental event should that

happen well what happened so far has been monumental

two and a half years it's taken to get to this point and we still have no idea

as to what is going to happen yes that's a little bit worrying so the government

seems to think that everyone will be in the streets setting fire to cars and

burning down houses and well if they can't get their their food or whatever

people like to buy they will be rioting definitely I think personally from my

point of view I think it's just scare mongering it probably is I think so

because I think they've got sort of back-up plan yes I think that scenario

of a No Deal a brexit I think so people are probably wondering what we're

talking about because it referring to a No Deal brexit yes well as either well

brick cities basically as leaving Europe that's it the European Union and we can

either have a deal where we still get some of the nice stuff or no deal where

we get nothing yes because we've spent the last 40 years in Europe building up

all these trade agreements and then we're supposed if we can't get any deal

with Europe then we won't be able to get goods and services freely moving across

the borders yes and that would be a disaster

so one of the biggest contention the contention at the moment the argument is

is are we in Europe or are we separate from everything because of course we are

joined partly to Island and that's the big sticking point because Island voted

to stay in Europe and we voted to leave Europe so so how do you control the

border and that's the hard part so that's one of the big things that people

are disagreeing on so we will have a deal and everything might be okay or

we'll have no deal where things might be pretty bad so that's it it's all keep

watching this space for those who are interested maybe would you like to have

a look at the live chat and then we'll get on to your anger

why not here we go and of course talking about brexit makes lots of people angry

doesn't it it does and and it will do for many years as we've read off often

said this is something that will dominate our lives and will dominate the

news now for the rest of our lives it will never go away because it's just

going to be talked about forever yeah I mean eventually we will get some deal

but in the years that go by everyone's going to constantly speculate about

whether we were better off out or in they're going to be analyzing data or

looking for evidence of what would have been the best thing to do but the sad

thing is no one knows so you know you can have all of these experts on

television saying oh well yes let's just have a look at what might happen but no

one actually knows there isn't a single person on the planet who knows what will

happen once that now you're right Sergio it's never going to end

never and I think I think sadly because we voted to stay in I think sadly a lot

of people a lot of people think that we aren't going to leave you but I think we

will yeah I don't think there's any doubt that we will leave because we

cannot go against the referendum without causing chaos in a ghost says Mr Duncan

don't be confused No Deal means that the UK is going to

leave Europe without a deal yes I know that so there are many scenarios one of

them is no deal one of them is a deal and the other one that some people are

talking about is actually just not doing it at all just just calling it off

canceling brexit but we can't do that because people voted to leave so unless

we had another referendum yes so it couldn't just do that because that would

be going against we're going against the vote and you and you can't do that in a

democracy otherwise it would cause the course so much not immediate damage but

down the road in years to come people lose faith in the system completely if

you do that we can just keep having referendums until we get the right

answer well I I if I think that we probably I don't

know what nobody knows what's gonna happen but I think we're definitely

going to leave there's no doubt about that

yeah because we have to because that was the vote but I don't think they want to

I don't think there's going to be fighting in the streets I don't think

that's going to happen that's just but they're preparing for it just in case

just in case just in case we all decide to go crazy and start burning well the

country down but the thing is people do get very agitated when for example

there's there only has to be a spell of bad weather or the fear of snow for

example we went to the shops yesterday and it was busy everywhere and we said

why is it so busy in the shops and she said well snow has been forecast

so everybody's coming in to buy extra bread extra milk because they think for

some reason that it's sort of in the bunker time that you're not going to be

able to get food from for weeks and weeks I mean you know snow no matter how

bad it is in this country you can always get food but people have this mentality

so if they think a No Deal brexit is occurring and there's going to be the

chance of a shortage of food people will go out and they will just literally

panic by from the shops and and you could get looting and people having

arguments and fights taking place I can see that that could easily happen I'm

just having this wonderful image in my mind of two people fighting over a loaf

of bread there they're sort of hitting and beating earlier they would do that

because you only they would do it but it's happened in this country before

when there's been that been the fear of some bad weather sorry so tell me when

people have been fighting over a loaf of bread it's been on that it's been on the

television so you know people are fighting over over some food if they

think there's gonna be a shortage of something people will fight so suddenly

their animal instincts take home so you're telling me that in this country

the United Kingdom that people have actually had fistfights over a loaf of

bread well I don't know about a loaf of bread but people who had fights in well

what happens when there's a sale and people want this 50% of a television

this i'ts fights in the shops for that

because somebody got there before they thought it was but there isn't the same

thing what happened if there was a shortage of food that that would happen

so I can see why they're preparing for it I don't think it's going to happen I

think we are going to leave without D of it do you know I certainly think well

because they'll sort something out because it'll be it's chaos for for

Europe as well as us so there's what there's no way they're going to let that

happen what I love is that you seem to know

more than all the people in the government now just wait Steve Steve for

Prime Minister well I've read a lot of watch a lot of programs about it and

listened to a lot of people and it looks I don't think there is going to be a no

deal because it would be chaos not just for us but for Europe as well yes so I

don't think it's even worth thinking about I think they will come up with

something okay I doubt it though I don't think he will I they were there one

about putting it back they were all about saying put it back two or three

months well put it back yes that might happen as well but I don't think we're

gonna leave without a deal we might just we might just spend the

rest of eternity just in limbo where we don't leave if we're starting to get

angry now because thinking about it I'm not so noise it's annoys us a lot has

nothing it's a no I'm not annoyed well we are we talked about it after it

happened after the vote we're very angry about it yes for that I think I think

the thing is that it will be a very long time before anyone in this country will

be allowed to make any decision about the future of this country or law or

anything because they've realized now that there are a lot of gullible people

around who will just react without thinking it's been a disaster should

never be input to the people anyway but there you go

there you go and I think no problem is a lot of people don't really realize the

benefits that they've had from being in Europe and that has never been

communicated properly to people in the UK or we ever all we've ever heard of

ever since we've been alive is all the negatives we've never heard the post

but anyway must calm down I'm gonna turn our composure I know I know how angry

you get over things but about Scotland and Northern Ireland but the big the big

risk is that is that of course Southern Ireland being separate from Northern

Ireland Southern Ireland of course didn't have to vote on brexit because

Southern Ireland isn't part of the United Kingdom anyway so they're staying

in Europe but Northern Ireland of course is part of the UK he's coming out so

this is the whole problem oh this is so boring well the whole the whole thing

about brexit risks the whole breakup of the United Kingdom because Scotland

wanted to stay in you I did I didn't intend for this to become such a long

conversation I just wanted to mention that that people were concerned about

civil unrest who's any basically the Midlands and north of England that

wanted to leave the rest of the rest of the UK pretty much wanted to stay and

exactly London did anyway right let's get on to that anyway let's have a look

at some words yes Lewis has made a very very interest in crying out loud

well if that's gonna make you it they've been talking a lot about billionaires

and this was in the news was it yes this was in the news I read it yesterday and

Lewis has taken up on that point 26 billionaires in the world 26 that I

think this is about 2,000 billionaires something like that I don't know you're

telling me in yeah there's about 2,000 billionaires in the world something like

that but 26 of them alone their wealth is equivalent to 50% of the rest of the

poorest in the world John 26 what what's poorest well the old

wealth is is this 50 is a huge amount yes but who are these the rest of the

poorest in the world the rest of them well I mean that mean me mean you yes so

we're we're poor they hold so much work wealth that it's equivalent to half the

rest of the world okay and this massive inequality in

wealth is is going to be a huge problem because if you've got a if you've got

and a billion pounds okay you don't have to do much every year I actually worked

this out every year even at 2% interest you're

getting another 2 million pounds a year going into your bank I feel doing

nothing just put but isn't the tax threshold very high well they don't get

the billionaire's get taxed less than the people who come to clean their

houses the tax rate is less this is the this is the lunes in inequality over

this before it's it's 40 percent in this country yes but a billionaire yes you

you you you've get your money and offshore accounts you avoid tax because

you have people that that protect it for you so in other words they're clever

well that's it okay that's totally yeah but it's not right they're becoming

richer and richer they're ruling the world this is why we've got this

ludicrous situation in in America in other democracies where where the person

that gets into power is the one with the most money in influence yes I think

that's always been the way though I know but it's wrong he shouldn't know what's

Democratic about getting into power cuz you've got lots of money yes there's

nothing democratic about the whole system's broken don't get me onto it mr.

doctor I'm getting angry I'm getting angry calm down there will be yet we

watch Bill Maher yesterday there's a lot of people predicting massive revolutions

in the future no because of the total inequality of wealth it will never ever

happen well don't say never now don't forget we had all these

uprisings across the the Middle East we had these Arab springs and what happened

absolutely nothing all of those revolutions all the uprising in all what

happened was that the the the law or the government's enforce the rules more

harshly yeah they were disorganized yes but anyone can do it anyone can do it

you have countries like China who's whose army almost out

large areas of China their army is larger than the population of certain

cities that's it so so yes so I think it'll never happen I don't think we're

going to have that to be honest though there will be no uprisings because it

will never happen because there are enough people there are enough people in

place to stop it from happening right it's happened in France yes but it

is years ago it's happening now but it's getting nowhere I probably won't happen

because why because we're all being controlled through the television anyway

for God and media is controlling us and suppressing all our thoughts anyway so

it's highly unlikely that people will ever get enough band together and get

enough organization to go and overthrow I mean it's totally unfair you cannot

have you can companies go out of business in this in this country yeah

they're paying their workers a minimum wage and the OU and the people that run

the company get these jobs two CEOs on they're getting fifty million a year and

then if they rubbish at the job they get big payoffs when they leave anyway yes

because themselves massive payday yes it's totally it's got it's all

completely gone wrong because when we grew up when I when we were growing up

the bosses of the company didn't earn sort of a hundred or a thousand times

what the basic work they know my dad was a boss in a company I didn't earn that

much more than than the people below him he obviously was on a higher wage but he

didn't earn like a hundred times more if it's just gone too far the other one

that's why you will you were like Lord snooty you see because you dad was was

their manager in a company well that's a that's another story for a different

time yes everything will be all right

Rivera says they drew you need to ban yourself for trying to shut up mr. Steve

oh no it doesn't matter Pedro would never do that I wonder if we

can ban yourself if you're a moderator can you actually kick yourself out of

the room no Pedro's done a very good job in the

past of getting rid of people unsavory characters yes we don't we don't get

many we don't get many but can I now that you've got me worked up into a

froth huh worked if you work out I want to mention some angry things around

Steve whoa Wow I'm on a roll now mr. Duncan I think one of the problems if

you've got you got to create your own company become wealthy so you've got

you've got a you've got to get off your arse you've got a form your own company

that you then end up running then you sell shares in that company then you

become a billionaire I don't want to be a billionaire there you see that's it

well actually but all of the people that are successful in very wealthy have

worked to get where they are most of them as Psychopaths yes but but they're

still billionaires you can't change that unfortunately so but I know that's the

way the world works and the capitalist society that you have if you has enabled

that happen if you want to click on your things on the internet and have them

delivered the next day then someone somewhere will be a billionaire that's

it that's the way the world works unfortunately yes but it's got to most

the inequality between rich and poor has got to great there will always be

inequality yeah but what I'm down oh that mr. Duncan my point is it's there's

too much inequality there will always be inequality there'll always be prejudice

there will always be idiots there will always be stupid people that believe

everything it's always going to be like that so sometimes you just have to take

a step back and take a deep breath and everything will be all right this

finally the shows getting interesting really it's just interesting yes yes and

Lewis says there yes doctor it's just speculation they're just making money

out in the fact I've never been so bored in my life we had us a lot we had a

special anniversary on Friday didn't we Steve Bisley oh yes special a

special anniversary because on Friday was the sixth anniversary six years can

you believe it Steve six years since we moved here too much Wenlock six years

ago that's incredible I know it's a long time it's a long time I think so so

there's sixth anniversary six years ago so here is what this studio looked like

six years ago would you like to have a look so there it is there is the studio

that we were in now that's what it looked like when we first moved here it

doesn't look very good does it it was it looks like a bedroom yes it

looks like a bedroom that hasn't been cleaned for a long time but now the

studio looks like this so that's now and that was way back in 2013 so you can see

it's changed a lot so that's where we are right now in the studio in our house

that we've lived here now for six years that was a sudden change of direction

but there you go I wanted some applause wait there are

some I've interested me well done singing six years six years here I can't

believe it so Steve we're talking about anger today and I've got all in my seven

to a froth over inequality but moments of time when people become very angry

and there you can see the man who this week decided to go on a rampage

destroying a brand-new hotel that he had helped to build because he hadn't been

paid so he got very angry and now mr. Steve is going to talk about some words

and expressions to do with being angry would you like your camera go on so

Steve will will appear now as if by magic on his SuperDuper camera Here I am

Oh mr. Duncan I don't know how slick that was but it

felt slicker than previous weeks okay so if you get into a fit of anger or you

throw a fit you get in a fit of rage there are sort

of similar phrases it means to display bad temper often by screaming a lot or

to throw a tantrum to get it I can't read this fit of anger car it's upside

down in the monitor a fit of anger anger it means to throw a tantrum and we'll

show that word in a bit an outburst of anger uncontrollable and I was feeling

as I was working up to a uncontrollable fit of anger when I was talking about

brexit and inequality the world often seen as unreasonable in the

circumstances so if you get into a fit of anger it's often seen as maybe an

over-the-top reaction unreasonable in those particular circumstances for

example he drove off in a fit of anger after their argument so you might have

an argument with your wife or your husband and you drive off in a fit of

anger which of course is something I'm doing all the time with mr. Duncan

haha no not really I'm only joking it's dangerous to drive off when you're angry

so I wouldn't like to promote that my father threw a fit when he saw that my

mother had scratched the car now there's a realistic scenario I'm sure many

husbands have got annoyed of their wives who go out in the car and then and then

scratch it a fit of anger so we mentioned the word tantrum tantrum is

often used to describe the unreasonable behavior of children so it's a childish

outburst of anger so children often get into a tantrum stamp their feet scream

and run around because they don't get what they want

she threw a tantrum and her parents told her to go to bed so often when children

don't get what they want they go into a tantrum they stamp their feet scream and

cry and cause a big commotion if you say to an ad

old you know if you use that word to an adult it's often a bit of an insult

because it's it's inferring that that you're very chart your behavior is very

childish so if somebody says to you accuses you're throwing a tantrum that's

saying that your your behavior is very childish

so tantrum a similar phrase another phrase you can you can use which is

maybe used more for adults but is the same as a tantrum is a hissy fit the

hissy fit do you ever throw a hissy fit that's the way you would use that

expression somebody has thrown a hissy fit it just means that they've got into

a tantrum an unreasonable explosion of temper and you want to show everybody

that you are angry you know you're not just going to keep it to yourself

you're gonna stamp your feet and and walk around yelling and screaming and

being nasty to everybody a hissy fit and that comes from the fact that the sounds

that you might make when you are angry you know you're sort of talking in a

sort of hissy your voice changes its seen as immature and it shows that

you're not in control of your emotions and like a child like a tantrum the

child threw a hissy fit or the child threw a tantrum when they couldn't get

an ice cream how dare you embarrass me in public by throwing a hissy fit in the

shop just because I wouldn't buy you the latest game hissy fits tantrum often

used interchangeably now for adults we would often use the phrase in a huff or

get in a huff this just means to be upset or angry about something or to be

in a bad mood it doesn't mean you're going to be very vocal about it or

scream and shout like a child it's not like a tantrum it's a bit more subdued

than that and it's slang for someone who is so

about something so if you're sulking but you don't necessarily want to voice what

you're feeling you can say that you are in a huff Johnny

for example Johnny stormed out of the room in a huff because his parents

wouldn't buy him a new toy well I used an example there of a child but maybe

it's an older child I'm still in a huff because you forgot my birthday now I

know no one's going to forget my birthday because sue cat said that it

was a 16th of February so if somebody forgets your birthday and you're annoyed

about it you might go off in a huff so you might just become very moody and

aloof there we go so this comes from actually this goes back to the 1500s

so it's hundreds of years old and it derives from the word huff and puff so

if it the sound if you make a huffing noise it's often when people are getting

moved Moody they're so when they're getting angry and annoyed about

something so do you often go off in a huff scene is a bit childish because

instead of talking it through as to why you're angry and annoyed about something

you might just go off and don't talk to me I'm in a huff similar to that is huff

and puff if you huff and puff over something it means you're getting

inappropriately upset about something oh I'm getting all into a <