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Danny, I don't want the summer to be over,

I may never see you again.

Sandy, don't talk that way.

But it's true.

I've just had the best summer of my life,

and now I have to go back to Salt Lake.

It isn't fair.

Danny, don't spoil it!

It's not spoiling it. It's only making it better.

Is this the end?

Don't think about that.

Just be here in the moment.

All that matters is what's happening right now.



I solved my problems

And I see the light

We got a loving thing

We gotta feed it right

There ain't no danger

We can go too far

We start believing now

That we can be who we are

Grease is the word

They think our love is just a growing pain

Why don't they understand

It's just a crying shame?

Their lips are lying

Only real is real

We start to find right now

We got to be what we feel

Grease is the word

Is the word

Is the word that you heard

It's got groove, it's got meaning


Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion

Grease is the way we are feeling


We take the pressure and we throw away

Conventionality belongs to yesterday

There is a chance

CHORUS: Ahh, ahh

That we can make it so far

Ahh, ahh

We start believing now

That we can be who we are


Grease is the word

Is the word

Is the word that you heard

It's got groove It's got meaning


Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion

Grease is the way

We are feeling

This is a life of illusion

Wrapped up in trouble, laced with confusion

What are we doing here?

We take the pressure and we throw away

Conventionality belongs to yesterday

There is a chance

Ahh, ahh

That we can make it so far

Ahh, ahh

We start believing now that we can be who we are

Grease is the word

Is the word

Is the word that you heard

It's got groove, it's got meaning


Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion

Grease is the way we are feeling





Grease is the word

Is the word that you heard

It's got groove, it's got meaning

Groove and meaning

Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion

Grease is the way we are feeling


Grease is the word is the word

Is the word is the word







Whoo! Doody!

Out of my way! Out of my way!

Hey, Kenickie!

Where were you all summer?

I was workin', which is more than any of you skids can say.


Yeah, I got a job luggin' boxes at Bargain City.

That's great practice for after you graduate.

Eat me.


I been savin' up for a new set of wheels.

You got 'em yet?

I'm picking 'em up next week.

Put a little spit shine on it

and Leo and the Scorpions are gonna eat my dust.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Danny! Hi.


How you been...




We had chemistry together last year.

I'm sure we did. (CHUCKLES)

Well, maybe this year you could give me a hand with my biology.





KENICKIE: Hey, Zuko!

SONNY: Zuko!


Zuko, Zuko!


You already filling out your dance card?

Nah, it's all the same chicks as last year.

What'd you do for vacation, huh?

We didn't see you around the neighborhood.

I was down at the beach, lifeguarding and whatnot.

Ooh, "whatnot".

Must be tough with all those chicks hanging around you.


The only thing that hangs around Sonny are the flies.


You ever gonna learn to play that thing?

Hey, I've been practicing!

I already know three chords. You wanna hear?

ALL: No!

Hey, how was the action at the beach?

Oh! (EXHALES) It was flippin'.

Yeah? (STUTTERS) Was it crazy?

I don't know, uh...

I did meet this one chick.

She was...

She was sort of cool.

You mean she puts out?

Is that all you ever think about?

I thought that's all any of us think about.

Grow up.

What's with you?


Hey, what you got there, Eugene?

Give that back!

That's my rocket club poster!

Yeah? Maybe we send you into space

instead of them monkeys.

Space is the next frontier!

For you, puberty's the next frontier.




Now beat it.


Get out of here.

Geez, every teacher I got this year

has already flunked me at least once.

Well, you better be careful.

Or you'll be spending all your time in McGee's office.

No way. I ain't taking none of her crap this time.

Oh, yeah?


This year, I'm gonna make that old broad wish she'd never seen me.

That's what I wished for last year.


Now, why don't you be a doll, Sonny,

and make an old broad's dreams come true?

I've got 17 years to retirement,

and I would love to see you leave Rydell before I do.

Look, Principal McGee...

Aren't you supposed to be in Homeroom, Mr. LaTierre?

This is no way to start a new semester.

No, ma'am.

Well, are you just going to stand there all day?

Yes, ma'am.

I mean, no, ma'am. I mean, no, I'm not.

So, move!




I'm sure glad you didn't take any of her crap, Sonny.

Shut up! Just shut up!




Homeroom! Now!

You, too, Miss Rizzo.

Oh, we're just trying to start

our senior year off right...


...Principal McGee.


Oh, because this year, we're gonna rule the school.


Jan, Twinkies are so adolescent!

(MUFFLED) We are adolescent.

We don't have to flaunt it.

Okay, girls, let's go get 'em.



Hello, ladies.

Hey, Jan.

That looks good.


You have an okay summer, Marty?

Oh, you know. Some cocktail parties, some travel.

You call a week at a trailer park "travel"?

We had our own shower!

Looking good today, Rizzo.

Oh, thanks, Nickie.

You don't look so bad yourself.



Come on, guys.

Let's go, ladies.


Oh, fudge!

SANDY: Am I late?

Am I gonna get in trouble?

I didn't know where to catch the bus,

so I ended up walking.

I'm from Utah. (EXHALES)

That's a heck of a walk.

We just moved here.

Oh, here, let me help you.

I'm... I'm Sandy, by the way.

I'm Frenchy. Welcome to Rydell.


Um, do you know where room 207 is?

207? Hey, we got Homeroom together!

Mr. Griggs.

Is he nice?

Yeah. He teaches health class.

But mostly, he just sits in the corner and smokes.

I have a feeling I'm not in Salt Lake anymore.


Good morning, boys and girls,

and welcome to Rydell.

I'm not sure yet if this year's seniors will be

the best class of the decade,

but at least you'll be the last.

So let's start off the class of 1959's final year

on a high note!


ALL: As I go traveling down life's highway

Whatever course my fortunes may foretell

I shall not go alone on my way

For thou shall always be with me, Rydell


Now, for a few short announcements.

We have a new rocket club starting up

for our space enthusiasts,

led by our own Eugene Felsnick.

And speaking of explosives,

the school district has decided this year

to suspend our duck-and-cover exercises

at the high school level,

since most of you are too big to fit under the desks.

But please note we are actively looking for a place

to build a new bomb shelter

with enough room for almost everyone.

Oh! Next Friday will be our first pep rally,

and everyone knows you can't have pep without cheer.

So don't forget to sign up for cheerleading, girls,

unless, of course, you've had a previous head injury.

I want to see plenty of support for Coach Calhoun

and the Rydell Rangers!


Remember, if you can't be an athlete,

be an athletic supporter.

And finally, the National Bandstand television show

is considering Rydell

as a representative American high school

to broadcast live from our gym.

If chosen, we will have the chance to show the entire nation

what bright, clean-cut, wholesome students we have here at Rydell.

Good luck to us all.

ALL: Through all the years, Rydell

And tears, Rydell

We give three cheers, Rydell, for thee!

Through everything, Rydell

We cling, Rydell

And sing, Rydell, to thee


Oh, that was a nice, tight cut-off.

Thank you, Reginald.

Hey, did you guys get a look at Zuko this morning?

He's looking pretty good this year, huh, Rizz?

That's ancient history.

Well, you never know. Sometimes history repeats itself.

Hey, guys!

JAN: Hey, French.

MARTY: Hiya, Frenchy.

This here is Sandy Young.


Have a seat, honey.

This is Marty, and that's Jan and Rizzo.

Sandy just moved here all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Oh, Salt Lake, huh?

That means you're one of those, uh...


Well, it's all downhill from here.

Hey, Marty, those new glasses?

Yeah, I got 'em just for school.

Don't you think they make me look smarter?

Well, sure, until you open your mouth.

How'd you like a fruit cocktail down your bra?

Ooh, I'll take it.

The corn syrup is full of vitamins.

PATTY: Hi, kids!

Well, if it's not Patty Simcox, the bad seed of Rydell.


Oh, I just love the first day of school, don't you?

Oh, it's the biggest thrill of my life.

(GASPS) They just announced this year's nominees for Student Council,

and guess who's up for vice-president?



Oh, isn't it the most, to say the least?

The very least.

I just hope I don't make too poor a showing.

Are we still talking about this?

MARTY: Mmm-hmm.


Oh, you must think I'm the rudest and the crudest

for not introducing myself to your friend!


I'm Patty Simcox.

Welcome to Rydell... (SCREAMS)


It's a Macin-tush.

Anyway, I hope you'll be at cheerleader tryouts, hmm?

We'll have so much fun

and get to be lifelong friends.

Have you ever cheered before?

A little, back home.

I might remember a few routines.

Oh, well, I'm cheer captain for the past two years,

plus All-State gymnastics...


...but hey, you can't have a pyramid without the people on the bottom.

What's your schedule?

You guys, how do you like Sandy?

You think we could let her into the Pink Ladies?

Well, she looks too pure to be pink.

What do you think?

You guys goin' out for football this year?

With Tom Chisum as captain?

Are you kidding?


Hey, hey, hey.

Catch that!

You're really good at that.

Missed it.

Hey, did you guys see that hot chick at registration?

Sure beats them foam-domes around here.

You mean her jugs are bigger than Annette's?

Oh-ho! Nobody's jugs are bigger than Annette's.

Oh, hey, I wanna hear what Danny did down at the beach.

All right. It was nothing.

Oh, sure, "nothing," Zuko. Come on!

You got in her drawers, right?

Come on, tell us about the girl.

So, what'd you do this summer, Sandy?

Oh, I spent most of it at the beach.

I met a boy there.

Hauled your cookies all the way to the beach for some guy?

Oh, he was sort of special.


There ain't no such thing.

Oh, you haven't met this boy.

It was really romantic.


Come on! Tell us!

What? What? You guys really want to hear all the horny details?


All right, all right, all right!

Summer lovin' had me a blast

Summer lovin' happened so fast

I met a girl crazy for me

Met a boy cute as can be

DANNY AND SANDY: Summer days drifting away

To, uh-oh, those summer nights

Well-a well-a well-a, uh!

Tell me more, tell me more

Did you get very far?

Tell me more, tell me more

Like, does he have a car?

GIRLS AND BOYS: Doo, uh-huh, doo doo, uh-huh

Doo, doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo-doo

She swam by me

Doo, uh-huh, doo doo, uh-huh

She got a cramp

Doo doo, uh-huh doo doo, doo doo

He swam by me

Doo, uh-huh, doo doo, uh-huh

Got my suit damp

Doo doo, uh-huh, doo

Saved her life

Doo, uh-huh doo doo, uh-huh

She nearly drowned

He showed off splashing around

Summer sun something's begun

But, uh-oh, those summer nights

Well-a, well-a, well-a, uh!

Tell me more, tell me more

Was it love at first sight?

Tell me more, tell me more

Did she put up a fight?

Dum-doobie-doo, uh-huh

Doobie-doo, uh-huh

Doobie doobie doobie, uh-huh-huh-huh

Took her bowling in the arcade

We went strolling drank lemonade

We made out under the dock

We stayed out till 10:00

Summer fling don't mean a thing

But, uh-oh, those summer nights

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Tell me more, tell me more

But you don't gotta brag


Tell me more, tell me more

'Cause he sounds like a drag

Shooda-bop-bop, shooda-bop-bop

Shooda-bop-bop, shooda-bop-bop

Shooda-bop-bop, shooda-bop-bop

Shooda-bop-bop, yeah!

He got friendly

Shooda-bop-bop, shooda-bop-bop

Holding my hand

Shooda-bop-bop, shooda-bop-bop

She got friendly

Shooda-bop-bop, shooda-bop-bop

Down in the sand

Shooda-bop-bop, shooda-bop-bop

He was sweet

Shooda-bop-bop, shooda-bop-bop

Just turned 18

Shooda-bop-bop, shooda-bop-bop

She was good

Ooh, mow mow, papa

You know what I mean

Ooh, mow mow, papa

Summer heat boy and girl meet

But, uh-oh, those summer nights

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Tell me more, tell me more

How much dough did he spend?

Tell me more, tell me more

Could she get me a friend?

It turned colder

That's where it ends

So I told her we'd still be friends

Then we made our true love vow

Wonder what she's doin' now

Summer dreams

Summer dreams

Ripped at the seams

Ripped at the seams

But, oh...

But, oh...

Those summer nights!

Those summer nights!


CHORUS: Tell me more, tell me more!


I wonder how many spots they have on the squad.

Well, I'm sure there's plenty of room for you, candy cane.

I keep thinking about that boy you told us about.


He sounds so nice!

Yeah, real marriage material.

Like Rock Hudson.

True love.

True love and he didn't lay a hand on you?

He sounds like a creep.

He was a gentleman.

Then he wasn't from around here.

All the Rydell boys are so immature.

No class.

Hey, four-eyes!

Stuff it, dirt bag!


So what was your guy's name, anyway?

Danny. Danny Zuko.

That's a nice name.

And did you ever get around to asking where this Danny Zuko goes to school?

He goes to a fancy boarding school.

He's an honors student.

Well, imagine that.

I know.

It's almost as if he was too good to be true.

Well, I think he sounds peachy-keen!

And you never know, maybe Prince Charming will show up again,

somewhere unexpected.

Knock 'em dead.

Come on, girls.

But, Rizz...

When the time is right.

You think she's right, Frenchy?

About what?

Seeing Danny again.

I feel like he was really the one.

Oh, well, anything's possible.

But, hey, remember, life doesn't revolve around men.

We girls gotta be our own people,

like they tell us in Home Ec.

PATTY: Stop!


You're supposed to be at cheerleading tryouts!

That's not till 3:00.

It's 2:57.

What do you think you're doing?

I need space for my rocket club poster.

Back away before I call the authorities!

I have to get my message across.

But people are sick of it.

(SCOFFS) Clearly you know nothing about politics.

What if I deliver the unpopular vote?

(CHUCKLING) Oh, please.

Why do I need votes from losers?

Because we're the majority.


I'll give you from there over.

Thank you.

This never happened.


Good afternoon, boys and girls.

Here's a quick announcement that tryouts for this year's

cheerleading squad are about to begin,

and we all know nothing makes a cheerleader more nervous

than when she's late.

Now, Coach Calhoun has advised me

that some of you may be asked to attempt a pyramid formation,

so, ladies, please, put safety first

and wear appropriate undergarments.

Remember, your future hangs in the balance.

Ready? Okay!


Go, go, go, Rydell!

Go, go, go, Rydell!

Tell every team in town to go and take a hike

and go to hell-o,

hello, hello, victory!


Candidates, please observe.

Ready? Okay!


With a "V," with an "I," with a "V-I-C."

With a "T," with an "O," with a "T-O-R."

With an "O," with an "R," with an "O-R-Y."

Victory, victory, Rydell High!



How come we never tried out for cheerleading?

Well, I prefer to do my screaming in private.


I read in McCall's that men really respect cheerleaders,

almost as much as secretaries.


See? Easy, right?

Okay, who's ready to try out?

Oh, come on, don't be shy!

Let's see. Hmm.

How about... (GASPS)

Sandy Young!


Ah, yep! Get on up here, you!

All right.

Everyone, this is Sandy.


Sandy is new to Rydell, so we can't expect her to know

all our routines by heart.

SANDY: Mmm-hmm.

But she's gonna give it her best shot, right, Sandy?

I'll try.

Oh, you poor thing! (CHUCKLES)

Okay. Watch this.

Mr. Conductor, if you please.


High "V," low "V," clap, clap, clap.

Prep, swing, kick, slap!

You think you can handle that?

I hope so.


Hit it.


High "V," low "V," clap, clap, clap.

Prep, swing, kick, slap!


Not bad. (CHUCKLES) Okay, okay.

Let's try something a teensy-weensy bit more complicated, 'kay?


Mr. Conductor, if you please.


And finish!

And finish!


Is that okay? Am I all done?

(CHUCKLING) Nope. Uh...

Well, you definitely have some basic skills,

but you need more than that to make this squad.

Are you familiar with the middle section of the Northwest Spirit Cheer

as performed in last year's National Cheer Meet, Junior Division?

Oh, I think I might know that one.

Oh, it's probably a simpler version.

Mr. Conductor, if you please!




Was that okay?




That's the spirit!

That's the spirit!


Now, settle.


Let's settle, please.

Now, boys and girls, welcome to the Rydell Rangers pep rally!


Settle... Settle. Settle. Settle.

And now, boys and girls,

I give you the man of the hour.

The man who, after seven seasons coaching the football team,

is uniquely qualified

to pull the Rydell Rangers out of their seven-season slump!

Our very own Coach Calhoun!




Who's the best?


Give 'em hell, Rydell! Yeah!


Oh, um...

Sorry, ladies.

We have a banner year coming up!

Now, I'll tell you what I told my boys.

We may not have size, speed, or skill on our side,

but after seven years, we have something better.

You know what that is?


The law of averages.


BOTH: Give a hop, give a yell, lose your top for old Rydell!


Hey, guys.

Be cool.

You heard the man, we're cool.

Pep ain't cool.

Kenickie's late. Let's go in.

Fellas, I'm up to four chords.

You wanna hear...


Hey, guys, here comes Kenickie!





So, what do you think?

What a hunk of junk. (LAUGHING)

Wait till I give it a paint job and soup up the engine.

She'll run like a champ.

And I'm gonna race her.

SONNY: What? This jalopy? (LAUGHS)

You're cruising for a bruising.


You watch.

I'm gonna race her at Thunder Road.


You couldn't race that thing in my grandma's driveway.

What're you Scorpions doin' here anyway?

DOODY: This here's our turf.

Not for long, if you plan to hold it down with a beat-up tin can like that.

If my friend here says he'll race Thunder Road,

he'll race Thunder Road.

That's right.

Oh, okay.

You just tell me when.

Hey, in the meantime, I wouldn't work on this thing indoors.

'Cause clearly the fumes is already gettin' to your head.


Come on, fellas.


Nick, let's go in.

I want to check out this year's assortment of pom-poms.

They're all the same.

Not when you shake 'em.


SONNY: Here we go! Here we go! Here we go!

I want to see them!


So, in conclusion, I want you all to remember this,

out on that field,

all that matters is who wants it more,

and here at Rydell, we want it!


We've never had it, so we really want it!


And when we finally get it, we're gonna come back here, and ring that victory bell.


Ring that victory...

Where the hell's the bell?

Um, we think that maybe someone stole it.

It's been so long. (WHISPERS) Go ahead.

Go Rangers!



What was he talking about?

I have no idea.

You're pretty.


Thank you.

You are, too.



Oh, hey, Frenchy!

You looked simply divine out there!

Thank you.

Listen, I'm having a sleepover tonight.

Do you wanna come?

Sure! Oh, except...

What, your folks won't let ya?

They are pretty strict.

It's not like there's gonna be boys there or anything.

It's gonna be a kind of, uh,


You mean, to be a Pink Lady?

Maybe, we'll see.

Oh, wow! Okay, I'll figure something out.

What time should I get there?


Or is that past your bedtime?

No, on Fridays it isn't till 10:00.

FRENCHY: Come on.

You know, I still don't know about this.

Mmm-hmm. You're just sore about Danny.


That true?


As a matter of fact...

Oh, Sandy?

What are you doing?

Well, the time is right.

Yeah, Rizz?

We got a little surprise for you.

Follow me.

KENICKIE: Okay. So, you with me here or what?

SONNY: You got vision, my friend.

DOODY: You know, if we fix up that car, it could be make-out city.

SONNY: Right. A chick is gonna have to put out

before she even gets in!


Hey, Zuke.


What do you want?

Well, I got a surprise for you.

Oh, yeah? (LAUGHS)

Oh, yeah.




What are you doing here? I thought you had to go back to Utah.

(CHUCKLING) We had a change of plans!

What happened to your boarding school?

Oh, no, I just didn't want you to think...


I just didn't want no ties, you know what I'm sayin'?

I mean, you know how it is,

rockin' and rollin' and whatnot.


That's my name. Don't wear it out.

What's the matter with you?

What's the matter with me, baby?

What's the matter with you?


What happened to the Danny Zuko I met at the beach?

I don't know, maybe there's two of us.

Why don't you take out a missing persons ad,

or try the Yellow Pages, I don't know.


You lied to me?

You're a fake and a phony and I wish

I'd never laid eyes on you!


Bet that's not all she laid on you.


You happy, Rizz?

Yeah, come to think of it.



PUTZIE: Hey, let's chip in for a six-pack.

I swiped my brother's I.D.!

Danny, you comin' or what?



Come on, Sandy. It's not as bad as all that.

Yes, it is.

Men are rats.

Worse. They're fleas on rats.


They're amoebas on fleas on rats.


They are too low for even dogs to bite.

The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy.

Yeah, I guess that makes sense.

I'll see you tonight.


Hey, Zuko, what's the matter?


I'll catch up with you in a minute. (GRUNTS)


Summer dreams

Summer dreams

Ripped at the seams

Ripped at the seams





COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCER: Ipana presents Bucky Beaver, space guard.

Brush-a, brush-a, brush-a


Here's the new Ipana It's a brand-new flavor

It's healthy for your teeth


Oh, Frenchy, my toes!

Oops, sorry, sweetie!

Here, I got Cutex.


You've had a rough day.

That Zuko's got some nerve.

He's so terribly immature.

He was just so different at the beach.

Hmm. Yeah.

That's why I prefer a more worldly kind of guy.

Excuse me, I'm feeling a teeny bit chilly.


Gee, where'd you get that?

Freddy. From Korea.


Yeah, you're goin' with a Korean?

No, dummy. He's a Marine.

Straight from the halls of Montezuma.

Wanna see a picture?



Oh! Who are all these guys?

Oh, just some of my correspondents.

Well, Marty here's a one-woman U.S.O.

Here he is. Oh!

That's Sammy, that's Bobby.

There he is.

RIZZO: Why's it torn in half?

His old girlfriend was in the picture.

Oh, and I got a jewel box and a bracelet, too!

How come he sends so many presents?

I'm a terrific pen pal.

I write a letter, and he sends a present.

Gosh. What do you write?

I pull out my pink stationery,

"From the Desk of Marty Maraschino,"

spritz a little Jean Nate, and write...


Freddy, my love

I miss you more than words can say


Freddy, my love

Please keep in touch while you're away

Oh, yeah

Hearing from you can make the day so much better

Ooh, ooh

Getting a souvenir

Or maybe a letter


I really flipped over the gray cashmere sweater


Freddy, my love


Freddy, you know

Your absence makes me feel so blue

So blue

That's okay, though

Your presents make me think of you

Sure they do

Mama will have a heart attack


When she catches


Those pedal pushers with the


Black leather patches


Oh, how I wish I had


A jacket that matches


Freddy, my love

Freddy, my love Freddy, my love Freddy, my love

Don't keep your letters from me


I thrill to every line


Your spelling's kinda crummy


But honey, so is mine


I treasure every gifty


The ring is really nifty


You say it cost you fifty

Oooh, oo-oo-oooh

So you're thrifty I don't mind


Oh, oh, oh Freddy, you'll see

You'll hold me in your arms someday

Freddy, my love

And I will be wearing my bridal bouquet

Freddy, I'm yours

Thinking about it

Oh, yeah

My heart's pounding already


Knowing when you come home


We're bound to go steady


And throw your service pay around like confetti


Freddy, my love

Freddy, my love Freddy, my love

Freddy, my love

Freddy, my love

Freddy, my love

Freddy, my love Freddy, my love

Freddy, my love

Freddy, my love

Freddy, my love

Freddy, my love


All that for a kimono?

You don't understand love.


Oh, gosh, this nail polish remover sure smells.

It stings, too.

It does? Oh, my gosh,

I got mixed up. That's not Cutex, that's Nair!

You would make a terrible pharmacist.


I'm sorry, sweetie! I just... I got so much on my mind these days.

Like what?

Okay. But swear on your Pink Lady pinkies you won't tell anyone.

ALL: Pink Lady Swear.

I feel like Rydell's a dead end for me.

Like all that education's just holding me back.

I've had enough of Emily Dickinson.

She that sophomore?

I feel like I'm ready to live up to my full potential, you know?

Do something to really make a difference in the world.

So, I applied to beauty school.

You're dropping out of Rydell?

I don't look at it as dropping out.

I look at it as a very strategic career move.

Say hello to a future graduate of La-Cafury Beauty Academy!


Well, you know what? This calls for a toast!

How 'bout a little sneaky Pete to get the party going?

ALL: Whoo!

Oh, my gosh! It's the Italian Swiss Colony!

Wow, it's imported!

Who wants a Twinkie?


Oh, I read that a Twinkie or two before bed fires up your metabolism

so you burn calories while you sleep!

Twinkies and wine? That's real class, Jan.

Mmm. It says right here it's a dessert wine!

Don't forget about Sandy!

Oh, no, I'm okay. Thanks.

What? You don't drink?

I had some sparkling cider at my cousin's wedding once.

Oh! Well... Ring-a-ding-ding.

I bet you don't smoke, either.


How 'bout at least you let me pierce your ears, huh?

It'll be good practice.


What's the matter, you afraid?


Here, wanna use my virgin pin?

Oh, nice to know it's good for something.

Frenchy, I really don't think this is a very good idea. My mother... Ow!

Oh! Why don't we go into the bathroom?

My mother'll kill me if I get blood all over the carpet.


Oh, it only bleeds for a second.


Frenchy, I don't feel so good.

Hey, don't worry, Sandy.

If she screws up, she can always fix your hair so your ears don't show.


Would one of you get me some ice to numb her earlobes?

Why don't you just run some cold water and stick her ear under the faucet?


JAN: Hey.

I heard Putzie say the T-Birds might swing by later.

How do they even know we're here?

Did you tell 'em we were havin' a sleepover, Rizz?

Well, Kenickie mighta asked what I was up to.

Oh, since when have you got the hots for Kenickie?

Sometimes you want a guy who's willing to put up or shut up, you know?


Sandy's sick.

I did one ear and she saw the blood and... (RETCHES)

You're not gettin' your hands on my ears.


You think I oughta call her folks?

What'd I tell you guys?

Forget pink. She can't even handle off-white.

You okay in there, Sandy? I brought your toothbrush.

Oh, thanks, French. I'm sorry to be such a bother.

No, that's okay.


Can you believe her?

Well, Miss Goody Two-Shoes makes me wanna barf!



Look at me I'm Sandra Dee

Lousy with virginity


Won't go to bed till I'm legally wed

I can't, I'm Sandra Dee

Watch it! Hey, I'm Doris Day

I was not brought up that way

Won't come across

Even Rock Hudson lost

His heart to Doris Day

I don't drink or swear


I don't rat my hair

I get ill off of one cigarette


Keep your filthy paws off my silky drawers

Would you pull that crap with Annette?


As for you, Troy Donahue

I know what you wanna do


You got your crust I'm no object of lust

I'm just plain Sandra Dee


Elvis! Elvis! Oh, let me be

Keep that pelvis far from me!

Don't be a fool

Now you're starting to drool

Be cool I'm Sandra Dee!


You making fun of me, Rizz?

Some people are so touchy.





So, you gonna talk to her or what?

Nah, you know what? I changed my mind.

I don't want to be here. Let's get out of here.

You sound like every girl I ever met.


Hey! You do it.

Yeah! Go, go, go!

Oh, Sandy! Sandy, wherefore are thou!


Hey! Knock it off!

FRENCHY: They can't come in here, my folks'll kill me!

RIZZO: What's up, Kenick?

KENICKIE: One guess.

RIZZO: You got a lot to offer a girl?

Oh, you comin' down or what?

Get rid of your pals.

That includes you, Zuko.

Oh! Oh, good...

'Cause sloppy seconds ain't my style.


Have fun, Kenick.

Where you goin', to flog your log?

I've done worse.


I'm still here.

You know, you goody-goodies are too much for me.

I'm gonna get my kicks while I'm still young enough to get 'em!

What's she gonna do, shimmy down the drainpipe?

That's exactly what she's doing!

(SIGHS) Well, it's 10:00!

77 Sunset Strip is on!

Wanna watch on my folks' TV? It's 20 inches!


Twenty inches?

How do you know where to look?

Let's go!

You comin', Sandy?

In a minute.




You've got your crust

You're no object of lust

You're just

Plain Sandra





Oh, Rizzo! Rizzo!


Could you, uh, well, call me by my first name?

Oh... Uh...





Oh, Betty!

Ah, baby, you got something?

You better believe it.


Oh... My 25-cent insurance policy.

Oh! Big spender. (CHUCKLES)


It broke.

What? How could it break?

I... I don't know. I...

I bought it when I was in the seventh grade.


What the hell.

Oh, yeah! Mmm...



What the hell do you think you're doin'?

You parked in a no-parking zone, creep.

The whole place is a no-parking zone, hatchet face.

LEO: Oh, yeah?



You are gonna pay for that!

Okay. Yeah, I'll give you 75 cents for your whole car,

including your chick.



Well, uh, I don't know about you,

but my motor's still running.


Vroom, vroom!


Mr. Weaver,

we would be proud to show the entire nation

what fine, bright, clean-cut, wholesome students

we have here at Rydell.

Ah, Blanche.


This is Mr. Weaver.

He's a producer for Vince Fontaine's

National Bandstand television program.

He's making a surprise visit to all of the high schools

being considered for a live broadcast.

A live broadcast?

How exciting!

Oh! But what if something goes wrong?

(SCOFFS) That doesn't matter.

The television audience is pretty forgiving.


What we're looking for is a true representation of American youth.


Principal McGee, we need your help.

(CHUCKLES) What is it, fine, wholesome students?

I want to have my rocket club meetings in the all-purpose room on Thursdays.

And I want it for Future Homemakers of America.

Think of the children!

Think of the children on rockets!

(CHUCKLES) Oh, yes, well, these are the kinds of outstanding citizens

that you would have gracing your airwaves.

Oh, yeah. I think I've seen everything I need to see.

You're late again, Marty!

I got a note from my mother.

I had a visit from my friend. My friend came early this month.

And it really cramped my style, you know what I mean?

Who are you?

Stan Weaver, National Bandstand.

And who are you?

Marty Maraschino. Senior.

Did you say National Bandstand?

With Vince Fontaine?

That's the one.

(STUTTERS) They're considering Rydell for a live broadcast from our spring dance.

Vince Fontaine may come here?

Uh, well, if Mr. Weaver feels

we truly represent an American high school.

Oh! If there's one thing I know how to do, it's represent.

You tell Mr. Fontaine

that Marty is waiting for him.

Miss Maraschino, please!

Well, it's, uh, looking more and more like Rydell has got what it takes.


(CHUCKLES) Wonderful.

Well, let's just hope it doesn't rain.


So you were at Lover's Lane, and then what happened?

Did you make it with Rizzo or not?

Yeah, but my heart wasn't in it.

As long as something was, who cares?


I'm so mad about what Leo did to my car.

Danny, we can fix it, though, right?

I don't know. It looks pretty hopeless.

Did somebody say "hopeless"?

ALL: Hey, Mrs. Murdock. How you doin'?

Come on, any car can be fixed.

Did you boys learn nothing in my class?

Don't answer that.


All right! How's the patient?

Look, we just got to bang out the dent.

That's all there is to it, right?

Yeah, and replace a part.


What part?

The engine.

Where am I gonna supposed to get a new engine?

Guys, there's an old saying...

"There's a spare part in every parked car."

Where'd you hear that?


I learned a lot.

You have no idea.

So, you're saying we should steal from other people's cars?

(SCOFFS) I said no such thing

and I would deny it to the Board of Education.

No, I'm just inspiring you to follow that automotive dream.

And keep your hands off the Chevy Impala. That one's mine.

Good luck.



Whaddaya say, guys? Huh? You in?

I don't know.

I don't want to get into any trouble.

And it would be a lot of work.


SONNY: It'll still be a piece of junk.



Yeah, I'm in.


Because I know what this car can become.

Scrap metal?


Beep, beep.

Hey, Sonny...

...what do you drive, huh?

I drive...


How about you, Putzie?

Ah, who me?

What about Doody?


Well, that's what I thought.

Now come on, guys.

This car...

...could be a major piece of machinery.


This car could be... Systematic!






Why it could be Greased Lightning!

Greased Lightning!

We'll get some overhead lifters

And four barrel quads oh, yeah

Keep talkin' Oh, keep talking

A fuel injection cut-off

And chrome-plated rods oh, yeah

I'll get it ready I'll kill to get it ready

With a four-speed on the floor

She'll be waitin' at the door

You know without a doubt I'll be really makin' out in

Greased Lightnin'

Go, go, go

Go, go, go, go go, go, go, go

Go, Greased Lightnin'


You're burnin' up the quarter mile

Greased Lightnin' go, Greased Lightnin'

Go, Greased Lightnin'


You're coastin' through the heat-lap trial

Greased Lightnin' go, Greased Lightnin'

You are supreme


The chicks'll scream


For Greased Lightnin'

Go, go, go, go, go, go go, go, go, go

We'll get some purple French tail-lights

Oom pa-pa, oom

And 30-inch fins oh, yeah

Woo ooh, ooh, ooh

A palomino dashboard and

Oom pa-pa, oom

Dual muffler twins oh, yeah

Woo ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh, ooh

With new pistons, plugs and shocks she can beat super-stocks

You know that I ain't braggin'

She's a real draggin' wagon

Greased Lightnin'!

Go, go, go, go, go

Go, Greased Lightnin'

You're burnin' up the quarter mile

Greased Lightnin' go, Greased Lightnin'

Go, Greased Lightnin' You're coastin' through the heat-lap trial

Greased Lightnin' Go, Greased Lightnin'

You are supreme


The chicks'll scream


For Greased Lightnin'

Go, go, go

Go, go, go, go go, go, go, go





Come on!

Go, Greased Lightnin'


You're burnin' up the quarter mile

Greased Lightnin' Go, Greased Lightnin'

Go, Greased Lightnin'


You're coastin' through the heat lap trial

Greased Lightnin' Go, Greased Lightnin'

You are supreme, uh-huh

The chicks'll scream, uh-huh

For Greased Lightnin'










Hey, watch where you're going!

If something's in my way, I don't stop.

You should remember that at Thunder Road.

I'll remember it when I run you into a wall, numbnuts.


All right! All right!

Put it down, gents.

None of that in here.

I got a hot date tonight with the new guy at the grill

so I can't be staying late mopping blood off the floor.

You hear me?

We hear you, Vi.

Come on.

You got lucky this time!

Those Scorpions are asking for it, Danny.

What's with you?

Still stuck on that chick?

What are you, nuts?

Come on, Kenick, Zuke, come here.

Danny, Kenickie. Come here.

Take a load off.

PUTZIE: The meeting is now in session.

You know what I heard?

Last year the fuzz had Thunder Road staked out

and everybody got hauled to the clink.

When we're done with her,

nobody is going to catch Greased Lightning.



Somebody, uh, snaking you, Danny?

Oh, bite the weenie, Rizz.

Oh, with relish. (CHUCKLES)

I don't know about these chicks.

Yeah, they're only good for one thing, right?

And what are you supposed to do with her for the other

23 hours and 45 minutes of the day?


Is that all it takes, 15 minutes?

Oh. Only when he does it twice.


Put that thing away!

Hey! I've been practicing.

Look, if I get good enough,

maybe Vince Fontaine'll put me on National Bandstand or something.


Just check this out!

ALL: No.

(SING-SONG) C-C-C, C-C-C, A-A-A, A-minor. Wait.

Give me a minute.

You want some new music?

Yeah, sure.

I'll need some money.


(SOFTLY) Thanks.

I'll be right back.

All right.

Hi, Danny!

I can't talk to you right now.

Hey, listen, what are you doing later?

I can't talk.

Call me!



Hey, Sandy.

Oh, hi.

How are you?

Fine, thanks.

That's good.

Been wanting to talk to you for a while now.

What about?

About that night at the pep rally.

The way I acted, that was terrible.

It really was.

That wasn't me. You gotta believe me.

Well... I mean, it was me, but it wasn'

You see, Sandy, I just have this image around here and...

I know, and that's why I'm so glad

that Tom is such a simple person.

Yeah. Simple's right. (CHUCKLES)

It's too bad that his brains are in his biceps.

You sound jealous.


Come on, Sandy. (CHUCKLES) Don't make me laugh.


Tom is a great athlete. What have you ever done?

Oh, come on, Sandy.

I could run circles around those jerks.

I'll believe that when I see it.

DOODY: Oh! I figured it out!

Hey, Sandy, play J-14 for me?


Mmm. Excuse me.




What's that playing on the radio?

Why do I start swaying to and fro?

I have never heard that song before

But if I don't hear it anymore

It's still familiar to me

Sends a thrill right through me

'Cause those chords remind me

Of the night that I first fell in love to

Those magic changes My heart arranges

A melody that's never the same

A melody that's calling your name

And begs you Please come back to me

Please return to me Don't go away again

Oh, make them play again

The music I want to hear as once again

You whisper in my ear

Oh, my darling Uh-huh

Yo, Coach.


I want to be on a team or something like that.

You're putting me on.

No, I mean it. I want to, like... know, try out or something.

What sort of athletics are you interested in?

Oh, you know, the kind that look good.

Uh-huh. Well, before we can do anything, you have to change.

Yeah, that's why I'm here to do. To change.

No, I'm talking about your clothes.

I knew that. (CHUCKLES)


I'll be waiting by the radio

You'll come back to me someday, I know

Been so lonesome since our last goodbye

But I'm singing as I cry

While the bass is sounding

While the drums are pounding

The beating of my broken heart will rise

To the first place on the charts

Oh, my heart arranges

Oh, those magic changes Mmm-mmm

Hey, fellas. Danny here is interested in joining the team.


Let's give him a tryout. Hit it, son.



What'd I do?

Let's try something else.

Those magic changes


My heart arranges

A melody that's never the same

La, la, la, la

A melody that's calling your name

La, la, la, la

And begs you Please come back to me


La, la, la, la

Please return to me

La, la, la, la


All right. Wrestling may be better suited for your talents, Zuko.

Yeah, that sounds cool.

So, let me introduce you to your new partner. Danny, Ernie.


Are you crazy?

All right, let's start.

First position. Danny, you get down.

Okay. All right. All right.




You give?

Yeah, I give.



Okay, you know what, Zuko?

You know, there are some sports that don't have any physical contact.

Yeah? Like what?

Like track.

What, you mean running?

Not just running.

I'm talking about long-distance running. Cross-country running.

Running so long I won't have to deal with you at all.

I'll be waiting by the radio

You'll come back to me someday, I know

Been so lonesome since our last goodbye

But I'm singing as I cry

All right, Zuko, I want you to run out these doors,

three times around the track,

up past woodworking, and then back here.




That's a new Rydell record.


(CHUCKLES) Welcome to the team.

Congratulations, Danny!


Are you all right?


Danny, talk to me.

It's the least you can do after the way you treated me.

I already told you I was sorry about that.

Ah, got you talking.

Are you still going out with that jockstrap?

We're just friends.

Is he taking you to the dance?

Well, that all depends.

On what?

On you.

On me?

Although I don't want to hurt Tom.

I think he'll pull through. Hi, Tom.


So, you'll go to the dance with me?

I'd love to go to the dance with you.




While the bass is sounding

While the drums are pounding

The beating of my broken heart will rise

To the first place on the charts

Oh, my heart arranges

Oh, those magic changes





Oh, yeah





Is that what you're gonna do at the dance-off Saturday?


What do you think I'll win?



Hey, you think I'll look good on TV?

Sure, you're already two-dimensional.

What's with the torpedoes?

I read that Vince Fontaine likes a full-figured girl.

Whaddaya think?


And just in time for flu season!



Um, hi, Patty.

Has... Has anyone asked you to the dance yet?

Not yet, but I'll show them.

I'll show them all!

Pop split!


That floor is sticky.

I'm aware of that.

Hey, let's go someplace else.


It's too crowded. We can't be alone.



Come on.

SANDY: Hi, Doris! Hi, Kim!

Oh, your hair looks really cute like that!

Oh, I'll see you in biology.


You nearly pulled my arm out of the socket!

I didn't want to lose this table.

It's the best they got.


What are you doing?

Just want some privacy for us, that's all.

Hey! What are ya having, kids?

Coca-Cola, please.


Not really hungry. Just give me a Double Polar Burger with everything

and a Cherry Coke with chocolate ice cream. And some French fries for the table.

Two straws with that soda?

She can use mine.

Oh! Watch out.


You really are funny, you know?

No, I'm not.

You are.

You are.

How ya doin', Zuke, huh, nice?

Yeah, it's cool. It's, uh, you know, swingin'.

Well, well!

Danny's back, and Sandy's scratching it.

Hey, Rizz, how are you?

Peachy keen, jelly bean.

Hey, uh, you got a couple of quarters?

Maybe, you know, I could split an Eskimo Pie and a Coke.

My Dutch treat days are over.


Guess you plan on stayin' home a lot.

Oh, you ain't the only barracuda in these waters.

Greetings, pals and gals!

I got 23 cents. Who wants to chip in for a Dog-sled Delight?

I swear, I don't know where my money goes, a dime here, 15 cents there.

Hey, Frenchy. Another couple months

and you'll be picking up the tab for everybody. (CHUCKLES)

FRENCHY: You know...

A working girl, with income!

They don't pay you very much to start off with.

Still more than we make. You know?

Oh, hey. Loan me, will ya? I don't get my allowance until Friday.

You still get an allowance?

When I'm a good boy, I do.

Hey, Viola, a Dog-sled Delight with four spoons!

And an Eskimo Pie!

With a knife.

PUTZIE: I think I'm gonna go get another order of fries.

What do you want?

Oh... Ice water.

I'm reducing for National Bandstand.

They say the camera adds 10 pounds,

depending on your reception.


Well, just make sure they keep all the good parts.


Grab it and growl!

You know, I got so many hickeys on my neck

people are gonna think I'm dating Dracula.

Cheer up. A hickey from Kenickie is like a Hallmark card.

"When you care enough to send the very best."

Ugh! You pig!

Mmm. I love it when you talk dirty. (CHUCKLES)

My parents wanna invite you to a barbecue the day after the dance.

You wanna come?

I don't like barbecue. (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY)

You don't have to eat anything.

I don't like parents.


Want some?

You sure are a cheap date.

That didn't come out the way I meant it.

Oh, I understand.

I always thought you were an understanding person.

And I always thought there's more to you than just being weird.

No matter what everyone says behind your back.

Thanks. And I don't think you're as goofy and immature

as everyone says behind your back.


Hey, you got a date for the dance-off?


You wanna go?


You know, Danny, I'm, kind of worried about the contest.

We didn't have a lot of dances back home.

Don't worry, just, uh, follow my lead.

Yeah. Could be your big break, Sandy.

National Bandstand loves the wholesome type.

That camera'll be on you the whole time.

Oh, I don't have to be on camera, do I?

Well, it ain't radio.


What's the matter?

I'm, uh... I'm just really camera shy.

Besides, who wants to watch a bunch of amateurs

dance in a contest on live TV?


Well, you know TV.

They'll do any cheap stunt to get people to watch.

Yeah, maybe you oughta stay home with the folks, play Parcheesi.

Come on, Sandy, let's get outta here.

SANDY: Oh. Okay.

Bye, girls. Bye, Frenchy.


See you, Sandy.

You know, they got these things called toothpicks.

What's with you tonight?

Oh, I don't know.

I guess I'm just growin' up faster than you.


There's only one thing you're faster at than me, baby.

There are times, Kenick, when speed ain't what it's all about.

You know, sometimes you got the personality of a wet mop.

Oh, yeah?


To you from me, Pinky Lee!

ALL: Oh...

Sorry, French!


Oh, check! The check. Hey, Rizzo!

Come back here and give me some money!

Hey you want some pie with that shake, Kenick?

That reminds me. I made an apple pie from a recipe in Good Housekeeping

that's supposed to drive men wild with desire for apple pie.

Wanna come?

Yeah, sure!

Hey, Putzie. 15 minutes!


If I don't pass this algebra quiz, I'm gonna be a senior forever.

SONNY: Now, what's so bad about that?

I want a diploma before I get my MRS degree, okay?

Well, you are in luck, luscious,

you got an armed escort home.

Mmm-hmm. It's not the arms I'm worried about.

She loves me.


You comin', French?

Nah. I think I'd like to hang out for a little bit longer.

Maybe next time. Hmm?


Are you okay?


No use crying over a spilt milkshake.

(CHUCKLES) I'll be all right.

Listen, I don't want to rush you,

but it's almost closing time and I've got...




Well, I hate to tell you this,

but your hair looks like an Easter egg.


Beauty school sure wasn't what I thought it was gonna be.

Nothing ever is.


I dropped out.

Oh, hon.

How do you like waitressing?

(CHUCKLES) You're too young to know.

Or maybe I could be one of those telephone operators.

Nah, I wouldn't want to wear those little things over my ears.

Don't you worry, hon.

You'll find something.

I know you will.



So what now?

Am I through?

Oh, won't someone tell me what to do?

Where to go?

Whom to be?

How to find the right way back to me?

Sunny day, won't you finally come my way

If I stay so brave till then

Will I find my way again?

'Cause all I need is an angel

I'll take a friend or a stranger

All I need is an angel here tonight

Who will say it's all all right

So what now

Now I see

I may not be all I dreamed I'd be

Who will help fight this fear?

Who will show me where to go from here?

I won't mind

I will find the life I find

If I only have my guide

And together we will ride

'Cause all I need is an angel

I'll take a friend or a stranger

Yeah, all I need is an angel here today

Who will help me find my way

One angel, please

With a sense of fashion

One angel, please

With a bit of passion

One angel

Who will guide me through

All I need is an angel

I'll take a friend or a stranger

All I need is an angel

Here with me

Come on let me see my angel

To help me through all the changes

All I need is an angel

I'll be fine with an angel who's all mine

Won't you send me down a sign?

And an angel who's all mine



Your story's sad to tell

A teenage ne'er-do-well

Most mixed up non-delinquent on the block

Your future's so unclear now

What's left of your career now?

Can't even get a trade in on your



La, la, la, la

La, la, la, la

La, la, la, la

La, la, la, la

La, la, la, la

La, la, la, la

La, la, la, la, ooh

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

Beauty school dropout

No graduation day for you

Beauty school dropout

Missed your midterms and flunked shampoo

Well, at least you could have taken time

To wash and clean your clothes up

After spending all that dough

To have the doctor fix your nose up

Baby, get moving

Baby, get moving

Why keep your feeble hopes alive?

What are you provin'?

What are you provin'?

You've got the dream but not the drive

If you go for your diploma

You can join a steno pool

Turn in your teasin' comb

La, la

And go back to high school

La, la, la, la, la, la, la



Beauty school dropout

Beauty school dropout

Hanging around the corner store

Beauty school dropout

Beauty school dropout

It's about time you knew the score

Well, they couldn't teach you anything

You think you're such a looker

But no customer would go to you

Unless she was a hooker

Baby, get moving

Don't sweat it

You're not cut out to hold a job

Better forget it

Oh, forget it

Who wants their hair done by a slob?


Now your bangs are curled

Your lashes twirled

But still the world is cruel

Wipe off that angel face


And go back to high school

Baby, don't blow it

Baby, don't blow it

Don't put my good advice to shame

Baby, you know it

Baby, you know it

Even Dear Abby'd say the same!

Well, I've called the shot


Get off the pot


You really gotta fly

Gotta be going to that malt shop

In the sky


Beauty school dropout

Beauty school dropout

Go back to high school

Beauty school dropout

Beauty school dropout

Go back to high school

Beauty school dropout

Beauty school dropout

Go back to high school


Come and get your raffle tickets, everyone!

Help raise money for the 1959 class gift.

What's the class gift gonna be?

We're commissioning a statue for the front lawn.

It's gonna be a Rydell cheerleader.

(GASPS) Yeah? Who's gonna model for it?

Well, that's up to the Landscape Committee.

And who runs that?

The Student Council Vice-President.

And who's the...

It's me, all right?

It's me!

Okay. Now we know.

Hey, did ya bring provisions?

You bet. (LAUGHS)

EUGENE: Don't forget to sign up for next week's blood drive!

Come on, Marty, every drop counts.

Sorry, I gotta keep my strength up.

Why not? You're keeping everything else up.

Don't be crude.

I'm just sayin' you're looking good.

Ooh, feelin' good, too.

Keep your hands off the merch.

Clear, everybody. This way Mr. Fontaine!

Oh, my God, that was Vince Fontaine.

I've seen better heads on a mug of beer.

Grow up. I think he's the living end.

If you like older guys. Anyway, here.

What is it?

Well, you may have noticed that I am stag this evening,

and since I haven't heard you mention a date,

I thought maybe I would do the noble thing and escort you.

A gardenia.

It's pretty.

But I can't take it.

How come?

I read in Teen Tempo that Vince Fontaine hates the smell.

Yeah? Well, it's gotta be an improvement, 'cause right now you stink.

Aw, stuff it!

I think you already have.


Jealousy is a child's pastime.





This is so exciting!

See? If you hadn't come back, you would have missed all this.

Yeah. Dropping out was the lonesomest thing I ever did.

Hey. How do I look?


Like a beautiful, blonde pineapple.


Hey, Rizz!


You know Leo.

Yeah, I guess.

Well, I needed a date and he happened to be free.

Lucky for me.

We'll see.

EUGENE: Hey, don't forget the blood drive.

You're always somebody's type.

Wanna sign up, Rizzo?

Don't bother, unless they're looking for a pint of ice water.

Back off.

Who you tellin' to back off when you're on my turf?

You wanna settle this here and now?

Let's go right now.

Easy, easy.

Let's save the blood for next week, right, Felsnick?

RIZZO: Come on.


Who does she think she is, huh?

It doesn't matter, baby.

You're with Cha-Cha tonight.

(CHUCKLES) That's right.

Hey, Zuko, I want you to meet Cha-Cha DiGregorio.

(CHUCKLES) How ya doin', Zuko, baby.

Uh, all right.

Who is she?

They call me Cha-Cha.

Because I'm the best dancer at St. Bernadette's.



With the worst reputation.



Maybe I will sign up after all.


Who is that girl?

Oh. No one.

She's just a girl I know, that's all.

How do you know her?

She, uh, used to be a friend of my cousin's.

Come on. Let's go in.


You gonna go in now?

Of course. I'm on the Prom Decorating Committee.

But, are you going alone?


What's "alone"?


Just walk me in so I don't trip. magazines about my rock 'n roll...

Okay, kids. Look. We're going to be on air in a very short time,

so let's keep things going with another warm-up tune

from Johnny Casino and the Gamblers.

Take it away, boys!



Rah, oh, baby, rah

Oh, baby, rah

Oh, baby, rah

Oh, baby

Rock 'n roll is here to stay

It will never die

It was meant to be that way

Though I don't know why

I don't care what people say

Rock 'n roll is here to stay

We don't care what people say

Rock 'n roll is here to stay

Rock 'n roll will always be

I dig it till the end

It will go down in history

Just you wait, my friend

Rock 'n roll will always be

It'll go down in history

Rock 'n roll will always be

It'll go down in history

So come on

Everybody rock

Everybody rock

Everybody rock

Everybody rock

Come on

Everybody rock now

Everybody rock 'n roll

Everybody rock 'n roll

Everybody rock 'n roll

Rock 'n roll

Rock 'n roll, rock 'n roll

Come on

Everybody rock and roll, roll, roll, roll

Rock 'n roll will always be

I dig it till the end

It will go down in history

Just you wait, my friend

Rock 'n roll will always be

It'll go down in history

If you don't like rock 'n roll

Think what you've been missin'

But if you like to bop and stroll

Come on down and listen

Let's all start to have a ball

Everybody rock 'n roll

Rah, oh, baby, rah

Oh, baby, rah

Oh, baby, rah

Oh, baby, rock





You're leading.

I can't help it!

Up until now I've had to go to these things with other girls.

Hey, Doody, can't you at least turn me around or something?

Shut up, I'm trying to count.

But you don't count when you play guitar.


So pretend I'm your guitar, you know.

Pluck me.

This is the best night of my life.


Hey, babe, remember who you're with.

I'm with whoever knows how to dance.


What are you getting steamed about now?

Nobody moves in on Cha-Cha.

Nobody has to.

Get a hold of yourself, Blanche.

When I hear music, I just can't make my feet behave!

We go live in five minutes!

Oh, dear.

Look at 'em go, huh?

Whaddaya say, Marge, let's show 'em how we used to do it

back in Teacher's College.

(CHUCKLES) Oh, my. Oh, Coach.

I'll coach you.



Sonny, what are you doing?

Washing my hands!

All right. I'll cover you.

You learn that in prison?




You okay?

What if I mess up in front of millions of people?

Danny, just promise me we won't be on camera.

How are we gonna win if we're not on camera?



You get camera shy, you just look into my eyes.

You can do that, right? (CHUCKLES)


You're gonna be great.

Hey, Marty, do me a favor, will ya?

What do you want?

Find out the cameraman's name.

Ask your friend Vince Fontaine.

I'll see what I can do.


Good golly, Miss Molly!

Is this my usual makeup?

MARTY: Mr. Fontaine?

Ugh. Thank God we're not in color.

Whaddaya want?

I mean... (CHUCKLES)

That's my name. What's your game, honey?

Vince, you want a lighter shade of...

Beat it.

A friend of mine wanted me to ask you the name of the cameraman.

Oh. Waiting for her big close-up, is she?


Well, his name is Ted.

But your friend's out of luck,

unless she's as pretty as you are.

Is she?


Well, then.

What's your name?


Marty what?


Like the cherry.


So, uh... (CLEARS THROAT) Marty.

Do your folks know that I come into your room every night?

Over WZXX, that is.

What they don't know won't hurt 'em.

I'm judging the dance contest.

I don't think I'm entered.

What? A knockout like you?

Oh. Things have sure changed since I was in high school.

Last year. (CHUCKLES)


Eh... What? What's the matter?

I just never realized you're so...

Direct? Experienced?

Erotically alive?




Three minutes to broadcast, Vince.


Catch you later.

"Old." (SCOFFS)


I need more base.

Well, what'd you find out?

Too much.

I mean the cameraman.

Oh, Ted.

Okay, kids, are you ready?


All right. Good!

But we have to, uh, go over a couple of ground rules first.



Basic rules.

Principal McGee?


I'll wait.

I'll wait. I won't ask again.

Now, boys and girls,

in just a few moments

the entire nation will be watching Rydell High.


God help us.

I want you all to be on your best behavior.

So, now...

For the rules, Coach Calhoun.


Game rule one, couples only.

No solos. No threesomes.


Game rule two.

During the dance contest, if you're tapped on the shoulder,

you must leave the floor immediately.

And rule number three.

Anyone doing tasteless or vulgar movements will be disqualified.

Oh! That leaves us out.

Keep it clean, please!

40 seconds!

Boys and girls now, without further ado,

I give you

the man of the hour,

the Prince of the Platters,

Mr. Vince Fontaine!



Thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

Thank you. Thank you, fans and friends.

Thank you and odds and ends!

And now for you gals and guys,

a few words to the wise.

You Jims and Sals are my best pals,

and to look your best for the big contest,

just be yourselves and have a ball,

that's what it's all about, after all.

So forget the camera and think about the beat,

and we'll give the folks at home a real big treat.

Don't worry about where the camera is.

Just keep on dancing, that's your biz.

And if I tap you on the shoulder,

just move to the side and let the others finish the ride.



ALL: Four, three, two, one...

MR. WEAVER: On the air.

Hello and welcome to National Bandstand,

coming to you live from Rydell High School.

I'm your host, Vince Fontaine.

And this is the event you've all been waiting for,

the National Dance-Off.

But before we get to the big showdown,

let's warm things up!

Away we go with Johnny Casino and the Gamblers!



Don't say maybe, baby

Don't say wait

And don't say soon enough

'Cause soon's too late

I don't need no tender words

Or no bad excuse

Don't say maybe, baby

Just turn me loose

Don't say hold on, honey

Don't slow down

Oh, I miss high school!

Don't run me 'round

Don't pull the reins on me

Or say whoa, whoa, whoa

Don't say hold on, honey

Just say let's go

Oh, my engine's running, baby

My headlights are on

Just wave that white flag, baby

And we're gone

Yeah, we're gone

Don't say maybe, baby

Don't ask why

'Cause you're my always girl and I'm your guy

I'm true as truth, my girl

And that ain't no line

Don't say maybe, baby

Just say you're mine

Oh, just say you're mine

Just say you're mine

Just say you're mine

Just say you're mine

Don't say maybe, baby

Just, baby, be mine

VINCE: Which lucky pair's gonna go home

with the great big prize and stars in their eyes?

We're gonna find out when we come back live and a little Hand Jive,

but first, a word from our sponsors.


Welcome back, folks, to the one, the only National Bandstand,

coming to you live from Rydell High,

hosted by the one, the only Vince Fontaine.

That's me.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for,

the National Dance-Off!


Some lucky guy and gal is gonna go boppin' home with some fantabulous prizes,

but don't feel bad if I bump youse out,

'cause it doesn't matter if you win or lose,

it's what you do with your dancin' shoes.

Okay, cats, throw your mittens around your kittens

and away we go!


Before I was born late one night

My papa said everything's all right

The doctor laughed My ma laid down

With her stomach bouncing all around

'Cause the beebop stork was about to arrive

Mama gave birth to the hand jive

I could barely walk when I milked a cow

When I was three I pushed a plow

While chopping wood I moved my legs

Started to dance when I gathered eggs

The townfolk clapped, I was only five

He'll out dance 'em all he's born to hand jive


Born to hand jive, baby

Born to hand jive, baby

Oh, yeah

Hey, get off!



Mr. Kenickie, have you no decency?

Dance with me! Dance!



How low can you go


How low can you go

How low can you go

How low can you go?







Now can you hand jive, baby

Oh, can you hand jive, baby

Born to hand jive, baby

Born to hand jive, baby

Oh, yeah, oh, yeah

Oh, yeah, yeah

Born to hand jive, oh, yeah

VINCE: Oh, yeah!



And let's meet our new champs!

What are your names, kids?

Cha-Cha DiGregorio and Danny Zuko!

All right. Congratulations.

And now...

Let's have our champs celebrate with a nice little slow dance.

Hit it!


Just mooning

So sad it's blue...



Guess mine is not the first heart broken

My eyes are not the first to cry

I'm not the first to know

There's just no getting over you

You know I'm just a fool

Who's willing to sit around

And wait for you

But, baby, can't you see

There's nothing else for me to do?

I'm hopelessly devoted to you

But now there's nowhere to hide

Since you pushed my love aside

I'm out of my head

Hopelessly devoted to you

Ooh, hopelessly devoted to you

Ooh, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo

Hopelessly devoted to you

My head is saying

"Fool, forget him"

My heart is saying

"Don't let go

"Hold on till the end"

And that's what I intend to do

I'm hopelessly devoted to you

But now there's nowhere to hide

Since you pushed my love aside

I'm out of my head

Hopelessly devoted to you


Hopelessly devoted to you


Hopelessly devoted

I'm hopelessly devoted

To you




Welcome back, students.


I trust you all have fond memories

of our spring dance Saturday night,

those of you who can still remember it at all.


Rest assured, the police have been notified

and they will find those individuals

who spiked the punch bowl,

which led to some extremely embarrassing behavior.

Oh. And while we're on the subject,

a brassiere was found under the bleachers,

a size 34, Double-D,

under-wire construction, full support.

Will the owner please come to the office to retrieve it?

I will... What is it, Blanche?

(WHISPERING) It's mine.


Please disregard that last announcement.

This has been a test.

This was only a test.




Okay, everybody out.

Welcome to the cinema.

I wish we had money for tickets.

I wish we had gas masks.

It was cabbage night.


Here come the chicks.




Hold my money. Don't let me go near the refreshment stand.

Everything they sell is bad for you.

What about a popcorn with extra butter?

Is it the artificial kind?




Hey, French, you ready for a movie?


I wish there were a way I could watch movies at home anytime I wanted.

(CHUCKLES) Let's just get to the moon first.


Hey, babe.

Oh, there's nobody here.

Come on, Marty, let's get popcorn.



I guess we gotta watch the movie.

At a drive-in?

Who does that?

MAN 1: Fine. What do I do?

MAN 2: Tell Travis to get it.


MAN 1: What are you gonna do with this thing if you do catch it?

Oh, come on, Sandy. I told you I was sorry every day for a week.

I know, that's why I'm here.

You do believe me, don't you?

Yes, but I still think you and Cha-Cha went together.

We did not go together, we just went together.

That's the same thing.

No, it's not.


Not like us.

Besides, if you hadn't run off,

I never would've danced with Cha-Cha in the first place.

I didn't want to be on camera.

Well, that's just silly.

You're a good dancer.

You shouldn't be so afraid of stuff.

I lied to my parents!


I told my parents I was going to Frenchy's to study

because they won't let me go to dances.


That's why I didn't want to be on camera.

I didn't want them to find out that I lied to them

just to be with you.


I didn't know that.

Well, now you do.

Did you use the right number?

Well, I think you're lucky to have parents

that care so much about you.

I know.

Mine don't care about anything.

I'm sorry.









Sandy, I'm sorry. I didn't... (SIGHS)




Sandy, would you wear my ring?

Oh, Danny, I don't know what to say!

Say yes! Yeah?


Oh, Danny, this means so much to me,

because I know now that you respect me.


Lucy, go back! You can't do anything!

Run, Lucy! Run!



What, 25 cents for a lousy box of popcorn and two sodas?

Forget it!

What's with you tonight?

I feel like a defective typewriter.


I skipped a period.

You think you're P.G.?

I don't know.

Big deal.

Was it Kenickie?

Nah, you don't know the guy.

Hey, it's cool.

You get to skip school.

Marty, you ain't gonna tell nobody about this, right?

I'll take it to the grave.

Coming through, coming through,

come on, people, move! Lady with a baby!

Rizzo's got a bun in the oven!


(WHISPERING) Rizzo's pregnant.

DOODY: Oh, psst, hey! Rizzo's pregnant!

Hey, Rizzo, I hear you're knocked up.

Oh, you do, huh?

Good news travels fast.

Why didn't you tell me?

Oh, what's it to you?

I don't know.

I thought I could do something.

Oh, you did enough.

Well, I don't run away from my mistakes.

Hey, don't worry about it, Kenickie.

It was somebody else's mistake.

Thanks a lot, kid.

Oh, any time.

MAN: Stay there! He's in the tower!

Barricade the front! We'll have him trapped!


I'm all right, Lucy!

He'll never get through the sealed door!


Use the net to block the entrance off.


Oh, I hope you're not getting a cold.

Oh, no, nothing like that.

It's probably just some drive-in dust. That's all.




Oh, Sandy!

What are you doing?

Don't worry, there's nobody's watching.

Get off me!


What's the matter with you?

I thought I meant something to you.

You think I'm going to stay with you in this...

Sin wagon?

Sandy, come on. What are you... Argh!

You can take this piece of tin!

Hey, Sandy!

Sandy, you can't just walk out of a drive-in!


Stranded at the drive in

Branded a fool

What will they say

Monday at school?

Sandy, can't you see

I'm in misery

You made a start

Now we're apart

There's nothing left for me

Love has flown

All alone I sit

And wonder why

Oh, why you left me

Oh, Sandy

Oh, Sandy, baby


When high school is done



Our two worlds will be one

In heaven forever

And ever we will be

Please, say you'll stay

Oh, Sandy

Sandy, my darling,

you hurt me real bad.

You know it's true.

But, baby,

you gotta believe me when I say...

I'm helpless without you.

Love has flown

All alone

I sit and wonder

Why, oh

Why you left me

Oh, Sandy




Oh, Sandy.


Not that way. Here we go.

Look, look. Hey, hey, hey. Guys!


You guys must have one amazing teacher!

Yeah, we do! Murdock!


This car is as hot as the parts on it.

We didn't steal all of it. Some of it was donated.

Hey well, be sure to send thank-you notes.

The judge will like that.

Hey, this baby's gonna knock them on their ears at Thunder Road.

That's right, You could still change your mind.

You know, but...

Nothin' doin'.

The flag goes down in three hours

and Greased Lightning strikes.

Hey, Mrs. Murdock, you coming?

Hey, I don't expect my boys to let me down.

I'm not gonna let them down.

Just be sure to fill her up.

I intend to get loaded myself.


Hey, I want to talk to you.


Those boys at Thunder Road don't play around.

You know that, right?



You want me to punk out?

I'm not saying punkin'.

I'm just... You know what I'm saying.



Danny, me and you been friends for a long time, right?



So you remember that movie that we saw back when we were kids?

There was a duel and the guy's best friend, you know, he, uh...

He went with him, like his, uh...

like his second?

Yeah. Yeah.



I was thinking...


Um, you know.

I was thinking maybe you could be my second at Thunder Road.

What, do you want me to drive with you? (LAUGHING)



Come on.



Hey, what you looking at?

Not one thing, really.


Danny's gonna be my second at Thunder Road.

We're gonna win this thing!

Yeah, we are.


EUGENE: No, you won't.

What's it to you,