Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MY LOVE (내 사랑) 2007 MOVIE (ENG SUB) - PART 1/2

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Presented by Big House / Vantage Holdings

an Ozone Film production

executive producers CHEONG Eui-seok, KIM Sun-yong, CHIN Hee-moon, JUNG Suk-young

screenplay by SIHN Dong-ick

producer KIM Sang-o

My memories of her are sometimes so real

the present seems more like a dream.


They're like the wind.

You never know when or how it'll blow.


You haven't slept at all.

Anything I can help you with?

Seoul... It must've changed a lot, right?

How long have you been away?

For 6 years.

I left the other half of my heart there.

And this one's pounding like a drum.


Son! It's dad.


Are you playing video games again?

It's not just a game, dad.

I'm busy, gotta go.

That kid...

A simple idea won't do.

We need a phenomenal event.

Like the World Cups, people going crazy.



A total eclipse.

The moon's shadow covers the sun.

A total eclipse.

The sun and moon uniting as one.

Hey, mister! Wait!

Love, First

Good morning, sir.

Stop pacing, So-hyun!

You're making me dizzy!

Today's the last day for registering, right?

You asked me that 3 times!

Want me to say it again?

Yes, today's the last day to register!

That's strange.

Are you registering or not?

Black bean noodles and dumplings!

- Over here, please. - Okay.

- Good job everyone. - Bye.

Have a great day, ma'am.

Hey, So-hyun!

- Take out the dirty dishes. - Yes.

My only source of solace.

Excuse me.

Oh, hi!

You came to register?

Ah, yes.

But who...

- You're in Korean Lit, too? - Yes!

Sorry, I'm running late.

He doesn't remember me.

Oops, my bag.

Hey, wait!


The sticker,


Thank you. Bye.

Seoul Metro

The train is now departing.

Three years earlier Stop sulking, boy!

I'm way older than you!

If you don't like the way I talk, go find someone else.

Fine. When we officially start dating,

I won't call you boy.

We've been seeing each other everyday for over a year.

You ignored me again!


How do we get home now?

That was the last train.

We can't just take any train, when we have 'our train'.

There's no such thing as 'our train'.

Yes, there is! 2494!

That's our train!

There's a tree scratched on the driver's compartment.

And it sounds louder than the others as it pulls in.

What's with that look?

Honestly? You're bizarre.


Hey! I like that!

It means I'm special and unique.

You don't love me, do you?

No! That's not it!

I do love you!

Liar. You don't believe anything I say.

How can I?

You say you live in a dream world.

Let's try it again.

Close your eyes, slowly.

Then open the eyes of your heart.


Can you feel it getting brighter?


Now, draw what's in your heart.

Joo-won, Hey!

Let's go. It's getting late!

You still don't see what I see, do you!

Hey! What are you doing!

Get back up here!

Hey! Joo-won!


Why you...

Stop putting yourself in danger!

You're making me worried!

Silly, you said the last train went by.

No train will come for the night.

Why you...

I guess you do like me after all.

- You find that amusing? - Yes.

Thanks, but I can't accept you as my boyfriend yet.

There are a few more tests.


By the way, where are we going?

To find our train.

Fine. Who cares if we get killed.


- Straight down this way! - What?

Let's race.

Slow down!

Ooo, I'm so scared.


Hey! Joo-won!

- Se-jin? - Hmm?

- I'm so worried these days. - About What?

The evil gang is on the move again to make earth boring.



We have to get rid of them!


Here! Our weapons!

You can't even see it.

Hold on.



This is a fluorescent crayon.

Hey, that's neat.

Come on!

2045, No.

2015... Nope.

Where is it?

I found it!

2494! It's our train!

This is where we first met.

Since you've been in my dream

it's not so boring anymore.

Little by little

it's turning into a fun dream.

Who said to cancel my number!

- But sir... - I put it on hold!


I still have my cell phone right here!

After 3 months on hold,

it automatically gets cancelled.

No one told me that!

I'm sorry. But it's regulation...

I don't care!

I need that number back!

A total eclipse at El Shalom, Egypt,

in 2006.

For your reference.

The moon's shadow is covering the sun.

In Korea, the last total eclipse occurred

in 1887.

A natural phenomenon in 120 years.

Something you can see once in a lifetime, if you're lucky.

We want to take that rarity and turn it

into a big event.

Now, Mr. Kim will explain more on the project's intent.

It's actually an old idea.

Long ago,

humans believed in Shamanism.

Today, it's called superstition.

I think people today need more Shamanism than in the past.

For example, we eat red beans on winter

solstice to chase away ghosts.

But that was made to nourish the poor.

Everyone ate red beans together

to chase away non-existent ghosts.

Consensus as well as nourishment.

Whoever came up with the idea is a marketing genius.

He should win an award.

Pour me a cup, too?

I almost had an orgasm in there.

The board was so skeptical at first.

But you got them in one punch.

We did it again!

This is why I'm in advertising!

Anyway, thank you.

People are watching. Drink that in your own room.

Unless they're stupid,

they'll know I have a crush on you.

My friend owns a dating service company.

I can get you a 20o/o discount.

You don't find me attractive at all?


I don't like women who come on strong.

It makes me laugh imagining kissing you.

I imagined it once, it was such a joke.

I can see the end coming a mile away.

Are you busy tonight?

Why do you ask?

Let's go out for drinks.


Soo-jung speaking.

I'll cut to the chase.

You have my phone number.

Don't make prank calls.

But wait! Please!

What are you doing here, So-hyun?

I heard there's a party here, tonight.

But you never came out before

'cuz you can't drink.

Anyway, glad you came.

Say hi to So-hyun. She's a sophomore.

- Hi. - Hi.

Hi everyone.

- Sit here So-hyun. - Okay...

Over here.

Hey, wait!


You're the girl with the sticker.

Ah, yes.

So, I'm your senior.

Sorry about back then.

I'm not good at remembering faces.

No, that's okay.

Want a drink?


No, wait!

She gets drunk on one shot.


No, I can take one shot.

Just one, then.

Is that a habit?


Staring at people.

Oh, I'm sorry.

It's a compliment.

I can't look people in the eye for long.

So I'm not good at remembering faces.

Anyway, cheers!

Over here!

You're early.

How've you been?


I'm nervous on my first blind date.

You're Soo-jung, right?

That's a very pretty name.

Did you know

it means easy to impregnate?

Sexy name, isn't it?

Ah, well. That's funny.

You seem like a nice guy

so I don't want to drag this on.

But I'm in love with someone.

He lives with the ghost of his dead wife,

and is ruining himself.

I can't bear to watch him do that.

So, Ji-woo, where do you live?

Near campus.

I live right behind the gas station there.

That's close by.

Have you been to the club near there?

The burger joint beside it is so cool!


Why's it so hot.

Are you okay?

It's so hot!

- Oh my... - What the?

I want to go... home.

Are you okay?

There you are.

Long time no see.


Can you please give me my phone number back?


It used to be mine.

I really need that number. Please.

Who the hell are you?

So you're saying this number was yours

and you want it back?


Stop with the nonsense.

I had this number for over 5 years.

But please, I really need it.

Just for that day and I'll give it back.

What day?

September 29th. The total eclipse day.

Total eclipse?

I promised to meet someone that day.

It's the only number she knows.

Sounds like love trouble.

But I can't work without this number.

It's comforting to meet someone more pathetic than me.

You came to keep a promise to a girl who hasn't called in 5 years?

You idiot!

It takes two to keep a promise.

Are you stupid?

Why do you think she hasn't called?

I wanted to ask this earlier.

Why do you talk down to me?

That's just who I am.

You think it's easy to be supervisor at an ad agency at my age?

Talking tough became a habit against old men looking down on me.

You can talk like me!


It's good.

I'm so drunk.

You're a loner at work, aren't you?

Of course.

I wouldn't even like someone like me.

But when others called me a workaholic, selfish bitch,

he was the first to understand me.

He was also the first person

I ever fell for

other than myself.

What's with that look?

Are you feeling sorry for me?

No, it's called sympathy, stupid.

Hey, we're talking like old chums, huh?

Blame it on this for telling a complete

stranger our deepest secrets.

It's all thanks to this.


This is sometimes better than sleeping pills.

How about a hug?

It's free.

You're awake, aren't you?

No one knew where you lived.

I brought you some water.

You're probably embarrassed so I'll just go.

How embarrassing!

I'm so sorry!

No, it's okay! I'm sorry.

I couldn't resist pulling a prank.

I'm sorry.

I remember you, now.

You fell during freshmen orientation last year like yesterday.

I'm sorry. My body can't take alcohol.

I didn't recognize you without your glasses and all.

Thank you.

For what?

For remembering and all.

It was nothing.


Is it that hard trying to get over someone?

I heard you took a year off because of her.

Oh that,

I was really stupid.

Like that would work in forgetting her.

You can't get over someone, too?


You're taking the subway? I'm going by bus.

What's the matter?


What about it?

I just remembered someone smiling there.

You'd better get going.

Yes, I'm sorry for everything.

See you around, kid.

Take care.


What is it?

Can you do me a favor?


Teach me how to drink?

Until I can drink a bottle of so-ju!

Sorry for being so late.

I couldn't get off earlier.

They need me for everything.

Just yell at me or hit me.

I said I'm sorry. Please forgive me...

Hey kid!

I love the way you smell.

You're awake?

Do you know how great you smell?

All I wear is baby lotion.

It's not the lotion. Just you.

The scent of Se-jin.

I'm heavy, huh?

A little...

I want to be a heavy person to you.

And not just some light fling.

Go back to sleep.


Ta-da! 'How to live Happy'

'Chapter 1: The Subway'

Eating comes first before anything.


No, you go ahead.

- One bite. - I'm full.

Hello? Miss?

Are you okay?

I'm sorry.

Isn't this fun?

Yeah. All this fun's killing me.

'Subway games'

I'm starting to like the subway.

It's way better with a lot of people.

That's not funny.

Joo-won this isn't something weird.

It's natural.

Well... men... ah...

So you're a healthy, normal man, huh?

I know that much.

Just a little embarrassed.

We'll depart in a few minutes due to a delay.

Hey, mister?


So, why a bottle of so-ju?

Someone said to drink a bottle of so-ju

to get along well with others.

Then, lesson one.

Slowly. A little at a time.

Drinking fast will make you drunk faster.

Slowly, a little.

And more food the better.

It's so delicious, I could cry.

Don't go out of your way.


Don't worry about what to say.

It's okay,

if you don't have anything to say.

I know you're a kind person.

Who'd agree to this if you're not?

Then, let's hear about you, So-hyun.

It's good to talk while you drink.


I can talk for 3 days straight.

- Tell me What you like. - What I like?

Can I be honest?

Adam's apples.

I love how it moves up and down when men eat.

Well, not just any man.


The scent of my mother's fart.

It smells good like dried fish.

And radio, doodling,

eating free on coupons,

my dad's beard.

Wishing Tree Event Total Eclipse D-11

Check the weather for that day every 12 hours.

- What if it rains? - Yes, ma'am.

And check every wish light bulb.

We'll do.

Write your wish to come true

My wish: On't let it rain on the picnic

to be at his side always.

How's it coming?

Here. The last slogan.

Yearnings lead to miracles,

wishes come true in one miraculous moment.

Do you believe this?

I want to.

It's shamanism, superstition.

Hi, there.

- Hi. - Hi!


We're with Jin-man Kim who's been on

a 'Free Hug Campaign' for 6 years.

How did you start out on the campaign?

It's okay, sir.

It was because of my girlfriend.

Hi, Ba-da!

Dad's not home.

That's okay.

I just came to make you dinner.

Just look at this place.

Yew, gross.

Don't look at me!

Don't bother and just cook me some ramen.

No, I'm a good cook, really.

What do you like about my dad?

I think he's a little dull.

He is, but I'm somehow drawn to him.

And bang!

Like magnets?

Yeah, like magnets.

Then get as far away as you can.

So you won't get stuck.

I'm sorry. But you see this place.

He's drunk everyday, and Ba-da only plays games.

The fridge is full of fungus

and the trash is filled with ramen wrappers.

There's nothing you can do for them.

Please, let him go.

What are you doing here!

Oh, hi.

You're drunk in daylight?

What the hell are you doing here!

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