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Hello Friends, i am Vijay saini & welcome to Mammal Bonsai .

We planted the melon of the watermelon. Its time is over now

But here some flowering start

Here was a watermelon left. We will take it today

old leaves of vine dried

But the new growth has started in vine. Watermelon has started growing in it

mean its start to fruiting again

I think it will start bearing fruits with millet

I was about to remove this vine but when I saw flowers and fruits on it today

So I'm thinking that it lets stay here for a while

Maybe it starts giving fruit again

Because watermelon is also grown with millet crop

Because it is indigenous vine

its called Matira

People also grow it with millet cultivation

See, the small watermelon has grown in many places on this

old leaves burned and these are new leaves

you can see here new leaves on this vine

I show you the difference between new and old leaves

See this leaves you may be looking new

and this is old leaves

mean vine has started to grow again and it is ready to give the fruits again

flowering also well

see this old leaves its color also different

and this is new leaves

watermelon start again

So why don't we give it a few more days, to get grow

Which is a watermelon left. We take it


This watermelon is thick

I think it's ripe

Has become very heavy

Let me help to take it

By taking home we cut it down

Even the watermelon season ended but the melon that I had shown to you

A family of melon

its season has started

He is very engaged

see this is melon that i told you

its season started

It is in season of millet

As you see, its vines are broken

What is in Actually, the dogs that come in and sit on the vine and spoil the vine

even broke a raw melon

Let's go and see how melon is

So now we cut it off

As I told you that one of our watermelons turned yellow

This is exactly the same

some orange and same part yellow

but its not raw its ripe

Looking here, you will know that watermelon is ripe

only color is yellow and orange

Like a watermelon we had cut before, it was yellow

i think These vine have come, which has different color

and its ripe

Let's tasted

Before that I had tasted. that taste was different

see its fully ripe

friends its so sweet

First I had brought that red and yellow melon. It is sweeter than them

its fully ripe

so sweeter

There were so many watermelons brought. This is sweet to them all

It's delicious and color is too new

Its pulp is grainy

Look at this, you may be looking lightly.

Here, it shows that watermelon is ripe

That's why so sweet.

The red watermelons that brought were not so sweet as sweet as it is

A yellow watermelon I brought before, whose photo you had seen in a video

One I have brought this, it's both yellow

And those who came before them were yellow.

ok friends see you in the next video

till then goodbye

The Description of Harvesting Yellow Watermelon /Watermelon Start Fruiting Again -9th June 2017/Mammal Bonsai