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Hi you're with Scott from EZTravelPad today we're going to take a look

at video tour of the the swim-up bars

at El Dorado Casitas Royale located along the Riviera Maya in Mexico

you really gonna like this

Come se llama

Macho I make the Riviera Maya for you. Riviera Maya very nice


Riviera Maya


Como se llama?

hey what kinda drink do you like to make

Seabreeze, I love those! Can you make me one?

yeah alright cool

what is your favorite drink to make?

devil inside let's do it it's rum

gin, vodka, mango, coconut cream

oh, man that sounds good. Let's try one!


I'm Scott its a pleasure to meet you

was your favorite drink to make your at El Dorado Royale

Zack I sent Isaacs RI

hey look and thank you I can make Isaac I'm FW

medical government


was a lovely carpenters

are very nice do that what kinda yes

hot beautiful I got yes good I'm

I'm a comma Saleh min Behrman

and I am and how gay now do you have a special drink that you wanna make

your favorite drink you like to make well we're gonna make

Monday Mike Fisher the spaceship me special for you

right okay home why a surprise

you fix it yeah KP Tortuga

thank you ft white people

KP toast at week work Yankees

sour taste misused

with them escape being used

me Kenya yet

thanks with what kind statist

like I O

berman what did you make me what did you make me for me

I'm what is this ACE

Mohit different ways I'm from Wasaga which I'm

way yes what's in it I'm

like a No we go we groom home

he do a who after my exam

you can I'm my good morning mainly means

II I'm

I'm doing it look my


mama hawk you plz the lattice

me I don't communist michelangelo city's finest

I just got it

okay what kinda drink you wanna make 10 2010

Caro dog Farrell

Baldock I wasn't a must

what grace

ok of illegal am call

that sounds good as Tyler car right





ok called

gracias K


como se llama cool goes dole's

girls girls girls girls I

pay will get a drink you're making my migrate down any lower I


hey guys having fun tell ground around I'll

but the best part the service in this bomb

the do good start

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