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Hi, everyone!

We're the cast of 'Table for Two: A Series of First Dates'

and 'Best Friends in the World'; the web series

and we're here to compare characters.

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What's up guys? I'm Emmanuel Esiet.

And, I play Adam in Best Friends in the World and Richard in Table for Two.

Adam is a soft-spoken, charming and gentle boy.

That's right.

And he is very reasonable and...

very calm and although he comes from a rich family

he is very humble and he respects everyone.

He's like the ultimate boy best friend.

While Richard, on the other hand is...

a self absorbed rich guy.

He is proud and boastful.

Very boastful.

How do you know that?

He's quite charming as well, just a different way compared to Adam.

My name is Prince Obasi and I play the role of Henry in Best Friends in the World.

Henry is an average teenager in high school who plays by the rule of his mom.

And that's why he's fondly called, "mommy's boy".

He's easily influenced.

And, he's caring because he's the kind of person that would go extra mile for a friend.

In Table for Two I play the role of Mark.

Mark has a matured mind.

He's a successful man and um...

He's a gentle man too. A gentle man and he's very charming.

Let me not forget that part.

Hello, my name is Gift Etim and I play Maria in Best Friends in the World

and I play Kate in Table for Two.

Maria is a timid teenager. She has trust issues.

She is humble.

She hides under...

or in a shell rather. She hides in a shell.

Kate is a bold lady.

She is over confident.

She is proud unlike Maria.

She has this very high self esteem.

And um...

She is very beautiful.

Of course, Maria is beautiful too.

My name is Abasikpongke Uko.

I play the character Akan in Best Friends in the World.

Akan is timid, vulnerable and dumb.

While in Table for Two I play the character Benny.

Benny is jazzy and smart.

Hi, guys! I'm Wisdom Kingsley.

I play David in Best Friends in the World

and Leo in Table for Two.

David is a confident character,

he's a rock star, anti-social.

Then Leo. He's a gentle guy, he's respectful

and he's emotional.

The similarities between David and Leo is

they're both charming.

My name is Precious Bassey

and I played Mrs. Gladstone in Best Friends in the World

Mrs. Gladstone is a mother,

she is classy, and she's very strict.

While Sylvia in Table for Two is a jovial, young lady.

She is hardworking, and she's also the manager of Table for Two.

I'm Edidiong Emmanuel and I play Uduak in Best Friend in the World.

Uduak is a spoilt rat.

She is determined in a wrong direction because

she steps on peoples toes and doesn't care how these people feel about it.

She is a career freak.

Meanwhile, Joy on the other hand is a very lovable lady.

Beautiful, reserved, but she knows what she wants.

My name is Joseph Ekpo.

And I played Julius in Best Friends in the World.

And I played Andy in Table for Two.

Julius is very annoying,

he struggles with virtually everything ranging from his feelings,

personal hygiene and the rest.

Andy is a wonderful guy, he's a very cool guy

who knows what he wants and he goes for it.

Hi, everyone! My name is Jeiel Damina.

I play Olive in Best Friends in the World

and I play Bella in Table for Two.

Now Olive is

overly serious, she's intelligent, she's independent,

courageous, outspoken, and she's a champion of justice.

She doesn't like bullies at all.

Now Bella on the other hand is a lot more easy going, relaxed,

jovial, energetic, bubbly,

and the only similarities between these two characters are

their determined spirits and go-getter attitude.

My name is Chioma Oh

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