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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: EF Multi-Language Year Abroad (adults, 16+)

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It's incredible today. We have so many students who want to learn not only English,

but other foreign languages. They come to us on an EF Multi-Language Year,

where they can study up to 3 different languages at 3 different destinations.

They often combine the English courses with other languages: Spanish, French,

German, Italian or Chinese. So they come to us for the English part

and then continue to another EF school to study for example French and Spanish.

I'm so impressed with their ambition, but for people who want to work in business or

other international matters, thats what it takes. People really need to speak

more than one foreign language.

I think EF Multi-Language Year is a fantastic experience.

Learning 3 languages and travelling all over the world in just one year.

There are so many reasons to learn more than one foreign language today.

Most young people find it obvious: We live in an international environment

where music, media and business go across the borders.

But most common I think is that people want to learn languages for their career.

Students and professionals nowadays realise that one foreign language

is just not enough.

They need at least 2 to 3 foreign languages in international business,

and they want to demonstrate this proficiency by taking official exams.

But some people just love languages, and they dont even need a reason!

I think it's funny because I was in Los Angeles to learn English,

and you were in Malta. - Yes.

Now we are in Spain to learn Spanish and actually, we speak Spanish together.

- "Hablamos español juntas."

And I think that's really funny!

The way the programme works is that the students can choose

three EF schools anywhere in the world. They can start their studies any Monday,

all year round.

They will have a tailor-made programme where they study for as long as they wish

at each school, in units of 6 week modules. All in all, the programme is

at least 36 weeks long, or 9 months.

So, for example, a student can choose to study English for 18 weeks here in London,

then Spanish for 12 weeks in Costa Rica, and finally French for 6 weeks in Paris.

Another student can choose to study German in Munich, Italian in Rome,

and Chinese in Beijing.

They can choose any combination among over 40 EF schools in 15 countries.

Today, English is the most important language in international business and communication.

EF offers students a choice of 8 countries to study English: the UK, Ireland, Canada,

USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malta or South Africa.

After English, Spanish is the second most utilised language internationally.

With EF, students can learn Spanish at 4 schools, which are located

in Spain, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

French is the official language in over 40 countries worldwide.

It is also the language of love! In France, students can

choose EF Nice or EF Paris.

German is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe.

With EF, students can learn German in the attractive city of Munich.

Chinese is the language with the most native speakers in the world.

Study Chinese with EF in Beijing or Shanghai.

Chinese is the language with the most native speakers in the world.

Students can come to Beijing and Shangai to study Chinese with EF.

I studied with EF for 9 months on a Multi-Language Year.

I went to London, Barcelona and Rome.

I work in tourism so I really need languages for my job. The programme

really helped me, especially for my Spanish and my English.

I actually got a new job at an international travel company

where I use my English and my Spanish too

and this afternoon, I'm going to Italy!

Apart from choosing the languages they want to study and the destinations

they want to visit, students on the Multi-Language Year Programme

can customise their course in many ways.

At each school where the students study, they can choose different intensities

of their EF language course. They can choose the EF General Course,

which gives them 26 lessons a week. Or they can choose the EF Intensive Course,

which gives them more time for special interest options.

In these options, they can study things such as French literature, German grammar,

Chinese culture or Spanish cinema.

On the Intensive Programme, students can choose a specific focus.

They can study on the Business Language Programme

or join an Exam Preparation Course, which prepares them for an official language exam.

Apart from the classes at school, students can participate in local study visits

to learn about the local culture.

They can also participate in the EF Internship Programme and gain professional work experience

and practise the language theyve learnt.

They can join in local volunteer work in places such as Quito and Costa Rica.

When students study on an EF Multi-Language Year an important part of their programme is

getting to know 3 different cultures from the inside. So many students decide to stay with

local host families, or "casas de familia" as we say in Spanish, where they

really get immersed in local customs.

But they can also choose different types of accommodation at their EF schools.

So many of them decide to start with a homestay, living with

a local host family at their first school.

And maybe in a different location, at a different school, they decide

to stay in one of the EF Residences.

At their third destination they may choose an EF school where they can stay

on a university campus, and participate in the student life

with local university students.

This way, an EF Multi-Language Year can truly be a combination of different experiences,

that I'm sure students will remember all of their lives.

Wherever a student chooses to study, hell find an EF Activities Coordinator.

This person will make sure they see all the famous sites, keep them active with

the sports and excursions, and all the social activities available.

Whether the students want to tour the palaces of Rome and Beijing,

or surf the beaches of Sydney and Malaga, enjoy shopping in Paris and New York,

or even the nightlife in London, Barcelona and Los Angeles.

Of course, every student wants to do something different,

but in any case, a Multi-Language Year will be full of unforgettable experiences!

When students come to our school during their Multi-Language Year,

we know its part of a bigger international experience.

To study 2 or 3 different languages in only one year,

shows a great deal of initiative.

At all EF schools worldwide, we recognise their determination

and recognise that they have big goals. Were here to help them realise them.

The Description of EF Multi-Language Year Abroad (adults, 16+)