Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sep and Ken, Brothers

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Sep: I'll tell the story.

I think m-- his dad and my dad

he brought it from the containerpark

-the recycle park.

He found it there in the old metal box

and he brought it and then he had to...

Ken: Weld

Ken: He had to weld it Sep: Weld it

Ken: Because it was broken

Sep: And that was my first bike.

But I didn't race it, the school races I did with it.

Sep: (laughs)

Ken: Our oldest brother started racing

with a 15 year old bike of my dad.

And then even our sister raced on it one year

I raced it

and number 5, our other brother, also raced it.


Sep: I'm number 5.

Ken: Oh did I say 5?

(both laugh)

Ken: All the brothers and sister used that bike before Sep

and he was the last one in line

so then he finally got this bike to race with and

he broke it.

Sep: My parents said "Oh you're just strong".

Nah, I just got weak bikes!

Years later, for me it was the 2nd year U23

and Ken rode for a different team at that time.

Kattekoers is a really big race as an under 23 rider

was back then and still is now.

Weeks before we were planning to be good in this race.

And of course the days before we went on training

and we were hoping to be together in front

or dreaming about it.

It wouldn't be realistic but you can always dream about it.

And in the end we were in the front with six or seven riders.

Ken: Six, yeah.

Ken: We were saying silently when we passed each other

"Ah my legs hurt"

and then Sep was saying, "Shh shh sh don't say anything" because

nobody knew

that we were brothers.

With 4 kilmeters to go

I just attacked.

And immediately Sep stopped riding with them.

When I got about 30 seconds with 2-2.5 kilometers to go

and then he said

"yeah what do you think, I'm not going to chase my brother".

1-1.5 kilometer to go Sep also attacked them and

at the finish we were 1 and 2.

2009 I was also in a Conti team same as Sep.

I wanted to prove

and in winter I trained too much

and I didn't manage to show what I got.

So the year after I went back to a kermesse team

and I didnt feel good about it and

I stopped racing.

But we kept on training together.

Every training ride we did together.

Sep: For multiple years eh?

Ken: For um... I think six year we did it.

Sep: Yeah, that was pretty extreme.

Ken: And I was also working fulltime so that was pretty...

pretty hard sometimes but

we enjoyed it and

we knew that it was important to keep doing that.

Sep: A lot of times I said that he was crazy

he could stay at home when it was bad weather but

he never wanted to skip one training.

He wanted to have exactly the same time and kilometers as me.

And even when it was too bad to go outside

and I had to go on the rollers then he said

"Give me half an hour, I'll be there"

And then he rode next to me on the rollers!

When I was younger and I felt tired or I didn't feel good

in a training, I would have skipped the intervals.

And then there was always Ken

who said "We're going to try anyway"

"We'll do one time then we'll see"

then one more time, one more time...

or he started to attack

or attack me on the climbs.

And of course, then I always did what I had to do.


I'm always training on my own.

And I'm old enough to know, ok I have to do this.

I never skip any training.

But in that time, when I was early 20s

I think it was really good to have him

on my side.

Working together now

we had to grow.

In the past he had his job

and I had my cycling.

We trained together

and talked about everything in life.

And with Ken coming into my world

from a different side.

We had to find a new balance

create some new space between us

because at one point all we could talk about was cycling

and that was too much.

Ken: Sometimes it's hard

because we're sometimes hard on each other.

And we are not scared to tell what we think.

Sep: We always had it.

We were very close with each other,

always, from when we were kids.

Ken: Yeah, and I think we both understand our role in the team

and we respect each role.

And I think as long as we do that

that's the most important thing.

Sep: The first year, let's say, we had ups and downs.

But it always got better.

And now

I think now it's working really well.

In the race we don't show we're brothers

even though everybody knows

and then at home we can be brothers again.

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