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[microwave beeping]

- So you guys are gonna tie up the only microwave

for 20 minutes to make a frozen lasagna?

Ballsy. - You ignorant loser.

First of all, it's not just a frozen lasagna,

it's a Mama Magglione's.

- Second of all, it's gonna take 21 1/2 minutes.

The box says 20, but we know better than the box.

- You see, this microwave is a KitchenPro Max.

- Bit of a lightweight. - It's only 1.2 kilowatts.

- Fine for popcorn. - But we're talking about

a Mama Magglione's here.

- Takes a lot to get mama hot.

- She's a real size-queen.

- Well, that started out fun,

and here we are at our normal ending place: disgusting.

- Uh-oh. Guys!

We have a major problem here.

No garlic bread. - Okay, we need to stay calm.

Let's think.

The garlic bread needs to go in the toaster oven

with eight minutes left on the lasagna.

Maybe we could run down

to the corner store and make it in time.

- That just gives us 12 minutes

to go to a place and come back.

- Mama Magglione.

- We have to go now!

- Okay, well,

good luck with that, weirdos.

- Stupid piece of crap.

- Rosa, come on.

You can't break a mouse in half.

[mouse crunches] - Oh, wow, you did.

Scary. You really earn your rep.

- Stupid internet. The network's been down

all morning, and my girlfriend--

- Jocelyn. - Right.

She's leaving town for two weeks.

- Oh, is Jocelyn leaving town? Where is Jocelyn going?

- Dude, you forgot her name one time.

It's not a big deal. You don't have to keep

proving you remember it. - [laughs]

That's not what's happening here.

I'm just saying it a lot,

because she's so important to me.

- Okay, what's her last name? - Uh-oh.

- Mm-hmm. It's Pryce. - Right.

- She's leaving town for two weeks.

I want to send flowers to her hotel room.

- Aww, that's sweet.

I wish Amy would send me flowers.

- Why is it taking Holt and this I.T. guy

so long to fix the internet?

One Police Plaza sent him an hour ago.

- Huh. Why does Holt look so worried?

- What are you talking about?

He looks exactly like he always does.

- To you, perhaps,

but I finally learned how to read his emotions.

His lips are slightly pursed,

and he's blinking at eight-second intervals

as opposed to his normal 10.

[gasps] Oh, my God.

He's having a meltdown.

- "Meltdown" seems excessive.

- Yeah, it's a meltdown. Mark my words.

Hey, there, Captain. Everything okay?

- No, I'm having a meltdown.

- Props. That was amazing.

- Thanks. It was a lot of work. - This is Sergeant Knox.

- From Cyber Operations.

- He's discovered the reason for our network issues.

A hacker is attempting to break into our servers.

- Not all of them. Just the LACMI server.

- Well, that's good. - No, Captain Holt's nostril

just twitched. It's bad. - It's devastating.

- Props again. - Thanks, again.

- The LACMI server holds clearance-protected

information, including the names of our undercover agents.

If it's compromised, people could lose their lives.

- Okay, but isn't the server secure?

- Yes, but the hacker's already used an ARP

to resolve the host name with the DNS server.

- Uh-huh. ARP. DNS. Totally following what you're saying.

- Right now, they're trying to get root access

by connecting the OSI network to the data-link.

- You know, I'm a bit of a computer nerd myself,

but could you, maybe dumb it down a bit for my friends here?

- They're almost through our defenses.

If we can't stop them, they'll be inside of our server in...

19 minutes.

- Mama Magglione.

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