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cast your mind back to 2006 - if you're old enough to do that - and the Peugeot 207 had just come out

it was the peugeot 206 plus one and it was plus one in every way - it was

bigger, heavier, fatter and also safer - so on the positive side it was safer

but otherwise possibly a step in the wrong direction for driving dynamics. In 2006 Peugeot

had not yet come out with a GTI version - that was yet to come. So GTI wasn't available at the time of

launch, the closest thing you could buy was this, the car I am in today - the 1.6 turbo GT with 150 brake

horsepower, now a year later in 2007 the GTI would be released, which has 175 horsepower but for that

year this was the hottest 207 you could buy. The engine in this car is the most interesting part

because Peugeot had a little bit of a partnership with BMW at the time and worked with them to

build the engine in this car, essentially the bits that BMW did are the valve timing and the

interesting part which is the turbo, and it's a twin-scroll turbo. Now I was thinking I'll just

quickly look up what a twin-scroll turbo is and I'll explain it to you guys - now it turns out

it's not that simple - not a simple explanation EE: "so what we've got going on here is you take the

large area and you subtract the small area under it that's basically what I'm drawing out here"

JJ: and the result is that this car, max torque is available from 1400 rpm and most of it from

a little over idle so it pulls from from almost any RPM so it definitely improves the drivability

of this car, makes it very easy to drive. The 207 was produced from 2006 through till 2014

this particular model the GT was only made from around 2006 to 2008 so it was quite an unusual car

the GT was also possible to buy with a diesel engine but that that didn't really suit the the

aspirations of the GT line because it was only 110 horsepower so would have been quite slow so

in terms of performance if you're after the diesel then don't listen to any

anything I say about performance here because it's not going to match what you get from the

diesel. With this being the GT model it's very understated, there's not a lot that gives it away

there were only three door bodies available and it had a slightly meaner looking front end but

overall it's very difficult to tell, so if you're after a bit of a sleeper this this car might be

the one. As I mentioned 150 horsepower 0-60mph about eight seconds and 130 miles an hour top speed

Some first impressions and it's often the case with French cars they are usually cheaper to buy they

also tend to look slightly more expensive than they than they are so I would say that this car

it looks more expensive than it is, certainly both from the outside and the inside just

glancing at this interior it looks the part, the problem is that they tend not to be

quite so well screwed together so although they look nice they're not necessarily

that solid. I think this car from from some angles it looks quite good and then from others

it just shows its weight - it just shows it's lardiness just slightly too much. It's still

actually quite a small car by today's standards and that does make it easy to drive around town

and the steering I'll have to try and demonstrate this now - it's a it's a one finger job

I can steer around that corner with one finger because the steering is very light!

it's time to find out how the 207 GT drives on a slightly more twisty and quicker road, and if I put

my foot down, immediately you've got a nice surge of power from the turbo - now it's 150 horsepower

and the car weighs over 1300 kilos so it doesn't feel like the quickest car I've ever driven but

it does have a nice bit of a usable performance from the engine thanks to that twin-scroll turbo

and you might also hear there thedump valve which is one of a couple

of modifications on this car it's got a cold air intake, dump valve and a stainless exhaust which

just gives it a very subtle growl from the rear end, it's not a loud exhaust

both the dump valve and the exhaust add to the experience of this car

and I'll tell you what it handles nicely it's surprisingly good to drive this car

I mean I had read that that it was a good car but I still couldn't quite imagine that

it would be fun, but it grips well it turns in well and then there's enough surge of

power to pull you out of the corners because that steering which is oh so light

it still manages to feel like the car is doing what you ask it to do

without any feeling of weight to it

it's just had new discs and pads and the brakes feel spot on really good

that dump valve is just hilarious it does kind of sound like a mouse sneezing but

it's still entertaining

yeah so it's confidence inspiring - it gets around the corners, you know the brakes will

stop you and yet around town and at lower speeds the ride quality is pretty good

yeah it wants to be driven. This particular car is as I mentioned the GT model but in addition

to that it's the Sport XS which I can only assume means Sport with eXtra Sport - I'm not sure exactly

what that model comes with but this car has got leather seats, air conditioning and all of

the GTs came with 17-inch alloys which are actually pretty nice looking alloy wheels I think

but I definitely like this Sport with eXtra Sport model. Bit crashy, it makes a lot

of noise when it goes over potholes and bumpy bits of road, it doesn't transfer that into you

it's a nice quality ride but it's quite noisy. The THP engine under that bonnet, it's the nicest

looking engine I've seen in a little while - it's just well packaged in there and it looks nice

most people aren't going to care at all about what an engine looks like under that bonnet but

it looks nice under there, well packaged and neat. Now at lower RPM the engine doesn't

sound like much, then it gets a bit boomy but that might just be the exhaust - but then once you get to

sort of four/five thousand RPM it's got a real nice sound to it actually, which I wasn't

expecting because I hadn't heard it at lower speeds. Have a listen to the sneezing mouse

bless you! Oh it's childish but I love it. It wouldn't be a review of a Peugeot

without discussing reliability, and I would say overall from what I've heard from the owner

it's not been catastrophic - it's not been too bad - essentially it boils down to, as often it

does, the electrics. The car's needed a new alternator and it does have a couple of

little quirks now I'll show you with this driver's window... oh my god it's actually

worse now! So I can wind this window back up but I need to do it every time I pull the

switch it just goes up by a tiny tiny fraction and I just need to keep pressing it until... there we go

now it will not go down... Oh no there we go!

okay so there's something not quite right with that driver's window

another one was the brake light burning out and having to be replaced a few times

possibly dodgy earth or something like that. Other than that the car's been okay

mechanically pretty reliable this particular car's done 75 000 miles so it's fairly low mileage

and the owner picked it up for 1500 so a bit of a bargain really and I've had a look on

Auto Trader now there's not many of them for sale but you can get a really nice one for two grand(2000)

this car is kind of perfect for someone who's been driving maybe a couple of years

if you can get insured on one of these when you first learn to drive great go for it, and I

think if you have been driving a couple years then you should be able to get insured on one of these

fairly easily and it makes a great car to just mess about with, modify, have a bit of

fun, twisty roads, it's got the performance, yeah a great car for a second car I would say

oh Peugeot 309, very nice! As I mentioned the steering's quite light, but the clutch

is relatively stiff, compared to the steering it's quite heavy and it it also seems to have a

fairly low biting point so that makes it the clutch at least feels slightly more sporty

but it's a weird combination of heavy clutch and light steering and the gear

shift is all right it's just fine it's not slick, bit notchy but it does the job

it's one hell of a beep! lights are still on... thanks car!

just pulled into a Sainsbury's car park and I thought I'd just have a look

around the cabin and see what's what, see what we've got, as I say it looks fairly

decent in here - there's a lot of shiny chrome silver colored plastic, comes with leather

seats and air con, the seats are pretty comfortable and they hold you in as well they're bolstered

which is nice. What the heck's that... oh card holder, looks like your car could take

payment here for something! Decent door pockets, you could fit a reasonable size bottle in there

cup holders in the middle but no center console storage and then the glove box is typical of some

of these French cars which are designed to be left hand drive - basically it's minuscule there's

some pointless weird little cup holders there that you wouldn't be able to fit anything underneath

and then half of the glove box is taken up by the fuse box. I've noticed that the dashboard,

this little center screen here, displays the whole date - the day, the month and the year - now what I

always like doing when there's a year - I tried it on the Vauxhall Corsa recently - is seeing what year

it will go up to, how long did Peugeot think this car could potentially last for? And interestingly

in this car you can go to the year 2099. I think the Corsa could only go to 2049 so obviously

Peugeot were thinking that this car might last for 100 years which is optimistic, but you never know!

So would I buy one of these cars, and no probably not aged 30+, but if I was 18, yeah I would

have one of these definitely. I wouldn't have cared about the rattling interior and slightly noisy

wind and road noise, I'd have been pretty happy with the performance and the handling. Tell you

what if anyone wants to lend me a 207 GTI for a review I'd love to have a go in one of them, so

get in touch! So that's a quick look at the Peugeot 207 GT an affordable warm hatchback, not

of the highest quality but it handles well, it performs well and it's affordable to buy so

worth looking into if this is your budget - if you've got a budget of 1500 to 2000 and you can

afford the insurance then definitely worth looking at. Big thanks to Nathan for lending me the car

and thank you to everybody for watching, and will see you in the next video

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