Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 22/04/14 - MEは何し日本へ?

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"Why did you come to Japan?"

For an international exchange program

These two highschoolers came together to study!

This time the two of us were here for 10 months.

"I was in Kumamoto Prefecture"

Ah, you were going to Kumamoto?

"Ah I've already been. I'm just going back to New Zealand now"

Oh, so you're going home? "Yes"

Was it fun? "Yeah, it was a lot of fun!"

What was the most fun thing?

"I was really glad to have met with a lot of good people"

Did you meet any girls too?

"Ah yeah, I met them too..."

Did you find someone you liked?

"No, not really....but.....yeah, I guess so..."

"C'mon man this is kind of embarrassing!"

What's the name of the girl you like?


Did you confess to Imamura-san? Did you say you liked her?

"No, I didn't"

But you're going home! It would have been good if you told her!

"Yeah, I guess..."

When you speak to Imamura-san, is it in Japanese?


"But Imamura can speak a little English too- C'mon on, this is embarrassing!!"

"How did the conversation turn out like this?!"

YOU have to confess to Imamura-san (message)

"These last 10 months were really fun." "If we could meet aga-"

"Is that really all you've got?"

"Isn't that fine!?"

"Isn't this enough, really!? It's embarrassing!"

"Except it's really not THAT embarrassing!"

"Calm down!"

Well then, shall we ask your friend?

"Yes, ask him!"

So, what about you?

"Hm? Yeah, I got a girlfriend."

"Huh!? Really? I didn't know!"

"I'm going home for now, but in another two months I'm coming back to Japan.

From that time onwards we'll be living together."

You're happy for your friend right?

"Yeah, I'm happy for him."

Are you surprised?

"Yeah I'm surprised" "Hang on, what's a surprise?"

"That you got a girlfriend..."

Okay, thank you! Is it okay if you don't say anything to Imamura-san?

"No, it's fine..."

Thank you so much~!

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