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When I moved to Kyoto

about seven years ago

I went up to the Kyoto tower

and I look at the view of the city

and I'm surprise


seeing all of the historical sites

it made a big impression on me.

My name is Miho Orihara.

I am a guide in Kyoto.

When I started this business

about six years ago

I didn't see many visitors

but as a local

I knew many interesting places

and beautiful spots.

So I wanted to show those places

to the visitors.

My name is Seita.

I'm a local tour guide

in Shiga prefecture.

So Kyoto is a city in Japan.

It's filled with...

historical places

and traditional cultures.

And it has more than

1000 temples and shrines.

So Gion is one of my favorite areas

and Gion is a..

geisha district in Kyoto

and you can feel the history here.

From the center of the city

it is easy to...

visit historical sites.

The Keihan line takes you to the most

of the highlights in the city.

You can take the Keihan line

from Gion to Fushimi Inari.

Fushimi Inari is very famous for its

1000 Torii gates lining up

and the shrine.

So people come here

to pray for their..

success in business

or having good harvest.

So walking up to the mountain is

so much fun

that takes at least..

two hours to the top of the mountain.

If you wanna escape

from the crowd

you can go up to the northern part

of Kyoto city.

This is Sanzen-in.

Sanzen-in is a Buddhist temple

and people come here

to have a relaxing time.

So I come here

and read a book

or have some tea.

'Take' means bamboo in Japanese

but it's nice to walk around

in the Arashiyama area

and you can enjoy the walk

through the bamboo forest

and the view over the bridge.

The Shiga prefecture is

surrounded by

beautiful mountain ranges.

It also has Lake Biwa

the biggest lake in Japan

in its center.

So it's very enjoyable to

walk along the lakeshore

but in summer

you can also swim

in the lake.

And Shiga is also just ten minutes away

by train from Kyoto.

So Mount Hiei is

one of the most

important mountains in Japan

a lot of great monks

in Japanese history

had a training here

so now..

the mountain is called

as a mother mountain of

Japanese Buddhism.

On foot of Mount Hiei

there is a town called Sakamoto

that is a temple town so

many Buddhist monks

live in Sakamoto Town

and we can see a lot of small

temples and shrines

in that town.

On top of Mount Hiei

There is Enryaku-Ji Temple

which is a big temple monastery

established by the great monk

Saich in the 8th century.

You can come to the Enryaku-Ji Temple

by cable car

which is the longest

cable car in Japan.

You can also have the great view

from the top station.

Kyoto is the first place

that tea was introduced

to Japan.

And tea is one of the

most important aspects of Japanese culture

because we drink tea a lot.

So tea ceremony is

a nice way to enjoy

the Japanese culture

and it gives you an excuse to

wear a kimono too.

For me personally

Shiga has very beautiful nature

and it's also very close to Kyoto

so it's a very convenient place to live.

If you want to see the real Japan

I would say:

Come to Kyoto.

The people in Kyoto are very welcoming

and they are proud of the culture

and love to share that.

Arigato gozaimashita!

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