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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Live English - 12th August 2018 - It's My Birthday! - Holiday fun - Strange Words - Duncan & Steve

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oh hello there welcome to another Sunday these weeks keep flying by coming up

today we have something extra-special happening because it's my birthday today

yes happy birthday to me and of course mr. Steve will be here as well but the

big question is where are we at the moment

can you guess all of that coming up today and of course you are more than

welcome to join in on the live chat as well after all it's a Sunday afternoon

here in the UK it's just after 2 o'clock it's my birthday and this is live


do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do to do oh my goodness here we go it's that time of

year again where I cry and cry because I'm another year older why does it keep

happening and why does it seem to keep happening faster that's my big question

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I

hope so are you happy are you happy well are you happy it's a happy day today

because well for me it's a happy day because it's my birthday thank you very

much for all of your wonderful messages I I was going to put some of the

messages on the screen that I'd received through my email address and also on

Facebook the problem is I have so many there are so many messages now waiting

for me on my phone that I actually can't go through them one by one

there are around about a hundred and fifty messages waiting for me so

unfortunately I might not be able to go through them individually today for

which I apologize although having said that there is another way for you to

send a greeting you can send your live greetings yes we have live greetings on

the live chat and of course I'm here today it's mr. Duncan that's my name and

my game is teaching English I've been doing this on YouTube for over eleven

years can you believe it eleven years I've been on YouTube I've been on

YouTube longer than many of the big YouTube celebrities it's true and Here I

am now in my twelfth year of doing this of course

there are lots of things to show you let's have a look outside the window

because to be honest the weather isn't very good today there it is it's very

wet very damp and we had a lot of rain earlier and you can see in the distance

it is at this very moment raining in the distance looking out and if we have

another look in another direction this is the opposite direction you can see

also there is a lot of rain forming in the sky it is very very damp sadly we

won't be able to go outside to celebrate my birthday I was really hoping that

we'd be able to go outside and have a little birthday party in the garden but

sadly because the weather is so I want to say unpleasant but it isn't

unpleasant it's just very wet that's all having said that oh we had a lovely

holiday thank you very much to all those who sent messages concerning the holiday

that we had of course we weren't here on Wednesday but I did leave a little live

message from the place we were staying at we will be seeing a little bit more

of that later on because I have done some filming yes even though I was on

holiday even though I was taking my holiday I still did some filming I still

did some work so my holiday was very busy I did manage to relax with mr.

Steve he was there as well and I also did a little bit of work as well for

which I apologize I'm always being told off because it appears as if I do too

much I might be the busiest YouTube English teacher in the world I think so

I'm always busy doing something so here I am now live to prove it to you oh yes

we had a super time the there wasn't too bad I thought the

weather was going to be bad but we did have some nice weather so we have

something special coming up in around about ten minutes for you to watch and

that is something I filmed during my little break and we have mr. Steve

yes mr. Steve will be here at around about harpus too

mm mr. Steve will be here in around about 15 minutes time

I don't know what it is but whenever you go away especially if you go away to a

place where the the air is very different it always affects your body in

in strange ways I've noticed that so since being away we went to Wales and

then we went to the beach we will be taking a look at the beach video next

week but today we'll be looking at some other video footage that I filmed with

mr. Steve we went on a big walk we walked across the dam at Lake Verne we

in Wales and also we did some other things as well that is coming up but of

course there is one thing I'm forgetting I am forgetting all about the live chat

how can I do that I'm so naughty so there it is the live chat is very busy

for those who want to leave a message you can but the big question is who was

first on the live chat look at all those messages how am I going to get through

these messages today there are so many messages Alamgir hello Alamgir you were

first on the live chat well done I think that deserves a round of applause

well done Alan gear you were first on the live chat and also Tomic Tomic was

second on the live chat today also Julie hello Julie and Francisco is here as

well oh look there it is my first birthday greeting on the live chat

satury No thank you very much for wishing me happy birthday thanks a lot

yes it is my birthday today it's very strange that our normal broadcast day is

also my birthday so here we go I am officially another year older today oh

my goodness also Quang is here Olga hello to

everyone and happy birthday to mr. Duncan happy birthday to a person that

is charming talented and witty do you mean me that doesn't sound like me Tomic

thank you very much for your birthday greeting our by dela is here also Swan

Olga hello mr. Duncan and happy birthday Thank You Olga I think I might spend the

next 25 minutes reading all of these messages I have I've had so many

messages come through on my phone this morning it was hot when I picked my

phone up this morning it was actually hot from all the messages that were

coming through Alamgir yes thank you very much you are you are first today

and also hello to Chris Morales or Chris Morales hello Duncan happy birthday and

lots of love blessings and abundant health I hope so I hope so

sue Jean is here hello and happy birthday thanks

Pedro Belmont is here Thank You Pedro for saying hello I am here feeling very

refreshed after my lovely holiday we went to Wales not very far away

where we live and then we went to the beach oh goodness me there is nothing

more refreshing than sea air I must say Agnieska is here happy birthday oh

Agnieska is also watching in Wales if I remember

right I think you are watching in Cardiff I want to say Cardiff Marie

Verne is here as well happy birthday thank you very much

Bella Bella Russia is here thank you for your lovely birthday greetings not only

here but also on my Facebook page as well

Geoff 1z is here with lots of birthday cakes I'm not sure if I can eat all of

those cakes if I ate those I think I would get even fatter

happy birthday anyway from Geoff thank you very much

I do appreciate all of your lovely messages not only here but also on my

mobile phone as well I think it will take the rest of the day for me to look

through all of those messages so thank you once again I am overwhelmed and mr.

Steve brought a lovely gift and he he gave it to me this morning and I was

quite overwhelmed I might show you later what mr. Steve bought for my birthday I

will show you a little bit later but it was very surprising I don't know how he

does it mr. Steve always manages to surprise me

with a wonderful birthday gift I am so lucky Rossa says hello mr. d'Ancona mr.

Steve and everybody happy birthday mr. Dan Cohen

today is also Father's Day in Brazil so happy Father's Day to all the dads

watching in Brazil Zena or Lina is here otherwise known as mr. vodka happy

birthday mr. Duncan I hope you have a good day today

think I will yes so far it's been a wonderful day and having you here with

me to share my birthday has made the day complete Patricia is here watching in

France sergej watching from Ukraine thank you

very much for your birthday greeting as well lots of celebrating yes we had a

little celebration this morning and we are going to have one later today as

well tsukete hello tsukete have a happy

birthday thank you very much I will yes it is the

12th of August and it is my birthday here in the UK we call this particular

date the glorious twelfth because today marks the beginning of the Grouse

shooting season this is when people start shooting a certain type of game

bird a game bird called the grouse and they call it the glorious twelfth of

course it's not very glorious for the grouse Julie G is saying hello to one of

the other chatters that's nice happy birthday from a bi Diller thanks a lot

Connell is here Connell we were talking about you just a few moments ago we were

asking each other mr. Steve and myself we were asking is Connell a teacher and

we couldn't remember also it is Connells birthday as well

it is my brother's birthday oh sorry my brother's son it's his birthday he is

six years old so your nephew is six today well can I say happy birthday to

your nephew Connell thank you very much for that Vitesse is here saying happy

birthday the dude is here hello the dude what an interesting

and intriguing name you have Moritz is watching in Austria mr. Steve will be

here soon with his register and he has a little surprise for you

is this live fake or not No Abdulla it is not fake it is live as live can be so

Abdullah just to prove that this is live if I'm saying hello to you now at 25

minutes past 2:00 on a Sunday afternoon it's my birthday today yeah Tomic says

I'm raising a glass to celebrate your birthday Thank You mr. Duncan I don't

care if it is too early well it's never too early to celebrate

Luis Oh Luis says happy birthday you are a young man only 35 years old I wish I

wish I was 35 years old can I just say now I really do wish so much that I am

35 I'm not 35 years old I'm a few years older than that

that's how old I am today can you believe it because to be honest I can't

I really can't believe it back to the live chat because it's looking very busy

happy birthday from Blue Thunder also Anna thank you very much Rita says we

are happy to see you again no problem mr. Duncan happy birthday from accent

hello accent I don't recognize your name is it your first time here please let me

know Jamelia Jamelia is here to say happy birthday thank you very much

Jamelia for that and welcome once again yes I had a lovely break my holiday was

lovely mr. Steve was relaxing as well which is very unusual because it's very

rare for mr. Steve to actually relax and take a rest he doesn't do it very often

to be honest thank you Alex Alex Mick Wilde says

happy birthday to you as well thank you very much yes we are live

right now live from England Gretel happy birthday mr. Duncan thanks a lot

so many people I can't begin to tell you how how moved I feel and how touched I

am by all of your greetings it's incredible I think I have about 200

messages on my phone all of them come all of them have come through during the

past couple of hours incredible hello it is wet here where

Gretel is so Gretel says it is wet meow meow is that is that hello is it does

that mean hello maybe hello also to Julia I hope all your birthday wishes

and dreams come true thank you very much and please continue teaching English I

will I have known tension of stopping I'm still young I'm

still fit and I'm still very very enthusiastic happy birthday mr. Duncan

from Victor Thank You Victor Kiam hello to you oh my goodness so many people are

here I can't believe how many people are saying hello now it's incredible it

would appear that every week we get more and more people on the live chat if it

is your first time please let me know Carrie hello Carrie hello everybody

happy birthday mr. Duncan my birthday is also coming up it is so close to we are

not spring chickens anymore yes we are not spring chickens so a spring chicken

is a very young chicken so if you are not a spring chicken

it means you are getting old so yes you are right Carrie or Carrie I am no

longer a spring chicken isn't that sad I am getting older as are you so the live

chat is busy we will go back to the live chat a little bit later on because we

have something else to do now would you like to have a look at some of the

things we have been doing on our holiday so here we go as promised here is a

little view of what we did during our break in Wales


mr. Steve has been working out our finances for the year and apparently

because of all the money that I've earned from YouTube this year from the

generous people at YouTube and of course Google we can actually invest our money

into something quite amazing Oh mr. Duncan I've been looking at luxury

yachts luxury luxury yachts just for you and me mr. Duncan imagine the fantastic

lessons that we can produce onboard our hundred foot luxury yachts wow it sounds

amazing we go to Monaco we can sail all around the world on our luxury yachts

all the profits that you've made from your YouTube channel this year mr.

Duncan anyway there's a nice boat yard here I've been to speak to the owners

they've got a fantastic yacht for sale oh okay

would you like to see it yes I would I'm I'm getting very excited it's right

behind you mr. Duncan are let me show you what do you think it just needs a

bit of paint that is not a luxury yacht

well we can afford mr. Duncan I've just realized well we can afford I'm sorry

I've just suddenly realized we are not making as much money from this YouTube

channel as I thought because Google and YouTube don't pay as much money and how

fortunately there's an answer to that there is or take a nice walk up that

hill and make another lesson straight away and then we'll be millionaires

that's a nice idea a very interesting idea so now we are going for a walk up

that hill over there and I have a feeling it's going to be very tiring so

we will see you later

come on mr. Duncan it takes so long this is a lovely spot

hurry up Oh Ellen the things I have to put up with

look how slowly mr. Duncan is coming up there told you it needs to get fit we're

trying to get him to lose weight as well as you know don't say anything Shh he's

a bit sensitive about his weight you're here how wonderful this is a lovely spot

you know a bit exhausting coming up that steep hill this is so tiring Steve

there's that there is a bench over there can we go and sit down yes let's go and

sit down on that lovely inviting bench showing that fantastic view of the lake

please oh hello there we are on a lovely walk today we're taking a nice walk but

we are having a little rest at the moment mr. Steve has just finished

eating his peanut bar there we go their energy bit of energy because we always

like to take care of some food with us and have a nice rest don't we mr. Duncan

look what I've got here this is the instruction it's a booklet on all the

walking trails at Lake Verne we that's the place that we are at and that's the

most amazing thing about this area there are so many places to actually walk

around it's huge look at all those walking trails today we there are wanted

there are five walking trails that all color-coded and today we are taking the

what do trail oh yeah that's great I can't wait to see the subtitles for that

that's Welsh by the way and it's the red route we're taking the red route the Red

Road danger if you are going to go in any direction always follow the red

route but it says here this is a steady climb and

gives stunning high views looking down on the lake at access to the hills

Moreland's forests and fields it says there's a moderately steep hill

moderately we've just come up so we've walked for around about three miles and

I'm guessing we haven't got much further to go let's have a look there's just

another six miles to go six miles I'm not going six miles when you're

trying to lose weight mr. Duncan look this is what we've come on this walk for

to help you get fit and lose weight I am losing weight see I haven't given

him a peanut bar just get them all to myself

during this walk I have lost weight and also the will to live well the only

right you're losing is because you keep losing bits of equipment look what it

says here you see walking it gives you some very in some smart pieces of advice

before you set up on your wall these are the things that you must bear in mind

you must think about you must think about these things before you go on a

walk for example number one we're strong shoes or walking boots

check check take that one off take warm and a waterproof clothing oh I've got my

warm clothing Steve's got some warm clothing I haven't happened look I've

got a rain poncho a rain poncho what's up what's a poncho

it's a look there we go there's a picture of a lovely lady yes

can't you describe it it's a plastic waterproof film covering that if we get

caught in a shower we put this poncho on which is just sort of just covers you

it's basically a plastic bag plastic bag there goes your hair that goes over you

but normally a poncho is something you wear loose over your body so you put it

over your head and then it just covers your body if you if you remember in Star

Wars Luke Skywalker wore a poncho but but apparently a pair

most of the scenes were deleted with him wearing the poncho but there are a

couple of scenes in Star Wars where Luke Skywalker is wearing his poncho always

have to get something in about Star Wars it's so boring mister don't course

anyway that's that touch waterproof watch out watch out for service vehicles

on forest track yes don't get run over don't get run over it's very important I

can't see any service vehicles on that track so I think we're all right for now

so unless they're electric we'll be able to hear them keep on the roads and

footpaths yes well we've got directions there we are on the road and footpath

there is the road behind us can you see the road there it is yeah keep dogs

under control that's it Owen or in this case I have to keep Steve under control

yes saying I'm a dog mister don't you want you are a bit of a dumb animal

sometimes thank you very much lock your vehicle and leave don't leave valuables

on the display well the cars at the hotel so we're safe there as it were

okay there we don't drop litter unless of course unless of course at the hotel

there is a special cup of conference for people that break into cars in which

case we might have a problem don't drop litter have fires or

barbecues don't drop litter don't drop litter let's see what happens if we do

so there we go I've had this peanut bar so all that was

delicious mmm what a lovely beautiful spot this is

hmm so Steve has just dropped some litter he is breaking the countryside

code you should never drop litter in the countryside nothing's happened I haven't

been arrested I think we've got away with it okay then I'll I'll pick it up I

won't be naughty mr. Duncan because we're setting a bad example viewers yes

so I'll put it back in the bag don't forget we are influences we influence

the world let's recycle don't swim or paddle in the lake well there's no

chance of that because mr. Duncan doesn't like water I can't swim and

sooo cold anyway we don't like water camping is not permitted camping so no

no camping Oh no camping mr. Duncan oh so you're not

allowed to over to mints around out here in the world of them oh no camping no

okay I'm going hang on it me know it's it's it's camping under canvas

it doesn't mean that kind of camping it's the other type of camping where you

overnight in the stars okay the lake is a drinking water

reservoir I don't know we know that and a White's told us that by being water

efficient you can ensure water supplies are secure there's a picture of a man

with a dog does that dog look like it's being kept under control it doesn't it

hasn't got a lead on it could just run off at any moment and attack anyone so

they're breaking their own rules by showing a picture of a dog that hasn't

even got a lead on so there we go you found a sign it says danger overhead

powerlines wow I can't see any overhead power line

I think this has come from somewhere else maybe we'll find the power what if

we find them we'll show you there we go that's better well I've got to say

really unless it people want to know any facts about Lake Vernon

well later on we will be talking all about Lake Vern we and don't forget I

also made a video here an actual lesson filmed here in Lake Vernon WA but now we

are going to carry on with our walk shall we shall we carry on let's carry

on we'll continue with our wall get your bag right let's go off we go see you

it's in my pocket okay then oh all right let's go mr.

Duncan great off we go bye I


can you see where we are standing now we are on the big Dam yes the big Dam and

there are two uses in two spellings of the word Dam aren't the mr. Duncan that

is true first the thing we are standing on right now is called a dam dam

something used for containing water normally made from stone and there you

can see this dam is holding all this water in this is the reservoir the dam

contains the water and there is another use and spelling of the word dam and

it's a form of exclamation a swear word and expletive normally used when you get

very very angry about something damn I missed my bus damn I'm late for work

damn you mr. Duncan I'm hungry and I want to go to the hotel and have

something to eat and you've kept me out here filming for far too long oh okay

then do you want to go back to the hotel I'm only joking I think Steve I would

never swear at mr. Duncan I'm hungry as well though to be honest so shall we go

back to the hotel now yes we're going back right now

dip dip dip do oh I hope you enjoyed that so that was part of our adventure

that we had last week in Wales there is another part still to come

not today we will show that next Sunday next to Sunday we will be on the beach

so that will be happening next Sunday but here he is its mr. Steve ever Oh mr.

Steve is here I think mr. Steve deserves a round of applause I haven't done

anything yet well it is my birthday after all you

have to shout oh oh no it's your birthday isn't it

it's my birthday every day you don't have to shout Steve happy birthday mr.

Duncan you don't have to shout not shouting this is how I normally speak as

you well know you kind of are shown you to adjust the microphone to take an

account of my excitement you said I come on live in front of millions of people

you see the problem is that what I do is I set the equipment for my voice and I

control my voice but unfortunately Steve doesn't control his voice it's like it's

like an explosion mr. Steve's voice it sort of just blasts

out it'll be fine the neighbors in our hotel

the people that were in the other rooms were complaining cuz Steve kept

practicing his singing and they were complaining so they all went down to the

reception in the hotel and they said look there is this guy upstairs and he

keeps singing and they all insisted that their hotel bill was haft so they only

paid half of the hotel bill because of Steve's singing there's nothing to do

with that it's because you were roaming through the corridors of the hotel late

at night yes I was naked yes exactly yeah disturbing and causing

distress I probably shouldn't have done that

it's my birthday today it is your birthday yes don't wear it out

okay so it look what I've got in my hat Oh birthday boy he's no boy anymore I

can't right unfortunately well somebody said

you only look 35 no look I've got the register and it uh what I've discovered

is it's too much hard work to teach everybody I literally haven't got time

because I only have half an hour before I come on to see what's going on so in

that half an hour I have ticked off quite a lot of people

from the list Agnieszka is in Wales

oh well that's where we've just been exactly so hopefully she might recognize

that video of Lake very late Lake Verna is a beautiful place we've been before

lots of times how Mira said how do people understand us or how do we

understand them in Wales oh yes huh because in Wales they speak

Welsh they speak Welsh but of course they have to speak English and everybody

in Wales speaks English they don't have to so whether they speak Welsh when the

English people aren't around yes and but when we're around they will

speak it they have to they have to learning English it's part of the

curriculum so when when we are not there they speak Welsh when we are in the room

they speak English I think most Welsh people speak English most of the time

it's only in certain parts of Wales yes they still insist that they will only

speak Welsh on a serious point I think the Welsh language is being used less

and less so fewer people use Welsh or speak Welsh

then maybe twenty or thirty or maybe in 50/50 or even a hundred years ago so

hopefully it's it isn't what we you you would call an expanding language I think

fewer people are now speaking Welsh but there is a core with the Welsh a very

proud patriotic people and the Welsh language will never die out that's one

thing I always notice when we go to whale to say things but that's one thing

I noticed when we go to Wales you always see lots of flag

Welsh flags and also the red dragon as well the red dragon

oh so the red dragon is the symbol of Wales and there so this is something we

got from the hotel is a as a gift for staying there it's a little Welsh dragon

do you like that isn't he cute or she I think we don't

know where hang on a minute it's a boy it's a boy right I don't know how you

got that Steve because there's nothing there it's the tail tail oh I see anyway

did you give the clap to the person who was first on the live chat today I was

watching I haven't given the clap to anyone not for a few years so no no I

haven't I did for the for the first person on the live chat I always give a

little round of applause Alamgir houssain a Alamgir houssain bangladesh

I'm collecting all this information your names where you're from that's how I've

got it all here it's all written down there's been some interesting comments

from people I'm doing this in alphabetical order by the way so no then

don't shout at me if I haven't got you in the right order

Anna Rita says that you're a lovely teacher and happy birthday Anna who's

got a home in Rome and also one in Tuscany where are you today a knows what

we want to do Anna can we come in visit you in Tuscany it sounds nice I agree

tall says I've got to be kind to you mr. Duncan because it's difficult to lose

weight it is I'm only but we're sort of joking Oh actually I think after our

holiday because we did a lot of walking we did some walking in Wales and then we

went to the Welsh coast to the beach and we did quite a lot of walking there as

well so we have done a lot of exercise I think I think I may have lost a little

bit of weight that's good news Jeff sent you more

cakes than anyone else oh I think it looked about like 20 cakes yes I noticed

that Jeff Jeff he sent you lots of cakes Jeff sent 20 cakes and Florida and

Connell from Azerbaijan hmm there's got a connection with a birthday somebody in

her family has got a birthday today her brother's son yes her nephew is six is

six today but what what's your nephew's name so maybe we could send a special

happy birthday happy birthday to Connells

nephew so what what's his name or maybe it's a secret Luis Mendez says you only

look 35 so that's a special gold star thank you thank you very much I wish I

was 35 again sabes an from Algeria wants to speak with a British accent oh so you

just have to practice imagine you're trying to impersonate somebody yes keep

watching us and record practice and then record yourself that's what I do if I'm

trying to get an accent if I'm in a play and I have to get an accent I record

myself and then you can pick up where it's not quite right and then you can

repeat the bits where you've got it wrong so that's a little tip record

yourself it's a good suggestion Sergio or his they calls himself Sergio

I read this been looking at the live chat from last week that Sergei is his

real name but he calls himself Sergio because it's a sort of a European

ization of the word name Sergei Sergei sounds Russian says did we swim in the

lake we didn't because it said on that piece of paper that it was drinking

water and we were not to swim it you're not allowed to swim in the lake no they

weren't besides that I can't swim having said that there is something special

coming up next Sunday because we went to the beach

and mr. Steve did something quite amazing well now don't say anything we

want to keep this a secret amazing I will I thought it was amazing I was

stunned but then mr. Steve does like to surprise me for example today he gave me

the most amazing birthday present and this is something that I I was

really really I was almost in tears he screamed I was screaming a lot he

screamed and if the neighbours heard he thought I was I was committing murder

yes I always scream he always screams every year you managed to make me scream

on my birthday normally with excitement so mr. Duncan gets very excited mr.

Steve is very excited look what mr. Steve brought for me you bought me this

amazing watch and and this this is believe it or not it's a Russian watch a

Russian company is that right well I think it's Russian if it's not Russian

it's very close to Russia I think it think it's Russian so anyone from Russia

watching what's the make of the watch mr. Duncan the make is vostok vostok

so if it was Sergio might be able to tell us hmm I think Sergio is from from

Russia but thank you Steve for this wonderful watch and I will treasure it

it could be I think it's Lithuania it's very heavy little Rainier I think that's

very close to Russia it's very heavy Tomic is raising a glass to you cheers

it's too early but it believe me it's not no early today and oh yes we had an

interesting we had got quite a few new names on this week that I haven't got on

my list there's over 200 people who make comments on the live chat mr. that's

incredible abdullah hussein says is this a fake live stream so it isn't and i

hope you're still watching it you can see as i mentioned earlier this is live

you can see the watch or the clock should i say so there is my watch and

there is the clock it says the same time five minutes to three o'clock on a

Sunday it's the 12th of August and it's my birthday

lots of people have been saying happy birthday to you who don't necessarily

make comments on the live chat because we have a lot of people watching who are

watching but don't necessarily take part in the live chat which is fine mm-hmm

but this is an interesting name Queen Ramar dia or Queen ramadi Queen Ramon

got a queen watching this today yes and those on both sides of the camera so beg

your pardon mr. Duncan so we'd like to know if you are a real queen or whether

that is just what you call yourself because obviously royalty watching us

today and if you are a real queen what are you the queen of what mr. vodka or

mrs. vodka it's not on the screen oh right I'm doing the same things I

usually do now it is now it's on the screen mr. Steve yes well

sujin mr. Duncan saw this we saw this watch on television about a year ago on

our favuorite TV show on our favorite TV show and mr. Duncan loved the color of

this watch because mr. Duncan of course likes to have something special it

wouldn't be an ordinary watch No so I remember the make of this watch and the

colour and I bought it for mr. Duncan for his birthday and I've now got to work

till I'm 90 to pay for it what was it that expensive it was very expensive I

had to take out extra money on the mortgage of the house but to pay for it

mr. Duncan so I hope you appreciate it sujin likes the colour of the watch it is

orange something something very bright and you might say I caching if something

is eye-catching eye catching it means it can be seen very easily something that

stands out Sergio says vostok means East oh okay is it

Kanaka yes it is it is a mechanical watch a mechanical watch it's that we

think it's Lithuania yes that's what we think so we're not entirely sure but but

it does seem to have a lot of Russian connections yes they often they often

talk about the connections that this particular brand of watch has it sounds

as if we're selling these but we're not honestly but thank you Steve once again

for for what I can only describe is the most amazing gift I don't think I've

ever had such a wonderful gift in my life although having said that you do

like to surprise me I do mr. mr. Steve has surprised me a lot shall I show your

viewers what I surprised you with a few years ago is it big

yes yes mr. Steve is going to show everyone including me what what he

bought for me about about three years ago kernels a nephew is Cameron Cameron

hello to Cameron let me just put that on the screen to make it official Cameron

hello to Cameron and happy sixth birthday six years old I wish I was six

again oh dear I would I would have never started drinking at that age it was

terrible it ruined my whole life Catherine Catherine you're welcome and

that's a message from Anna I do like it when people talk to each other on the

live chat that's very nice thank you our mid mr. Steve is very generous he's

given me such a lovely gift but over the years Steve has given me some very

surprising gifts and and I think you're going to show two of them now so here we

go here are two of the gifts that Steve has given me over the years there we go

one was this plastic sheep so the sheep that that's Lady woolington that's a

garden a garden ornament it's designed to go in the garden it's made of

plastic it's not real but we keep it in the house and Steve Steve also gave me

this this wonderful snake is well it's huge the snake goes around the the sheep

and they both look out of the living room window and when people come to the

window they are very surprised when they see this sheep and the snake but I'm

gonna put it down because it's actually quite heavy it's very heavy don't drop

it don't drop it so there there's there are two of the gifts that mr. Steve has

given me over the years so he always likes to buy something for me that's

very unusual and quirky quirky talking of unusual things here are some back

here are some words Steve that exists in English that seem very unusual so I

thought we would have another look at some very unusual words why not here is

one flit flit flit so when you hear this word Steve what do you think

somebody who is moving about a lot doesn't stay in one place for very long

flits about flits about they don't keep still they're constantly moving maybe

not just physically but maybe they're moving from what if they're talking

there might be going from one subject to another subject constantly we could be

talking about cars one minute and then suddenly you change the subject and talk

about something completely different then you go on to something else and it

confuses people so if you if somebody flits about they're constantly changing

and moving about it's slightly annoying so to flit is to change from one thing

to another or move around frequently you flit okay yes I like that word it's a

very unusual word but it's one of my favorite words vent of a strange strange

I like strange words here's another one sometimes I think mr. Steve is a little

like this he we go so their show is shows the meaning

of the word there it is look can you see mr. Steve's expression can you see the

expression on his face he looks very aloof aloof a person who gives an

expression that makes them look as if they are superior or better than those

around them they look very aloof me aloof hmm I don't know what you mean mr.

Duncan I don't know what you mean either probably a little unemotional as well I

would say distant distant aloof yes very aloof very heart from the apart

from others they don't want to get involved everyone to get involved they

don't want to get involved beneath me hmm to get involved I'm going to be so

aloof hmm but that's not us hmm we like to get

involved particularly with your lovely viewers so we are not aloof because if

we we were aloof we wouldn't be doing this live stream it would be very

difficult to do a live stream broadcasting live to the world if you

are aloof because I don't think I don't think it would be very interesting to be

honest could you say you were snooty snoot yes they are they are aloof they

are standoffish standoffish standoffish that's a great word as well so there you

go here's another one this is quite an interesting word again another short

word you jinx jinx jinx jinx that means to to make something unlucky hmm if

something is jinxed and you then you can say it's unlucky so as to you a certain

action that is seen as being unlucky something that might occur that you

believe causes something bad to happen jinx so a person will jinx something so

it can be used as a verb as well so you jinx something you make something

go wrong by doing a particular thing so some people do believe that there are

jinx moments where something happens and then it makes the other thing go wrong

or become disastrous like some people think if they like me for example

whenever I go near any anything electronic yes it seems to go wrong like

phones mobile phones laptops yes I'm PV and people sometimes say oh you put a

jinx on that is every time you go near it it goes wrong so you can jinx

something as a verb or a jinx is the unlucky thing or the unlucky action so

it can also be a noun as well so there it's a very interesting word an evil

curse as lolly says well done yes evil curse so something that makes another

thing go wrong many of Steve's work colleagues think that mr. Steve is a

jinx because of the the problems he always has with his computer and his

laptop and his mobile phone he always has problems with them and

that one more and then we'll carry on with Miss miss because you want to show

something times got some words as well this is what time have we got time with

your birthday celebration we always have time would you like to see some of mr.

Steve's driving now here is something that often causes a little bit of

distress so here we go here is a little bit of mr. Steve's car driving and I

haven't made this fast I haven't spent this up it is the speed at which I

recorded it so here we go we're now going on the road with mr. Steve in his

car and I've seen this you haven't seen this so we're driving along now now what

is the first thing you notice not you miss a sign saying that there's a

sharp bend to the right not you Nair overtaking not you oh I'm on about

the people-watching of viewers so the first thing you will notice is that we

drive on the wrong side of the road so can you see there that the cars are

coming the wrong way we drive on the right side of the road so we drive on

the left side of the road which is right sorry

don't start that again are we are we really doing that again we drive on the

left in the UK Steve I don't know where you've got the right from but it's right

to us I mean it's correct it's right oh I see a sharp band shot been to that you

were gonna test me on road signs yes the other week well you can test me now

that's gone a long time ago oh that's a nice house nice house it's a nice little

cottage that's all the way to Shrewsbury yes I think this is this is actually

quite local to where we live we will see something else in a minute there's some

road signs the road sign yes Junction coming up to the left yes and then it's

a bit of a zigzag there we go there's a junction to the left its toe overtaking

slow down there with that calm down Steve you must get so excited as warning

us of a bend so there is a been bend there is a bend okay there is a bend

coming up in the road oh yes here comes the bend and some farmers equipment

really and we're going a very interesting mr. Duncan

we're going round the bend and now did we teleport oh dear

just calm down I'm trying to no one's going to learn anything if you keep

rabbiting so now we're going through what I would describe as a quaint

village a Welsh village so this is actually now in Wales I can't remember

the name of the village now I want to say I want to say Welsh pool but I don't

think it is it wasn't well no it's a small Welsh village I think this one but

you can see this is I would say that this is a very typical Welsh village and

there you can see some lovely old houses made of wood

and as we leave the village you will see that we will be back suddenly back in

the countryside again so this is taken in mr. Steve's car so this is actual

footage as we were driving to Wales the other day and there you can see some of

the beautiful views there the lovely house that's another nice house isn't it

you are interested in that there were some some really nice buildings on the

way it doesn't look as if you're driving very fast

it looks like you're driving very slowly there well I think it was a 40 mile an

hour limit so actually so inc so in this video you are driving at 40 miles an

hour I'm sure there was a sign we would have to rewind it comes the local bus so

this is probably the only bus that runs oh this is the only bus that runs ARAF

ARAF is welsh for slow yes did you see that on the road ARAF ARAF so that is actually a

Welsh word that means slow so you can see in Wales they print on the other

signs and also on the road they print English and Welsh but the well she's

always written first so the Welsh word comes first and then

the English comes after you might see that sign again in a moment let's have a

look if we go a bit further you might see a ARAF again I bet we don't know I've

said that but look at that isn't that beautiful that's one of the things I

love about Wales such beautiful sights on the road I think we're going to

change the scenery oh no we're not no actually we're going to end that's it

did you enjoy driving with mr. Steve there and of course mr. Steve is such a

safe driver he is he's so safe he was very distracting what very distracting

distracting what are you filming while I was driving

along oh I see I found it very distracting I hope you enjoyed that I

think that might be the first time that we've ever shown the car being driven in

that way on the live stream so I hope you enjoyed that any now

Road and had to be very careful because Welsh people have got this reputation of

driving very fast along their country roads and then you suddenly they

suddenly come round the corner from nowhere and well we didn't want any

accident we're getting some very interesting messages on the live chat

most most of them saying oh my goodness that looks so dangerous because you're

driving on the wrong side not many countries drive on the left I think we

are one of the few countries that do I don't where else drives on the left I

think now I want to say Malaysia do they I think Malaysia also drive on the same

side as the road yes Australia I'm not sure about Australia but in Malaysia

they they do drive on the same side as the road of the road and that's because

of our influence you see because it used to be a British colony that's right

Malaysia some more birthday greetings Marella says happy birthday thank you

very much yes it is my birthday today TiAS says here we drive on the left side

just like the UK so also in Indonesia interesting Indonesia well that's good

to know Sergio says I can't watch it it looks

crazy it does look like it must look very strange to some people because it

looks like we're driving on the wrong side of the road in the opposite

direction how Mira says that she's always confused

as well yes Sergio they are narrow roads you have to be very careful in Wales is

like that all over yes because there is so much well Wales isn't a particularly

big country anyway and there's lots and lots of farmland and the roads have to

go round all the all the farmers fields because the roads over many many years

were formed and of course you have to if somebody owns one piece of land

somebody else owns another bit of land you've got to try and get a road to go

round those round those bits of land Agnieszka says in Wales if there is a

lot of cycling on the road I love cycling yes we did pass quite a few

people riding bikes bicycles you are right Thank You Nicole as well

Oh flat Eric says someone actually spotted little flat Eric Oh Nicole in

the driver's seat sorry in the passenger seat earlier

really I didn't spot a flat Eric not not in that the thing we just watched it was

the thing earlier the thing earlier on Steve Missal flat Eric was on the screen

for a few moments in the car Oh Jeff has something for you Steve oh

did you see that no I will bring it back there it is we are all set to sing happy

birthday oh well done Jeff set well we'd like to sing happy birthday but of

course they're not sure whether we can we have to be careful singing happy

birthday because the words are okay but the tune is still owned under copyright

as far as I know so we have to be very careful we're a try so happy birthday

happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday Alan Gere Hussein says that

they also drive on the left in Bangladesh okay well done so what so

actually it would appear that there are many countries that drive on the same

side of the road as whedon Mika wants to drive on that road I'll tell you Mika if

you've got a sports car and then you and you go to Wales it's got some of the

best roads for driving on it if you like driving along country roads in a nice

open top sports car then that's the place to go either there or in Scotland

Nicole yes I did put you on the register NIC yes Nicole asks mr. Steve I think

you didn't put me on the register well the reason was Nicole is because I don't

think you probably didn't come on within the first 20 minutes you've made you've

made there we go you've made Nicole surprise

she's crying no look man look what you've done Steve ethnic girl comes back

on and in Malta of course there you go Nicole I've just ticked you

off somewhere I've ticked you off but I only did it for the first 20 minutes

because then I had to get ready so you might have been Oh perhaps I missed you

apologies but you're on there now so one gold star - Nicole do you like my little

sheep of course you can't drive around Wales without seeing these exactly

they're everywhere everywhere in the fields sheep this is what Wales is

famous for lots of sheep because it's very hilly in Wales very hilly but lots

of hills lots of water it's a very they have a very high rainfall in Wales and

because you've got lots of hills and mountains it rains a lot and that's

ideal for for grass growing and the sheep eat the grass so lots of sheep in

Wales that's not even remotely annoying mr. Duncan but if it wasn't your

birthday I would be very annoyed and I would take that off you and throw it

across the other side of the room like you did last week on Wednesday Steve got

very angry with this sheep and he threw it away and lots of people complained

about mr. Steve's rough treatment of this sheep he's still smiling if you

want to see the other things he does to it I comb its fur coat it's a coat on on

a sheep you do they call it a coat or fleece fleece at least the phrase an

interesting word fleece fleece shall I write that down because that's it that's

actually an interesting word so the coat on a sheep is called fleece but he

wouldn't call it fur well it's wool yes but but the actual

the actual thing itself is called fleece fleets there we go there's the word

that's an interesting word actually for the S but there is also another use of

the word so the coat of the Sheep is called fleece but this can also be used

as a verb as well it can indeed and how how would we use this as a verb

if I was to fleece you if I was if you fleece somebody it means you rip them

off yes it means that not exactly stealing but if if for example you trick

them into paying more trick them you paying more for something yes you trick

them into paying more for something than they should so if I was to try and sell

you a car yes say my 8 year old car a moment with a hundred and eighty

thousand miles 200 thousand kilometers on it ok back to us a lovely car I'm mr.

Steve yeah uh how much do you want for it and I could say to you ten thousand

pounds mr. Duncan now you might not know anything about cars it's only probably

worth about three thousand pounds look that I don't know anything about cars

but I know that ten thousand pounds for a an eight year old car you are trying

to fleece me I'm trying to rip you off mister do you are tricking me into

paying too much you are trying to fleece me sometimes you go to the market

particularly if you're on holiday and you see something and you pay something

for it and then you later find out it's worth a lot less you can say huh I was

fleeced yes it means that you were charged a lot more than you should have

been for the item back to the live chat because it's very busy on the live chat

very busy today the live chat is very busy motor of course Malta does drive on

the OH

vodka man says my eyes are like Chinese today yours

and what what do you mean by that didn't we used to think that that we used to

think that your dad looked a bit Chinese well yes my my grandfather everybody

thought he was Chinese oh that's interesting

he wasn't but everybody thought he was so perhaps I've inherited that look

around the eye yes so maybe maybe there is a little bit of Chinese in mr. Steve

maybe there's no answers of that really is there so lots of people on the live

chat Oh Tomic says come onto the chat and read out my funny comments well I am

now I'm on their Tomic but I'm just waiting for your funny comment so as

soon as you give me your funny comment I will read it out we've probably missed

it because there are so many comments today it is rather busy today because

it's a it's my birthday so Rath says hello to me hello sheriff hello thank

you very much but where is sheriff just second from the bottom

oh yes hello sheriff is it your first time here if it is your first time I

will offer you some lovely applause

yes well we better give some appalls applause to Tran Thai car as well who

says that we haven't read their comments yet we've probably you probably put the

comments on while we were watching a video I don't know so apologies for that

but we do find it difficult to keep up with all the comments that are on the

line especially today because it's my birthday everyone wants to wish me happy

birthday we've read the comment that you've said we haven't read your comment

yet okay so that counts so we read the comment that you you said we didn't read

the comment so so we have actually read your comment even though it's not the

comment that you said that we didn't read wow I don't I don't understand

anything eyes from Boger I don't understand anything I just said that

Nicolai Lincoln Lincoln says how green Jung Hyung can I just say this bit Jung

Hyung says how green is that country rode an old Hollywood film of Chinese

wartime story the in of sixth happiness I've seen that movie I've actually seen

that movie it's very creepy ah is that the one with is like a ghost

story now what's the name of that famous actress I don't the 600 famous actor I

think she's what yes famous actress well her in that film I can't think of her

name maybe somebody can tell us this is a Chinese film oh is it

yes I I just said an old Hollywood film of the Chinese wartime story oh oh yes

it might be the end of the sixth happiness oh yes I think you might be

right Steve but it is a well known film it's a very well known film well what

was the name of that actress she was from Austria I'm isn't mr. Steve's

birthday is coming up before long no you're Steve's birthday is in February

so your your birthdays is near the start of the year can someone tell us the name

of the famous actress in the inn of the sixth happiness yes I

think she was from Austria yes is it is it's not Sofia Lorraine is it no she was

Italian okay then yes oh I'd like that she was a famous

sort of actress in the forties and fifties was she in Murder on the Orient

Express he was is that her if she wasn't that for if it's the right film I'm

thinking of yes well I can go and find the film and then get the name go on

then so so this there's the live chat Steve carry on Swedish Ingrid Bergman oh

that's in cats got it thank you sue how are we thinking of Swedish Thank You

Sookie you've saved me having to to walk into the other room thank you very much

you've just saved my legs and who else was in that film as well there were a

few Fame it was probably one of those what they call them

there's noir films darkfield I want to say John Wayne no it wasn't John Wayne

it wasn't a it wasn't a Wild West film

but actually actually do you know that John Wayne starred in many movies that

had nothing to do with cowboys it's very strongly did whenever you see John Wayne

in a movie where he isn't on a horse it always seems very strange it's very very

strange I'm trying to think oh look Trant icon is 12 years old okay let's

have a look and I understand Vietnamese so so Tran Tai Khan is actually in

Vietnam we have a lot of viewers in Vietnam how you write youngest viewer

well we might we might have Nicole is it Nicole's nephew who's only six Arbit is

he watching oh yes well I think he might be so he's only six so Tran you are 12

that's fantastic Fanta is fantastic fantastic being 12 never grow up so some

people say that I still act like a 12 year old I don't know where they get

that for you the youngest but who is the oldest I

wonder mr. Duncan mr. Duncan's going back for his sheep but that's not even

slightly embarrassing there are some words here which I was going to use last

week but we ran out of time this is a request by the way a request I think it

was TS TS or T Jen it was one of you asked could you talk about phrases

connected with the eyes so that's what we are going to do right now mr. steve

is going to do it right now I'm going to do a few okay and then when do you think

people are getting bored tell me to stop stop I have a stop Steve stop everyone's

bored already okay I'm gonna bite my tongue because

it's your birthday so when you bite your tongue it means you are stopping

yourself from saying something that you might otherwise regret Michael might

cause offense to people my fat tummy is disappearing already well we did do a

lot of exercise at the amount of walking that we did in Wales was unbelievable

anyway words or phrases connected with eyes that's a very expensive watch mr.

Duncan you better look after it this is my new watch mr. Steve bought this for

my birthday today it's a watch from Lithuania now

Lithuania is that actually part of Russia or is it a separate country

that's what we'd like to know okay we don't know everything we don't pretend

that we know everything we don't know everything

ingrid bergman was born in stockholm but who else was in that film who was that

famous big burly actor who was always used to sort of he was a bit of a a bad

character in films a bad character in those sort of 1950s film Peter Lorre No

really like a brick I'm doing my Peter Lorre impression hello my name is Peter

Lorre nobody knows sucat might know people no people no

Peter Lorre who's that faintly was that he was always killing people and he was

always a bad character okay ah Ingrid Bergman 1950s films okay you know we're

very good at this Rock Hudson no okay lathe Rock Hudson was a bit later I

think with a baddie Richard Widmark no no just think that'll tell us who else

was in in the sixth happiness there was that there was a long shot wasn't there

Ingrid Bergman in that she was like in a shared or something like yes it's that's

very dark the cinematography is actually outstanding the inn of the sixth

happiness is the name of the movie and it has some of the most stunning

photography ever what do they call them add something to our films don't know

yes film noir film noir a sort of a dark black and white film from the 1950s and

everything is shot either very close up so you get the the very rough edges of

the actor and actress or it's quite often they are very artistic shots

yes ook at film the wire okay right Oh not too well - yes we are looking for

the actor that was in the souk at we're looking for the name of the actor who

played alongside Ingrid Bergman in the film in of the seats happiness it wasn't

Kirk Douglas no no no you'd know it straight away because in all these 1950s

black-and-white films and he was always a bit of a baddie a womanizer really big

bloke yes we could you could never understand now how women would find him

attractive but he always was Hollywood men in the 1950s forties fifties and

sixties would huge and they were always found to be they

were always older a lot older than the women and they were always seen as very

attractive okay but they always looked out of shape Robert do not know Robert

Robert donut or Robert mr. Duncan you go and look it up Robert donut do you go

and look it up I could look it up on my phone you could do I've got a phone here

sheet why don't I just your birthday one not saying anything bad to miss my own

today why don't I just leave the Earth Day I'll look it up on my phone so in of

the sixth happiness you look it up and I'll okay their words to to do with eyes

right well you better stay here because I might want your help keep an eye out

for mr. Duggar will you stop pushing me onto the camera

keep an eye out for if you keep an eye out for something it means you're you're

just literally keeping an eye out so you're watching for something all the

time if somebody says to you Oh will you you're having a party or something like

that and you're looking for somebody to arrive somebody might say to you or will

you keep an eye out for for Jeff will you keep an eye out for Amanda when they

arrive tell them to come over and say hello to me just means you're doing

something else but at the same time watching for something else to happen

you're keeping an eye out for something I'm sure mr. Duncan would help have

other examples on how to use that word here's another one see eye to eye if you

see eye to eye with somebody it means you agree with them you see eye to eye

with somebody on a particular subject so if for example you've got the same

political views as somebody means that you might say to them are we see eye to

eye on that it means you agree with them on the on a particular subject all eyes

are on so you might say all eyes are on if for

example somebody is going to make an important speech for example you might

they might might be a big introduction for them before they go onto the stage

and you might say all eyes are on this particular person who's going to make

this speech all eyes are on mr. Duncan because it's his birthday and he's going

to do a live stream and I can sense that mr. Duncan is right behind me

okay we've got some information move over move over we've got some

information now about oh I had the information but now now Google has moved

to the next thing so wait there a second these hats has said we've got the answer

to Lithuania used to be part of Russia but gained its independence in 1990

let's put that on the screen so that's interesting so Lithuania regained its

independence from Russia in 1990 that does sound like something that's

happened in recent times so yes 1990 yes so now we all know a sight for sore eyes

says Chris and I think I've got that but it one here I have the cast of inn of

the sixth happiness okay then there there it is so there is the cast so all

of the people that were in the movie so Ingrid Bergman could you goons

oh well that somebody said that Robert donut Oh Bert Kwok Bert Kwok who

remembers Bert Kwok from the Pink Panther films he would always attack

Peter Sellers that wasn't who I was thinking of so obviously the person I

thought was in the film isn't isn't no no hood so look up 1940s

actors well he wasn't in the film so it doesn't matter anyway right somebody

said a sight for sore eyes oh yes it is Chris says there's an example of use of

the word eyes in a phrase a sight for sore eyes which is a welcome sight hmm

something that you you like to see so for example I could say mr. Duncan just

left the room he's come back I could I could say oh there's a sight

for sore eyes it's me it's me it's something Pleasant that comes along a

welcome sight and you usually use it regarding talking about a person

normally in a positive way but I've always thought in the past that it was

used also in a negative way because in one of my English lessons I actually

said that it's a negative phrase but in fact it's a positive one so if I always

thought that if you said that someone was a sight for sore eyes that they look

terrible apparently now that's not good yes it's very strange how sometimes you

can get that in your mind and I think also sometimes people use these phrases

in the wrong way I think they do they use it wrong or incorrectly and then it

sticks in your mind yes so if you say to somebody you're a sight for sore eyes it

means that you're probably not literally that your eyes are sore but that you've

probably had a difficult day or you're going through a bad period it's a relief

it's a relief somebody comes along and you're so pleased to see them you say oh

hello you're a sight for sore eyes mr. Steve is wearing this lovely t-shirt and

today he is a sight for sore eyes really yes I think it's a little bit too

big for you all right let's do the let's do the bottom button up there we go

that's good that looks better here's another one

eyes pop out of your head if your eyes pop out of your head that means you are

very surprised to see something and literally oh you're so surprised your

eyes may literally pop out of their head so

if you see something that is a massive surprise you can use the phrase that

made Maya for example you might see an elephant coming down the road and you

might obviously if we saw an elephant coming down the road in England we would

be very surprised so someone might say I was so surprised my eyes nearly popped

out of their head well you're young it's international elephant day today did you

know that as it has strange that you mentioned elephants and it's actually

international elephant day so lots of people talking about and considering the

the welfare of elephants around the world and of course in some countries

elephants are hunted for their ivory well I don't know what Steve did there

well because I'm looking at you see I've got one eye I'm looking out for all the

time I'm constantly gum I'm constantly keeping an eye out for comments on the

live chat ok as we're going along there it is and Jeff has said what about the

all-seeing eye wow they all sing seeing are all seeing

which is something that is used in Turkey yes the all-seeing eye I might

have it upside down it is a good luck charm it's a good luck charm which is

covered in dead flies I'll just get it's not good look for the Flies the dead

flies all over it which they use in Turkey it's a lucky

charm don't know they say you put that on your step of your house somewhere

near your house so that the evil spirits will be what will go away we're going to

waste away the evil eyes this isn't evil it's looking out for evil I think we say

it's it's the all-seeing eye it sees everything

if I can fit this in my mouth it you you can't eat that it's made of solid glass it

looks like a big sweet but that's all over Turkey I want to bite into it and

have we got anyone from Turkey watching today's Moroccan today anyone from

Turkey today from Turkey today you might be able to tell us calling out what

about the evil eye but well done to Jeff calling Turkey well done to Jeff for

noticing that he must have been to write to Turkey or must have heard it maybe

other countries had the evil eye okay I remember when we were in Turkey I saw a

really big one it was huge hanging up it was it was so large yes

Luis Mendez oh okay but live-chat Luis Mendez says that he likes the film

the best film for dialogue is the cannons of Navarone

is not the Guns of Navarone well it could but we call it the Guns of

Navarone but it might be it might be called something else in other countries

perhaps the Guns of Navarone now that was had a lot of famous

Hollywood actors and actresses in it here we go again the Guns of Navarone so

who was there can you remember the name of the the famous actor in that John

Wayne no John Wayne wasn't in the Guns of Navarone I'm just gonna say John Wayne

for everything a lot of well I just can't thumb users with names

I was Clint Eastwood he might have been in it I think Clint Eastwood was in the

Guns of Navarone and also Telly Savalas that's not the

one I'm thinking of and I still can't think of a famous actor maybe maybe I've

got it wrong I'm sure telly savalas who has a very similar hairstyle to Steve

have you been very busy today mr. Duncan me yeah of course I have it's my

birthday could you know if it's a well just

generally have you been busy preparing for the livestream I have been very very

busy very busy very busy doing a lot of things so could you say that you have

been up to your eyeballs yes up to your eyeball I've been up to both both of

those things if you say you're up to your eyeballs

that means you're very busy I've been up to my eyes and it's a very common thing

to say it work oh I can't take on any more work I'm up to my eyeballs I'm up

to my eyeballs or of course you just can't your sails so I'm up to my eyes

yes I'm up to my eyes in work I'm so busy please go away

it literally means you've got a pile of papers up up here deal with it all you

extremely busy er up to your eyes or up to your eyeballs I have so much work to

do it's it is up to my eyeballs please don't bother me now I'm up to my eyes in

work mmm up to my eyes or eyeballs here's an interesting one the monastic I

says Jeff I haven't heard of that one an eye for an eye ie for an eye Oh

biblical biblical biblical but it's still used today if you say an eye for

an eye means that you're getting revenge okay getting revenge on somebody's does

something bad to you it means you do something of equivalents or equivalent

badness and back to them so you do the same to them what they did to you an eye

for an eye or a tooth for a tooth yes there is somebody for example steal

something from you steals a car from you you will go and

steal their car that's that sounds like China because that's that apparently

that's what they do in China if someone steals your bike you just go around the

corner and steal someone else's so it's not directly an eye for an eye but it's

very similar so so apparently in China all of these bicycles go around and

around because everyone is stealing each other's bikes so eventually you will end

up with your own bike back in your possession so if you keep stealing

enough bikes eventually you will find your own bike and have it back yes so a

lot of people a lot of country and even in this country still believe

that if somebody does something to you you see you're not supposed to according

to the law say for example somebody murdered your wife somebody murdered

your wife then an eye for an eye if you were if you're going by that by that

logic or by that Creed you would go and murder their wife because in in some

countries and certainly many many years ago that you would be perfectly

acceptable for you to go and do that of course now we've got laws that say you

you mustn't do that get revenge in that way but a lot of people do believe that

I for an eye the context of it you take my IR take your eye is also in a

biblical sense isn't yes isn't it yes and yep so that's where that phrase

comes from so you you hurt me I hurt you how about this where are we having a

quick look Gregory Peck Gregory David Niven ...Peck Niven Quinn

it sounds like a firm of solicitors sucat will you please try and find that I

can't remember the name of that nineteen fifties male lead actor Charlton Heston

no he was always he was always a bit of a baddie but a bit of a womanizer as

well you thought was someone with a gun yeah very very big built like a built

like a break bit like a built like a brick outhouse

yes I've cleaned that up by the way because the other word is very rude you

look it up you look it up nineteen fifties

we've got some more comments you know yes go on there look at the comments do

you events telly savalas smokes a cigar all the time so yes I was right just go

back a bit because mr. Steve copy smoking a cigar oh okay that's a that's

a very interesting request but I'm sure you can do it with that you mean telly

savalas well well you can just sort of put a

cigar in your mouth as if you're smoking a cigar bit of character acting

I don't wear that Dean yeah you don't know one you don't want to know where

this is being have you had a lollipop I could pretend to be Telly Savalas why

and say who loves you baby oh yes because oh yes Telly Savalas used

to be in a TV show where he played a policeman and he was always sucking I

hope that comes out right on the subtitles

he was also always sucking a lollipop

caramel makes a valid point what about Ifrah and I two wrongs don't

make a right that's it and that's why we have laws now to prevent us from taking

revenge so what we do now in civilized society is that we we find the person

that committed the the bad act and we put them on trial and then send them to

prison and we punish them that way that's they don't take matters into our

own hands that's it and and seek revenge that's what you might do it for minor

things yes but you wouldn't do it for sort of major crimes so I'm sure it'd

still have so if somebody came up to me and kicked me right at the bum I could

probably go round to them and kick them at the bum

yes okay so so not not necessarily an eye for an eye Jeff was talking about

the monastic I okaying similar to the all seen evil eye oh I see but I think

that's that not sure what that is because there's also the the sort of

Illuminati noting us what he was referring to which is this sort of

so-called secret band of people were ruling the world

well there is on the I think it's the dollar yes a dollar bill is an eye on

there is a pyramid a pyramid and on top there is an eye and I think that is a

reference to one of these secret societies the Illuminati I'm starting to

sound like that that nutcase of the Internet yes sir Joe Oh

Testament law is eye-for-an-eye but we still use the expression here's another

one what about this one okay have you got a roving eye roving of it so a

roving eye can be sort of a roving eye that means somebody who is always

looking out at other people and fancying them so you might be you might be in a

relationship with somebody and for example you might be a girl in a

relationship with this particular man and people may say I don't go out with

him he's got a roving eye a roving eye which means he's always looking out for

other women he's not satisfied with having one woman

he's always looking at other women of buying them up for requiring them but

they don't forget though for equality yes because it's 2018 and everyone gets

so angry about everything now also it can refer to a woman as well so a woman

cross can have a roving eye she's looking for another man so somebody says

that don't go out with them they've got a roving eye it means that they're

likely to be unfaithful to you because they're always chatting up

behind your back other people a roving eye somebody who and you we all know

people like that if you've been in a relationship with somebody and you can

maybe you catch them looking at somebody asked like that roving eye and then when

you're not around they might go and chat them up and sleep with them and cheat on

you yes yes they might it's my it's my birthday today Steve do you want to see

some pictures from my birthday way back in 2005 when I was still in China so

here I am in China yes is it your birthday yes Here I am in

China so there look at that so there I am in China and that was many years ago

was that on your birthday that was on my birthday in 2005 many years ago oh my

goodness I've just I've just realized how long ago that is

that's a long time Rick that's eight years no no sorry not eight years

whatever it's even like them oh no I'm just horrified I've just realized when

that was taken 2005 that picture oh my god I feel so old

so it's actually 13 years ago you're wearing the shirt oh yes

you're not sure yes viewers this is the shirt that I wore the other night was

well has that shirt we went to dinner the other night

and I actually had that shirt on I'd love to make a comment about what that

shirt looks like on you now compared to what it Deal what I know years ago I

won't because it's your birthday are you referring to my weight again let's just

say the buttons now are being stretched to the limit no oh it's your birthday

with them I'm going to be kind to yes a rectal as already as already said to me

that I brought a few kinds uses I'm going deaf do you want to see what's

coming next Sunday next Sunday because we are going soon next sorry

ah well we are going soon yes we've got about 9 minutes 9 minutes before we

leave but don't go yet cuz there's one more surprise coming up so don't leave

yet oh another surprise another surprise

coming Lisa don't kill doesn't know anything about this Oh what have you

done you could say that mr. Duncan when he sees this surprise he could hardly

believe his eyes I couldn't believe my eyes this morning we miss mr. Steve gave

me this very very expensive watch wasn't that expensive oh yeah mr. Duncan yes I

cut it off the internet you didn't steal it did you no not at all there we go

okay so mr. Duncan when he saw that could hardly believe his eyes that means

that there's something it's eejit you'd literally you cannot believe what you're

seeing yeah it's a bit like the one where your eyes pop out eyes pop out of

yes you are surprised by the thing you see

so mr. Duncan might might see his mother tomorrow he won't but he might and

somebody no but somebody might so what a lovely watch and he would say I got that

for my birthday I could hardly believe my eyes when I open the present when I

saw this watch I could hardly believe my eyes that's it so when we go today when

we go today at 4 o'clock a lot of people will be upset because we'll be going and

so we could say that there won't be a dry eye in the house oh very good not a

dry eye in the house which means that it's usually used in a theatre situation

in a theatre when everyone's watching a play or a film and it's got a very sad

moment in it mm-hmm and everybody starts crying okay very sad and the expression

you used then is that when everybody came out there was not a dry eye in the

house everybody was crying and upset so but in the house doesn't necessarily

have to mean a house or a theatre it could mean the world of people watching

you you could say there's not a dry eye in the house so it doesn't have to mean

literally in a house so that's that one can people still see me miss yeah one

more okay

all right how about this one yeah sounds good to me I eyes are bigger

than your belly eyes are bigger than your belly okay so if you say your eyes

are bigger than your belly it means that you you have too much food than you can

actually eat yes so you've put too much food on your plate yes or you order too

much when you go to a restaurant you put too much on your plate your eyes are

bigger than your belly so your stomach can't hold all the food that your eyes

think it can you've put lots of food on your plate

because you think oh it it looks great but you can't finish the meal so you

have to waste the food and then you will say I'm sorry my eyes are bigger than my

stomach I'm going away now and I'm going to come back with a surprise oh okay

well I've got a super quick I've got a surprise because this is what Steve

bought me today the same lady let me just show you quickly so this is what

mr. Steve bought for my birthday and I was so surprised so there for

those who are interested they were asking mr. Duncan show us the watch so

there it is that's what mr. Steve gave me for my birthday this morning and I

was so surprised coming up next week we have something special because we will

be going to the beach next week so there you can see a little glimpse of

what we are doing next Sunday so next week we will have a look at some of the

video footage some of the sequences that we filmed during the week during our

trip to the coast so all of that coming next week and now I am wondering I am

wondering what the surprise is mr. Steve has a surprise for me and there you can

see Steve and myself walking along the beach that will be coming up next week

so I hope you will join me next Sunday don't forget also we will be here we'll

be here together on Wednesday as well 10 p.m. UK time for those who are wondering

I will put the times on the screen right now live English every Sunday 2:00 p.m.

UK time and every Wednesday 10:00 p.m. UK time late and live I hope you will

join us for that lots of things oh my goodness

Oh surprise surprise mr. Duncan happy birthday

oh my girl let me rotate to mr. Duncan let's hope it doesn't set up let's heavy

doesn't set off the the smoke detectors in the house and this is for me this is

just me you I couldn't find enough candles to put on it that added up to

your age so I've just put those on and you've got to obviously blow them out

and make a wish okay well so can I have more than one

wish you weren't expecting that were you mister I was not however I'm a little

bit well it's it's not very often that I'm speechless I don't know how you kept

this a secret I don't either it's been in the kitchen

all the time I'm not sure if to blow the candles out or just to push it into

Steve's face I'm not sure that's a horrible thing to say

I'm so surprised you know sometimes I don't like surprises but that's amazing

I'll hold it thank you Steve blow the candles out and then we can we

can wish all count to three okay I will count to three one two three

oh I don't make a bit more effort mr. Duncan I need more puffs how's that

hooray that final big puff did you make a wish I did I made three I'm right

normally you get three wishes don't you know only one okay your age let me just

see if the wish came true no no it didn't

oh well maybe next year thanks a lot we've got to have another word no we'll

end on that note I think that's it I think we are coming towards the end of

today's live stream let's have a look at the live chat before we go oh my

goodness Steve you you have really surprised me there you never fail to

amaze me sometimes there we go mr. Steve is extraordinary

Maria I would agree with that definitely it's a lemon cake oh and I love I love

lemon cake and I put that little band around it did you see that looks great

it says happy birthday it says happy birthday because it is

your birthday well don't eat it all mr. Duncan it will it will make you fat it's

a lemon cake lemon lemon cake that sounds nice it is coming up to four

o'clock we will be going soon although we we might have an extra five minutes

Steve because because I didn't start until five past yes you can't you cheat

your viewers so we might even have about another couple of minutes so would you

like to read out another word oh okay well let's have some cake okay okay then

okay don't be too long thank you very much for all of your messages today i i

i really really really feel very very humble sometimes when you're doing this

you think oh my goodness there are so many nice people out there in the world

and i am lucky enough to know one of them and by that I mean mr. Steve so

thank you very much Steve for that absolutely gorgeous thank you very much

now Steve is cooking cutting he is cutting some cake not easy to say that

let's take that off but on your head mr. Duncan I can I can put this on my head

and I shall cut you a piece of cake I am the birthday boy live it's my birthday

yes there we go I'm cutting you a piece of cake mr. Duncan okay oh I see

can I eat the candle you can I eat the candle no that's yours oh this is mine

okay I'm having this bitch well done you see I don't want him to lose weight

really I want him to put weight on ha ha so he

did all this good next year when you seem there won't

be room for me I didn't know you you were a chubby chaser there won't be room

for me a chubby chaser would you like to explain that phrase to your viewers

before we go no I would not I think I've just eaten some of the candle I think

I've just I've eaten one of the candles by the way mm-hmm

this is nice cake it's from our local bakery this is lovely

thank you very much the Catherine's bakery I hope you don't mind us

indulging our saying I'm always berating mr. Duncan for eating live because I

think it's very rude but come on I'm gonna I'm going to stand here now in eat

this whole cake no you're not I'm gonna take it away I was joking

but we will be eating it all later unless someone wants to come round I'm

not eating this it's been in your mouth and helpers yes don't eat that bit it's

been in your mouth I haven't been to the doctors I need testing right one more

word because it's not all about fun and frivolity this is about teaching your

pupils something new and that's what we're going to be doing okay one more

have we had what about mind's eye mind's eye explain

mind's eye this is where you're trying to visualize something in your head so

you're trying to visualize something in your head you can't see it so you

describe it as what it would appear in your mind's eye so say for example

you're planning something mm-hmm you might be you might be planning a

party for somebody you don't know what it's going to be like exactly

but you plan it in your mind you can see it in your mind's eye you visualize so

it's just basically you're visualizing something so that's what you mean by

your mind's eye just something you imagine in Indian culture of course they

believe that you have a third eye a third eye that can see so maybe that

says for a very similar thing see if you're planning something and then it

all works out like a party for example and and then it all goes all very well

and somebody says well congratulations how did you plan all this and and it all

worked out so well you you said well I could see it all in my mind's eye I

can't believe mr. Steve bought this watch for my birthday I did I'm a

bankrupt incidentally I think so so good job your birthday isn't for another 12

months forget Christmas that's your present for Christmas and birthday

rolled into one forever forever it's time to go it's not made of gold thank

you very much to all those who have been on the live chat thanks a lot - Sergio

Francisco Rosa Jessica yes Carrie it says it's you imagine how something is

it gonna be yes okay Marta Alamgir thank you very much yes

the cake the cake is delicious and I have had one of the most wonderful days

of my life thanks to Steve and also you as well for

joining in what a what a wonderful live stream this has been it's time to go

we'll have one last look outside oh because the weather is not looking great

today we've had rain it's it's a bit grey but here in the studio everything

is SuperDuper and now it is time for us to go thanks Steve thank you

oh you got your birthday hat I've still got my birthday hat because I'm the

birthday boy don't you know you are and we will see you later all right

ta ta for now everybody and see you on Wednesday

Thank You mr. Steve bye bye Steve I thought you were fading me out I will

push Steve off like this he's gone Steve has gone and so will I thanks a lot for

watching this is mr. Duncan on his birthday saying saying thank you very

much for joining me enjoy the rest of your day and I will enjoy the rest of my

birthday see you on Wednesday 10:00 p.m

UK time this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of the English language

saying thanks for watching and of course you know what's coming next yes you do

ta ta for now 8-)

The Description of Live English - 12th August 2018 - It's My Birthday! - Holiday fun - Strange Words - Duncan & Steve