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Have you heard about the new app? Well apparently, it is absolutely fab however, I have no info

about it. Are you wondering why am I shortening my words, Am I being too lazy today? Well

not, Really. In English we have some words that are shortened and that are spoken by

many of English native speakers, so what are these words and how to use them well? That's

what we are going to learn in today's English lesson.

Hello everyone youre with me Niharika and welcome back to a new lesson, well in today's

English lesson we are gonna have a look at some shortened English slang wordsNow

remember these words are not abbreviations or acronyms, these are regular words that

we use in English, however they are shortened and hence they're called as shortened slang

words. Many people do get confused when people use these words in a conversation, so which

are these words and how to use them correctly is what we're gonna learn. So the very first

word that I have for you today is ADMInow have you heard this beforeI need

to check with my admin department. So what exactly does ADMIN isWell it's the word

Administration’. Well it's one of the most important Department for an organization.

So many people do not end up usingthat I need to check with the administration department

it's just too long to use it in your conversation. So people cut it short and they use the word

ADMINWell I need to check with my Admin Department.. Okay moving on to another word

that I have for you is APPWell yes, it is very much in. I have you downloaded the

new app. I love this appOh my God this app is amazingSo what exactly is App,

well APP is a shortened slang word forApplication’,  yes these days we love downloading applications

but rather than saying the whole word we end up saying APP. It sounds nice right so the

next time someone else is using it and probably you didn't know what exactly it meant, well

that's for youApplication’.  Moving on to the third slang word which is FAB.

This APP is absolutely FABSo FAB is actuallyFabulous’. Yes people are too lazy to

describe something as fabulous. They like using the word FAB. Oh WOW! your dress is

FABWow you look FAB. Okay so FAB is fabulous. So maybe you found something which is so

attractive and wonderful and you would like to describe it then you can use the word

FABIts absolutely FABMoving on to the next one -  Hey! Can you help me

with some INFO? Well what is INFOWell  INFO stands for Information’. I'm sorry

I can't help you with that INFO. So  INFOif you are confused what it actually meant,

well that's for you itsinformation’. So when you need some information from a certain

department or from a certain person you can always use the slang word INFThey will

get it, yes INFO is for informationThe next one INTRO. Do you need my INTROWell

INTRO isIntroduction’. So if the next time you have to introduce yourselfyou

can sayWell I need to give an INTRO, so INTRO is actually the shortened word for the

word introductionOkay moving on to the next one  - Well my cousin had to go to a

REHAB because he was addicted to drugs. Now REHAB it stands forRehabilitation Center

yes, ‘Rehabilitation Centeris quite a long word or a term so people end up using

the shortened form of it which is a REHAB. So if you take too many drugs there will be

a point that you would need to go to a REHAB. Okay so REHAB is Rehabilitation Center. Okay

moving on to the next one which is COKE. Well here I am not talking about the pop soda or

like Coca-Cola, well COKE is a shortened word for the wordcocaine’, The drugs yes.

So when you are talking about say a REHAB center, so you can say that - Oh he was addicted

to COKE and thats exactly the reason, why he had to go to a REHAB. So here when you

use the word COKE, it's actually the short form for the wordcocaine’, okay,

which is a drug. Alright moving on to the next one VOCAB. Well I love your VOCAB.

Its important for us as English learners to increase our VOCAB. So we'll VOCAB isvocabulary’.

Yes it's a short form of the wordvocabulary’.  Have you heard him?, His VOCAB is absolutely

amazing. So VOCAB stands forvocabulary’. So it's time to add this word in your VOCAB.

The next one ABSOh my God, my neighbor is so hotHe has these most amazing ABS.

So what exactly ABS mean, well ABS are your abdominal muscles. Yes people who work out

and they show off their ABS. well ABS is a short word for abdominal muscles. So you would

not end up coming across people, who would say that - Have you seen his abdominal muscles?

or his stomach muscles? Nobody would say that people will usually say thatHave you seen his

ABS? They are just amazing. So ABS are abdominal muscles

all right and then the last word that I have for you is LIMO, well it's my dream car, yes

LIMO well LIMO stands forlimousinesthe LIMO is the short form of the wordlimousine’.

So the next time you spot a limousine on roadyou're likeOh my God look at that LIMO.

It's just amazingSo LIMO islimousine’.  So these are the ten shortened slang words.

Let's just quickly go through them once again. We have ADMIN which actually is for administration.

APP well its applicationwe have FAB, it's fabulousOkay you're wearing a fabulous

dress tonight. INFO, could you help me with some INFO please? So INFO is actually information

and then we have INTRO, which is introduction and then we have REHAB which stands for Rehabilitation

Center and then we have COKE, well not the soda but coke stands for cocaine the drug.

We have VOCAB, well VOCAB is vocabulary and then we have ABS which are your abdominal

muscles or your stomach muscles and then the last one is LIMO which is a limousine,

the amazing car, right? So the next time you come across people who use these shortened

words well you just know it, what exactly they mean. So don't get confused. You try

using them in your vocabulary and I'll be back with a new English lesson soon till then

you take care.

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