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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【ENG SUB】《一起出发吧》第8期 完整版:饺子爆笑才艺逗乐全场 小甜椒Jasper首次抓鸡 lets go EP8【湖南卫视官方HD】

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Do you think the scenery outside is beautiful?


How about your tooth?

It's unpleasant, right. Is it about to fall out?


I'll buy for him

a new tooth later.

Buy a new tooth for your brother?

Can you buy a tooth?

I'll buy many teeth for brother.

Daddy, my daddy.

You love me most, right?

Let me kiss you.

I want to kiss you, let me kiss you.

You look like a robot.

Don't do that.

Don't make me to counterattack.

Do you believe that I'll counterattack?

What does "counterattack" mean?

It means this.

You think where will we live?

On the mountain.

On the mountain?

Le Naduo, look at that mountain.

There are also some small houses.


Over there.

Over there, do you see?

Be careful when getting off.


I'll help you, I'll help you.

Good morning, Mr. Chun | Good morning, Jiaozi.

Good morning, Mr. Yang.

Good morning, brother Xiao Yang.

Good morning, brother Jasper, Good morning, sister Xiao Yang.

Good morning, Mr. Geng | Good morning, Jiaozi.

Why do you always hold a spatula?

Because I'm "Iron-spatula princess".

So why do you hold the spatula, "Iron-spatula princess"?

Because I'm "Iron-spatula princess".

The prince is a prince,

the prince is a hero.

Will we go up from here?

OK, we have to go. | Let's go.

Be careful.

Are you OK? | I'm OK.

Daddy, I can do it.

This path...

is difficult to walk.

Xuanxuan, I'll help you, it's OK.

Daddy, too dangerous.

Isn't brother Yuchen afraid?

Brother Yuchen

Yes, brother Yuchen is good.

I'm also good.

You're also good, OK?


Daddy, you walk slowly.

Are you tired? | Yes.

When I get home, I'll take a day off.

Take a day off?

I don't want to go out.

I won't go with whoever asking me out.


Won't you go to the kindergarten?

If any person takes me to the kindergarten,

I'll stay at home

Gather the blanket and go to sleep.

I'll keep the pacifier in my mouth and go to sleep.

I'm angry to death.


Village head.

Good morning.

Come here, here.


Have you eaten yet?

What are they saying?



This is the language of Yao people.

It means that hello, have you eaten yet?

I won't eat.

Fathers and children!

Now we're in

Jianghua autonomous county of the Yao Nationality in Yongzhou, Hunan.

It is the autonomous county of the Yao Nationality

which has the most Yao people

in onethree autonomous counties of the Yao Nationality.

So it's called

"the capital of Yao people in Shen Zhou".


Now, we're in

Dongchonghe Village.

The most striking characteristic of this village is that

residents here look so beautiful.

Look at those grandmas.

They look ruddy

and happy

because you've come here.

They're holding different things,

do you see that?

Do you know what is their purposes?

Later, in front of grandmas, you have to show

that you're hard-working, brave, kind

cute, careful, and perseverant.

Then you have to make them like you,

because today they're your homeowners.

They're our homeowners.

There are five families,

but there are only four homeowners.

If you aren't chosen,

you'll live there.

Do you see?

So you have to make

them like you.

Do you understand?

If they like you,

they'll take you home.

Greeting grandmas.

Hello, grandmas.


Hello, grandmas.

Hello, I'm Xuanxuan.

Hello, I'm Tongtong.

What do you like?

We like...

How about going to my house and eating chestnut?

Hello, I'm their brother.

My name is He Youjun.

I'm twenty-three years old.

I'm good at doing housework such as

washing clothes, cooking rice, and cleaning up.

You can give the housework for me.

I'm still young,

so I have strength, right?

I know what grandmas' decisions will be.


it's your turn, let's go.

Jiaozi, introduce yourself.

What's your name?. | I'm Jiaozi.

What's your nickname?

Bao Keai.


in the kindergarten

you've been taught a performance.

Now, perform for everybody,


OK, ready?

If you feel happy, laugh.

If you feel happy, laugh.

If you feel happy,


Then laugh out loud for everybody to hear.


This is Bao Keai, Jiaozi.

I'm Bao Beier.

I'm twenty-four years old.

I'm not like him.

He knows everything.

It's right.

I don't know anything.

I'm Jasper.

I can do


Just tell me.

My name is Le Naduo.

I do everything

very carefully

and I like the tidiness.

So I won't

make a mess of the house.

I will...

Grandma. | clean up tidily.

Are you tired when holding those things?

What is he doing?

Are you tired when holding those things?

Let me help you.

Don't make yourselves tired.

Let me help you.

I help you to hold these things.

That house

has many clothes to wash.

And that house

has to cut rice.

It's Ok, at least I don't have to go far like that.

My children are obedient,

and I'm hard-working

and kind.

You see, right?

People were born with their kindness.

Human's characters are initially the same, but when they grow up, their characters will be changed due to the surroundings.

Plowing the fields at noon, each drop of sweat falls out.

Who knows that to create rice, farmers have to go through many hardships.

They have to plow very hard.

Don't hold, this is my brother.

He is your brother.

Aren't we good friends?

He is your brother.

Grandmas, if you like them

and want to bring them home,

bring them home.

Guide them to your house.

We have a place to live

We have a house to live in.

You all choose me? That's great.

It's OK.

Hello, grandma.

Goodbye, Bao Beier.

My child performed for nothing.

You have to sleep over there.

If you aren't chosen,

you'll live there, do you see?

It's daddy's fault.

You performed very well.

You were definitely the best

among the children here.

But maybe

grandmas don't like this performance.

Maybe they like classic poetry.

We're wrong. We should have read poetry.

Daddy, this place is dangerous.

Right, so you have to stay close to me.

It's dangerous here.

Stay close, don't go there.

But daddy goes there,

it's dangerous.

You can fall down.

If you fall down

who will protect me?


Who is father, who is mother?


Le Naduo, if the child has fallen asleep,

we have to keep silent.


Do you know that?

Be quiet, don't talk.


Daddy, the interior is beautiful.

Le Naduo, look at the child.

He even has a nursing bottle.

Xixi, watch out.

There's a upstairs.

Thank you, grandma.

Say hello.


Follow her.

Let's go, I take you go inside.

Thank you.

There's a TV.


That's great.

We've come to our house.

There's a terrace over there.

Right, there's a terrace.


Thank you.

Thank you for bringing us to your house.

I'll protect you from the sunlight.

Stand up.

Sit down, OK.

How do you feel?

We sit here.

Haven't you gone?

Haven't you gone?

Where will we go?

Hurry up. Go to the mountain

Find a place to live in.

It'll very cold at night.

There're five rooms.

I saw the number five

on a straw.

Go to the village to find the room.

There will be

an abandoned house.

There're five houses in total,

a while ago I saw the number five on the straw

or number two.

There's still a princess's room left.

Let's go, Jiaozi.

We'll find out our princess's room.

Let's go.

We'll definitely live in a princess's room.

It will be the princess's room. There's no need to think.


I told you that

because you were a princess,

so you would live in a princess' room.

So who are you?


I'm a king.

I'll live in the king's room.

There are only the houses number one,two,three and five. There isn't the house number four.

Certainly there is the house number four.

We just need to go inside a room

that has cameras

but there isn't the number.

It'll be the house number four.

There're two cameras in this house.


Let's go inside to see

which room it will film.

It films this room.

I know it.

We just need to find the house like this.

It'll be the house number four.

Can you zoom it up?

There are two crates of chilies

on the table.

It's maybe our room.

Let's go, we'll continue to find it.

Let's see whether there's a house above.

If the surveillance room is here,

the house will be near this place.

We just need to find out two crates of chilies.

Go there to check.


Is it right?

Maybe not.

The surveillance room is very close,

basically, it should be there.

Are we wrong?

Jiaozi, do you feel hot?

I want to take a rest. Do you want to drink some water?

No, I can drink later.

Bao Beier, are you guys okay?

Hello, grandma.

I'll leave you here

and I'll find the room.

I'll pick you up when I find the room, OK?


I give you water.

I'll find your princess's room now

and pick you up later, OK?

Let me kiss you. Good.

The kitchen.

Not this.

Absolutely not this.

Not this.

The house number two

is here.

Red chilies.

It's here.

We'll definitely live in a princess's room.

It will be the princess's room. There's no need to think.

Jiaozi, here.

I've found it.

Our room is actually the princess's room.

Let's go, I'll embrace you.

A very good room.

You see.

You didn't see me so you missed me, right?

It's OK.

We'll go to our room.

You see.

Why are there chilies on the ground?

What's this, what's its shape?

A heart, right?

The room is cozy.

I don't want Jiaozi to see a room like this

and feel disappointed.

She'll think that his father

doesn't give her a good answer.

So... Right?

I have to rely on my hands

and my brain

to change it into the princess's room.

Daddy, why do you make this heart?

Because you're a princess.

There're a lot of chilies on the ground,

so we'll call it the chili princess's room.

There's a TV.

Can we watch it?

Press this.

There's no electricity.

Xiao Chun

Help me

to catch the chickens.

Catch what?


There's one different thing in each grandma's hand.

Do you see?

What are their purposes? Do you know?

Come here.

Do you see them?

Don't let them run.

Why do we have to catch them?

Why? We have to divide them.

Did you listen to what grandma said before?

We have to divide.


Will we have to eat them?

Are we eating them?

Will we eat them?

We have to catch them, did grandma say we would eat them?

Did she say that?

It's OK.

Come here.

You catch them.

I don't know.


Come here.

Hold it, put it into this.

I can't do it.

Try it.


I've put them into it.

OK, there are more.

I'll catch one.

Where is it?

Come here.

Come on.

Come one, go on,

Very simple, right?



Are there any chickens?


It's OK.

Say hi.


Don't touch me, will you?

Have they got married?

All of them have got married.

It's good. I've also got married.

I've become a grandmother.

Like paternal grandmother, right?

How old is the youngest child?

three years old.

OK, Yang Yuchen

I have to go outside to work.

Do you want to go with me

or stay here?

I'll stay here.

You don't do nothing while I'm working.

Does it sound reasonable?

Xixi, I'll go out to work.

Do you want to stay here with your brother

or go with me?

I want to play the piano.

Play the piano?

I'll see. You play the piano.

The star is twinkling.

So you'll have to take care of your sister.

Yang Yuchen,

follow grandma's words.

Yang Yu Xi, follow grandma's words.

I'll go to work.

Say goodbye to me.


Goodbye donut,

bubble tea, instant noodle

You carry the luggage and I'll lead you

Two hours

You'll finish cutting this paddock in two hours?

Cut like this, right?


I'm his son.

Do you worry that I'll steal your wheat?

Thank you.

Don't say that.

You give us lunch.

It's fair.

There's no need to say thank you.

This work... as if you were hiring me,

I'll cut the wheat for you, OK?

Let me show you how to hold it.

No problems

If you hold it like this, it'll be easier.

Hold like this?

You do firstly

and I'll watch.

OK, give it to me.

I can see that you usually work in the field.

Very good.

What do you want to do?

What are you doing?

Thresh the grains.

Let me see how you do it.

Use your strength.

I'm frightened to death.

Thresh one time and stop.

It's wrong, thresh here.


OK, you do your work.

Can I drop it?

It drops and we'll thresh more.

Where? Drop into a mound.

Let me pick them up. You continue to thresh.

You're very good.

Although you're only nine years old,

you work better than a twenty-nine years old person.

If my son is like you, that will be great.

You can teach him.

He's lazy.

He isn't hard-working like you.


What's up?

Has your father ever talked to you that

poor kids are good at doing the housework?


You have to remember those words.

My hometown is also a rural area.

Do you understand?


You have to make a lot of effort to become stronger in the future,


Yes, I know.

Take a rest, are you tired?


You should drink some water, give him some water.

Mr. Yang

So comfortable.

Look, the beauty of the river and mountains is boundless.

They're like a picture.

A beautiful mountain. It's full of trees.

It's like a picture.

Mr. Yang works so hard.

Mr. Yang

Come on, we'll stay here and watch you working.

I tell you that

you'll spoil Jiaozi.

The line of Central Academy is just like that.

Just like that, don't lose.

You talk loudly

so that Beijing Film Academy can hear.

I have two polyps.

I'm brighter than you, understand?


I'll earn money for you

and give you the lunch.

He's tricking you, the money he can earn

is for his son and his daughter,

not for you.

I earn money for you

and give you the lunch.

You have to pick up chilies.


Let's pick them up now.

Let's go.

Are your eyes misty?

Hurry up

I'll pick them up now.

These things are used to eat,

so we can't put them on the ground.

Are your eyes misty?

I didn't touch my eyes,

so they're not misty.


I'll squeeze the clothes.

Wash them, wash them, get them clean.

Get them so clean.

Wash them, wash them, get them clean.

So good, they are all done.

This cloth is so big.

How should it be hung up?

These clothes haven't been washed cleanly yet.

You have to wash it again by water.

It has to be washed again by water?

This thing, right? | Right.

All of them.

All of them have to be washed again by water?


normally there is only you

wash lots of clothes like that?

I wash them by myself, a lot.

Let's say, do you find that she has to suffer a lot? A lot.


when I come back, I'll give you a washing machine.

You give me a washing machine?

I give you a washing machine to wash clothes

and dry them.

So it's needless to bring it over there to hang up

after washing.


You are strenuous. | Not strenuous at all.

I find that it's really need

to give you a washing machine.

Drink it.

There is nothing inside, Le Naduo.

So which bottle has?

We have to prepare milk powder, right?

Are you hungry?

How to open it?

Le Naduo.

Do you know that I've never make milk for you.

This milk powder bottle.

It's opened like that.


The demand of each baby is different

so the amount of milk powder

and the number of times is different.

After stirring

it can be used. | Have you done yet?

I... Right.

Are you hungry?

I find that he is not hungry.

What are you doing?

What's wrong?

Who makes you angry, Xixi?

She can make you get angry?

Come here.

II'll come there later.

If you don't come here, I'll go.

I can't control you anymore.

Come here, quickly.


Stand still.

Hey aunt.

I won't come over there.

Come here. | No.

I won't go home.

There is no sister like you.

He hit me.

I hit you, you made me angry.

I heard that she said she loved you.

You think that she loves me?

Xixi, do you love your brother? no.

Look at her.

When I'm sick, what did she do?

When I get angry, she doesn't appease me.

When I'm sick, she doesn't appease me either.

When I'm having a fever at thirty-nine Celsius degree

she still plays there.

She hits me also,

she uses her leg to kick me. How can she.

If I have biscuit, I won't share it with my brother,

I'll eat alone.

So annoyed.

She made me angry.

She can make you cry?

You're a boy or a girl?


Boy, I'm a boy.

Why do you like crying like that?

Look at what he is doing.

You know what should you do now?

Let's smile.

Smile one more time.

You act so well.

You even can burst into tears also.

Why do you cry?

I miss you.

You miss me?

Your sister bullied you, didn't she?

What did she do?

I asked her not to close the door

but she insisted to close it.

Then I asked her to listen to me

but she didn't.

Do you know when you don't listen to me

what feeling do I have?

Do you know?

Did you hit her?


Yang Yuchen.

Yang Yuxi.

I'll punish him, do you like it?



Why does your brother get punished?

He cries.

Is it because of you?

I don't care him at all.

Apologize him.

Apologize him.

I'm sorry. | It's okay.

Kiss your sister.

Okay, don't cry anymore. Come here.

Be careful, there is a lot of mud there, watch the road.

Do you still want to cry?

Come here.

Come here.

You see what he is doing.

He is cutting paddies without shoes.

Do you see?

He is in fifth grade, which grade are you in?

What can you do?

To my son, I find that I have to be strict to him a bit.


He has to follow the rules.

Later he has to become a strong man.

This is the thing I said to him.

I said he had to be responsible.

I can just bear each one,

I'll bear each of you over there.

I'll bear your sister firstly,

then I'll pick you.

Go, follow me.

Follow me.

You see, you made him that much,

you're so "good", Yang Yuxi.

Don't you like your brother anymore?

Yang Yuchen, wait me to go down firstly.

Hug me tightly.

It's slippery here.

Girl, I find that

I should let her enjoy her life.

Because we are men, right?

This is the truth a long time ago.

Look at him,

he goes down without shoes. Do you see?

What are these things?

Your sister is a girl

so I bear her. You're a boy

let's go down yourself.


Jump down, good.

Come here I'll show you, look at him.

Let him show you.

Come here, over there.

You see?

Hold a bunch of paddies then bang them down

Do you see how to swipe it down?

Hold this part of the paddy

isn't it okay, right?

Do you know how to hold it? | Yes. | Hold the under part.

Even it's chaotic is okay

you reorder it then it's okay?

If it's excess, just put it down.

Isn't okay?

Bang it down, don't let it fly outside.

Leap it high.

Do you know why they said "how many seeds of rice, how many drops of sweat"?

Yes, I do. | Look at him, he does it so well.

What is this?

The tasking card.

The tasking card. Dumpling, we have task to do now.

What's the task?

Little children

please find the materials to make Eighteen brews

The fathers will make Eighteen brews to join the competition.

Children. Children?


it's not me but you go to find the materials.


go to find the materials to make Eighteen brews

You have to find all these things.


You have to help me to find all these things.

You see?

I'll swipe them down all.

Yes, bitter melon.

Let's see anything else.

I have to swipe them down.

Yes, you have to find them.

Why can't I swipe them down?

Why can't I swipe them down.

They are all vegetables.

Goodbye, brother.

Watch your sister carefully.

Is it here?

What's wrong?

Come on, knock the door.

Is there anybody here?

The headman of village.

Look, I have it too.

My father said that I have to find these materials.

Like this.

My father said I had to find these materials.

I have to get all of them too.

My father said they're over there.

Little dog, there is a little dog.

"The big wolf" is coming.

Does it eat us?


It just likes drinking blood of mosquitoes.


There is a male chicken there.

It's my chicken.

Is it your chicken?


Is it your chicken?


Over there.

She is feeding chickens.


This is a good idea.

Good idea.

We have to find these foods.

Those foods?

Chicken egg, I do have.

There are

onefive, yes there are onefive kinds of foods.

There are onefive kinds of foods.

Fifteen is enough.

Grandma, is there food here?

What do you need?

Is there chili, right?

Okay, come here.

Is it okay? | Thank you.

You're welcome.

Thank you.

I got chili and corn.


Let's go.

It's here.

Tongtong, let's say.

Right, let's say.

Look at this.

Beier uncle, can you help us

find cooking ingredients?

We depend on you.

Who told you that?

Little Yang's father.

We are the same.

Tongtong | I like it most.

Tongtong, do you believe me?

Do you trust me?


You can ask Bao Beier about these ingredients,

he can find them for you.

He was a cook before.

Big head, thick neck. He was a cook before.

Look at his bald head. Big head, thick neck.

Big head, thick neck.

If he's not a rich, then he's a cook.

I tell you, he was a cook,

now he is a rich man.

You can ask him, he knows where to find them.


Is it ok?


Our ingredients are the same as Little Yang's.

Here, I read for you.

This is cucumber.

Cucumber? I don't have.

I need scallion, too.

I'll give you one stem each.

How about that?


Use to wrap dumplings.

Don't you have a mission card?

My mission card,

Jiaozi is holding it.

She's finding the food.

Hasn't come back yet.

There's still one left.

I got a plan.

I won't give you scallion.

Come on, follow me.

I'll help you find the place having ingredients.

Now I know where these are.

I know exactly where these are.

I tell you, if you...

If you get them, then come back here

and give me a bit.

How about that?

No problem.

Pinky swear.

You have to keep your promise and be a real man, is it ok?

Hide this.

Remember that, three portions.

If you get them, bring it back here.

I'll show you the place.

Do you see that door?

That house.

Come and knock the door, quickly.

Keep your promise!

Bring them for me and then come back home.

That house!

You knock the door.

It must be behind the kitchen.

In their warehouse.

Remember to thank them.

Get a portion for me.

Knock the door.

Is anyone home?

Who can go calling Bao Beier uncle?

They don't open the door.

Can't push it. | Open the door, please.

What do you want?

We are looking for cooking ingredients.

The ingredients in your house.


Bamboo shoots.

Tofu. Thank you.

Thank you very much.


Uncle Beier.

Here, come here.

Little kids, what happened?

Is it right?

Are these mine?

Only one portion?

If I give you,

then what do I have?

Like this,

I'll take the mushrooms

and some bamboo shoots, is this ok?

I'll divide them.

Can I take the mushrooms?

We've had mushrooms already.

Are these all for me?

Right. | Each one takes some.


Thank you.

I hold her hands and bring her home.

Bye, Xuanxuan.


Could you give us some food, please?

Could you give us some food?


Two eggs.

I want, too.

I want four eggs?

four eggs? Can you hold them?

I can.

four is two plus two.

I'll take four eggs, is it ok?


Thank you.

Do you want some gingers?

I'll leave food here for you.

Gently, little kid.

We'll change to a new one, is it ok?

It's ok. Get a new basket?

They're all dirty, we can't eat anymore.

Do you have any baskets?

Yes. I have a lot in my house.

We have a lot.

Could you give us one?


Don't be like Ultraman.

The eggs will be broken.

There's no more. Thank you.

Thank you. l You're welcome.

Let's go. This is yours, this is mine.

Because this one is heavy.

It's heavier.


Hello, Jasper.


I have another baby.

He's cute.

Why do you have to hold him?

Because his parents

all go to work.

They're at the farm.

Le Naduo, you're good!

You find many ingredients.

Dad, can we cook now?


Are you making a fire? | Yes, I am.

That's mine.

Where do you hide them, Le Naduo?

The rest gives back to Jasper.


He doesn't give me back.

His food is broken.

So he wants mine.

That's not ok.

Yours is yours.


Le Naduo, what else did you find?

Did you find a bitter melon?


So I take this bitter melon.

I found some eggs.

I take the eggs.


What's this,

Le Naduo?

Is this what he found?


I just have to hide it.

I know it. Thank you Jasper.

I want to hide it,

then he took it out.

Le Naduo.

Jasper wasn't wrong.

Right? Is that right?

Ok. You know what.

You must be careful when holding eggs.


You can't run. You can't fall.

If you fall, the eggs will be broken.

From now on,

are you listening?

You must be careful when you hold eggs.

Where are you going?

Le Naduo? Are you running?

Le Naduo.

Don't come back, Le Naduo.

I don't want to.

You come back here.

Come here.

Having a conversation,

we will talk properly.

Did you hear that?

Yes, I did.

Come here.

Did you break the eggs? Ok.

You broke the eggs but it's ok.

Don't cry. Listen to me.

Because you've never held an egg before.

So you don't know that egg is easy to break.

I don't blame you on this.

But what I say

if you break the eggs,

you have to tell me.

The eggs are broken.

Even though we can't complete the mission,

but you can't hide the basket

without telling me.


If you don't tell me

this problem,

it means you avoid your responsibility,

you want to get away with it.

You can't lie to me, you know that?

You broke it,

you can bring the basket

and tell me

that you broke it.

But you hid it,

that's wrong, ok?

Look at the baby. Ok.

From now on, if anything happens,

you have to tell me.

You can't hide the basket like that.

Ok Le Naduo, now I have to cook.

What delicious food will you make for lunch?

At noon, On the notebook

there are a lot of tasty dishes in the village

I'll try everything to see

who can make it better.

Didn't we lose in the morning?

Because we lost,

we have to stay in

chillies' house.

So I feel sorry to you.



I feel that

you don't live in a good house.

Later, when I finish cooking,

can you punish me standing, is it ok?


Do you want to punish me standing?

No, I don't.

Why do you disagree?

I don't like it.

You're nice to me.

How nice did I treat you?

Why do I not know that?

Aren't you cooking for me?

But you see, the house we live isn't good.

Aren't you mad at me?

Didn't you say sorry before?

Yes, I just apologized to you.

So do you forgive me?

Why are you so nice to me, Jiaozi?

Three pieces, cut in three pieces.

Hurry up, don't cut your hands.

No, I won't.

Let me see how to carvings.

You see it.

Oh my god, it's hard.

We don't know how to do this.

Big trouble.

What's now?

Dad, you can sit down.

Oh my god,

how can you become that understanding?

Dad, I'll make you

a small chair.

Here it is.


Dad, this chair is ok.

Dad, this chair is good. You stand up.

You lift up.

Almost done.

Lift it. I'll take this.

Change to this chair.

Almost done. You hold it.

I can hold it.

You can sit now.

Ok, sweetheart.

You can sit now.

Dad, sit down.



pull your head toward a bit.

I told you, it almost burns out.

Do you praise me or something?

You see, it burns out that quickly

Are you cheering me?

Mom knows how to steam dumplings.

Mom knows everything.

She just doesn't know how to cook rice.

Only knows how to steam dumpling.

What about me?

You don't know anything.

Don't know how to do anything.

But I know how to love you.

There's no way.

Because I don't know how to cook rice.

Do you want eggs with meat?


Your dish smells good

Do you smell it?

It's good.

Let's go.

We can chill now.

All done.

Give you.

You hold your magic wand.

I hold mine.

Transform a tiger.

Transform a penguin.

Snow sliding.

Transform to Le Naduo.

Transform to Xiao Yang.

Transform to...

uncle Yang.

Have a beard.

When transforming to uncle Yang, it must be "Stand there.

Come here."

Come on, Le Naduo.

We can only go this way.

Hey, come here, let's see if we can go this way.

Is the first time to cook very hard?

It's very hard to cook for the first time.

Let's go, Dumpling.

Mind your steps.

I need to tell you,

the things in front of us

is call "niang".

Niang is a very special way of cooking

of Yao people.


Yao people call all of the dishes niang

"Eighteen brew".


They're called "niang".

The best niang

will be given a reward.

Introduce your niang,

how it's made,

with what ingredients, alright?

Okay, who will start firstly?

Brother again.

I want you to say.

For our dish,

he brought back a squash,

some egges,

and a bitter gourd.

We diced everything up,

added some onions,

some salt,

and some oil.

That's how it's made.

Ours are dumplings.

It's called "mian niang".

We made it exactly the same

as that in the picture, together with the side dish.


What is that?

What is it?

Liang Niang?

Liang Niang?

This "liang niang"

looks like a princess.

Don't kid that way.

It's called tuan niang. | Tuan niang?

As I wanted it to look nicer,

I made it

kind of round.

Like rice ball?

Right, it's like rice ball.

To be honest,

I don't even know what these ingredients are.

I just made it

exactly the same as the picture.

Right, so...

The two kids found me a lot of ingredients.

But I found out I could only made four

out of eighteen.

Thanks to your two kids,

my onion, bitter gourd and mushroom

were also given by your kids.

Thank you guys.

Okay, it is said that

if we want to cook a dish

we need to have its ingredients.

Our Le Naduo

brought me a bitter gourd

and an egg.

So I

could only use these little ingredients

to make a dish of stirred gourd and egg.

I think

your dishes are so luxurious.

I really admire you guys.

The dishes that you've tried very hard to make

must be ranked


So who'll be the judges?

Big hands for the judges.

Come on.

Big hands, everyone.


our Yao old ladies

to come to taste the dishes.

If they think your dish is good,

they will put their chilly

in your dish.

We'll go from this side to that side.

Every dish must be tasted before the judges can give their opinions.


Come on.


I can see they are

all frowning.


They are tasting very professionally.


They especially picked niang up to taste.


She's tasting every dish of niang.

Alright, time for general assessment is over.

Big hands to say thank to all of our judges.

Sit down, please, dads.

We'll announce the votes

each family's got.

First is brother Chun's family's.

The number of votes brother Chun's family has got is?


It's not bad, brother.

Good job.

Were you nervous that no one would vote for you at first?

I've never thought about being voted or not.

You haven't.

Everyone enjoying the food is the most important thing.

Nice cooking is fine.

Alright. Now Bao Beier's family.

Why are you so indifferent?

You must be feeling a sense of happiness in your heart.

I'm modest.

Okay, I got it.

I've learned that recently.

Have learned recently.

Okay, let's move to Xiao Yang's family.

One vote.

Okay, not bad.

Next, Youjun's family.

One two three four...

Five votes.

It's okay. Not too many.

We also need to be modest, right?

I think five is fine.

Next, Le Naduo's family.

Okay, I'm the champion.

You aren't.

What matters is that they don't even know

you are a family.

Okay, the winner


Bao Beier's family.

Jiaozi, you are the winner.

We can finally rank the first.

The winner can get a reward.

What is that?

Just enjoy the food firstly,

the reward will be brought out after that.

Previously, Yao old ladies

tasted eighteen brew made by the dads.


Let's eat the others' eighteen brew.

Yao people's eighteen brew dishes are being served.

They're really different.

Have a seat first.

We will taste,

listening to a Yao young girl

introduce us

Yao people's eighteen brew, alright?

Come on, big hands for her.


Hurry up, young lady.

Actually our Yao people's eighteen brew

doesn't have only eighteen types.

Yao people's

most popular niang

is our niang tofu "holy water",

which is over there.

It's braised.

It's super soft,

It breaks to pieces as you touch it.


it's not the way to pick it up.

You need to finish listening to her.

You really need to wait until she says everything.

I'm sorry.

Yao people like us

have a custom.

If an outsider

wants to look for a Yao girl

and marry her,

he has to use chopsticks

to pick a complete piece of tofu niang

and put it into his bowl.

Only a perfect piece of tofu niang

can be regarded as a successful challenge.

Is it okay? Come on, brother.

Welcome you, Brother. Come on.

Only he needs to find a wife.

There's only him who can look for a Yao girl.

I think there is

only one unmarried person,

which is me, right?

Son, you are also potential.

Okay, come on.

Let him do firstly.

Unmarried one will do firstly.


Youjun, whose house are you picking the tofu in?

Don't be trembling.

Tongtong, Xuanxuan,

come to seat there.

Come there.

You think it's easy to marry a Yao girl?

I tell you.

Okay, I'll choose again.

I choose one at the side.

Pick it up from the sides, right?

Good job.

Got it.

I'll pick one.

It's time to show off true techniques.

Put two chopsticks at the two sides,

put them all up.

See the one I've just picked up.

It doesn't break, right?


I really learned

the rules, right?


Come on, who'll do it now?

Make the girl fall down the ground.

Have a seat.

Good job.

Brother can do it, too.

Brother can do it.


Let's have the reward.




Thank you, village chief.

You have to eat them all at once.

How can you deal with that much chocolate?

I don't know.

Share it with others.

Right, you'd better share it with other people.

Enjoy it together, everyone.

This is a chocolate prince.

I don't want to eat it. Mom told me not to eat it.

It's okay to eat.

This is the first piece of chocolate

in your life.

I'll let you eat,

mom lets you, too.

It's like a chocolate party.

Is that right, Jiaozi?

Dads and kids,

let's go.

Our Dongchonghe village

not only have beautiful people.

It's also a village of longevity.

Because our old ladies

are very hard-working.


everyone has a healthy body.

We need to learn from them.

Big hands for them.

What's more, our dads

not only need to learn from you,

but they also adore you.

They haved used

their little creativity

to make a lot of creative farming tools

with a view

to helping you feel less tired when working.

Is it okay?


Look, they are very welcoming.

So today, we'll have

a small contest.

Old ladies will do the farming

with your previous tools.

And the dads

will compete with you

using their little,

creative inventions.

Let's see if those invented tools

can work better and more quickly

than your old methods of farming.

Okay? Alright.

If it's okay,

we will give those invented things

to the old ladies, is that alright?


Today's contest is about

"Peeling corn".

The rules for this round is that

because the team dads are strong and robust

we will choose only three of them to compete,

while the team old ladies can have five candidates

to compete. Please get ready.

We have the tools.

Come on.

Get ready.



You're so great, dad.

You can certainly do it.

This one is so fast.

They are fast using hands, too.

Thay are fast, too.

Fighting, dad.

Alright, I'm trying.

We have to try hard, too.


Alright, give me one at a time.

Dad, take this.

Okay, thank you.

- This one, dad. - Take the small ones.

Time's up. Stop, everyone.

Let's stop it.

Alright, stop, don't keep doing it.

Old ladies haven't stopped.

Look at them.

Stop, you can't continue doing it.

Don't keep doing it.

They're so aggressive.

Let's count the maize cores

to see which team has got more.

Let's see this team.

One two three four five six

seven eight nine ten eleven

twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen

forty-five forty-six forty-seven

forty-eight forty-nine fifty


Old ladies completed fiveone maizes.

Maybe we haven't got that many.

We can't. fiveone is too many.

Come one, let's count.

one two three four five six

seven eight nine ten eleven

forty-eight forty-nine fifty

fifty-one maizes. It's a tie.

The previous round

is so amazing.

Both teams have got fiveone:fiveone.

It's a tie. Congratulations.

But you've got five people,

while there are only three dads.

So is the dads' invention


Useful. Very useful.

The dads

will give each of you a maize peeling tool,

is it okay?



kids in Dongchonghe village

and our kids will compete

to see who can rub maize faster.

Are we going to compete?

Both of us will compete.

It's your turn now, fighting.

There is also a shoe.

Pay attention, everyone. three two one.

Start now. Fighting.

Hurry up a little bit more. It's right. Good job. Fighting.

Mine is too heavy.

Come one, let me help you to rub one.

Fighting, Le Naduo.

Welcome everyone.

Welcome everyone.

To my house.

Very good, very good.

It's mine.

The rule for today is:

You deserve how many corn kernels you remove.

Jiaozi, you're doing it wrong.

Let me give you a hand.

Here, Jiaozi, for you to remove.

Jiaozi, is it too hard for you?

Jiaozi, it's okay.

Let Daddy help you a bit.

This is easy.

I'm helping you, too.

I'm so pissed off

I won't need you help

to remove corn kernels anymore.

I can do it myself.

Jiaozi says you're wasting her time.

Put on your shoes.

Please hurry, otherwise we're gonna lose.

Start with this location.

I'm so pissed off

Jiaozi, you see, they're falling off.

You see, they're falling off.

Jiaozi, go on.

That's right, you see

Jiaozi is so formidable.

Jiaozi, fight.

What are you looking at? Look at me.

Don't look at others, okay?

That's fine, you see?

Nothing left on this side. | Yes.

Use it right here, you see.

Okay, let me try.

Take it slow.

Don't use hands.

You're rather good at this, well done.

Focus on right here.

You see, we use this part to remove kernels.

You see?

We aren't only in a competition,

but also have to learn well.

I know, they tap it.

No problem, well done. It's good to finish.

I'm done.

I'm done.

I'm done.

The last corn.

I remove on this side, you that side.

You're too slow.

Finish removing.

We're done.

Okay, you're also very good.

You're done?

"Village head", look at my work.

Very well done, Le Naduo.

Get more competent with time.

Jiaozi, I win, I win.



It takes us not so long.

Let me see your corn.

You remove kernels.

You're also very good.

I give you all a "praise"

You also remove corn kernels?

So, I give you a "praise"

Those are yours?

Millions of "praise" for you all.


All has finished.

Okay, it's alright.

I'm done as well.

That's good. You two are excellent.

Put the littered kernels back in.

Yang Yuchen, you see.

Jiaozi is done, too. Yeahhhh

Well done.

The first time to remove corn kernels

in Jiaozi's life. Super good at it.


Our competition ends here.

As for speed,

our little friends from Chong He hamlet win.

They finished earlier.

But what makes "Village head" extremely happy is that

all of our treasures

are willing to work.

Moreover, they didn't give up.

They're actual good children in our new era.

Madams sitting here

and our daddies,

please give them a big applaud.

They're applauding you two.

Let's look at the sky, is it beautiful?

Orange, blue.

On the right side, blue.

What's on the left side?


Hard work for today.

So, tonight,

you don't need to cook dinner.

We cooked

and brought food to your room already.

You just need to go home and eat dinner.

Let's eat.

Where are you going, daddy?

Bao Keai.

My Bao Keai.

Bye bye, brother Chun. Wave your hands.

Give me kiss.

Bye bye.

Make finger hearts for Jasper.

Let's march.

one two one

Your left foot is taking a wrong step.

Hi grandma, we're back home.

Dinner's ready indeed.

I'm done. I swat some mosquitoes.

Daddy, you see. You've not done yet.

Don't you see?

Daddy can't see.

Why are they everywhere tonight?

So many.

I feel very sory.

Why's that?

Because we chose this room.

So many mosquitoes.

I'm afraid they'll bite you.

Why did you say this is the room for princesses?

That's right.

I told you before, didn't I?

You're a princess. Any room you stay

is the room for princesses.

I have defeated almost mosquitoes.

Let's eat, bro. Everyone, let's eat.

I'm starving to "death."

Haven't seen people from Northeast eating, don't you?

I do.

Haven't seen such a handsome man from Northeast

eating like this, dont' you?

Help yourself.

This child.

You say your brother

is currently working in Guangdong, right?


Do you have any wish?

Yes, I do.

What's your wish?

I want

mommy and borther come back.

How long haven't you seen them?

For nearly a year.

Miss your mommy and your brother, right?

So, if you meet your brother

and mommy, what will you say to them?

I want to say:

"Finally, I meet you and mommy."

Alright, so

try to study hard.

Then, when you meet them,

you can tell them that you'll study hard.

In the future, you can live in that city

earning a living and care for them.

Am I right?

You're right.

Good boy.

You're such a good boy.

Okay, let's eat.

This is your grandson.

What is his name?

It's written over there.

You won an award, didn't you?

You're Qingzhou, right?

What is that award?

It's well-rounded student award.

Very good. You're at primary level, aren't you?

Which grade are you in?

Grade five.

Grade five?

Qingzhou, what is your current biggest dream?

Or your wish.

What is your wish?

Because the light in my room is so weak,

I find it hard to study.

What you just said makes me

feel so moved.

As when I was young,

I hadn't ever been in a situation like this.

That's you can't study although you desire it.

Try to study hard.

Then earn more money.

Earn more money and take care of your granny.

That's your life's target,


I advocate you study, okay?


Here you are.

That's the light?

So dark here.

It's really dark.


I can't even find it hard to read books.

Yes, can't even read a book.

Difficult to focus.

Daddy, feed me.

Alright, I feed you.

How is it? Is it good?

It's delicious.


Have you got used to our food?

Very delicious. Very appetizing.


Life in a mountainous area

and life in a city

are totally different.

We can see

life in a mountainous areas

is a bit more difficult.

Life is now better than in the past.

Back then, when we were young

we had to get up at fiveam

to get to school.

Light the torch.

Then go to school.

Light the torch to go to school.

We went to town for study.

Yes, but I see there's a rather good thing.

At least there's tap water at the area in the back.


Tap water has already been installed.

Back then, did you have to

pull water from a well, didn't you?

Pulling water or any other way?

No, we used bamboo pipes

to deliver water from the mountain to home.

Deliver water from the mountain to home.


Yes, it's a smart method.

Grab a bite of chicken.

It's okay. Thank you.

Never mind.

How old are you?


Twelve years old.

How about you, son?

He'll be nine years old

on next Tuesday.

Nearly nine years old.

Are you currently studying?

He's in grade three.

Which grade are you in, daughter?

Grade six.

She has never wanted to quick school.

That's very good.

Studying is the best weapon.

Do you all always live here?

So where are their parents?

Their mother passed away.

I'm so sorry.

Their father soon got divorced with her then left.

Went to a city?

I don't know.

Maybe he returned his home.

He actually came here to join her.

Sorry everyone.

It's okay. It's okay.

You must've been working hard.

It's alright.

I and my husband

take care of them together.

On your birthday,

your parents both are not here.

Do you miss them?


Do they call you? They.

Do they return here on Spring Festival?

They won't.

It's okay. You must rely on yourself.

Your grandma has spent her whole life

raising you.

It's alright. Just be my guest. Let's eat.

Your birthday's soon comming.

How did you celebrate it back then?

There was once I had a cake.

A cake.

Just that simple. Not even a party?

There's no party or activity.

It's alright. Let's eat.

I started to be employed at onethree.

I didn't go to any school.

You just talked about cake.

Back then, I didn't have any...

I had no cake.

Only ate eggs.

How old are you, granny?


was born in 1967.

You know, I'm fifties.

In which month?

September in lunar calendar.

I was born in June.


I was born in 1967, too. At the beginning of June.

Are you kidding?


Your granny and I were born in the same year.

I'm even older than her.

I don't want take a bath.

You must as you've been sweating a lot today

and dirtying yourself.

I don't want to.

Go and take a bath quickly, Le Naduo.

But I want to play lego.

I haven't played it for a while.

Don't be stubborn, Le Naduo.

So, let's watch a cartoon.

But now we can't watch cartoons.

Aslo no cartoon to watch.

Please let me watch cartoons.

There's no wifi here,

don't you know?

Daddy, please hurry.

Nothing for us to watch here.

Don't you know? Don't be stubborn.

Now is time for taking a bath.

Please don't be stubbon anymore.

I don't want to take a bath.

If you don't, then I'll go for it.

You enjoy yourself then.

I don't want to.



Tiny bubbles.

Use this tomorrow,

and then use others.

Use the favorite of Tongtong,

then use mine.

Please don't. Use your favorite first,

then use mine.

The next day,

use Tongtong's favorite body shower.

And the next day,

time to use mine.

Okay then?

Let's do this.

Okay, let's do this.

Let's make a pinky promise.


Pinky promises won't have changed for a hundred year.

Who breaks it will become a grey wolf.

A grey wolf, okay.

Can you test the water's temperature?

Is it okay?

Later, I'll create bubbles on over your body,


Running outside a whole day,

even for work or play,

you get tons of bacteria.

Do we need to take a bath?

Should we?

It's all about your health, isn't it?

Okay, I'm getting

a basin for you.

Two basins are enough.

Stand up.

Is it good?


Can you stand up to take a shower?

Okay, take off your shorts.

It's alright. They don't record this.

Comfortable? Not cold?

Not cold, right?

Do you fave fun playing with me outside today?

Finger hearts.

I love you. Do you love me?

Go to sleep.

I'll be here shooing mosquitoes away.

Close your eyes.

Sir, can you do me a favor?

Help me to call my dad.

Okay, I'll borrow a phone for you to call.

The phone.


Let's wait a minute

to see whether he calls back or not.

Why do you want to call your dad?

I kinda miss him.

Miss him?

Do your brother miss him?


Why don't you two call him together?

Why do you want me instead?

Why do you want to call him yourself?

If my brother calls him.

If my brother calls him,

I'm afraid he can burst to tears

when dad tells him he can't come back

on his birthday.

Do you intend to find him yourself?


You don't want to see your dad?

I don't want to.

So why do you want to call him?

Sometimes I miss him,

so I want to call him.

He never calls me firstly.

Let's give one more try.

Is this number?



do you miss me?

Of course, I do. Do you miss me?

But I can't visit you.



please come here.

Do you know?

The mother of

that sister and brother

passed away.

Their dad doesn't come home.


He's busing working out there.

And only come back once a year.

Don't you know you're very happy now?

Nothing in this life is for free.

You have to do me a favor

to get food.

Let's put them inside.

Le Naduo.

Is it that good? She's even singing.

Jiaozi can't stop eating.

Your daughter's good.

Later on, not afraid of getting hungry.

It's broken.

What should I do?

I want to step inside.

Daddy, please help me.

Look like a "fool."


down there.

You even cry?

Get changed firstly. Where are you going?

Have breakfast.

Okay, don't eat anymore.

Don't eat anymore.



Watch your hands.

What is this scene?

Who just talked to you?

Jiaozi , what are you doing?

Who's that?

Le Naduo.

She'll calling me.

What does she mean?

I will be tired to death, won't I?

Take you to admire the sun far away,

it's a candy of tomorrow.

Take you to admire the whale coming across,

singing happily praised by the waves of the sea.

You'll finally grow up, remember to wait for me.

You must wait for me,

like I used to.

Growing up, getting started, where are we going, daddy?

To admire the wonderful world, I'll slowly become a child like you.

Having grown up, I don't scare. So, let's hold hands together.

Until that day, my beloved child, let's set off side by side.

Growing up, getting started, where are we going, daddy?

To admire the wonderful world, I'll slowly become a child like you.

Having grown up, I don't scare. So, let's hold hands together.

Go around, then we set off again.

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