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Oh, okay.

This is the third month that we're doing this now, and I'm already feeling the pressure.

Oh the gods have blessed me!

Oh, gosh, I do love surprises, but I'm just...

What does the TBR jar say?


We're doing alright with the roll the dice one so far.

I don't want to speak too soon, but we'll see.

Rachael, Rachael, Rachael... Guys. This is a lot of books, and lot of pages.

Why am I setting myself up for failure? Like really? Really?

This is just not doable, I don't even know why I did this.

Hello beautiful people and welcome to Rachael's Realm TBR game for March.

Oh, okay!

This is the third month that we're doing this now, and I'm already feeling the pressure.

For those new to the channel, and there are many new people, Rachael's realm is a TBR game I created,

based on a fantasy map,

and I pull out tokens that are related to particular prompts.

Also, some of the tokens are roll-the-dice tokens,

and this means that I have to roll a D20 D&D dice and the number that I get

relates to a number of much harder challenges on this side of the board.

And this is how I basically build what I'm going to be reading over the next month.

Last month, we had six roll the dice cards and I definitely felt it.

I, I really did. I felt it.

So because we had six, that means I have to update the board on this side to add some additional challenges.

So I've gone through some of the past videos, and I've collected them all in this little mug here.

I think I got this... In maybe an Illumicrate box,

and it's a Red London from the Shades of Magic series with Kel and with Lila Bard,

and I love this one.

This is 'A new book club pick'.

So this is for a book club that I've not attended so far or taken part in,

just to make sure that I can reach out to all my friends who've created book clubs,

because so many of them have, and to make sure that I can actually get involved in them.

So we'll pop those on the board in a minute when we've filled in the other six.

Next we have '2 for 1',

and this is a genre clash,

that means I have to find two books on the shelf that clash in genre,

and I have to read those too.

So basically one Roll the dice equals two books

We have a 'Classic', because I really do not read enough classic books.

This is a 'Blindfold pic',

I literally have to blindfold myself, or close my eyes if there's no one to help blindfold me,

and then choose a book at random from my shelf.

Our fifth one that we're adding to the board is an 'Unrequested book'.

This is basically a book that was sent to me that I didn't ask for and wasn't on my wishlist.

And the final one to top-up the board is:

'Read every evening'.

So when I come home from work, I should make sure that I actually take some time to read,

and I like these kinds of challenges,

because it really allows me to test out my reading and see

actually if I can get a lot of books read in the evening, and just create some habits.

So I will go and add these onto the board now.

So there are a number of readathons that I want to take part in in March.

Firstly we have the Backlist Bookathon.

And that is from the 9th to the 16th I think.

There are a number of people that are hosting it along with Zoe Reads,

Chandler Ainsley, among others.

And it's a really good opportunity to pull out

some books from my shelf that actually have been there for a while.

So I would like to do that.

And, of course, we have the Elderlingalong, that was created by Becca,

which I'm a co-host for, and we're reading all Robin Hobb,

so I do actually have to start that. So we will see if I can fit it into the prompts that I pull out.

Additionally, of course, we have the Cosmere readalong,

and we're reading all Brandon Sanderson's work, and I have to finish Elantris in March.

Fit that in somewhere.

And finally, we have The bookie trials: Royal weekender, which is on the 28th and 29th.

I'm really excited about that.

Of course.

If you guys don't know what The Bookie Trials is, then please, please, please go and watch my Bookie Trials announcement video.

It is crazy, so many people getting involved, people filming their TBR's, the discord is madness.

I've had so many new patrons join my Patreon and my heart is just completely soaring,

so thank you so much for those of you that are supporting this and making it happen,

I just, I value you so much.

So before I get going,

I actually want to announce the people who join me as patreons this time, and are supporting

Rachael's Realm, The Bookie Trials, The Royally Booked Club. Just thank you very, very much.

So we have Kerbear, Hannah, William Holden, Jade, another Hanna,

Obsidian pixie, Manda Berendson, Bookish Aly and Bookie Jess.

That's nine new patreons in one month.

I feel so appreciative and thank you from the bottom of my heart. You make things like this happen.

Okay, so it's definitely time to pull out some tokens because I have been talking for way too long.

Okay, our first one is a 'Roll the dice' card.

I was actually gifted this beautiful blue and gold dice

by one of my patreon supporters: Dragon.

So, let's roll it.

Number 16: 'A new book club pick'.

So I actually really want to take part in Lala's book club,

and I have actually bought a couple of the books that she's going to be doing over the next few months.

And I did actually miss out in February because I didn't get the book in time,

but the Liveshow for the Literally Dead Bookclub is not going to be until March 11th, I think it's 11th.

Which means I definitely have time to read The Other People, by C.J. Tudor.

This is about a man who is searching for his daughter. He went missing.

Number two. Oh the gods have blessed me.

We have a 'Short read'. How lovely is that? Thank you very much.

For this I will read The Lost Sisters, by Holly Black.

So this is a really short story, I believe following Vivienne,

who is the sister of Jude, the main character in The Cruel Prince trilogy.

And in this one instead, we're going to be following her bigger sister, who is queer, and her relationship, I think.

Ok number three.

We have a 'Non-fiction book', for non-fiction I think that I'm going to be reading Notes on a Nervous Planet, by Matt Haig.

I'm gonna have to be really careful with this because the last time I read a Matt Haig book that was non-fiction,

I was incredibly triggered by how raw his experience was with depression and with

anxiety and I just connected with it too much and it did worry me.

However, I have Notes on a Nervous Planet on my Kindle and I really wanted to get to it and kind of

get it off my list for quite some time.

So I'm going to be careful reading it. If I feel uncomfortable, if I feel like it's too

close to the bone, because his experience is very close to the bone with me,

then I will put it down but it's Mental Health Month and I do want to try but I also know that I am

triggered by that kind of stuff.

Number four!

Oh I love this one! It's 'Besties fave'.

For this I'll finally be reading the Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater,

this is Jaded Reader's favorite series and she is one of my favorite people in the world

so I will actually get to this and prioritize it.

The Raven Boys follows a girl called Blue and she has been told that the first person she kisses will die.

And she doesn't really want to kiss anybody really, especially not the Raven boys,

Which are the boys from the private school.

But they end up going on some kind of quest to find a lost, dead, Welch King.

This is what people have said so... I don't know.

It's kind of real world, but not real world.

Token number five.

We have a TBR jar.

This is one I included here because I like picking books at random,

I feel as though it really helps me enjoy the book more because I have less

expectations on the books for some reason.

Oh Gosh I do love surprises, but I'm just... What does the TBR jar say? Oh, no...

Oh no!

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. This book is a beast. It's too big.

I know that I want to get back into the world of Feyre and Rhysand, and I want to fall in love with them too

a couple, especially because everybody else loves them too as a couple.

But it's just so big.

Oh, I can already tell that I'm gonna struggle reading this one.

Oh, it's gonna be hard to get to this, but I'm really gonna try.

ACOMAF is the sequel in the A Court of... Series.

The first one was a Beauty and the Beast retelling, this is a Hades and Persephone retelling.

And fun fact: it's actually the highest rated book on my Goodreads TBR,

and I can only think that's because it has some serious fandom stans.

Number 6: we're doing alright with the Roll the Dice once so far.

I don't want to speak too soon,

but we'll see.

I Spoke too soon, didn't I? I literally spoke seconds too soon.

It's a 'Roll the dice' card. Rachael, Rachael, Rachael.

Okay, so the second Roll the dice card, let's see...

And that is the number 12.

Number 12 brought me a 'New author'.

This is a new to me author,

and this is totally perfect because I'm actually reading Trail of Lightning

with my Patreon people all the way through March,

and I've never read anything by Rebecca Roanhorse.

This is a post-apocalyptic, monster-hunting style story,

containing a lot of Native American folklore, and I've never read a book to my knowledge that was written by a Native American,

so I'm really interested in that. Rebecca Roanhorse is also a BIPOC.

I believe that she is both black and Native American.

I'm just really looking forward to reading some more diverse books,

especially because Blackathon was such an incredible experience for me.

Number seven is a 'Poll'. I love doing polls!

I love getting your thoughts on these. Oh, okay.

So for books four books. Four books for you to choose from.

So I'm going to try not to allow my personal opinion or wants to get in the way of

which one you're going to vote for, because often I'll say I want to read this one and then you'll choose that one.

So my lips are sealed.

I'm just going to tell you what they're about.

The first one we have is Unravel Me, this is by Tahereh Mafi.

It is the sequel to Shatter me, which is a dystopian YA sci-fi,

with a girl with superpowers. We are the Ants by Sean David Hutchinson, about a young boy whose

partner has just committed suicide, and then he is approached by some aliens

and given the option to press a button to end all humanity,

and he has to decide: is humanity worth saving?

Lips Touch by Laini Taylor. This is a series of short stories,

I believe that there's three, and their fantasy stories

One of them is called Goblin Fruit, Spicy Little Creatures, and Hatchling.

And the fourth form for you to vote from is:

Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo.

This is also another series of short stories, and they're short fantasy stories with kind of Russian twists.

and they're surrounding the Grishaverse.

So you can go and press the eye icon up here, and you can vote for which of these I should be reading.

And our final one. Let us see, what is it going to be?

Nice, it's a 'Queer author'. This is brilliant. Okay, gonna have to think.

I am actually going to be buddy-reading Crier's War by Nina Varela, and I'm buddy-reading this with Linda.

Linda has been one of my greatest supporters

and also someone who I can just have really intense conversations with.

They are very accepting and very understanding of people whilst also being very outspoken.

They are a fantastic human being and I think they actually gifted me this for Christmas,

so I'm looking forward to reading it with them.

I believe this is kind of a Steampunk fantasy and we have

robots in here that can be made,

and it's about the impossible love between a human girl and a girl that was made.

There are two books that were on last month's TBR that I did not read,

which means I do have to roll the dice twice for each of these books.

Those are Daughters of Nri, and I was to read this because you guys voted for it,

and the second is Dreams of Gods and Monsters. And I was actually meant to read this in January

and didn't, I put it off which meant I had a roll the dice card and the roll of dice card told me to

read the next in a series, so I picked it up again.

I have chosen not to pick it up at this present time.

My mind clearly is not in the reading Dreams of Gods and Monsters zone.

So we're just going to put them both down for now and add two additional rolls to the roll the dice section.

For the first book that I did not read. Let's see what the die has in store.


The number two.

This brings us 'A second chance read'. So I actually started reading the Lightning Tree by Patrick Rothfuss,

which is an incredibly short story

about one of the characters in his Name of the Wind series, and then I put it down and I don't know what happened.

I actually put it on my read list and I hadn't completed it,

so I am including this as a second chance read.

For the second book that I didn't read, let's see what the dice has in store.

Challenge number four: for that we have 'A sequel'.

And I shall be reading Monstress volume three by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda.

I love Monstress so much. Oh my god. The artwork in here is incredible. The story is so rich and complex.

It's a Steampunk, Egyptian fantasy.

Really, really cool and honestly the most complex graphic novel series

I have ever read. Also one of the most complex fantasy systems.

In the first Monstress we follow a girl who's on a vendetta to avenge her mum's murder,

but also the murder of a lot of her friends when they were in some kind of enslavement camp

but we discovered that she has a demon inside her and that causes a great deal of tension and she also saves this little

half-demon girl from this other enslavement camp, and then the half-demon girl follows around

and her name is Kippa, and I love her, and she has fluffy ears and a big bushy tail and she's just the best.

I love Characters like that, just cute little beans.

Guys that means that I have 10 books that I've pulled out for Rachel's realm.

On top of that, because I've not managed to fit them in,

we do have a Elantris by Brandon Sanderson, which I'm reading for Cosmere. I only have half of it to read in March though,

ao still kind of doable, but I also have the short stories that we're reading for it as well.

And of course as I mentioned earlier,

I'm reading the Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb

for the old Elderlingalong, and the live show for that is in the first week of April.

So that's bloody brilliant, isn't it? Guys this is a lot of books and a lot of pages.

On top of these. I do actually have some secret projects that I'm working on,

so it's not just these twelve. Why am I setting myself up for failure? Like really? Really? This is just not doable.

I don't even know why I did this. Maybe I need to start pulling out like five tokens instead of eight.

These are just the physical ones, not including the four polls and not including the three books that are on my Kindle.


Ok, so let's build out Rachael's realm.

And here we have it, oh my gosh, my realm is getting so big.

Okie-dokie guys. Thank you so, so much for watching.

If you like this kind of content, then please don't forget to like, subscribe and comment. All that jazz.

Did you give any of the books that I'm reading 5 stars in the past?

This is information that I need to know!

Other than that you can find me on Twitter, on Instagram and on Goodreads.

My patreon link is also down there in the description. If you would like to join my very rapidly growing bookish family.

I love you. Bye. Bye, bye, bye!

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