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- So, after a year of this nonsense.

(alarm rings)




(light happy music)

Now we all know that Baby Fat wouldn't be Baby Fat

if there wasn't a healthy dose of infertility

thrown in for good measure.

(light happy music)

So, Zack and I have been trying for baby number two

for about a year now.

(surprised sigh)

I know!

We thought the cobwebs were already dusted off the machinery

from having the first baby.

We so just made a baby.

- Yeah we did.

(boat horn signals)

- Now if I thought baby making

the first time around was frustrating.



(cat meows)

Trying for baby number two with a toddler in the house

sucks so much harder.


There's no option for morning sex.

(baby crying)


And afternoon sex is certainly not a guarantee.

(baby crying)


So the only time we can do it is at night once he's asleep.

And for whatever reason,

this time around I only seem to ovulate on Monday nights.

(light jazz rock music)

Oh crap, do we seriously have to do it tonight?

- Hey, I wanna watch the playoffs.

- Or, when we have visitors in town,

have to give them our bedroom,

and Zack and I have to sleep in the nursery with Red.

(baby gurgling)

I can't, I can't do this.

I can't do this.

Don't get me wrong, Zack and I love each other very much.

- [Crowd Of People] Aww.

- But when trying for a baby goes on this long,

it's not the loving, bonding experience

you would hope it would be.

It's work.

(train whistling)

(light jazz rock music)

Oh (bleep) the music, it's almost midnight.

Just get this over with.


So, after a year of this nonsense,

and perhaps a teeny bit of stress on our marriage,

I finally reached out to my doctor

to figure out our options.

I just wanted to see what else we could do

to speed the process up.

(baby mumbling)

Sorry it's so loud.

Yeah I just want to find out what

I can do to have another baby as soon as possible.

His suggestion was to take Clomid.

And if you remember in the past,

I was totally against Clomid

because I wanted to get pregnant naturally.

But Doctor BabyMaker recommended that I just take Clomid.

(alarm rings)

And this time around, I felt like--


Yeah just call the prescription.

Alright, yup, whatever gets it done the fastest.

Thanks, bye!


It's amazing how motherhood changes your priorities.

So, that's the baby making update.

And I will be sure to keep you posted.

(clock tick-tocking)

(light happy music)

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