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Friends, the word "Om" is the most sacred word of Universal Hindu religion

and it is considered a sign of God.

Pooja or mantrachachra also begins with the pronunciation of Om

In the Yajurveda it is said that "Om Kham Brahma" means Om is the absolute Param Brahma

Without the Om , world, it can not be imagined

The sound has always been heard from the universe.

The word is formed from three letters-

a, u. m

The meaning of A is to be generated

it means that getting up means that growth and development

means that being silent means becoming Brahmalin.

Friends, today we will tell you the physical and mental benefits of

chanting Om every day and the right way to chant of Om

The right way to chant

1. Chanting in Brahma haor in the morning is considered to be the best

2. To make chanting, choose the silence and clean place

3. Keep control of your breath at the time of chanting,

start chanting on the breath and make your long stretches

4. Speak ashamed and meditate for some time

Mantra benefits

1. The chant of positive energy - leads us to positive energy from negative energy

2. Internal health - chanting Om Mantra produces vibrations in the body which is considered important to keep the internal organs healthy,

and this chant inspires your nervous system to work smoothly.

3. Communication of blood - pronouncing ohm maintains balance on your blood circulation.

It strengthens the heart and makes blood flow good, so that you will not have any problems related to blood pressure.

4. Troubleshooting - prone to ohm is an effective way for a mentally ill person.

It removes the toxic elements of the body, causing stress. Continuing to pronounce Om will ruin your stress.

5. Strength of the spinal cord - If there is any problem in the removal of your spine,

then there is a vibration from the pronunciation of the mouth which strengthens the spinal cord.

6. Fear of nervousness - Nervousness, distraction, if there is peace in the mind then there is no distraction.

The constant pronunciation of Om Mantra gives complete peace to your mind and soul,

if you feel nervous then you can close your eyes and pronounce it 5 times deeply inhalation.

The panic goes by itself.

7. Breath problems - By chanting regular OM spells, the lungs are healthy and strong,

and relief from respiratory problems also results in liberation.

8. Sleep Problems - If you do not have any sleep problems then pronounce Om.

The problem of not sleeping is removed only in a short time.

Therefore, the person should pronounce the word before sleeping.

So that your mind will calm down in a while and you will be able to sleep well and get better sleep.

9. Digestion - The power of the ohm, along with mental illness, along with internal problems,

also looks positive on the digestive tract, and helps in keeping the digestive system smooth.

10. Communication of energy - The pronunciation of Om gives freshness to both mind and body and

removes idleness and invents energy. It transmutes the youth with passion and makes you nimble.

11. Fatigue eliminates - If you are experiencing fatigue in any form, then the pronunciation of Om will act as a drug.

Close your eyes and pronounce ohm and you will find that the fatigue is getting away.

There is no better way to eradicate fatigue.

12. Benefits in thyroid - OM is pronounced as a panacea in the related problem related to thyroid gland.

Speaking of the vibration in the throat and throat produces a positive effect on the thyroid gland.

Hope you enjoy the information given by me,

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