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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Splatoon Positioning and Movement - ThInk Tank - Nintendome - Feat. Splatoon FiveLeafClover

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Hey Squids, its Hank here from Nintendome. In one of the past episodes of ThInk Tank,

I discussed the value of killing in Splatoon. But how can one even acquire these kills in

the first place? In this two-part episode of ThInk Tank, I am teaming up with Imperious

FLC to tell you squids how to get the perfect shot. Now, there are multiple facets that

go into actually getting this perfect shot. You might think that hitting good shots or

out-shooting your opponent solely relies on your aiming skill; youd be right if you

were talking about a fair fight. But Splatoon is a shooter and if youre taking fair fights

in a shooter, you are doing it wrong. So today, we are starting with positioning and movement

to show you how to make these fights unfair and in a future episode of ThInk Tank, we

will cover aiming.

Movement and positioning are the two most fundamental aspects of getting the perfect

shot. Positioning is really about initiative. You want to ensure that you are the one instigating

any conflicts. In the most ideal situation, anyone that wants to shoot you has to be in

your line of sight and your range to do so.

The key you must keep in mind to achieve ideal positioning in Splatoon is ink. Ink explicitly

tells you where and where not to stand. You do not stand in enemy ink or even near the

edge of enemy ink. Instead, where possible, you stand in your own ink with nothing but

your own ink behind you. This helps ensure that you get the initiative off of any engagements.

Again, you want to be the person that is instigating firefights, not your opponent. As you push

forward, make sure you always cover your opponents ink from a safe place. Just remember not to

walk into the open and ink as chargers will be able to punish you if you do. You should

get into the habit of stopping for a moment every couple of seconds to check your surroundings

for a potential flank. If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to move forward

carefully without exposing yourself and get into a proper position to get the perfect


Beyond progressing forward into your enemys turf, it is also imperative that you cover,

but do not stand near, your teammates. You want shots on the people your teammates are

shooting but you do not want to be anywhere near these teammates, otherwise a push from

your opponents might take both of you out. Coordinating your positioning with your teammates

under these circumstances is quite simple. If you outrange the enemy, you should draw

attention away from your teammate so he or she can come in from the side. If you are

outranged by your enemy, you should let your teammate divert the enemys attention while

you come in and shoot from a new angle.

Another huge facet of positioning is prediction. Consider this Walleyes Warehouse clip.

Here, a decent player would sit behind their wall and eventually die to a flank. A great

player would take a few shots to secure mid, back off and assess the situation, then react to what is happening

across the map. An excellent player, however, would predict where the other is likely to approach from given past experience with

the people on

the other team. This gives theexcellentplayer a few extra seconds over the opposing

greatplayer. While prediction is a huge factor in positioning, it is not something

I can teach people through video tutorials. It must

come from experience.

As FLC said, figuring out what weapons your opponents are using and where they are on

your gamepad can be very helpful. For example, right here we can see that the opposing team

has a Roller, an Eliter, a Blaster, and a Splattershot. The frequent bursts of ink on

the leftmost path indicates that the blaster is getting ready for a flank. The occasional

straight lines of ink in the left-middle path tells that the E-Liter is getting ready to

threaten someone on my team that is attempting to capture the zone. The smooth wide ink trail

in the right-middle path and the quick sloppy ink trail in the rightmost path are getting

ready to capture their own zone.

Now onto movement. Simply put, movement in Splatoon is all about options. Because of

this, how much ink your weapon can spread is a very important factor you should consider.

If your weapon puts down more ink than the weapon of the inkling youre shooting at,

you can gain a movement advantage. Putting turf down gives you more movement options

than your opponent and this is invaluable in firefights. For example, the Tentateks

excellent ink coverage allows it to get in close to longer--range weapons and thus nullify

the opposing weapons range advantage. Now contrary to popular belief, jumping and shooting

is usually not ideal for most shooter-class weapons beyond a certain range as your landing

is extremely predictable. Instead, you should be mixing up your shots with squidding in

the ink. This makes it difficult for your opponent to hit you and makes it especially

difficult for your opponent to predict where you will move next.

There are also many movement options such as Splatterdashing and Splatterhopping that

can assist you with moving around the map in less-than-ideal situations to strengthen

your positioning. It can also be very effective to super jump out of fights into, huge emphasis

on this word, SAFE positions.

Thats everything for this episode of ThInk Tank. For more videos like this, including

the last episode of ThInk Tank where I covered utility the damage up ability can provide,

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or two about positioning and movement as well. Before I go, I want to thank FiveLeafClover

from Imperious for assisting me with this episode. As you guys can probably tell, he

has a lot of insight to share regarding Splatoon so you should all be keep an eye out for him

and his team in the next Splatoon tournament. Welp, thats all for now. I hope this video

helped you out and Ill catch you guys in the next one.

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