Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cerise

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I don't understand.

You're 14?

- 3rd time this month. - What can I do?

You're her mother.


I'm sick of it.

It was just a crappy pair of socks.

- You stole them! - Stop shouting.

I'm sick of picking you up from the police station!

I'm outta here.

- No! - OK, I'm outta here.

You haven't been to school.

They expelled you, Cerise!

Listen to me!

They're talking crap.

Those losers don't like me.

You don't answer your phone. Why do I pay your bill?

Pain in the ass!

Don't talk to me like that!

You treat me like shit!

You bust my balls!

You want to end up like me?

I'd sooner die, thanks!

I pay for private tuition. She doesn't even go!

She disappeared all weekend.

I phoned the hospitals.

She's driving me crazy.

You can't carry on like this.

Look at the state of you.

Ma'am, can I take a photo?


- Why not pass her on to her father? - Her father?

He can't even remember her name.

- I won't go! - You will!

- Won't! - You will!


Welcome to the asshole of the world!

Niet! Someone's coming to meet me.


Roxy, you asleep, bitch?


- Shit! - You're French?


C'mon, I didn't know it was you.

You gonna sulk as well?

As well as what?

Why don't you work at school?

I'm talking to you.


You wanna end up a waitress like your mother?

That's a job for her!

Hey, Boris.

6 AM?

Did you bang her?

The blond bombshell just called me.

I'm on my way.

What the...

A brand-new shirt, dammit!


- Where are we? - My butcher's.

'Cause you're a butcher, too?

Quick! He's waiting!

Why's he here?

OK, OK! Enough!

Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Lukashenko.


When I think of what you were in France...

Not bad, not bad.

A cook in a chain restaurant.

Want a photo?

So, how's the old man?

Old man's in meat!

Whose meat? LOL!

Meat butcher, bitch!


She belongs on the street!

What's up?

Work! Come on!

Don't stay here. You're not at your mom's.

- There's hygiene rules. - Don't bust my balls.

Don't talk back in front of everyone.

Have you known Fred long?

You don't understand Russian?

I'm 14, I've a dumb name! Screw you!

What crappy taste!

Not there.

Where, then?


In the kitchen?

I can't find the words It all sounds fake

All those wasted moments I can't forget

I tried so hard Not to think of you

Take me in your arms Whisper to me

The smell of your skin Couldn't get enough

I know I was wrong And I blame myself

Did you sleep well, beautiful?

I'm Nina.

And you?


Eat! Eat!

So pretty!

Nina, why didn't you wake me?

Here you are, sir.

Is that yours?

Of course not! Whose do you think?

C'mon, I'm late!

- How do I get home? - Subway.

- Which station? - Livoberejna.

"Livo" what?

French School of Kiev

What do you want?

It's the new girl.

She doesn't speak Russian.

Meet Miss Cerise who's come straight from Paris,

as you can see.

My name is



Your history teacher.

Welcome to your new 8th grade class

at the French School of Kiev.

There's a seat free next to Mikita.

I'll tell you about one of the major events of the 20th century:

the Bolshevik October Revolution.

How's things?

On November 7,


What do you want, loser?

...the people takes power thanks to

their charismatic leader...

Bored shitless in Loser Land!


What did I just say?


And who is he?

A Brazilian rock singer?

Hey, Cerise, will you marry me?


Move, I said!

Can I sit here?

You're shitting me?!

Lenin's Russian, not Brazilian!

I suck at Russian music.

I love Paris.

I went several times with my mother.

Oh, yeah?

The Luxembourg Gardens, Carnavalet Museum...

Is that in Paris?

You read books?

Alexandre Dumas.

A buddy of Lenin's?

Lenin is to us a bit like what Napoleon is to you.


- Fuckin' gross. - What?

I wanna puke.


Your French sucks ass!

Livo... bejna?

Yeah, that's it.

Where's the fuckin' key?

At Nina's, Building fuckin' 3 opposite

What a dump!

You're painting the staircase?

Yes, we're doing subbotnik.

No-one cares anymore!

No-one does anything anymore!

It's everyone for himself.

You want the key?


Hey, that's Lenin!

Lenin, yes, subbotnik.

Are you hungry, sweetie?

- Eat! - No, thanks.


Cool color, huh? Triple coloring.

Strawberry highlights.

Is it a real one?

Yeah, Gucco!


A leopard-skin skirt to match the Wonderbra.

That's a Copacabana G-string.

That's my fave perfume.

You're into Samantha Gaye?

Wicked! This rocks!

What are you doing?

I look ugly in that...

Cerise, Matt Dyser...

Love forever!

Magic of love.

Demonstrators have occupied the square for a week.

They want the government out.

It seems the occupation of Maidan Square will last.

With supplies, a canteen, barricades, and an infirmary,

the people are showing solidarity with the movement

by offering services

such as food, medicine, and clothes to the demonstrators.

Welcome to my place.

Come in, girls. Make yourselves at home.

Now, champagne for all!

Do you like it here?

What? The kitchen?

Yeah... I guess.

"I guess"?

Who's this?

A pain in the ass!

What about you, two-bit butcher?

"Two-bit butcher"?

Less of a smartass now, huh?

And Cerise?

Leave her alone.

Unlucky, having a dad like you.

Do the test: What kind of girl are you?

You're the love of my life

Love of my life

My spark

The one who can bring me back to life

I'm bored in life

So bored in life

I feel cursed, cursed

Since you left

You're my love, my lady


I need to pee.

What's all this?

You've made the place Beirut!

- You smoke, too? - Yeah!

So what?

What's this? Don't behave like a skank here!

Screw you!

- You're not in charge here. - Asshole!


Mom, I won't stay here!

Don't... Don't start again, Cerise.

He slapped me, called me a skank, hit on me at the airport.

What the...?

What about the airport?

C'mon, look at her.

She smokes, wears tons of makeup.

- Like a whore. - She's your kid.

My kid wouldn't have such a dumb name!

"It's cute"! Cute, my ass!

I won't stay here!

- You shut up! - Right!

She's been a pain for 4 days.

I've had her 14 years! Now it's your turn.

- I'll send her back. - You try

and I'll sue you for alimony.

It's a whole lot of money!

Dumb bitch!


Bitch, bitch, bitch!


Limp dick!

Bitch! Fuck this!

You chicken shit piece of crap!

You got no balls!

Cerise, it's good you're spending time together.

Who here has visited Paris?


Cerise, tell us

about the museums, the monuments...

There's the Eiffel Tower, the Galeries Lafayette store,

Le Printemps, Marionnaud Perfumes.

But the top monument is the Matt Dyser concert.

I nearly did a stage dive.

Thank you, Cerise.

I think we'll stop there.

"A stage dive"?

Yeah, jumping into the crowd.

Open your notebooks.

Why didn't you do it?

I hadn't waxed my armpits.

- Want a coffee? - I'm pooped.


I'm tired.

- Tomorrow? - I'm getting a manicure.

And who cares about you, dumb-ass?!


What're you doing here on your own?

Where's your Dad?

Come with me, then.

Who's that?


Your son?

He was killed in Afghanistan.

- Afghanistan? - Da.

My little Volodia,

this is...


Look how pretty her pink hair is.

You'd have liked her.

God rest your soul.

My son. He was killed in Afghanistan.

My son.

Did they die in Afghanistan, too?

Eat, my little one. They're good pirojkis.

Have some bacon.

Eat! Eat!

The glass! The vodka's gone!

He's still thirsty!

Watch "Paranormal Activity" 1, 2, and 3 again.

Think about what there is after death.

You're not asleep?


- What did you do all day? - Nothing.

If I was killed in a war,

would you be sad?

There's no war.

- And you're a girl. - Even so...

Would you be sad?

Why do you ask?

No reason.

Sure, you're my kid.

Not going to school?


It's Saturday, bimbo!


Where are we going?


This is my dacha.

Hey, your vegetables are XXL!

What's that?

Isn't he handsome? That's Shakyamuni.

Another buddy of Lenin's?

No, the Buddha. Shakyamuni.


- Gargarin... - "Gagarin."

- Brezhnev. - "Brezhnev".

Khru... shchev.




Get closer.



Dead good.

There are good waves for the brain here.


The aging process is slowed down here.

We stay forever young.

And what's that over there?


Cherno what?

That's the Motherland.

She can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 9.

She weighs 500,000 kilos.

She's made of stainless steel, like saucepans.

That's a T34 tank of the Red Army.

It's the best tank ever.

I used to be a sculptor.

- For real? - For real.

I told you, they're all at Maidan Square.

Only Russians come here.

How much?

10 dollars.



Calm down!

The dirty skinflint!

This way, folks. Follow the guide.

This way.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Step this way! Over here!

Come buy our little Lenins.

Look, they sculpted them.

Come on.

Come on.

Oh, fuck!

Oh, fuck...


- Mikita... - Kyril.

- You're here? - And you?

You know each other?


There's Matt's clone in Kiev!

You never said you had a driver.

- It's embarrassing. - Don't be dumb!

If I had a driver, I'd tell everyone.

Can this one sing?

You live here?

Is all this yours?


- What's going on? - My Dad

doesn't trust insurance companies. He prefers God.

For real?


Who's this?

Dad, meet Cerise.

Now we're sure he's not a fag!


Sergei Belovetsky.

Is that a T34?

Best tank ever.


Miko said a lot about you.

Where's Kyril?

I don't know.

Mika, not you.

Since I was little,

I've succeeded

at everything I do.

I have phenomenal luck!


Mika eats very badly.

A friend recommended the cakes from Fauchon.

I have them flown over.

He thinks he's the reincarnation of Robespierre.

Of who?

Where do you live in Paris?

In the burbs.


Why did you never take me?

So, he's fairer, more impartial.

Watch where you walk, you asshole!

Another macaroon?

I'm not hungry now.

Democracy for all.

Know Zola?

I like him a lot.

You speak French?

A little. My mother spoke it well.


She died when I was little.

Do you like Ukraine?

Big time.

- Are you married? - Married?


For real?

We're here.

I'm gonna wet my pants!

Nina, it worked! It worked!

Take this. You earned it.

For me?

It's thanks to you we sold so many Lenins.

Read Zola Emile. Work on my tan.

Develop my kulture. Eat healthy.

Shit! I have zero willpower.

Attention passengers, due to the demonstrations,

Maidan station is closed.


So, what are all these people doing?

They want to change things.

Give me a hand, girl. It's heavy.

1, 2, 3, and hit.

Arm, leg, and hit.

Oh, the arm!

Get into twos and redo the exercise.

I can't find the words It all sounds fake

All those wasted moments I can't forget

I tried so hard Not to think of you

Take me in your arms Whisper to me

The smell of your skin Couldn't get enough

I know I was wrong And I blame myself

You're the love of my life

Love of my life

I feel cursed, cursed

Since you left You're my love, my lady

I got you under my skin

I got you under my skin

I got you under my skin

You're my love, my lady

For the revolution

This is where we recondition it.

The equipment is German. Top quality.

You can be very proud.

Pity you don't cook anymore.

We produce a ton a day.

Why did you take him as a partner?

We get on well. He's a good partner.

You're sitting on a goldmine

with huge potential.

But you need someone more serious, who can invest more.

Like me.

That's very kind, Mr. Lukashenko, but no, thanks.

Look, it's a serious offer.

I buy Boris out

and I bring you, let's say... 2 million.

You become the majority shareholder.

Just on paper.

But you remain the boss.

And well protected, too.

I'll think about it.

You do that.

But don't take too long.


Want a taste?


I made it.

A butcher dad ain't all bad.

I'm respected here.

I'm not a two-bit cook.

Back home, I'd never have made it.

It's the best thing I ever did.


I brought all the files.

The situation is tense as Maidan Square expresses the desires

of the Ukrainian people who have had enough of state corruption.

Will tanks be sent in?

Armed forces are gathering to clear the square.

But the demonstrators seem more determined than ever not to give in.

What are you looking for?

"Germinal" by Zola Emile.

Shit, heavy stuff!

Want to come to an art preview?

- Will Kyril be there? - Yes. Why?


Fendi, wow!

It's immense! Truly worthy of his talent.

Want me to take you?

You are very pretty


What do you do in Maidan?


The revolution?

There's a lot of... corruption here.

I love Che Guevara!

I think he's so sexy.

Do you watch "The Voice" or "X-Factor" on TV?

- A singer looks like you. - I don't watch TV.

For real?

So, what do you watch?


Tarkovski or Wajda.

Truffaut, too.


Know him?

I love Godard's films.

I must go.

Can I have a photo of us two?

What're you doing here?

- Who's he? - What?

Why photograph that?

It's not a prick - it's art.

- Go home now. - You know him?

You hear me?

She's my daughter.

- Shit! - Cerise!

The bastard shamed me!

Leave me alone.

- Where are you going? - What's it to you?

Will you blow me, baby?

Come here. Don't be scared.

D'you hear me?

I said, come here!

Excuse me. Livoberejna?


It's 3 AM. Go to bed.

I put the giant prick on my desktop!

Don't mention the art preview.

Are you pooped?

- The way you talk, Mikita! - Like you.

Want to see a movie this weekend?

"Batman" is on.

How about seeing a Godard film?


I didn't say I'd dye my hair blond!

Who does shitty little Frenchie think he is?

Saying no to me!

Where the hell were you? Seen the time?

- I'm talking to you! - OK!

From now on, you come straight home from school.

You been smoking dope?

Do as I say.

What's this?

It's for you.

Sleep well?

No school today?

I'm talking to you!

Yours, I believe.

- Where was it? - Why don't you want the kid?

Butt out.

You don't like kids? They bug you?

Should've restrained yourself or used a condom!


Now look, you asshole!

You're the asshole!

Pain in the ass!

What's going on, honey?

What have they done to you?

Matt Dyser.

Love forever.

Where's Kyril?

He took the day off.


Is it here?

2 for the Godard film.

There's no popcorn?

No commercials either?

You wanted to see a Godard film.


Do you like it?


My love, I love you!



You're the love of my life!

Are you OK?

Cerise, you OK?

Don't get in this state. It's just a film.

Godard's films always make me cry.

I'm dumb!

I'm so dumb!

I hate you!

I hate all guys!


Take your things. We're going. Do as I say now!

- What's up? - Stay with Nina.

- But... - Don't ask questions, for once.

Come on!

There's no-one in the apartment.

They've gone, I tell you. No, I'm sure!

You've reached Fred's voicemail. Leave me your digits!

Dad, where are you?

I'm sure he's in the shit.

I'm not surprised.


I've always thought your father was a gangster.

I don't wanna.

It's 'cause of Kyril.

The guy's gay!

Homo! A fag!


Oh, Lord!

Cerise can't come to the phone.

She's in the bath.

Who is it?

What're you doing here?

I kept calling you. You didn't answer.

OK, babe?


Help yourself.

Thank you. It looks delicious.



Look, think about it. I'll be right back, OK?

I'm really into you.

Your Mikita is a good boy.

He's the son of Sergei Belovetsky.

I know.

Lukashenko is keeping Fred prisoner.

Call the police!

Sure it'll work?

- What're you doing? - Sacrifice!

Why don't you answer my calls?

I need your help.

Leave me alone.

What's wrong? Are you angry with me?

Hey! I'm talking to you!

I may be a loser, but not an idiot.

If you think I don't know, you're dead wrong.


You see me, 'cause you want to see Kyril.

I thought you liked me, but it's bullshit.


Stop it, I sussed you.

What's your problem?

I need you, Mikita.

No way!

Tongues, too!

Why are chicks always into losers?

I'll talk to my dad.

Cerise's father has been taken prisoner.


What do you want?

I need a word.

I'm hunting...

Don't piss me off! Listen to me.

Her father's in trouble. You can help.

Sergei, come on!

Stop the noise! I can't hear myself think.

We need your help!

Lukashenko is a powerful man.

Her dad must do as he's told.

- I can't help him. - I thought you had balls.


Now what'll I do?

President Yanukovych's forces are descending on Maidan Square.

Maidan Square is the scene of ever more violent confrontations.

Three demonstrators are said to have died.

The bloody repression

will only strengthen the rebels' determination.

Bandits out!

The people isn't scared of Yanukovych

or of Lukashenko.

He wanted to seize control of the meat plant!

The people of Maidan stopped him.

Bandits out! Bandits out!

What are you doing here?

Who let you in?


My Daddy!

I'm sure gonna miss you, dumb-ass

Kyril! What a pity you're gay

Please don't call the baby Raspberry

I love you, Nina. I love you all

I'll be back, I promise...


I was scared!

So scared, honey!

What's happened to you?

- Are you sick? - No, Mom.

Come on.

How did it go with your father?

We got to know each other.

Maybe he is your father, after all.


I was never really sure.

Those losers throw anything away!

A brand-new Closer and Oops.

How dumb!

Subtitles: J. Miller, a.s.i.f.

Subtitling: ECLAIR

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