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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: get + particles 2/2

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hello I'm Nick Shepherd welcome

This video is part of a series on multi-word verbs or phrasal verbs.

What is a multi word verb?

Here are a few to give you an idea.

and you can read more by clicking on "Introduction to multi word verbs"

at the end of the video or in the notes below.

we are starting with the verb "get"

and some of its many different meanings with different particles, in two parts

this is part two

with the second set of five:

OK, was that too quick?

Here they are again a bit slower.

Number one is "get up"

Here are two ways we use "get up"

climbing something . . .

. . . and rising from bed.

Number two is "get down".

Here is my cat

Here is Kevin

you can get up or down a tree or a ladder

but the opposite of get up from a bed would be lie down

Now the next three are a little different.

Number three is "get over".

. . . or over a wall

you can also, and it's quite common,

meaning "recover"

Or if a family member dies . . .

Number four is "get through".

. . . something hard.

Number five is "get along with" . . .

. . . and also often "get on with"

this last one is not very physical,

it's more about relationships.

. . . or get on with

So, "get" is about a movement that we make . . .

. . but it is the particle that gives us the precise meaning

OK, here's a final test, with eight sentences . . .

five of them from this group . . .

. . . and three from the earlier group.

You have ten seconds to think about it. . .

. . . you can stop the video if you like.

OK, here are the answers . . .

OK, I hope that went well . . .

. . . you can always look at the video again . . .

I'm making a series on multi word verbs . . .

and there is a link to an introduction to the series here . .

. . . or in the notes below.

OK, that's all for now

Please make a comment if you want to . . .

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Thank you to Caroline for the good drawings . . .

(I did the little diagrams)

. . . thanks to Hugo for technical support,

. . . and thanks for watching!

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