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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TINY THINGS VS GIANT THINGS | SWITCH UP CHALLENGE | We Are The Davises

Difficulty: 0

- Okay.


- I like pink, so I think I wanna switch.


Oh, it's heavy.

- Oh my god, it's so tiny.

- Aw.

(upbeat music)

- Hey guys, it's Kayla.

- And Tyler.

- From We Are The Davises.

And today, we are going to be doing another version

of tiny things versus giant things switch-up challenge.

How this works is one of us gets a tray

that has something tiny, and the other one

has something that's giant, and then we play with it

and see who gets by, I mean, yeah, it's pretty simple.

Let's do this! (laughing)

So Tyler is going to pick first.

He's not picking, he's looking.

- I'm looking. - I'm picking.

- I'm looking. (laughing)

(mysterious music)


- So I would assume that the bigger one's in this one,

so I'm gonna go with this one.


Oh my gosh, I love these.

Oh my gosh, he sweat on the box.

That's where he was (laughing).

I love these things.

Tyler, look at my little baby.

He's so cute.

Tyler, he doesn't need a blankie.

He is a tiny, tiny panda.

I'm going to name him Jared.

Jared the panda, I love him.

Oh my gosh.

It's Pandy.

If you haven't seen Pandy before,

he's Tyler's giant stuffed panda

that used to be mine that I gave to him.

And it's a giant stuffed panda.


Okay, so this is my tiny little panda, Jared.

- And here's the big panda, Pandy.

- When we first got Pandy, we were like six, five and six,

so we were super tiny, so we thought Pandy

was way bigger than he is to us now.

He was super big.

- He was like bigger than us.


Okay, so this time, I'm gonna look away,

so I'm gonna look away right now, so yeah.


- Okay.

- So I'm gonna switch.

- Okay.

- Hey, I got the giant one.


- Dang it. (laughing)

- What is that?

- It's pizza.

He's cute.

Should I take it out of the box?

- [Tyler] Is it edible?

- No.


It's like a polymer clay or something.

- I think I know what that means,

that means we're gettin' a huge pizza.

Pizza, pizza.

Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza. - Yay.

Pizza. - Pizza, pizza.

- Pizza.

I don't know why I'm so amped, I'm sorry (laughing).

- Good pizza.

- Yummy.

The little one's so cute.

- This pizza tastes pretty good.


- Cheers.

Tyler's turn to look.

- Look away, now, now, now.

- I'm leaving, goin' on vacation.

- Go. - Peace out.

Don't try and trick me.

- Who dat?

- Don't try and trick me.

- Who dat?

- Ah, it's so cute.

- Who dat?



- I like pink, so I think I wanna switch.


Oh, it's heavy.

- Oh my god, it's so tiny.

- Aw.

- Look at the little baby cards.

- Oh my gosh.

Do you wanna play a game of, I dunno, War?

Look at these giant cards.

Oh my goodness.


Oh my gosh.


- How am I supposed to shuffle?

These are bigger than my head.

- Wanna see a magic trick?

Now it's a Joker, now it's a red card.

- Oh my gosh.

He's so small.

Wait, I wanna play,

like Go-Fish. - Slapjack.

- Slapjack (laughing).

- Okay.

Let's play Go-Fish.

- Uh, do you have a 10 of spades?

- Go fish.

Do you have an ace?

- Yes. (gasping)

- Oh yeah.

- Do you have a six?

- Yes, I do.

- Ha-ha, I'm better.

- Wait, do you put it down when you get a pair?

- Yeah.

- Oh, oops.

- Do you have a seven?

- Yes.

- I'm killin' the competition, y'all.

I don't know why I said y'all, I'm not from Texas.


Oh my gosh.

How do you do like the poker?


Tyler, all the tiny cards!


It's my turn, so I get to look, and Tyler gets to look away,

and take a little vacation, so, see you later, Tyler.


- I want to keep.

- Yes.

It's a little tiny--

- I get a giant one.

- It's a little tiny bucket.

- I've got the giant one every time, right?

No. - No.

Got a little tiny bucket.

So that means Tyler gets the giant bucket.

That's a big bucket.

Does it have anything in it?

- Yes, it does.

- Oh, yay,

all of our $100.00 Target haul items are in there.


Yeah, I can watch it.

I never put these in the video.

I bought holo heart stickers.

Now only people that watch this video will know.

Holographic hearts.

- It's a hat.

- Balance that on your head for two seconds

and I'll give you a holographic heart sticker.


- I did it.

It was two seconds.

It was like one, two.


- Okay, I want a heart, too.

And you're gonna need one.

- It's a heart.

- Oh, what's this?

The We Are The Davises merch, link in bio.


- I get to look this time.

Okay, look away then.

- I'll be back, bye.


- [Tyler] Ah, it's so cute.

I love paper.

- Do I get to look now?

- Yes.

- Okay, I'm gonna keep.

I get the giant one.

Oh, this is a re-do.

We did to this one in the last video,

but we found smaller spoons and forks,

so we wanted to do it again.

I want a knife.

Don't ask why (laughing).

- Careful, he's got a spoon!


- Oh, I got the giant knife (laughing).

Watch out.

Oh my gosh, there's so many utensils, I can't.

Oh, they're heavy (laughing).

I need a tiny spoon.

(metal clanging)

Tyler, that scared me, I thought I broke it.

This one can be a hat for the big one.

Oh no.


I can't pick up the knife, it's so small.

- With the spoon.


- How are you even doing that?

Oh my goodness.


I just need a small spoon.

Here we go (laughing).

- I'm on a diet.

- It's so heavy.

- Guys, this actually is a diet,

just to have small utensils,

'cause then it takes forever to eat the ice cream,

it'll take you like a day.

- Yeah, I'm not on a diet.

- Okay, I get to look away.

- Yup, so I get to see what's in the box, goodbye.



- Um, I wanna keep.

- Yes.

Oh, I got the little tiny person.

- Aw.

- It's a little doll.

She's like, oh no, it's a zoo. - I saw a little person.

And I get the giant doll.


Oh, it's giant.


Oh, she keeps coming.

I like her hair, I'm jealous of this hair.

- Hey, my person can do the splits.

- She's wearing a dress, that's a little awkward,

but like look at this, us too.



Anna wears a cape, what?

How have I never noticed this?

This little person is smaller than her eyeball (laughing).

Oh wait, do I get to look?

- No, no. - I don't get to look.


- Oh my god, it's so adorable, ah, my god.

They are so cute.

- You're so annoying.


- Okay.


- Okay, I'm gonna keep.


We saw these at Michaels, so we had to have them.

They're clothespins, if you didn't know.


You have a nose piercing.

Now I know what it feels like to be Pinocchio.


- No, it was 'cause I started laughing.

- See?


Don't try this at home.

- Don't be dumb.

- For professionals only.



- Hey, you didn't even let go.

- Yes I did, it hurts.

Ow, I just pushed it.

I'm crying.


For a girl like me. ♪

- [Woman] Next.

- Don't look yet.

- I didn't see anything.

I want to keep.

- Yes.

Dah da doo do doo doo doo

Yes, it's a giant cookie

Giant cookie

Takin' a slice of a giant cookie


It's heavy.

Giant cookie, it smells so good.

Oh my gosh, I'm gonna take this piece.

- [Kayla] It's so teeny.

- [Tyler] This is really good.

- Mm-hmm, Pizza Hut Cookie Pie, cookie pizza.


- Okay, now it's Tyler's turn to look.

Peace out.

- Aww, it's so giant, oh.

Look them, yum, yum, yum, yum.

It's so tiny.

- You just said giant.

- Aw.


- Okay, okay.

They're the exact same,

but I think this one's a little bigger.

- Aw. - So I'm gonna keep this one.


Oh my gosh.

I wanna put these on the fridge (laughing).

Tyler's looks like fish eggs.

Eggs remind me of--



See, don't they look like fish eggs?

They look like fish eggs.

Like the ones from Nemo, but in black and white.


- If you can't tell what these are,

these are the googly eyes

that you put on crafts and stuff like that,

or if you just wanna eat 'em

- No, don't eat them.

Teeny versus giant.

- Okay, so this is the very last one.

- Grand finale.

- Like, the last one.

- So I get to look this time.

- I get to look away though.

- Yes, fine.


- Let me look into your eyes.


Okay, I wanna keep.

- Dang it.

- I get the donuts. - No, no!

- I get the donuts. - No, no!

- I know it.


- This is the teeny one,

and here's the giant one.

- This donut tastes like cheese.

- Mine's good.

Mm-hmm, really good.

- You know what donut they should make?

- What?

- They should make a chocolate donut.

- So we hope you guys enjoyed this video.

Comment down below.

Have you ever had cookie cake? - A donut?

- Have you ever had cookie cake?

Comment down below.

My favorite round, yeah, was probably the donut ones.

I like the donuts the best.

- Donuts, definitely the donuts.

The donuts taste like cheese, like I said.

- So I hope you guys enjoyed this video,

and until next time, bye! - Bye!