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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Wearing Darth Vader Costume to Star Wars Movie!

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- It is Star Wars Day.

(Star Wars theme music)

There's so many Star Wars days.

Like, May the Fourth Be With You.

There's one that we did-- - Oh, dog!

- [Daniel] Oh, dog.

Hey, you're not comin' to Star Wars day.

The Ewoks will eat you. (Lincoln calls the dog)

We're just going with some friends, really.

And of course I'm going to be totally nerdy about it.

And wear costumes and just show up to their house.

Nobody else is dressing up,

this is not a thing that's been discussed.

Let's go to a costume store that, hopefully,

on the night of the opening actually

still has some Star Wars stuff left.

And here's the costume shop.

It's at somebody's house.

(bright music)

- I didn't hear anything.

(Daniel laughs)

- This place is legit.

- Mhm.

- Here's the helmet.

How's it feel?

- Blurry. - (laughing) Blurry?

We got this giant cape.


(Star Wars music)

(Lincoln breathes)

Next step...

Try on the costume.

- That's not the next step.

- [Daniel] What's the next step?

- Go get me a costume.

- [Daniel] Oh, yeah, next step: go get Lincoln a costume.

Good call.

(dramatic music)

And we needed to go somewhere for Lincoln,

we found this store called Zurchers, Zoo-kers, somethin'?

Got all kinds of stuff in here.

Do you want to be mini Darth Vader?

- Not really.

- [Daniel] Hey.

This looks like the same one I just got.

I just rented for $35.

Oooh! This guy.

- [Lincoln] No!

- You should be that guy. - [Lincoln] Uh-uh!

It looks like he has a mustache.

- This kinda looks like you, Lincoln, already.

What about this kid?

(bright music)

I got one for you, buddy.

(Daniel laughing)

- I see out of my nostrils.

- That is a winner.

What'd you go with, buddy?

Let's see it.

- Skidwalker.

- [Daniel] Skidwalker?

- Yeah.

- [Daniel] I don't think his name is Skidwalker.

- I think you need to get this too, 'cause...

- [Daniel] You already look him, kinda,

just need some brown hair.

Done deal.

Next thing you see, we will be getting ready

to go surprise our friends at their house.

Gonna be a bunch of kids there.

Might be a little creeped out.

Alright, I just got in part of the outfit.

The bottom looks pretty good, it looks a little backwards.

The front looks really empty. (laughs)

But, uh, Lincoln pointed something out here.

I think it's backwards.

Okay, so, apparently we got some

false advertising, look at this.

Doesn't that outfit look cool?

All it is is the outer thing.

- For twenty dollars!

- But if you look closely, it says Jedi Robe,

and it says costumes and accessories sold separately.

How does it not have that tan one underneath it?

- I know, and this is twenty dollars, too.

- I'm close, it looks pretty good.

I got the legit cape going on.

I don't even think Darth Vader is in this episode.

- No, he's not.

He's dead.

- We blew it.

(bright instrumental music)

How do I look?

Oh, it's so loud, oh.

Stereo sound in my ears.

- I know, isn't it so weird?

- Look good?

- This was a better deal than that.

- Here it is.

Ohhh, yeah, that's cool.

Okay, now put the hood on.

Oh, dude.


- I'm lookin' legit!

Ohhh ho ho, don't mess with you.

- It's really hot in here.

- [Daniel] Ready, set, go.

- [Lincoln] Wait!

- [Daniel] Okay.

- [Lincoln] Got it. - [Daniel] Go.

(dramatic music) - [Lincoln] 'Kay, go.

- I can't see anything.

(Lincoln laughs) (Daniel yells)

Alright, we got the outfits on, they look good.

We have five minutes to get to our friend's house

before he leaves to go to the actual thing.

We gotta surprise him at his house.

Let's go!

(bright music)

Okay, so a little update.

My buddy is not at his house.

He's at the movie theater already.

So we've got to try to sneak in

and then we're gonna go and find him

and just sneak up on him

and hit him with a light saber or something.

Let's do this.

(dramatic music)

- It's so cold in this.

- I'm gonna follow you because I can't see out of this mask.

- Ooookay.

(Star Wars music)

(Metal Gear Solid ! sound effect)

(series of Metal Gear Solid ! sound effects)

(two Metal Gear Solid ! sound effects)

(series of Metal Gear Solid ! sound effects)

- [Daniel] Over by the, I see him over by the front door.

- The front door?

(series of Metal Gear Solid ! sound effects)

Do you see him? - I don't see him.

We gotta find him.

Maybe he knows, no, he doesn't.

(Metal Gear Solid ! sound effect)

He's tall.

(series of Metal Gear Solid ! sound effects)

Now let's find him.

- He's over there.

Are you talking about the Stormtrooper?

- No, I wish I was looking for the Stormtrooper.

We're looking for our other friend, thank you, though.

Oh, that's him!

He was right there.

And now I lost him.

Oh, there he goes.

He's going in the thing.

Okay, we gotta go find him.

- It's okay, Darth, it's okay.

- [Staff Member] Hey, guys, we can't have

any filming going on in here, guys.

It's not authorized.

You guys are filming right here, so.

- But we're not filming in there.

- You have to take it out.

Take your cameras out.

- Okay, then, we'll take it out.

- Take your camera and put it out in your car.

- We have to take the cameras out, we'll do it.

But first we need to find our friends.

- They're right behind you.

- Now he's here.


- [Daniel] God, buddy, we were trying to surprise you.


- You came as Darth Vader?

- [Daniel] We were trying to surprise you

and it totally failed.

- I'm sorry, I didn't know.

- [Daniel] You left your house too early.

- I didn't know!

You got there too late.

- [Daniel] We went through all this trouble, all day.

Just for you.

- Well, we're still seein' it.

- Didn't work. Total fail.

(video game failure sound)

Alright, I have to go take this,

whoa, I have to take this to the care now,

'cause they don't like it here, so, I'mma take it out

and then we're gonna watch the movie.

And we're gonna tell you what we think about the movie.

Spoilers may happen, I don't know.

We'll see.

(countdown chimes) (siren blaring)

- [Daniel] Alright, what'd you think, buddy?

- It was good, I liked it.

- [Daniel] You liked it a lot?

- There was some good parts, yeah.

- [Daniel] Yeah, what was a great part?

- Probably when the light saber (mumbles) split.

- [Daniel] The light saber split.

- I really liked it.

- [Daniel] Anything in particular?

- Everything?

- I just want to understand

what's going on with Luke Skywalker.

And why, if he's just gonna disappear,

why didn't he just come fight?

- [Daniel] Come fight for real?

- Yeah, for like, for real.

So we could see a real fight, instead of,

just of, hologram fight.

- That's interesting, I was fine with that.

I thought that was a cool way to end it.

I was happy with him ending it that way.

'Cause like, he won the fight...

And then he left on his own terms.

So I kinda liked it.

The thing I was confused about is I thought for sure

Carrie Fisher would have a really, really good ending

and a way to send her off.

And they didn't really do that.

It was just kind of like she's still there but Luke is gone.

- It is kinda funny, though, we don't know anything

about Snoke, we don't know anything about Ray.

- They said who Ray's parents were, but I don't believe it.

I don't believe it, I think there's

more to the story that we're gonna find out.

- And I have to be at school, at nine o'clock.

- Okay, on that note, we better end it.

I hope you guys liked our Star Wars day.

We gotta return this thing.

I'm gonna let Wonder Woman close it out.

Close it out, Wonder Woman.

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