Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Disney Channel: Friday Night (10/16/15)

Difficulty: 0

Announcer: Next Friday, Monstober fun is all the rage.

I had a dream just like this.

Announcer: Cause five cool shows will set the stage

Are you excited?

Announcer: So suit up quick with your gear on tight

Come over and grab your videos

Announcer: Cause we're gonna own this whole entire night.

In your face! Great.

Announcer: The Jessie finale takes Hollywood by storm

If you walk out now, you're fired

Announcer: So please don't say you weren't warned.

Holy Hollywood, they're about to fall!

Announcer: Then Girl Meets World takes a big weekend trip

Austin Round Up Rodeo

Announcer: Where bull riding and besties will need a strong grip.


Announcer: And new I Didn't Do It gets a case of the feels


Announcer: Now which two friends will have their love revealed.

I can't take it anymore.

Announcer: Plus, Disney XD on Disney Channel rounds out the night.

[screams] Everyone get down!

Announcer: When monsters, magic, and falcons take flight

Ah, that's so majestic.

Announcer: Monstober can be a whole lot to handle

Don't worry your pretty little face we got it. Yay!

Announcer: Next Friday starting at 8 on Disney Channel.

The Description of Disney Channel: Friday Night (10/16/15)