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Hi guys, so today is really really cold.

Let me...let me check the temperature quick.

I don't really check the weather because I stay inside most of the time

but Nathan said that tonight is gonna be so cold.

Look at that. I live in Cedar Falls.

It is negative 27

degrees Celsius.

It's hella cold.

Look at that! Negative 27.


when you look at the temperature like this,

you that number actually doesn't tell anything.

You have to look at the "feels like", okay?

Over there. It has the temperature.

Okay, you see, it says "feel...

feels like negative 44 degrees Celsius."

Oh my god!

Feels like negative 44 when it is negative 27.

Because sometimes there's wind.

Sometimes it's snowing, something like that.

If you are in the really cold weather

but it's not windy, then it's not that cold.

But when it's windy, when it's like, when there's, like, snowstorm or something like that,

yeah, then it's gonna feel like it's colder than usual.

So this is a little tip for you guys

that is...maybe you plan to come to America

or you plan to go to Europe, something like that.

When you check the temperature, don't check that.

Check the "feels like" temperature

which is horrifying.

Okay, and

the coldest will be negative 36. It says right there.

Okay, and

don't worry, guys. I will survive because I stay inside

and inside is pretty warm.

We have a heater.

And I'll show you guys something on the window.

It's so weird. I don't know what it is.

Okay, guys.

This is the window. Look at that.

It's so cold that it starts to, like,

creeping inside like that.

This is like in the movie. Oh God!

And here, right here.

I don't know. And right here, I don't know why it's like that.

It's not like my window cracked or anything.

Is that a spider web? I don't even know, right?

I don't know.

If you guys are American, if you guys are Iowan, please comment down below.

What the hell is this?


By the way, just like I say,

I am alive.

And I am waiting for Nathan to come home.

We got a little board game today to play

and I cannot play alone. So I'm waiting for him.

This is the board game that I want to play with Nathan.

It's called "CASHFLOW,"

um, board game, alright.

"Get out of the rat race!"

It's...I think it's kind of similar to "Monopoly."

But I'm not sure so I'm waiting for Nathan to come

so we could play together and I'll let you guys know how it's like.

Nathan just got home. "Are you okay? You're doing fine?"

It feels like negative 44 Celsius.

I know.

The car barely started.

Like it went like...[sound effect]

And four people's cars at work didn't start. They had to get jumped.


[Tina] 'Cause it's that cold. [Nathan] It's that cold.


Yeah, it's bad.

And now

I have to take garbage out.


Okay, well, take garbage out and then, yep.


this is what Nathan has to do, taking trash outside.

And nope, I'm not going out with you.

Thank you for the invitation.

She always said that she wanted to go to Antarctica and it's colder here.

I wanna see polar bears. There're no polar bears here, okay?

Can you put my hood up?

Bye, Babe.

Guys, it's freezing!


That was enough for me, a little bit of coldness on my face.

Welcome back. How is it?

My snot is frozen.

And ta-da.

And we are going to play this "CASHFLOW"

thing, board game.

Can you open it please?

This is made by the guy who wrote "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

which is Robert Kiyosaki.


this is intense.

Can you believe that Nathan doesn't know "Rich Dad Poor Dad"?

Are you gonna laugh like that? Gosh!

Gosh, where have you been, Baby?

You don't know "Rich Dad Poor Dad'? He is so famous worldwide.

If you want to learn about finance, something like that...

you need to read "Rich Dad Poor Dad".

And he's from America.

And this guy is American. He doesn't know "Rich Dad Poor Dad".

When I first...

[Nathan] ...found out... [Tina] found out that he didn't know "Rich Dad Poor Dad,"

I basically thought that I was like old, like "Oh my God!", like "Am I really that old?"

And then I realize he is not that younger.

...that much younger.

Yeah, he's not...he's not that much younger. How come you don't know him?

Anyway, this game is gonna be cool and awesome.

We bought it about 90 bucks, including shipping.

So probably, like,


Yeah, 85 dollars.

So probably about 2,500 baht,

around that but I think it's worth it.

So yeah, we're gonna sign off and go play.

How do you know if it's worth it if you haven't played it yet?

Because I read the reviews.

All right, okay, I'll tell you tomorrow if it's worth it.

But today, gotta go now.

Tomorrow we're gonna do something fun about the cold weather

so please stay tuned.

Okay guys, so today is Thursday.

And it is snowing outside. It's been cold.

And the temperature right now is

negative 21 degree Celsius.

And the "feels like" temperature

which is what you should be looking at

when you're looking at the weather app because this is...

this will be what you... the accurate one for when you go outside.

It is negative 31 degrees Celsius.

[Tina] 31 degrees Celsius, it's like... [Nathan] ...not bad

compared to our last ones.

It's cold, but to be honest, though,

I think after it's like below...

after it hits, like, negative 10,

you know what I mean, it doesn't make any difference.

Like it's just cold, period!. There's no colder for me.

So right now we're gonna go see the snow

and I want...I wanna jump in the snow.

I have to jump in the snow every year, c'mon.


let's go.

Oh! And it's cold.

Stop stalling and just jump. Let's go

You guys can all see, it's all like



And that...

That is our bikes.

It's just...yeah...

They're lost in the snow.

This is what you've all been waiting for.

Tina's gonna jump in the snow


What is under here, though?

It's grass.

Can I jump like this?

I don't care.

Which one? Which way is better?

Do you wanna get your face wet?


So backwards probably better.

Put your hood up though, so it doesn't get on your hair.


That's jumping? Really, Babe?

It's not soft because there's some new snow on top of the old snow.

Okay, I'm gonna jump like this then.


It's cold! It's cold!

It got in my jacket.

And it's cold.

Was it fun?

Not really.

This is the snow.

Can you kinda zoom up and

see the snowflake a little bit, I guess?

The flake doesn't look as nice as when the snow falls but...

Okay, guys, it's freezing cold. It's like you're jumping in ice or whatever.

And, by the way,

the other day, right?

I bought this and I told you guys that it's good before I even played it.

And I and Nathan played it for I think two or three games

and it has been fun so far.

Like we really like it and I would recommend it for anybody who... What?

Who won the last one? Huh?

I won two games, okay? Nathan won the last one

but just one, okay. I won, I won more.

But anyway, ...

I got closer and closer each time.'s a really good game about

for finance. It's kind of like "Monopoly," but for adults.

I would recommend you guys to get it if you want, I don't know,

to educate your kids about money and stuff like that. This is a really good game.

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And I'm not sure, I think I'm... if it still keeps, like,

getting cold like this. I'm going to

film about something else outside. I don't know. We'll see.

So yeah today I gotta go now.

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So yeah,

I gotta go now. See you guys later. Bye.

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