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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dongeun shocks trainer Yang’s mom just by eating [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.01.05]

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(They arrive bearing gifts)

Come on in.

What is that rice?

Did she know the employees were coming?

No, I told her I was going alone.

Otherwise, when she expects guests,

she cooks a whole feast.

- It's hard work. / - You spared her.

That's why I told her

I was going alone.

We brought you some things,

along with some rice.

We should greet her with a formal bow.

No need for a bow.

No need for that.

We should bow to her.

Nonsense. No need for that.

Ms. Lee, please take a seat.

- Goodness. / - We should bow.

Goodness, a bow?

She sat down for the bow.

One, two, three.


She's so unique.

Nice to meet you.


You didn't have to bow.

Pleased to meet you.

That's worthy of praise, isn't it?

That's amazing.

Dongeun also bought

a lot of household items

that my mother might need.

How nice.

Dongeun does lovely deeds.

She does. She is so kind.

She is warm-hearted and kind.


I'm Yang Chiseung's mother.

My name is Lee Hwaja.

I truly admire my mother.

She sacrificed everything

for the sake of her children.

It's really tough to do that.

My mother worked in a factory

and held odd jobs,

working hard to support us

until we became adults.

This place...

It's the first house I bought.

I bought my first house...

For my mother.

(First house purchased for his mother)

- You bought it for her? / - Yes.

For his mother.

You bought a house in your mid-30s?

- Yes. / - That's incredible.

- I bought it at age 34. / - Yes.

My mother had such a tough life.

- So I gave it to her. / - As a gift?


- Incredible. / - What a great son.

I always say this to my employees.

I ask if they have a dream.

I ask them to think about

a dream they can strive for.

For that, they can save when they can.

(Running toward his dream)

He saved to buy a house for his mother.

You can't help being frugal.

You have to save all you can.

- Is there a discount? / - For a purpose.

For groups of ten or more.

Can we get a discount?

(What kind of son is Yang Chiseung?)

After my husband passed away...

He was worried I might get ill

while living alone.

So he visited every week.

I'd say, "You're too busy to come here."

He'd reply, "It's the only way I can see you."

What a devoted son.


That's the way he visits me.

He is a devoted son.

For the past 13 years, he's been

giving me a lot of spending money.

I'd say, "I don't need any more."

But he says I can deposit what I don't use.

He spends money when it matters.

Such a devoted son, ever since he was a child.

Boss Yang, that's a different side of you.

Mom, today...

We decorated a tree at the gym.

- You want to set up a tree? / - Yes.

You could wear this

since it's Christmas.

- She livens up the mood. / - Is that alright?

It looks good on you.

It suits you well.

He takes after his mother.

(Festive mood for the holidays)

(Christmas tree for his mother)

(Sealing windows from the cold)

That's great.

(Boss Yang is a devoted son)

Instructor Yang?

When will we have our meal?

- Our meal? / - Yes.

We'll eat. After we finish this.

I should cook another batch of rice.

There isn't enough.

There isn't?

- May I help you? / - She is so pleasant.

No need to help.

I'll just cook rice.


Do we need one set of side dishes?

Two sets would be good.

She should brace herself.

She'll be shocked by how much they eat.

Stay seated.

(Director Dongeun silently sets the dishes)

(Two dishes per side dish)

(Boss Yang gets nervous)

The meat...

- Dongeun? / - Yes?

There isn't enough meat.

Why don't you go buy some?

(Boss Yang's personal credit card)

The mother cooked for two

since she thought he was coming alone.


(Director Dongeun, off to buy meat)

How much will she buy?

Instructor, what are you doing?

I'm making sausage stew.


He is a good cook.

(Add ripened kimchi sauce to a pot)

I really like cooking.

(Add a lot of ham)

He once ran a food cart business.

They were visiting my mother's house,

so I wanted to cook for them too.

(Boss Yang cooking for his employees)

That'll be tasty for sure.

(Two packs of pork for protein)

(Finished with mother's homemade kimchi)

(How will it taste?)

He finished it in no time at all.

She has his credit card, right?

(Director Dongeun arrives at the meat store)

- There's trouble ahead. / - Hello.

What is the freshest meat

that was delivered today?


Sirloin? In that case...

How much would I need

for about ten guys?

Around 1.8kg to 2.4kg.

I didn't know she'd buy so much.

There weren't ten guys at all.

I had no idea she'd say that.

Only 2.4kg for ten guys?

She eats that much alone.

(Doesn't sound like enough...)

Please give me 3kg.

She looks glum.

(How much is 3kg of Korean beef?)

3kg of Korean beef sirloin?

He wanted her to buy meat for bulgogi.

3kg of Korean beef sirloin...

Yes, she bought sirloin.

That'll be costly.

What else is there?

Thin flank.

Oh, thin flank?

How much does that weigh?

(Purchasing 1.4kg of thin flank)

That meat shop might be sold out.

You wanted bulgogi.

I wanted more meat for the bulgogi

so we could eat it with the sauce.

I had no idea she'd buy Korean beef sirloin.

(Shopping for Korean beef)


(What is the total cost?)

How much is it?

- Goodness. / - $268.

$268 just for the ingredients.


She is freehanded.

The text message alert will come as a surprise.

He let the fox guard the henhouse, so to speak.

What... What is this?

(Text alert for credit card transaction)

He got the text alert.

What... What is this?

She spent too much.

Why did she spend $268?

My goodness...

(Mother is startled)

She would be startled.

- It's her son's money. / - Right.

What is she buying?

I sent her out to buy some meat.

Looks like she'll bring something special.

He doesn't want her to worry.

You speak so gently in front of your mother,

Boss Yang.

(Looking satisfied from behind)

I'm back.

What should I do now?

- Go sit down. / - What should I do?

He probably didn't rebuke her

because his mother was there.

I think he held back...


Pushing his feelings down.

If we ate like that on our own,

he'd take away the meat.

He'd take it away and toss us eggs.

He'd tell us to eat eggs

and give us some chicken breast.

He'd throw a dumbbell at you.

How do you feel about

freehanded employees?

As bosses?

Some employees are overly freehanded.


When you tell them to buy stuff?

I suggested that we eat

spicy rice cakes as a snack.

They placed an order worth $380.

$380 worth of spicy rice cakes?

How many portions is that?

I reduced the order by $180.

We still had leftovers.

The $380 order would've been a disaster.

I can't believe it.

That's too much.

Ms. Lee.

Why don't we exercise over there

while Instructor Yang cooks?

All of a sudden?


Over there.

(Even the monk couldn't refuse)

It hurts, doesn't it?

She even made the monk exercise.

Instructor Yang is Korea's best fitness trainer.

It was a shame to see his mother...

- With bad posture. / - It's ironic.

I wanted to fix that for her.

Director Dongeun can't bear to see

people with bad posture.

- Is that right? / - Yes.

Please bend this leg.

Now bend the other leg too.

Inhale through your nose,

exhale through your mouth,

and raise your arms toward the ceiling.

- Palms facing each other. / - A professional.

Stretch out your fingertips.

Very good.

- Breath in... / - They're exercising...

After setting the table like that?

But the thing is,

after that Pilates session,

my mother said her body felt so relaxed

and that Dongeun was so pleasant.

She called to tell me that.

At first, I thought Dongeun bought too much meat.

But after that phone call,

it didn't bother me anymore.

- It was worth the meat. / - Yes.

She could've bought more.

(Dinner feast prepared by Ms. Lee)

Looks tasty.

The food looks great.

(Mother's homemade beef bulgogi)

(And Boss Yang's dish)

(Stingy Yang's sausage stew)

A proper sausage stew.

(Boss Yang's cooking with his mother's kimchi)

He used a lot of meat.

I did.

- Tofu and ham... / - Thank you for the meal.

- Looks tasty. / - Thank you for the meal.

(Haven't had a home meal for ages)

Try it.

See how it tastes.

Try the stew

and the meat.

He used to run a food cart.

It must be delicious.

(How does it taste?)

(High hopes)

The kimchi tastes good.

- The kimchi? / - Yes.

Yum. It's all about the kimchi.

A sly response.

(My kimchi tastes good)

Only the kimchi tastes good?

- Sorry? / - Only the kimchi tastes good?

There's a lot of kimchi,

so it tastes good.

(He won't mention the boss's cooking)

He brought guests to the home

and cooked for them himself

instead of making his mother cook.

What a devoted son.

He didn't make his mother cook.

(Dinner prepared without trouble)

You're used to eating alone.

How does it feel to eat

with all these employees?

Feels good.

Good, right? It's fun.

I'm sorry I couldn't come more often.

It feels good just to be together...

- With others. / - Sure.

The meat...

(Main dish, mother's homemade bulgogi)

It's delicious.

(Beef bulgogi tastes great)

(The meat tastes good?)

Oh, my god.

(Then it's mine)

Every week, Dongeun's time arrives.

(It's Dongeun's time)

(Incredible, as rumored)

(No one shall stop me)

Dongeun, looks like...

You're enjoying the meat.

She won't even talk.

(In front of meat, her mouth is for eating only)

She should move it closer

and use it as a personal serving plate.

She needs a separate plate.

She ate a lot.

She fills her mouth and takes more.

She doesn't wait to swallow.

She takes more right away.

She never talks while eating.

You shouldn't talk while eating.


(Like me?)

(She is overdoing it...)

(Clean plate, gone instantly)

It was very delicious.

I usually don't have time to eat

home meals cooked by my mom.

Eating the home-made meal made me think,

"Home meals are special."

It was great.

It's been a while since I had a home meal.

It reminded me of my hometown.

I really enjoyed it.

- It was so delicious. / - Right.

- Now I want to visit my home. / - It's far away.

I thought, "When was the last time..."

- "I ate with my family?" / - The boss did well.

I got emotional inside.

Home meals, they're...

- Powerful. / - They're special.

The taste itself becomes meaningless.

(They always miss home meals)

- Instructor Yang? / - Yes?

When will we eat the sirloin

and the thin flank I bought earlier?

You're asking when?

(What is she talking about?)

We'll finish this first. Then you can eat.

Finish eating. You can eat it later.

She doesn't know her well.

She told her to eat it later.

- She'll eat now. / - Right.


(The grill arrives)

(Culture shock)

Things are getting serious.

(Home meal followed by home-grilled meat)

(Glowing Korean beef!)

Look at that color!

Such a lovely color.

Thank you so much, Ms. Lee.

Thanks to this visit,

we get to eat this meat.

(Eat plenty)

We don't eat these things...

- At the gym. / - Ms. Lee is intrigued.

I rarely eat it. Korean beef is expensive.

Too expensive.

Thanks to his mother, she can eat

Korean beef without being rebuked.

(A full plate of beef is ready)

(First plate goes to Ms. Lee)

Ms. Lee, please taste it first.

She is so kind.

(Unexpected Korean beef)

Unexpected Korean beef...

(Dongeun's personal serving plate)

Which cut of beef is this?



(Unexpected Korean beef is the best)

You can never go wrong with beef.

It's delicious.

Eat plenty. You didn't have much protein.

This is good protein.

(The protein they had so far...)

(Boiled eggs, pork, black-bean instant noodles)

(And unlimited imported beef)

(Thanks to Ms. Lee)

(They get unexpected Korean beef)

Mom, does it taste alright?

Korean beef is a rare treat for her too,

thanks to Dongeun.

Boss Yang, you're quite freehanded today

unlike your usual self at the gym.

You're guests at my home.


I can't feed you eggs, can I?

(Main contributor to the Korean beef)

(You shall grill, I shall eat)

She's silent again.

(Opening stomach reserved for Korean beef)

(Meat automatically refilled)

(You might think she just started eating)

She already ate a meal of bulgogi.

She did.

With sausage stew.

A full meal with rice.

She'd win against larger guys in an eating contest.

- She'd win. / - Indeed.


You mentioned it before,

talking about Coach Hyun Juyeop.

They should have an eating contest.

Let's try to make it happen.

It'll be a major contest.

(Hippo Hyun Juyeop vs. A.I. Kim Dongeun)

They should do it.

(Please put it here)

I should eat some too.

I picked up a piece for myself.


(First taste after grilling three plates)

The mother might get worried

about food expenses for employees.

Since it's her son's company.

Worried they eat like that every day.

Did she get worried?

She doesn't worry about those things.

She doesn't?

She'll think, "There's no way

my son lives like that every day."

"I know my own son."


You never bought us Korean beef before, right?

- Me? / - Yes.

This is just the beginning.

He says it's the beginning.

- Thank you. / - He always speaks up.

- I ate well, thanks to you. / - Good.

I actually ate Korean beef.

(Fourth plate of sirloin)

Oh, my god.

(Always eating like it's the first plate)

(Korean beef, always the right choice)

It's not a repeated scene.

(Similar-sized meat)

They should go head-to-head.

She is quite similar to Coach Hyun.

Right, her style of eating.

- Her last name is Kim. / - Right.

But "Hyun Dongeun" started trending.

People thought her last name is "Hyun."

(Rumors that they're siblings)

- They thought they were related? / - Yes.

She eats meat like that without gaining weight?

(Dongeun, born to eat meat)

Director Dongeun never gains weight.

She works out a lot.

What a vivid expression.

She looks really surprised.

She never saw it before.

Even now, when I'm out and about,

the question I'm asked most often is,

"Director Dongeun doesn't actually

eat so much, does she?"

- "It's an act, right?" / - Right.

They say, "She can't possibly eat like that."

I say, "She does. Set up an eating contest."

I actually saw her eat.

It's a fact, 100% true.

She'd win any contest.

She actually eats more off-camera.

(Production crew is sorry for abridged scenes)

They can't capture everything.

(Fifth plate of grilled sirloin)

(Boss Yang isn't eating as usual)

("Beggar mode" is nowhere to be seen)

Eat up, Seongsu.

You need to build up your body.

You're getting good chest muscles.

Boss Yang isn't eating.

Were you always so kind?

It's Christmas.

Just one day out of the year.

It's for Christmas.

A single day out of the year.

Are you becoming Santa Yang?

It's a Christmas miracle.

(We have a miracle on our show)

The employees will want to visit more often.

We won't see this next week.

We only get to see it this week.

(A scene that unfolds only once a year)



How much more will you eat?

Keep grilling.

You want me to keep grilling?



(Thus they finished 3kg of sirloin)

I want to visit Ms. Lee regularly

to eat and spend time together.

I want to visit her often

and stop by during holidays too.

- They enjoyed the visit. / - And...

I hope we eat a lot of meat like today.

Even without conversation,

it's a cozy atmosphere.

(Unexpected Korean beef)

(They shared good laughs)

I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it so much.

I feel thankful and pleased.

(Heart-warming winter night's dinner)

The Description of Dongeun shocks trainer Yang’s mom just by eating [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.01.05]