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April 20th an

explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil Rig Kills 11 workers

5,000 feet beneath the surface of the gulf of Mexico Crude oil spews from a well 13,000 feet under the seabed

According to government and Bp estimates. It's leaking 42,000 gallons a day

April 22nd the 560 million Dollar [Rigs] sinks observers spot a five mile long oil slick

Bp applies 1,900 gallons of an oil dispersant to mitigate the growing slick that makes the oil break up and sink below the surface

April 25th Bp. Uses robots to activate a blowout preventer

But because the blowout preventer is damaged and it's too difficult at 5,000 feet for robots to do that work the operation fails

April 28th the coast guard begins controlled fires to burn off the oil from the surface in an attempt to slow the spread of a

Slick BP continues to Apply Chemical dispersants on the surface

The government revises the Leak estimates two hundred and ten thousand gallons a day

[may] second

Bp begins work on two relief wells scheduled for completion by august

[may] fifth Bp [tows] a 98 [tonne] a containment chamber to the site of the leak

may 6th the oil Slick reaches the shores of the chandeleur islands

May 7th Bp

Lowers a containment dome to the floor of the ocean [it]

places it on top of the leaky riser pipes hoping to capture the oil and gas and pump it to the surface [a]

slush of frozen oil and sediment clogs the domes in take the effort fails

May 14th BP. Constructs a pipe

It's a mile long at one end the leak at the other a tanker on the surface collects the oil it works

Collecting 84 thousand gallons a day barely making a dent

may 26th Top kill and Jump shot

Bp. Drops mud shredded tires and rubber balls into the leak to stem the flow and seal it with cement

may 29 and Jumpshot [failed] the oil breaks through unabated

By some estimates up to a quarter of a million barrels of oil are floating on the surface of the gulf

Scientists [discovered] the eight hundred Thirty thousand gallons of dispersants sprayed throughout the gulf and at the wellhead have caused

massive clouds of beaded oil to hover at mid depths they further discover a six mile wide and

[tWenty-Two] mile Long Cloud of the beaded oil

Threatening a vital underwater rainforest the Desoto Canyon 20 miles northeast of a deepwater Horizon wreck site

may 27th scientists confirmed the spill is the worst in us history surpassing the exxon valdez with a leak rate between

[504] and

[798] thousand gallons a day and that's the estimate at the low end

[may] 31st Bp. Begins a new operation cut the riser pipe and seal it with a fitted dome

June first oil reaches the Barrier Islands off, Mississippi and Alabama

June [second] 88,000 square miles of Federal Fisheries are declared off-limits

June 3rd

Bp succeeds and shearing off one section of the riser, but a massive saw is stuck while making further needed cuts

June 4th

Bp successfully connects the containment cap to the shorn riser and begins pumping oil to tanker ships on the surface

June 7th BP. Claims 10,000 barrels a day are being captured and it's possible more than 100 million gallons of oil have spilled so far



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