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- In a lot of our Skills How-to videos

we talk about just getting out and riding your bike more

and how that makes you a better rider.

- We're out here in Spain

and we're gonna put that to the test.

I've got a downhill track here.

What have you got?

- I've got a short, cross-country loop.

I'm gonna do four laps.

I'm not going to kill myself,

go at an easy tempo, and just see,

how I get faster, if I do get faster.

- True, and I'm gonna do six runs

on the best bikes that I'm going to be in the shot

of doing run after run to see just how much faster I get.

(uplifting energetic music)

- So that was my first run down on the track.

It was a lot of fun, but there's a few features

that this run, I'm actually gonna stop,

I'm gonna take my bike to the side and have a look at them,

see if I can see some different lines.

So, in the following run,

I'll see if I can get even faster.

(uplifting energetic music)

- So, we've done our rides,

we've showered off, we've had a cup of tea.

Scott, how did it feel?

- Well, for one, I'm feeling a bit more refreshed

after that that coffee, but I had a lot of fun,

and you can actually feel a comparative difference.

You know, there was different lines that I took,

carried more momentum,

worked out if I had to pedal hard or not,

or if I could just flow.

What about you?

- There was a few blind brows on that trail that I rode

and a couple of corners you couldn't see round,

so definitely felt after at least one lap of it,

I could sort of flow a lot better,

so I'm presuming that's gonna show in the times.

- Yeah, OK, so I've got my times in.

My first run was a three minutes 12,

so, quite fast, you know, I didn't expect the track

to be actually as long as that,

but then my last lap, which was the fastest

was a two minutes 57.

So, 15 second difference.

- As something I would expect from racing downhill,

you always get a lot faster

and I know, when I race downhill,

I would do one sighting run,

where you water tracked your one sighting run,

then I try to go as fast as soon as possible,

so if you ever did, like, multiple race runs,

you'd always be a couple of seconds faster

on the second one, so...

- Pretty much how I felt as well, cause I stopped

on one of the runs and actually had a look,

and I spotted that there is one really good line

where you could set up really high

above this sort of tree stump.

You'd open up the whole turn and have so much

more momentum into the next section,

and I think that was one line

that probably gave me a extra couple of seconds.

- So my lap was about eight and a half minutes,

and I went 20 seconds faster on my second lap,

and then my last three laps were all pretty consistent,

within sort of five to eight seconds of each other.

So, I think it makes pretty less difference

on the cross-country bike.

It's quite hard to judge, because obviously

I was trying to sit at a tempo

and not kill myself physically

and just try and work out the skillswise,

if actually practised.

It didn't make a big difference,

but I think once I learned the course,

it didn't seem to make as much difference

as it does on a downhill bike.

- Yeah, it may be so, but it goes to show that

practise definitely makes perfect,

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