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Top 10 People Who Outlived INSANE Prison Sentences

Hows it going all you most amazing people I am Landon and I actually just got back from

my honeymoon from Italy.

I pre-filmed a ton of videos which is why it kinda looks like I never went anywhere.

The honeymoon was amazing amazing people amazing food but there were some crazy stories I had

from my trip like I was kicked out of a restaurant for being brown the waiter told me to go back

to my country I filmed the whole thing right over here and you will see the guy giving

me the middle finger and cussing me off.

So click right over here if you want to watch it on my vlog channel.

Ok enough of all that lets get right into this one this is the top 10 people who outlived

insane prison sentences.

Starting off at number 10, we have Eddie Collins.

And this is to not get confused with Eddie Collins the American baseball player.

We are talking about a man who has been locked up for the past 43 yrs.

Eddie was serving time for first- degree murder.

Throughout his prison stay he said and I quoteIt was a sad situation, it was something

I regret and still regretHe was 21 yrd old living in Tucson, Arizona at the time.

He grew up in the bad part of the city where he was buying drugs with his 17 yr old brother.

Well one day when Eddie and his brother was buying drugs they got into an altercation

and thats when Eddie pulled out his gun and thats the moment his life changed for


Moving into number 9, we have Otis Johnson who just served 44 yrs behind bars.

Otis went to prison at the age of 25 yrs old for attempted murder of a police officer.

Otis has been locked away since the 70s and now he has to re-enter into the modern society

of complex technology.

Its going to be a really tough time for him but he did commit a horrible crime.

Back in 1998 was when he lost touch with his family so he doesnt know anything about

them he is now very alone in the world.

When he was released the prison gave him his ID back and $40.

He is for sure going to have to re-new his ID and also $40 will only get you past a few

days of food.

And Oh ya he got two bus tickets but where the heck would Otis go.

He enters the world as a homeless person.

He was released at the age of 69 yr old most of your life has been lives and he can no

longer work so how will he make a living.

Well I guess that was a decision he shouldnt decided 44 yrs ago.

Number 8 we have John Franzese who is a 100 yr old mobster who has just been released

from prison after serving 50 Yrs behind bars.

John was released on the 23rd of June this year.

He was released from the federal medical center in Devens Massachusetts.

John was an underboss of the Colombo crime organization.

John has boasted about killing it least 60 people in his lifetime of crime.

Its actually so crazy to me that this guy was allowed to be released into the public

I know he is probably now a very harmless very old man who cant do anything but he

didnt give those 60 people a chance at life I am just saying.

Serving 60 yrs at number 7 we have Harvey Stewart.

Harvey was released back in 2011 at the age of 83 yrs old.

Harvey Steward has a really long wrap sheet from a junk yard heights in Houston to murdering


During most of his prison stay not many people visited him and Steward cant recall one

person who visited him in the past decade or two he has been isolated from the world

and doesnt know what has been going on.

So coming out after 60 yrs must be a huge shock to him.

When he was sentenced to prison A Volkswagen beatle cost just $1,700, shoes were 10 bucks,

John F Kennedy was the president, People went to space for the first time, The Beatles released

there first single Love me do in the UK.

So much has changed over time wait until this guy learns that Fidget spinners, and the Paul

Brothers on Youtube are the most popular thing right now.

Number 6.

We have a man who served 62 yrs.

We are talking about Hugh Alderman, He was a bank robber who was obviously caught.

His jail sentence started when he was 23 yrs old back in 1917.

Hugh was the sole survivor of a 4 man gang.

Just a few years after being sent to prison he was able to escape.

And he escaped again in 1924.

In 1927 he was released to a mental hospital where he passed away at the age of 86 yrs


Hugh lost his whole life just because he wanted some money he didnt want to work for.

He was able to steal $6,000 which is quite a bit of money.

With inflation now a days that money would have been worth 124 thousand dollars.

Now this next person has live a really sad story.

And this person comes into number 5.

I am talking about Charles Edret Ford who outlived a 64 yr long prison sentenced.

The sad part is that Charles was innocent.

He has served one of the longest sentenced as an innocent person he was actually just

released just last yr.

Charles was convicted of murder.

Well here is a little back story this took place in the early 50s and Charles is a

black man who appeared in front of a all-white jury in a time where black people didnt

really have any rights.

Charles was just 20 yrs old at the time and his life just flashed before him.

After 64 yrs old was finally released into a nursing center where he is now 86 yrs old.

This is a really really sad situation.

Howard Christensen is next up on this list at number 4.

Howard was sentenced to life without parole for the murder of a teacher in 1937.

He was 16 yrs old at the time that he murdered a teacher.

He committed this crime along side a 17 yr old who was also caught for the crime.

That person was also sentenced to life in prison but they hung themselves back in 1943

just 6 yrs after being sentenced.

About 30 yrs into the prison sentenced the sentence was changed from life without parole

to 200 yrs in prison.

But in 2001 after serving 64 yrs he was released from prison but just 2 yrs later he passed


Number 3.

Richard Honeck.

At the age of 22 yrs old Richard was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a former

school friend.

Life in prison sentence usually various depends on where you live in the world also it can

depend what state or city you are in as well.

I know the states has different laws depending what state your in.

Some places even has a 3 strike law meaning no matter what crimes you committed as long

as your convicted of a felony you will be served with a life sentence.

So for Richard he was paroled after serving 63 yrs and 1 month.

He was released at the age of 85 yrs old.

He lived out another 12 yrs until he passed away at the age of 97 yrs old back in 1976.

Now at number 2 we have Johnson Van Dyke Grigsby.

Johnson was sentenced to prison back in 1908 for murder.

Over the years he was denied parole 33 times before he was finally released at the age

of 89 yrs old because he was deemed not a threat anymore to society.

He was released in 1974 after serving 66 yrs but he actually quickly returned back to prison

voluntarily after finding it difficult finding a job.

So he checked himself back to prison for 2 more years.

So now at the age of 91 yrs old he was finally out of prison for good.

10 yrs old he passed away at the age of 101 yrs old.

Finally at number 1 we have Paul Geidel Jr. who is known to have served the longest prison

sentence in the United States.

He was sentenced to 68 yrs in various New York state prisons and he actually lived to

see the day he was released from Prison.

That is actually a very rare thing.

At the end of his lengthy sentenced he was paroled at the age of 86 yrs old.

Back in 1911 Paul was convicted of second- degree murder at the age of 17 yrs old.

When Paul was paroled he actually didnt want to leave the prison because that was

the only life that he knew about but when he left there were a lot of reports so he

told them no publicity please.

Paul went on to live in a nursing home before dying at the age of 93 yrs old which is about

7 yrs after being released from Prison.

This guy only spent about 24 yrs of his entire life as a free man.

Well there you guys have it.

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