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Welcome to Elio Motors Shreveport Operations

we're going to take you through a tour of the facility showing you the

equipment and the reusable assets that are here that have been left behind

there's two primary buildings on this site building A or general assembly

which i'm standing in the middle of right now and building B which is the body shop

which will have the welding the painting and the coating of the metal body

we're going to take you on a quick drive around tour just to show you the

operational flow of the Elio

we're back at the start of trim leg one we've come down the elevator

we have a completed metal body with painted panels on it and it's going to

start its journey each skillet can be raised and lowered up to four feet it

would come down trim leg one the one door would come off the vehicle here and

we would also take the chassis cradle as it goes down trim one components would

be put on completing the chassis cradle assembly and also interior things like

wire harnesses electrical components things that go in the under body fuel

lines components like that you see here coming up

little things like this oven this oven was used to keep wire harnesses warm so

they could be easier for the operator to route making a lot more ergonomically


we're coming to the end of trim leg one

the skillet with the vehicle would go up over the line and crossover keeping the

aisles open and also providing a buffer area that's upstairs

we're now going to start down trim like two

just a continuation comes down the elevator and we continue doing interior

trim components trim panel pieces, seats, carpet, wire harnesses

also other things that go into the engine compartment

you can also see on the assembly line that the lighting systems, the rail

support, the andon support system,

the messaging, the address signs are all still here

even some tooling is still left if it's not where it needs to be it can be

easily moved to the operation that Elio needs

We're coming to the end of trim leg two now

it's going to go again up an elevator cross over the line above us allows us

to drive through and not have dead end aisles and now we're going to come

down the elevator and start trim like three trim leg three will be a continuation more

interior term components and now we will start to put on some of the exterior

components, painted panels and as we get to the end of trim leg three which

is coming up

We will de-couple from the main skillet line so we can set up a stop station to allow

robots to pick up glass put urethane on and then load the glass to the


we also have maintenance and spare parts for the glass cell areas

coming down trim leg four

we would complete the rest of trim on this line

we will be putting exterior panels on and some of the last of the interior

components, seats, steering wheel and last of trim to button up the interior

coming to the end of trim leg 4 this stage you would see a nearly

completed vehicle in terms of interior or exterior panels interior components

It would go up the elevator and upstairs it would actually transfer off of the

skillet system onto an electrified monorail that would take it over to the

final line carrier system before we get there were going to go down

what was a door assembly line designed to sub-assemble four doors Elio only

has one door

so not only will we do our one door on this line, but we will do our chassis

cradle sub-assembly we will take the cradle and we will assemble components

like shocks, lower control arms, knuckles, hubs, and do this on a sub assembly line

making it

are ergonomically feasible and also more efficient on the second door line we

would complete any of the door and chassis components

and then at the end of this line would actually take the door off the line put

it to trailer so we could transport it over to final line the cradle would stay

with the carrier we go upstairs and back on trim leg one a completed cradle

would be put back on the assembly line

now we're going to start our journey down final line

as we come down the carrier's you notice there's a little bit different than the

trim carriers

that's so that we can put the wheels on and also finish out components this we

just passed where the door would have been put on now we're finishing up the

front side of it

front fenders, fascia, headlights then we would go into a fluid fill system

we're now at the fluid-fill area the vehicle would come in on the carrier and

the end effector would be attached by the operator to the appropriate


it would be filled and then automatically kick off freeing the

operator to do other tasks. The pumping systems and all the safety systems

associated with it are here and need to be simply reactivated

As we come back down the last leg of the chain

for final line we will put tires and wheels on and any components associated with

that the button that up the wheel fairing would also go on here again at the end

of the final line we transfer across the line upstairs

and then we're going to come down the last leg of final

to complete the vehicle at this point we want to put fuel in the vehicle so we

have a fuel fuel system

this is the fuel fill system the ventilation the fuel fill necks

the control pumps and the safety systems that all ensure that this operates safely

are here

they've been tried and tested all Elio needs to do is turn them on and start

using them and now we're going to get ready take the vehicle off of the final line

conveyor system and drop it down on its wheels. The vehicle will be started up

the electrical systems will be tested

we'll do final inspections

make sure all the components are in place and that the vehicle meets the

quality standards for Elio Motors

now it's completely assembled the vehicle be driven off the end of the

line and now we're going to start go through our final check and

verification systems we have five alignment booths that align not only the

vehicle but also the headlights

and then we have five booths that do a dynamic vehicle or roll test where the

vehicle is run up to 60 miles an hour

the engine systems are all checked out the vehicle rolls out and comes to two water

test booths basically a big car wash to check for water leaks

when it has passed all these inspections

then the vehicle is ready to be prepped for final shipment

we're now at the final destination for the Elio this is the final inspection line Elios will roll

down here

elio employees will make sure that all the paperwork and everything is correct

ship out to customers we drive out that door will be loaded on trucks sent to

the marshalling yards which will take it to the eventual store for customers to

pick up

I hope this tour showed you all the wonders at this facility: the equipment,

the system's here that are in place

that elio can use to make the best vehicle possible soon

Elios will be rolling down this line headed to customers.

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